it's poisonous really

Ya’ know how there’s supposed to be, like, 9 seasons or something of Gotham?

Well imagine this.

Imagine Wayne befriending a majority the Gotham villains. Yeah, Wayne’s already friends with Selina, but imagine him befriending all the other villains as well.

Imagine Wayne gaining Ivy’s friendship– imagine him growing on her, because a friend of Selina’s is someone Ivy decides she can trust despite having trust issues.

Imagine Oswald having a soft spot for Wayne and Wayne actually growing on him because Oswald knows what it’s like to lose a mother and he can sympathize.

Imagine Wayne actually trying to answer Nygma’s riddles and even finding them fun rather than rolling his eyes and saying he doesn’t care for riddles. Imagine how impressed Nygma would be when Wayne actually manages to figure a few out.

Imagine Wayne befriending Harvey Dent, because hey– he’s genuinely a good law attorney, and there’s not many of those, so they automatically click and Harvey even gets a bit protective of him in a brotherly sort of way.

Imagine Wayne becoming a friend of Jonathan Crane despite Jonathan having random terrors. Imagine Wayne helping calm him down when he’s freaking out.

Imagine Wayne even befriending Jerome. Imagine Wayne going against his better judgement and helping Jerome get away from Hugo Strange in Blackgate, and imagine the only reason Jerome doesn’t kill him is because he doesn’t have enough energy to do so. Imagine them actually eventually growing on each other as time and seasons went by, and Jerome actually gaining a soft spot for Wayne despite never admitting it.

Now imagine what the last season of Gotham would be like.

Imagine everyone Wayne became friends with becoming even colder criminals.

Selina would cross the line and kill someone innocent in a robbery gone bad– it would be an accident, and someone she didn’t mean to hurt, but she did and that was that.

Ivy would push Wayne and everyone around her further and further away while a teacher (as in the comic origins) isolates her and convinces her to let him do biological tests pertaining to plant life on her because he ‘loves her’ and guilt trips her into agreeing, and eventually he’d mentally break her down so horribly that she’d stop trusting him along with everyone else.

Oswald would grow convinced that his mother’s death was something that had to happen for him to get where he was, and eventually there would be a day he just didn’t even care– he’d be ruthless.

Nygma would use the job Wayne gave him at his Enterprises (as is done in canon) to make a weapon of mass destruction and not see anything wrong with his intellectual invention.

Harvey would develop the Two Face personality, and Two Face wouldn’t look out for anyone but himself because, hey– that’s what gangsters do.

Jonathan would one day stop feeling fear because the treatments would work… but along with the loss of fear he’d lose every other emotion with it.

Wayne would be forced to go up against everyone he’d befriended. He’d have to go up against Selina for murder, against Ivy for blaming everyone and waning to make humans rot, Oswald for becoming a mob king who had no more empathy, Nygma for going rogue, Scarecrow for deciding to put everyone through what he’d gone through… but he wouldn’t be able to do it as Wayne.

Wayne would have to do it as someone else– someone neutral to knowing these people he’d once cared more than anything for.

Wayne would have to do it as Batman, and that would be one of the major reasons he’d become batman.

Despite having seasons of showing Wayne befriending these villains, in the end he’d have to go up against him as all vigilantes must.

In the games Scarecrow says Joker was created because of Batman– if Batman had never existed, then neither would Joker.

So imagine Jerome seeing the bat vigilante and being the only one who fits the pieces together and he finds it funny– he finds it REALLY funny that the one kiddo he ended up getting a soft spot for is turning on everyone.

Imagine Jerome turning on Wayne before Wayne can turn on him– imagine the Joker and Batman having a dreading feeling they know who the other is, yet rather than daring to find out they never even try, because Jerome’s not sure he wants to know if Wayne is the bat and Wayne’s not sure he wants to know if Jerome is the jester.

Imagine Wayne having to go up against everyone he cared about and hoping one day his once-friends will actually get better in Arkham Asylum if he just keeps putting them back in there, and until then he can’t afford to hope so he simply shuts down and carries the burden of knowing he’s going up against the ones he spent seasons seeing as family, yet they wouldn’t know the one fighting them is the fourteen year old kiddo they had once cared about.

Imagine that being why Wayne makes up the 'no killing rule’– because he forced himself to believe it’s ethics, when really he just can’t bring himself to kill the people that looked out for him as a kid.

Imagine Wayne shutting down and being the cold law enforcer he is because he doesn’t want to face the fact he can’t save his friends, because if he did then he knows that would be where Batman met his limits– that would be where Batman broke.

Imagine Wayne realizing it’s Gotham, and Gotham doesn’t have happy endings.

Imagine that :)


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You can only be nice for so long when you’re a villain.

On Light Poisoning - A DragonFable Original Concept, Completely Rewritten

Well, hello again guys! Sorry for what seems like a reposting of an idea I just posted about, but the thing is, what started out as just a simple wording edit I would’ve edited quietly in the original format, turned into a nearly completely rewrite, with only parts of the First and Second paragraph remaining unchanged. 

Virtually everything has been rewritten, made almost three times the size for new info and a more enjoyable reading experience, and is sorta written in a way to appear as like an informative journal written by a third party (An Author Avatar called Keridan Raal.)

So yeah, it added a lot more info on this affliction I made now, known as Light Poisoning, which started out as a myriad of other things; from corruption, to evil spirits, to fuck knows what, I forget.

I hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated! I dunno if these journal-like entities will actually be a series, but if so, I’ll make it a series listed ahead of time!

Content Warning: Vomiting, Blood, Body Horror, and Death and Violence caused by Prejudice.

I also have a version on AO3, found here for anyone curious!

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3. I like that I can cook pretty much anything I set my mind to. Except for pie crust. I have yet to master pie crust. It’s a lot harder than any recipe claims. Trust me, I’ve tried it all. I suck at pie crust. 

4. I like that I’m always looking for something new to learn. I want to keep my mind open and fresh to new ideas. If my TV isn’t stuck on the Science Channel or NatGeo I’m scouring the internet for interesting things to read about. It’s more fun to want to learn than it is to think you know it all.

5. I like that I’m getting older. I know that sounds weird but the older I get the less I worry about impressing others. I don’t have the same social fears I had when I was in my twenties and I’m more content with myself than ever. So, yeah, I don’t mind aging. 

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The Holy Trinity: DC Edition

I’ve been working on this for a few days haha

So I tried my best to emulate Tomm Moore’s style in The Secret of Kells - one of my favorite films. It’s a really hard style to copy, but I feel very satisfied with the results. I also took the opportunity to experiment with different coloring techniques. It’s all just one huge experiment that actually ended pretty nicely.

Semiramis, I love you, you’re an amazing Servant and you should be made an honorary saint for tolerating Shakespeare… but I’m pretty sure you’re at least 20yo older than Shirou, be quiet XD

What’s up with that name, anyway? Suffering, fire in the past ( :< ) and more thick than ever when it comes to flirting.