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I can't watch the video but from the way Matt was talking do you think Malec are still happy an together? Like is the episode 10 stuff bad emotional you think...? People are freaking me out with the break up stuff.

Oh, anon, don’t worry about it, they’re pretty much together, yeah!

Matthew was so excited while talking about Malec and how they continue developing their healthy relationship throughout the course of the episodes, and what he mentioned about episode 10 being emotional isn’t bad - couple months ago someone (I think it was one of the writers? Idk I can’t remember exactly) revealed that they will kiss and hug in public, and plus there was some leaked footage of a fan who was passing by the place where they were filming, and it looked like they’re in front of the Institute.

I’m sorry I can’t find those posts to link you at the moment, but all in all, I don’t think we have anything to worry about, because literally no one said anything about a breakup: in fact, they’re all talking about how adult and healthy their relationship is. :)


for this cutie right here → reppingirwin

you’ve wanted to learn how to play the piano for as long as you could remember, but you were never able to actually start learning for some reason. and this is how your best friend, luke comes in. “why don’t i teach you how? i mean, the basics are pretty simple, and it’ll be fun, so why not?” so you go over to his house, and it’s as familiar as your own; hell, his family is basically your family, and this house is a second home. luke grins taking your hand and leading you over to the piano in the drawing room. he sits you down on the bench and waits for you to get comfortable before standing behind you and gently placing his larger hands over the your smaller ones. they’re calloused at the tips of his fingers due to the many hours he’s dedicated to strumming on his guitar, but his palms are soft and warm as he guides you through “the c major scale, you see? c, d, e, f, g, a, b, c.” he smiles and turns his face towards you. the both of you a mere few inches apart and the close proximity has you blushing, but luke’s subtly gaping. your eyes have never looked so beautiful, and the light tint on your cheeks makes you glow. his movements are slow and unsure, but you know what’s about to happen. he carefully craddles your cheeks with his hand, and he soon brushes his lips over yours. he’s testing the waters, but he’s gained some confidence and makes the kiss firm, his lips are moulded into yours, and one of his hands have managed to entagle itself in your hair. both of you breathe deep and short, and soon have to pull away to gasp for more air. your cheeks are even redder, and luke’s smile is wider. he lets out a cough, and his cheeks become just a shade lighter than yours, “so, where were we? c major scale?” and the two of you try to continue as if the previous scenario didn’t happen, but from time to time he tries to sneak a peak at you, and you do the same from beneath your lashes.