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OHOHOHHHHHH! Fallout 4 Companions reactions to seeing a pug for the first time!

Today I met a tiny dog and he was the sweetest lil’ boy I’ve ever seen (he wasn’t a pug though..) 

Cait: Acts unimpressed but is high key dying on the inside. 

Curie: “Oh my! Is, there something wrong with its face…?” She loves it tho. 

Codsworth: He probably has heard of pugs before, but has he met one? No! They really live up to the hype. 

Danse: Mesmerized by just how smol it is, and keeps repeating, “you’re so small,” softly. 

Deacon: Leans down to give it them pats. He wouldn’t say anything but we all know there’s tears of joy forming under those shades. 

Dogmeat: He’s used to being hostile towards other dogs, but quickly learns this one is a friend!

Gage: Absolutely entranced by the lil’ friend. He has never seen such a pure being in his life! 

Hancock: They made fast friends. Later on in the day, Sole caught them napping together. 

MacCready: He talks to it in a high pitched voice, he grew up around dogs but not once did he ever talk like that to them. Once he got a look at the lil’ pug’s face, how could he not! 

Nick: He ‘jokes’ about making it his partner. He isn’t joking. 

Piper: Squeals SOO loud and bends down so quickly to pet it, Sole couldn’t even SEE her. 

Preston: Preston likes to put his hat on it. A true minuteman. 

Strong: Strong has never seen such a tiny thing

X6-88: He doesn’t really like dogs in general, but he, he can’t stay away from this one. 

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Male companions react to m!sole pole dancing on a random lamp post in some town they're in?

Would the companions even know what a pole dance is?

Danse: “Solider! Now is not the time to be climbing a lamp post. We have …Wow, solider. To have that sort of strength is a fine reason we enlisted you into the Brotherhood. That could be an excellent exercise for the Brotherhood. We must show Elder Maxson. 

Deacon: “Well, now we know how you got the nickname Charmer. I got to say…you really know how to dance around that light post. Now, come on. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two?

Preston: “Wow General. I’ve never seen anyone do that. Is it a pre-war battle technique or used for something else? Wow…Umm…that’s an interesting way to bend.”

Hancock: “Look what we got here? I didn’t know you were you so flexible. Why don’t we try that somewhere else? Maybe I can be the pole. 

MacCready: “Hey come on. Now’s not the time to be…what are you doing exactly? Alright. I can see where this is going. I think. I didn’t even know a guy could bend that way.”

Nick Valentine: “Well…it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these. Back in the olden times. I got to say, it seems like you’re a professional at this. What? Am I supposed to be tossing you caps now?”

X6-88: “Sir, we have to continue the progress. What exactly are you doing to that lamp post? Sir…if you don’t mind me saying, this is a waste of time. We have to continue.” 

Gage: “Boss, what exactly are you…Wow. You always knew how to do that, or is it something you picked up on. Come on off it now, let’s head back to the Grille. There might be a pole somewhere there, where we can continue this. 

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We didn't get much reactions so how would the fo4 companions react to bring in the institute for the first time?

You didn’t get much of a reaction bc they never actually went there, but for the sake of this ask, lets say they did lol.

Cait: “This is the institute,” Cait chuckled quietly, “ain’t much if ya ask me.” Cait was good at pretending that she wasn’t mesmerized, and kept saying how mediocre the place was. Although, after Sole got done with their business, she’d occasionally bring it up, and how futuristic and shiny the whole thing looked. “Everyone looked like they had a stick up their arse though.” 

Curie: Upon arrival, Curie gasped with amazement. She soon shut her mouth though. Curie was, to some degree, kind of frightened. She didn’t know if someone would recognize her synth body and say something to her. Despite being a little scared, Curie was in astonishment with all of the pristine science equipment around her. Everything was so advanced, she was itching to look around, but she stuck close to Sole. 

Codsworth: “My word…” Codsworth spoke quietly. He’d heard so much about the institute and all of the terrible things they’ve done, but he never expected it to look so, clean. As a mr. handy, it was like paradise compared to the dirty wasteland. 

Danse: “Careful soldier, we’re in the heart of enemy territory.” Every cell in Danse’s body told him to leave immediately and report to Maxson. Despite Danse’s warnings and hesitation, Sole pressed on, so he had no choice but to follow them. He wasn’t going to leave them in a place like this all alone, unprotected. 

Deacon: Deacon had a disgusted look on his face, “bleh, can you believe all these synths are forced to live under the institute’s control?” The longer he stayed and looked around, the worse his expression got. He wanted to help liberate every synth in the place, though he knew it obviously wasn’t going to happen. He’d occasionally crack sarcastic jokes and comment on how stuffy it was there. 

Dogmeat: oooo~ shiny!

Gage: “So this is what everyone’s been talkin’ about. Just looks like a bunch of privileged smart asses if you ask me.” Gage tried to not look impressed, though you could see the interest occasionally gleaming in his eyes. Being a raider for so much of his life, he wasn’t exactly around clean people, so being in the institute was as foreign a place as it could get. 

Hancock: Hancock scoffed, “never thought I’d get to see the place up close n’ personal.” He surveyed the area pretty closely. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t at all fascinated. Despite showing interest he knew the institute wasn’t, “his kinda place.” 

MacCready: “Whoooaaa,” MacCready looked around like a kid in a museum. After all, he’d never seen a gorilla before, so seeing the synth gorillas the institute was making utterly amazed him. He knew he shouldn’t enjoy his time very much, after hearing about all the shit the institute did to the people of the commonwealth, but he couldn’t help it. 

Nick: Nick paused before saying anything, “didn’t think I’d end up back in this place any time soon.” Nick didn’t have any memories of the place, yet somehow it felt a little familiar to him. All he could think about was how he was thrown out in the trash. 

Piper: Piper, surprisingly, didn’t say a word, she was too busy taking mental pictures of the place. Boy was this going to make one hell of a story. 

Preston: A long sigh escaped Preston’s mouth, he never had any big problems with the institute. Sometimes the minutemen would run into gen 1 and 2 synths and end up fighting. “Lost some good men to these..people…” For the most part Preston decided to keep his mouth shut while in the institute, though after he and Sole would leave he wouldn’t stop talking about the place.

Strong: Strong just wanted to smash everything up probably.

X6-88: Being a courser from the institute, X6 was no stranger to the place. He did enjoy watching Sole’s reactions though.