it's perfect because he would actually say this wow and dean would find it so cute

aaaaaaaallrighty guys! I’m super tired :3 

Of course I haven’t done anything productive this week.. I should have read a book for uni, do lots of other stuff buuuuut..nope! I read fics instead.. ehem..enough blabla! I know you only want me for my weekly destiel fic rec list ;)

Title:  Just Gonna Sit there?

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,200
Summary:When his brother abandons him at a college sex party, Castiel tries to find somewhere to sit quietly and wait for his ride to return. Feeling more than a little out of place, he wants nothing more than to leave, until a gorgeous and almost naked man falls into his lap. Maybe he can stay for a little while.

Note:  Woah..just..woah. Wonderful PWP. Absolutely hot! Dean has a thing for exhibitionism. holy frick, this fic. wow this rhymed. I’m a poet! (not..) this fic is A+ and there’s even a happy ending yay! GO READ IT

Title:  Professor Novak

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3,200
Summary:The one where Dean needs to pass his college class and Cas is his handsome professor willing to take a bribe.

Note:  PWP. Yes, I’m a kinky fucker and I read lots of porn. this is good porn. very good porn. Also cas as a prof is always super hot. Title:  Sex 101, or: That Time Castiel Asked Dean to Teach Him How to Have SexRating: Explicit Word Count: 50,000 Summary:“‘I want to have sex,’ Castiel announces suddenly.

Dean chokes on his gulp of Baha Blast.”


Wherein Dean teaches Cas how to have sex, and Cas teaches Dean why to have sex.

This fic is filled with music, literature, fluff, angst, smut, feels, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Note:  Oh god. this fic blew me away. I don’t know what it is with Destiel/others lately?? Why am I reading this stuff? I mean, I never liked it?? BUT NOW I DO. The first chapter was SO GODDAMN HOT I HAD TO  PUT MY TABLET DOWN AND DO STUFF IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  But it’s not just hot, it’s also funny and there’s plot. Suddenly things are happening. Stripper!Dean things O_o Also there a fabulous drag!queens who save the day I mean how can you NOT love this fic? GO NOW. *throws glitter at you* WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE THIS FIC IS PURE AWESOMESAUCE *throws more glitter and some pink dildos*

Title:  Bunny Tail

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,800
Summary:Dean is sitting in his last class of the day, a boring three hour Sociology course, when he gets a message from his roommate.

Note: I really have no idea WHY but I think those tail thingies are the hottest shit. (This is obviously also a pwp) And goddamnit I mean I love top!Cas but I also love bottom!Cas when he’s written like that in AUs. *can’t decide and runs in circles* BOTH. BOTH IS FAB

Title:  Everything

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:It’s a warm, lazy morning, and Cas’ apartment is bathed in hazy sunlight. Dean reckons it’s times like these that he loves Cas the most, and he wants to enjoy every last moment here together - he’s ready to give Cas everything, and show just how far his love and trust can reach.

Note: ASDFGHJK!!!! These two assbutts will be the death of me. THis is so cute and! I love reading about their established relationship and how they live their lives makes me unbelieavbly happy! This is kind of porn with a little plot :)

Title:  Show Amongst Us Secret Wisdom

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,3000
Summary:When Dean wakes up female, he and Sam struggle to find a cause. To find a solution, Dean has to expand his horizons: new ride, new bodily functions, and a whole new awareness of angels.

Note:  I love genderbent fics :3 THIS IS MY JAM. Especially love fem!Dean. (Probably because of my love for bottom!dean) This fic is different than other fics in this genre. I mean yeah, it’s a spell and blah but here it’s not just dean whining. And omg the cramp situation with Sam..holy crap I was laughing so hard..poor sammy!

Title:  Thunderstruck

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 64,000
Summary:Dean Winchester, a half-blood Gryffindor joins Dumbledore’s Army in his 6th Year and finally meets Castiel Novak, a Muggle-born Hufflepuff. After Castiel manages to produce Patronus on his first try, Dean is immediately curious about the quiet Prefect and ends up forming an unlikely friendship that doesn’t go as smoothly as they wish.

Note:  I should read crossovers more often. I didn’t know how much I missed Harry Potter until I’ve read this but omg I miss it a helluva lot :/ I simply love this fic. It’s not just about destiel, it’s about Dean and his life at Hogwarts. It’s amazing! He’s a Gryffindor and knows Harry, they experience everything a student would have experienced there - just wow! The only negative thing was..yeah you will see. Love that it has a happy ending. Even tho I would have wished the author had solved it differently.. Anyway, fabulous read!

Title:  Bars Are Not Usually Quite this Filthy

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:  Cas is an overworked college student working as a bartender to get through college. Dean is a jackass tease, dabbling in the idea of flirting with men but having never actually been with a man. This summary literally has more plot than the shameless smut inside. Oh, and Cas just really wanted to feed his goddamn cat.

Note:  What do you want me to say? I love me some porn. God I want more of this. (Especially if Cas’s assumption about Dean is right..oh dear chuck)

Title:  Willowsbend

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 51,000
Summary:In the town of Willowsbend, the Supernatural police unit went by the name of Dean Winchester. Unfortunately for Dean, the Supernatural population of Willowsbend was zero. So Dean spent the majority of his time calming paranoid housewives when their pipes rattled and chasing off wildlife that over-zealous citizens were sure must be shifters. It’s a tiring job, full of false-starts and hysterical old ladies. It’s a rare day that Dean has to deal with anything truly Supernatural. That’s about to change, and it all begins with the arrival of one Castiel Novak.

Note: Witch!Cas might be the best thing ever? I love that the supernatural was a part of everyone’s life -  even if it is different to what we are used to. Slow built relationships are something that I enjoy immensely (even tho I DO like my pwps) This fic is so cuuuuuuute. Like a coffee shop AU bit with witches and cop!dean and just asdjsdfk. I’m sorry I’m really tired. I have sent this fic to all of my friends I (and they) can guarantee you its awesomeness :3

Title:  You Can Stretch Right Up and Touch the Sky

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 58,000
Summary:The thing about summers, is that they seem like they last forever, then suddenly it’s slipping through your fingers, and you’re scrambling to enjoy the end. Dean learns that this is true for other things as well, as he works as a counselor at Camp Kripke, the summer after high school. In an enclosed environment like Kripke, rumors fly faster than the zip line, and suddenly everyone’s talking about him and the attractive head chef.

Note: I wish I had taken some time to read this..but, as always, I read it in one go. Now I’m super sad it’s over :’( I want more of Dean and camp shenanigans? I generally love Dean with kids and this is just super precious aaah! I think I need to reread it???!! *cough* I’ve just finished this haha. God I want more. I hope she uploads timestamps? PRETTY PLEASE? The only thing I don’t get is the rating coz - yes -  they do have sex but it’s like 2 scenes and the main thing is over in like 5 paragraphs? so there could be more porn. Other than that it’s absolutely perfect. I loved this verse so much AAAH. 
Okay I think I need sleep now..ermm yes I’m gonna go take a shower and then go to bed! I hope you enjoy this week’s fics :) Love you guys

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