it's pretty and yellow and sparkly


One of the better things about WINTER is that shoveling snow for old people is undeniably GOOD WHOLESOME IN-CASTE PURPLE WORK that even kids can do. Taz has been taking advantage of this. There’s a sort of ridiculous amount of competition in the purple neighborhoods, because like 30% of purple 2 and 3 year olds have the same idea. As you can imagine, this drives prices down. I pointed out to Taz that two-year-olds of other castes are technically not allowed to shovel snow for money, since they’ll have no or negligible in-caste income, and 20% of zero is still zero. So now we’re wandering around a yellow neighborhood I’ve never been in and shoveling snow for different old people. (Er, Taz is. I am supervising. I would help, but I already shoveled like the whole walkway at the nursing home today, and I don’t really want to do any more physical labor. It’s bad enough that I still can’t feel my face.)

I can’t actually imagine that anyone would get on a two-year-old’s case for shoveling snow, but regardless, the yellow neighborhood is not swarming with competitors. We passed a couple enterprising kids who looked like they were three or so, but there’s plenty of snow for three kids to shovel, even if there isn’t enough for fifty of them.

Ves is with us, too, but she seems more interested in eating the snow, now that she’s gotten over the initial “what is all this cold white nonsense” phase.