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Dan and Phil play Pokémon GO! #2


i!! hope!! i!! did!! u!! good!!


“Elsen” is a real nice-sounding name for the people that live in the Zones; but every time I see it used that way, I’m always reminded that it’s just the name of the first tramway station you come to in Zone 1– and that is named after someone in the past who was named “Elsen.”


Mortis is cool with it and tagging them as “Elsen” makes them way easier to find, but dang can you imagine not even living in Zone 1 and here’s this weird baseball dude calling everybody an “Elsen” because that’s the first word he read when he started touring around.

They’ve been canonically confirmed as being humans, too– they’re just unwell and stylized.

If you imagine a man and a women, travelling miles to meet each other after public flirtatious and suggestive comments over social media, and then eventual moving in for a span of years, expressing deep closeness and intimacy, and no talk of alternative romantic associations, would it not be a silently confirmed relationship? 

Take PJ and Sophie for example, correct me if I’m wrong, but they have never publicly and bluntly confirmed their relationship, have they? With their (shorter) timespan of being together a lot, working together, living together, it has just been assumed that they are in a relationship. No questions, no “maybe they’re just friends”, it has just been silently confirmed through their actions.

Heteronormative culture, tied in with homosexual stereotypes, are engrained in us from social conditioning. A girl kissing another girls cheek is immediately assumed as best friends being affectionate. A man slapping another man’s ass is assumed to be ‘bro culture’ or apart of a sports team dynamic. Until one of the pairing includes a feminine man or a masculine woman that reflects the typical heterosexual gendered positions, no one recognizes certain acts as being romantic or sexual.

Taking Dan and Phil’s actions out of context, to me, make it very obvious that they are more than friends. Confirmation of their living together for years and years, with shared furniture, souvenirs and businesses, as well as discussion of a dog (which confirms at least a decade). Vacationing together, doing everything together, leaving no time for other romantic relationships for 8 years, which is a very unlikely dynamic (considering they’ve spoken about former sexual & romantic attraction I assume they are not asexual/aromantic). Endless affectionate behaviours, domestic natures, and intimacy that millions of people can see, is it really so unrealistic that they are together?


Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.


overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad


I gotta stay alive so I can go to AX this year

And sakuracon next year hopefully, and maybe even colossalcon one day, oh and then of course ala next year

Is it sad that my motivation to stay alive is literally just so I can go to nerd festivals

  • *Watches an episode of Mushishi*:  This is it. My favorite episode of all. Just look how beautiful it is. I love it so much, out of both seasons. It is my favorite.
  • *Watches another episode of Mushishi*:  This is it. My favorite episode of all. Just look how beautiful it is. I love it so much, out of both seasons. It is my favorite.
  • *Watches yet another episode of Mushishi*:  This is it. My favo-

my hair is fading again x.x