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Happy International Women’s day!

Historically, women in the Philippines has always played an important role in Philippine society. We are entitled to the same privileges as the opposite sex and we have maintained pretty high global rankings when it comes to gender equality.

Women can accomplish anything that we put our mind in to. Never let anyone make you feel like a lesser person because of your gender. We are strong and compassionate. We are women!

happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

the soft smiles,, the background music,, the shoulder touches and the comfort scenes .. how is this not canon yet jw

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Kageyama is always so well drawn and handsome in the manga compared to other characters like Kenma


When I started manga this actually surprised me bc I know how much styles change and all and a lot of characters are bound to look meh in a considerable amount of panels so I didn’t expect this to be case but… He always has been drawn so consistently perfect-looking, even in the beginning where even Oikawa didn’t look that good, Kageyama was still perfect and he merely continued to look amazing.. I just can’t get over it??? IMO he’s the most perfect looking character in hq and his looks are just.. so underrated, it’s annoying. Also he has that .. different sides that are all so very attractive? There are panels of him being incredibly beautiful, then super masculine and and intimidating and just so very handsome, then super dorky and sdhgf so adorable and cute.. I just.. love how he looks so much in all of them?? It’s kind of a challenge to find a panel of him looking meh tbh, even when he’s in the background Furudate draws him well, that’s also why it’s so hard for me to progress at reading manga, I end up .. basically screenshotting all his damn appearances, wtf??? :/ 

This is from the first chapters, when pretty much everyone looked .. eehh most of the time while he looks like this:

then he started to look like this 

and from the latest chapter.. he’s in the background and yet still he’s still drawn so attractively:


(Also, imo.. Kenma doesn’t look bad, esp lately. Check Suga-Hinata-Yamaguchi-Akaashi if you wanna see the actual horror.)


Adults’ preconceptions like that… result in teenagers going down the wrong path.

I saw IT today

I really really really liked it! I was quite impressed with how they pulled it off. Its pretty accurate to the book, but very much its own thing. If you’ve seen the miniseries, and/or read the book you’ll still be surprised by certain scenes and story changes. Hell, the trailers don’t even give you anything compared to what actually happens in the movie!
I am going to warn people though, don’t go in thinking this is going to be a really serious jump-scared filled clown fest. Its more of a psychological horror-drama. It deals with a lot of really serious subjects, and it balances it out with its own weird sense of humor. 

OH, another warning! 
If you’re someone who really does not like or want to see graphic violence against children, or involving children… do. not. watch. this. movie. I’m serious, you’ll be walking out in the first 15 minutes.

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which episode or movie has a lot of usagi and mamoru in it? they're such a cute couple!

eeeeee! love this question!

ill break it down for you arc by arc. thats a little easier and more cohesive. anyways im doing this mostly from memory so if anyone reads this and has any to add, FEEL FREE.


R- promise of the rose. SO MUCH USAMAMO GOODNESS. oh my god if you havent already this is a must see. the adorable little flashback and then the mirrored scene of them in present day age… oh its perfect. this is the (imo at least) only good movie of the three anyways so its worth the watch for so many other reasons as well. 


really if you want to see tons of funny, pre relationship moments, watch the first 15 episodes. there’s funny moments all throughout, especially episode 11.

episode 34 & 35: YES. these both are fantastic episodes! 34 is great because you have usagi chasing after mamoru, wondering WTF IS HE DOING? WHY IS HE BLEEDING? RAINBOW CRYSTALS????? HE’S TUXEDO MASK?????!!! it’s fabulous. 35 is amazing because they find out about their pasts and flashbacks and it’s jsut GREAT.

episode 44: more sillmill flashbacks!!! one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. 

episode 46: another favorite of mine. we see the fight between evil endy & usagi. so much sad, angsty feels that turn to momentary relief and then to more sad stuff. make sure you watch this one subbed though!! 


(( okay well tbh, this whole season is full of usamamo goodness. the WHOLE thing. if you havent, watch it. it’s a really great season. it’s probably the best season of the anime, imo. although i could really really do without the breakup arc ))

episode 53: usagi and mamoru (attempt) to babysit. hilarious. 

episode 59:  YESSSS!!!!!! another of my favorites. this is a GREAT episode. usagi protects mamoru, he protects her, and his memories return. oh gosh i could talk about this episode FOREVER.

episode 61: start of the breakup arc. lots of feels, sad as they are.

episode 69: mamoru saves usagi despite his conflicting feelings. cant deny how much he still loves her. a really good episode. (this also might be the episode where mamoru cries so there’s that)

episode 77: usagi and mamoru back together, yay! 

episode 83: usagi gets kidnapped by demande, mamoru rescues her.


(tbh, i feel like this season doesnt have much. if you want lots of usamamo goodness, read this arc of the manga!!)

episode 91: usagi & mamoru’s love creates a new weapon and there’s a house full of kitties. perfect combo.

episode 101 & 102: usagi’s birthday. lots of good stuff in these two episodes. 


if i could erase this season from existence, i would lmao.

episode 132: another episode where usagi protects mamoru and he goes ape shit to save her when she’s suffocating. probably the only good episode in this whole damn season.

episode 161: if this is the episode im thinking of, there’s a nice kiss moment and thats pretty much it


episode 172: usagi saves everyone from the nightmare of nehellenia and gets mamoru back from her curse. GREAT episode. one of my faves.

episode 173: mamoru leaves for america and they share a really touching goodbye in the airport.

episode 200: THE ENDING SCENE THOUGH. the finale scene of them together and mamoru talking and usagi’s last speech. its cute and wonderful. also not to mention the reunion scene between usagi and her senshi, as well as mamoru.

and thats what i have,

like i said, feel free to add any others if there’s any that i missed (because i most definitely had to have lol)

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Tell me about the 10th kingdom I've never heard of it

OKAY okay okaY The 10th Kingdom was a mini series that aired like.. 16 years ago? It’s super campy but oddly charming. 

They used to have the episodes available on Hulu Plus, but I don’t know if they have it on there anymore. I know you can buy and rent it on Amazon for fairly cheap though (yes, even

Basically Virginia and her father, Tony, get sucked into this magical land full of fairytales (Cinderella, Snow White, etc) and there’s adventuring and all that good stuff. Plus Wolf is like the best eVER. 

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I love him so much,  S O M U C H