it's pathetic how funny i find this

“I just find it funny.” He says softly but his tone is bitter. “Really funny.”

“What’s funny?” I ask him.

He doesnt look at me, not even a glance. “No matter how long you’ve tried to get over him, here you are always going back.”

I stay silent, I know he’s right.

“Its pathetic. Whats so good about this guy that he has you fallen to your knees at his mercy? Whats so good about him that a strong girl like you can’t even resist.” His voice rises.

I laugh a bit, because it is actually funny. “That’s the thing about him though, there’s nothing special about him, nothing extra. But he’s different from the rest, and thats enough for me.”

—  maybe i wasnt made for you // excerpts from a book I’ll never write # 7// (via stuck-in-laughter)

anonymous asked:

I've now seen the phrase 'she dried his rain' SO MANY times that I literally have lost all sense of what it's supposed to mean and find it part funny, part pathetic, all irritating

Last i can remember its supposed to reference how Rukia unlocking his powers gave him the opportunity to protect his friends and family and ultimately avenge his mother’s death, and in return for “stopping the rain” he goes to SS to stop her execution, but IR has since expanded it to every time she’s literally knocked him out of a funk, of course we have to excuse their tunnelvision of believing solely Rukia is capable of uplifting his spirits. Of course I could be wrong seeing as I’m running off of distant memory, if anyone feels the need to correct me or add to this feel free.

narcissix  asked:

i think it's pretty flattering u went back to almost a year ago to find something incriminating on me n still pretty much came up empty handed. but im the pathetic one that stalks u on the internet all day though right? ahahaha sad. what's funny is the "eyes start to look asian when im blazey" comment is quoted from a song, a fucking year ago, when i was almost as ignorant as u r now. u can try to turn the tables n call me a racist but ur receipts r outdated babyboy. ur racist now so how u feel.

This could’ve been dropped had you not brought your ugly ass onto my instagram, but you couldn’t help yourself. You brought this on yourself. If it’s a song lyric it’s still a racist song lyric which makes you look racist by association for not knowing better. ALSO, you still haven’t owned up to your use of the word nigger (when you’re as pale as olaf from frozen, having a half black grandfather doesn’t give you a free pass) + you said I’m trying to start a “white holocaust” which is extremely insensitive to Jewish people. But guess what? All of this could’ve been avoided had you stayed in your lane and not messaged me and personally attacked me on instagram because you don’t agree with the way I run my blog.