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Happy Birthday Archibald Alexander Leach!

||January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986||

“He’d laugh so hard, he’d get tears in his eyes. I never saw him giggle or laugh in a movie the way he did in life. It was something really open and giving. The most memorable thing about Cary for me was his sense of joy.”

- Peter Bogdanovich

“Cary would hear jokes, tell jokes, laugh, giggle. When you think of him as the suave, sophisticated man that he was on the screen, it took you aback, in real life, when he laughed himself into hysterics.”

- Rich Little


Galavant Appreciation Week :: Day 2
↳ Favorite Episode(s): Joust Friends

“Any man can get knocked down. The hero is the man who gets back up.