it's part of my chemistry


Wonderbat + looking at each other pt.1/3


“I feel colour all around you. A fantastic colour... strong and beautiful. And... a sad colour, too.”


some of my cute grad pics for those who were asking :) I’m so happy to have my degree! Notice anything special about my cap FT fans? I’m hanging around on an aerial silk for those who don’t know what the black hanging fabric is. Also the blue coat is my chemistry lab coat! Not gonna lie…it’s covered in acid stains and random chemical spots from my work this semester. All part of the job!

it's part of my chemistry, this jealousy (michael/luke)

it’s part of my chemistry, this jealousy
rated g; 3.5k words

He’s not like, in love or anything, but well. Michael just likes making Luke smile and he likes cuddling with Luke more than he likes cuddling with anyone and sometimes when he gets into one of his moods and snaps at Luke, he feels a lot worse about it than when he does it to Cal or Ash.

In which Niall comes to spend the night and Michael is ridiculously jealous that Luke keeps giving him heart eyes.