it's ph my love


it’s funny how, as a woman, people are so quick to lay their opinions on you. you’re a slut, you’re a tease, you’re a bitch, you’re too picky, you shouldn’t wear makeup, you shouldn’t dress that way, you need to put more effort in your appearance, you need a boyfriend, you should be confident, you can’t be too confident, you’re no fun if you scowl at guys who whistle at you on the streets, you can’t get offended at anything, you’re shallow for liking fashion, you’re only a pretty face for being latina, you should smile more, you should want to lose weight, your sexuality is just a phase and lack of self control. it’s taken me two decades to love myself, and once i finally did i realized to get there i just had to ignore all those opinions. i’m not sure what it is about being a woman that makes everyone think you want to hear what they have to say about you, but it’s time to stop. people can think what they want about me, but i don’t need to hear it. at the end of it all, you’re the only person you’ve got, whether you like it or not. what i do and who i am won’t change that for you, so it’s time to move along.


I really want a pandora hearts and fairy tail crossover
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