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"9. I hate you so much but last night you were super drunk (which is really weird for you) and trying to get into your place here let me help you you’re gonna have a hell of a hangover", for sprace?

okay it’s very late and I’m very tired. I kinda hate the ending cause I kinda rushed it. I’ll probs rewrite it a bit and post it on ao3, but here ya go for now. Also I didn’t edit any of this so sorryyy. And it might be a bit ooc. Like I said, I’ll fix it all when I post it on ao3. Enjoy, I guess.

Spot woke up with a killer headache. He groaned and blinked a few times, allowing his eyes to adjust to the harsh morning light as he sat up. The pounding in his head was relentless and he considered just laying in bed all day. Spot sighed. He moved to get up, and made a realization.

This was not his bed.

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Gender isn’t even real it’s a human social construct don’t stress too much about what it is exactly and just focus on feeling good. Life is short. Be happy. Ask out that person. Eat that food. Join that club. Take a nap. You’ll figure it out eventually.

Of course, if figuring out your exact label is what makes you feel good, then go ahead! I relate t b h. It can feel comforting to have labels.

The point is: be happy.


a little taako


Title: Geronimo
Pairing(s): Gavin/Ryan/Jon
Rating: Slightly NSFW
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: The five times Gavin wanted nothing more than to say “I love you,” and the one time he did.


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you’ll have to pry this ship from my cold dead fingers

i finally got around to finishing this, started it after hlv but then temporarily lost motivation (i think it was rekindled by reading to much hotblood bc if u make jim a bit less homocidal and a bit more dickish and crop the frame above seb’s waist/change his hair they’re just about the same couple omfg)

anyway though??? im still trying to color better, i always tend to make things too desaturated and blend things too much so tryna work around that, hmmf


i’m rewatching s1 of vikings and viking!den just kind of happened. Also i’ve got this headcanon that his eye got fucked up during a battle (it would have killed a normal human but since he’s a nation he survived, but it took hundreds of years to heal) and it he claimed that it marked him as chosen by Odin