it's perfectly horrid


sexuality and sexual frustration are a common occurrence and theme in the series. it’s present in every game save for the first installment and downpour. most of the times, it’s portrayed in a negative light with some characters having frustration towards their own libido to a few having been raped and/or molested by others. while it’s not a sin to explore one’s sexuality, it shows in the most grotesque ways to see how much it truly affects people, whether it’s to their liking or disgust. the town itself uses this freely, having much imagery relating to this concept ( most notably towards feminine figures )

as such, gehenna ( as it is a manifestation/extension of the town ) is extremely promiscuous even tho it doesn’t rlly show that side to them that often. however, because its victims tend to be depraved beings or have some turmoil over their own sexual feelings or towards others, it’s adopted that very concept into its being. whether it’s in a masculine or feminine light, it has an affinity to it, finding pleasure in either exploiting or delving into sex depending on the person at hand. that’s why it tends to sound sensual and seductive, why it appears attractive to most because that’s what they are used to. even when they don’t mean to, this trait is practically their personality, always purring its words and even getting up on someone’s personal space 

this whole thing affects henry as well. see, he’s a man with turbulent sexual feelings himself. a trans masculine individual who is still unsure if his body is desirable to people ( thanks to society and its standards ) and pondering if he even wholly feels like a man. he too is rather wanton tho only towards his partner, whoever it may be. despite his wanting to have sex, he isn’t the type to sleep with different people; there’s still that level of trust he holds if anyone’s wanting to lay with him

there’s also the relationship between him and gehenna. knowing that it has entered his body w/o his consent, this is pretty symbolic of rape and the aftereffects of it such as pregnancy since it tends to linger near his womb and/or stomach area ( being nurtured by him via his emotions and people he feeds it to ) and even STDs since it’s often viewed as a disease: anything it touches would be decayed and corrupted, and any children he may have will be stained with its influence and power

knowing this, i often wondered just what henry’s otherworld/monsters would look like if it is ever created