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“Welcome to my new apartment!” Carmen beams, beckoning Westley into her housewarming party. “Come in, come in. I have a surprise for you!”

West pauses, suspicion emanating from his narrowed gaze. “For me?”

“Yes!” she exclaims, and grabbing his arm Carmen lowers her voice to a brisk whisper. “I heard about you and Gena. She was furious with you, and frankly I can’t blame her. However, she and I had a little chat yesterday, and…”

“Hi, West,” Eugenia waves to him from across the room. “I was hoping you’d be here. Carmen said you would, but I wasn’t sure that you’d want to see me again. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see you again either, but I guess I’m more forgiving than I realized,” she laughs and exchanges a smile with Carmen. “Anyway, do you think we can talk sometime tonight? Y’know, privately?”

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