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Seeing Cas screw over the brothers over and over and over again in the episode and if the baby isnt controlling him (bobos comment maked it sound like its not control but idk) and Cas has /genuinely/ choosen Kelly/satans baby/"faith" over his family(sam and dean!!) im gonna pissed... if been a bitter!cas since s10 and the end left me feelibg the opposite. I mean i was fine since i thought Cas was controlled but apparently thats not clear soo ugh

When Castiel Winchester says he has faith, I get a deep sick feeling in my stomach that this is not my angel :P 

I was just thinking about the angel tablet, and how it ~controlled~ Cas but not strictly in a mindcontrol sense - it pushed all his angel buttons in that original programming that season 8 made a big deal out of. Cas had an overwhelming urge to protect the tablet - that it was the right thing, and his job to do. He was really acting perfectly “in character” if the character was as an angel and not Cas.

The nephilim has pushed every single one of Cas’s buttons in being lost and broken and wanting a purpose he can do and a win to bring home, and a god to believe in and everything he’s been feeling bad about - he lists his failures at like 3 different points in the episode, and there’s a strong emphasis on him being the Winchesters’ guardian angel, as he sees himself (and has done a long time, as he said in 6x20 about it, and I think is related to just as many bad decisions as that one since it was an emotional motivator there to keep them out of the big bad decisions and do this by himself - his motivation behind “I was there where were you” and turning away from Dean raking leaves is identical to Cas stealing the Colt, and he spells it out to Kelvin after he does it. 

Cas may be controlled in a sense but it’s pushing buttons in such a way it might hardly feel like control or be easy to treat like it, in the same way the Mark of Cain affected Dean’s “programming” and yet he was still somewhat Dean the entire time; Amara never creepily spoke through him and he was never controlled per say. The Mark fed his instincts and blood lust and rewarded him for killing and in this way twisted Dean extremely effectively, but on a scale where he was always Dean to at least sort of Dean and acting on basic emotional impulses that had identifiable origins within Dean, even if the version of Dean we grew to love would never actually act this way from a standing start.

But yeah. Kelly was paralled to Hael, wanting to take Cas over and become one with him, that they’d help each other by him taking her to the Grand Canyon and then she’d possess him. (whee what a great deal :P) - Kelly wanted to go to the sandbox instead, and she succeeded in getting Cas there and lo and behold the threat pays off and they become one - he’s sharing her baby’s power, and the same light is intermittently in both their eyes. He says he wishes he could HAVE her faith, and so she GIVES it to him, and at the end he says he HAS faith. 

And obviously it’s meant to be a bad thing - Cas can’t just HAVE faith like that. He’s a depressed messed up angel with no direction and who God rejected practically to his face (I mean, chinese whispers 3 people removed in God’s terms was pretty much to his face :P). Joshua wasn’t a symbol of Cas’s lack of faith for telling him that that then had to be obliterated and Cas magically has faith again, although you could draw a great false correlation graph between 5x16 and 12x19 and Cas’s faith. He was a reminder that Cas has no faith, because of what Joshua said that day. And Cas cold-shouldered God at the end of the universe. That’s Cas.

Whether it’s direct mind control or not, what Cas is going through is then a manipulation, a false dream and playing off his very loudly broadcast trauma and depression. It’s very clearly not good because Cas betrayed his family over it and seemed to choose Kelly over Sam and Dean, by leaving them there unconscious however gently he did it, it’s an act of aggression he wouldn’t commit against the people he literally was doing everything for to protect all episode until the nephilim got to him. Cas’s actions are not a sign of something good happening to him, and I was actually really disappointed just between Cas having the sweet moment where he was talking about who would be a good guardian for the nephilim and it sounded like a POSITIVE thing where he might do that, and the nephilim choosing Cas without giving him a choice in the matter, and influencing him to want to do it to the point of creepiness and choosing it over Sam and Dean.

Like, bottom line, this is not meant to be depicted as something good for Cas, and though I haven’t seen Bobo’s tweet, he’s presumably straight-faced trolling in the way writers can’t spoil stuff or tell you how to think about a story, so repeating what seems like the obvious surface line here, like, nah, Cas just found faith! lol! Of course he has, but the details of it went from hopeful to horrific in the flash of nephilim eyes on Kelly, and Cas’s instinct to protect and guard people and be the good angel he is, the one angel who ever seems to behave as angels should when it comes to protecting and caring and watching over people, sealed his fate that the nephilim felt Cas would selflessly protect it, and so he would have to selflessly protect it.

It’s tragic because it’s this close to something that could be positive to Cas, but this show of course never goes easy, and so of course it turns into something horrific where his agency has been compromised. It doesn’t have to be full control for his agency to be gone. He just never got a chance to choose to do this, even if his actions said “yes I will protect you”, within moments it had gone too far and crossed too many lines of who Cas is, what he really wants, and corrupts what, ironically, would have been the best thing for the nephilim if it HADN’T got grabby about wanting the best guardian angel in the universe, because Cas probably would have done the job for free >.>

Unfun Fact:
well over 50% of my art goes unfinished, unseen, and never posted.

this has actually been kind of kiling me lately. more than it usually has over the last decade tbh. and i guess i feel like i need to post this hoping someone will relate, or assure me that its fine to share my art as-is rather than struggling to make it look “perfect” or whatever before people see it… please keep reading if you might understand

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hesitant to let go // ready to open a new chapter

I watched Owari no Seraph recently and please send help I can’t stop crying over these boys

Inspired by this amazing edit

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Trini having a nightmare then protective Kim is protective and they're adorable b/c I'm a sucker for fluff and trimberly

I proofed this twice and it still seems bad, but whatever. Here you go, hope you enjoy!

She could feel the warm saliva hitting her face, the weight of a body over her, inches from her face, the strong odour of rotting fish, the heavy breathing, and then she was being thrown across her room like a rag doll. She saw herself fighting, heaving, spazzing, anything to get out of Rita’s iron grip. She did everything she could, but it all fell short. She waited for Rita to try manipulate her, threatening her friends, threaten her, but this time was different.

“You’ve grown quite fond of those rangers haven’t you, yellow?”

Rita asks, her voice alluring, a threat boiling at the bottom of her throat, waiting to be unleashed. Trini doesn’t respond, she tries to yell, scream, kick, punch, anything, but her body won’t react, her limbs stay limp as Rita tightened her grip around her neck, pushing her harder into the wall, the smell of fish seeping into Trini’s nose, causing her to gag, her body pressing harder against the wall, trying to get away. Rita’s hands are wet and sticky, her face inches from Trini’s, her voice malicious, testing and tempting Trini.

“But I’ve seen how close you’ve grown to a particular one, that Kimberly girl, the pink ranger I believe. Would be a shame if anything happened to her.”

Rita chuckles, her voice low and menacing. Trini’s body finally responds, her legs thrashing, her arms grasping at Rita’s hands. Trini snarls at Rita, her face scrunched up, her nails scratching at Rita, as she threatens.


Trini’s voice is hoarse and strained, her threat falling flat and weak, nothing more than an empty promise. Rita just chuckles, a sly, villainous smirk spreading across her pale, wrinkled face.

“You’re too late, yellow.”

A loud, ear splitting scream pierces the air.


Trini tries thrashing again. Rita’s maniacal laughter washing over Kimberly’s cries for help, Trini’s heart starts racing, her entire body thrashing and spazzing, trying to escape.

“Trin, Trini are you okay? T, are you there? Trini!”

Kimberly’s voice calls out Trini’s dream starts to fade away, the feeling of Kim’s arms shaking Trini, one hand shaking her shoulder, the other softly rubbing her arm, her voice soft, but worried. Trini jolted awake, her entire body shooting forward, head butting Kimberly, knocking her backwards.

“Aah! Fuck!”

Kimberly exclaims, rubbing her forehead. Trini’s eyes race around the room, expecting Rita to jump at her again, her heart still racing, her hands shaking, the ghost of Rita’s hands still grasping at her neck. Trini took a few moments to remember where she was, for her breathing to steady, for her hands to stop shaking, and for her to realize that Kim was sitting right next to her, Kim’s hands softly caressing Trini’s back, her gaze soft, the hints of worry in her eyes, and something that looked all to close to fear.

Once Trini had realized that she was safe, Rita was gone, and that Kimberly was safe, she looked back at Kimberly, who gave her a hint of a smile, reassuring her wordlessly. Trini couldn’t bring herself to say anything, she wanted to say so much, how she was so worried about Kim, how she was so afraid she had lost her, how much Kimberly meant to her, more than she had known before, but the words died in her throat, and all she could do was stare, her hand moving slowly to Kim’s cheek, softly caressing her  face, making sure this wasn’t another nightmare, that Kimberly was here, she was safe, and real.

Kimberly held Trini’s hand on her face, keeping their gazes locked. She didn’t have to know what the nightmare was about, she had a pretty good feeling, but this one was slightly different than Trini’s other dreams, Kim knew that. Kimberly didn’t want to press, so she just spoke gently, her voice calm and quiet, covering layers of worry and fear.

“I’m okay Trin, and so are you. She’s not going to hurt you again, I won’t let her.”

Kimberly said, leaning her head forward, resting it against Trini’s. Kimberly could feel Trini’s voice hitch, Trini wanting to say something, but her words falling short. Trini kept her gaze locked with Kimberly, her emotions running high, she needed to know that she was right there, with Trini, and she needed to know that Kimberly cared. Trini’s eyes dropped to Kimberly’s lips, which Kimberly noticed, licking her lips instinctively, but something was different in Trini’s eyes, and as she pressed their lips together, ever so slowly, ever so gently, Trini could feel her heart flutter, she could feel Kimberly’s lips against hers, soft and warm, her home.

Kimberly pulled away slowly, positioning them back into the bed, knowing how tired Trini was, emotionally and physically. Kimberly pressed her stomach against Trini’s back, wrapping her arm snuggly around Trini’s waist, pulling her closer, her grip tight, scared of letting go, the protectiveness washing over Kim. Kimberly could feel Trini sigh contently, and couldn’t help the smile spread across her face, at how warm and cuddly Trini could be, how she felt comfortable with Kimberly, even after seeing her so afraid, Kimberly felt the same way.

Trini may have felt more safe and content, but something was itching at her, a question, something was keeping her awake. Kimberly always felt awful and guilty after Trini woke from her dreams, although nothing Rita had done was Kimberly’s fault, she always caught herself feeling guilty, blaming herself. So she she asked softly, not wanting to push any boundaries, knowing that Trini would wall up in seconds, so she didn’t demand anything from Trini, she just let the question float in the space around them.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Trini sighed softly at the question, her mouth trying to utter a thousand different words and statements, but just as she had done the entire night, her words fell flat, her voice hitched, and once again, her brain disobeyed her. She desperately tried to say something, to explain her dream, to tell Kim how much she meant to Trini, how Trini couldn’t bare to lose her, how she would feel so lost, but she didn’t want to sound co-dependant or clingy, the lingering fear of Kimberly bolting, but Trini deep down, in her heart, she knew the other girl wouldn’t do that, knowing that they had both become so much to each other, a safe place, a home.

Trini let the question settle in the air for what felt like an eternity, thinking that Kim had already fallen asleep, until the words were bursting in her throat, so she blurted out, her voice strained with emotion, cracking, as she tried to convey her feelings and worry.

“Please…Don’t leave, I don’t….Just don’t leave me, please.”

Trini begged, her voice thick with emotions, past memories of abandonment filling her head, she couldn’t bare Kim leaving too.

Kim heard the emotion in Trini’s voice, she felt it, she felt her heart clench, melting into Trini, wanting to convey all the love she felt for the other girl. But all Kim could do was pull Trini closer, as reassuringly as possible. She whispered lovingly in Trini’s ear, trying to make sure the other girl knew how she felt.

“I’m not leaving Trini, not anytime soon, I won’t let myself, I couldn’t leave. Okay?”

She asks, her voice thick and hoarse, but still trying to put on a brave face. Trini didn’t say anything, she just nodded slowly, pressing her body closer into Kimberly’s, curling up slowly, while Kimberly buried her face into Trini’s neck, hoping that what she said and how she acted, how she held Trini so tightly, how she pressed feather light kisses down Trini’s neck, would be enough, and for now, it seemed like it would be.

life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.
Vice Versa // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: Since I’m already up in your requests, may I request a Jaehyun scenario. Maybe about him meeting you for the first time at a coffee shop then it winds up being yall’s meeting place.

words: 1605

category: fluff + drabble (?)

author note: since its jaehyuns birthday and also Valentine’s Day I thought I would write this first! it’s really simple but also kinda cheesy and idk how I feel about it haha. please enjoy it anyway and look forward to more requests being written soon!!

- destinee

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after that kidnaping post I feel like I need some family comedy in my life. idk I could totally see keith being the person that could read smut with a straight face(as long as it's not directed towards him it's all cool). So one day keith is editing this sex scene and writing constructive criticism for the author and shiro reads it over his shoulder and is scandalize(your reading that at the family table?!) and keith just shrugs and says: how do you think I found out i'm ace?

I am laughing so hard because this is just hilarious! LMAO THANK YOU. This is a great prompt and I hope not to disappoint XD

[The Voltron Family] The three kids were in the kitchen trying to bake cookies with Hunk leading them considering he was 11 now and Lance was 10 and Pidge was 9. Keith was in the breakfast table, monitoring them making sure not to make too much mess on a Saturday morning—all while working on a new author he was handling. It was a bit different from his usual ones, which were young adult novels, but Keith was open to new things—this manuscript being aimed at 18 and above. 

Basically it had smut. The manuscript was thick, and currently he was reading the sex scene and he couldn’t help but criticize it. Not only the writing, but the way the sex was happening between two guys. Keith kept knitting his eyebrows in frustration as he scribbled using his red pen on the sides for notes.

Better think this one through. I don’t believe it could stretch that much. Take this from me, I know. 

This is just honestly too unsanitary. Revise. 

I’m not kink shaming but, this is absolutely impossible to do. Revise or think of another kink. 

Hunk: Daddy Keith, how many cups of sugar again?
Keith: *looks up* Just one cup, baby. *smiles*

Keith went back to reading with a straight face while his kids laughed at how Lance couldn’t get to crack an egg right. 

Keith: Make sure to wash your hands, Lance. And Pidge, pick up that wooden spoon and wash it if you’re going to use it again. *goes back to reading*

Shiro joined them in the kitchen all fresh and clean after his workout. He saw Keith sitting on the stool by the breakfast table, reading while looking so bored but he’d bend down to write a thing or two. The kids spotted him and signaled them to hush it as he walked over behind Keith to wrap his arms around Keith’s tummy and resting his chin on Keith’s shoulder.

Shiro: Good morning, red bean. *kisses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: *hums in acknowledgement* *nuzzles his cheek on Shiro’s* *continues to concentrate reading* 
Shiro: *smiles* *hugs Keith tighter*

Shiro’s eyes wandered on the manuscript Keith was reading and it started out great and then suddenly he read the sex scenes and he detached himself from Keith, looking absolutely scandalized.

Shiro: *taps Keith* *whispers* YOU’RE READING THAT IN THE FAMILY TABLE?!!! *looks at the kids pointedly* WITH THE KIDS IN THE KITCHEN?! 
Keith: *turns around to look at Shiro* *raises eyebrow* You say that as if I’m reading smut to the kids out loud.
Shiro: *blushes* But Keith! That’s so… *whispers* obscene.
Keith: It is. *sighs*
Shiro: How can you read that with such a straight face?!
Keith: *snorts* How’d you think I found out I’m ace? 
Shiro: *gapes* You read por—
Keith: *chuckles* I tried things to see if something’s wrong with me, babe. This… *points at the manuscript* just doesn’t affect me. Or anything sexual for that matter to be honest. Then I accepted myself, I just don’t, yknow?
Shiro: *smiles* And that’s fine, Keith. *hugs* I love you just the way you are.
Keith: *smiles* You cheese ball. *turns back to the paper* Also, this is honestly frustrating. Check this out. This guy thinks he could stretch like a friggin gymnast! No one can be that flexible without proper training and—
Shiro: *rests his chin on Keith’s shoulder* Hmmmm *reads* Oh my god. That’s gross. *points at a scene* How are people this— that is unsafe.
Keith: That’s what I said. *sighs* Mind helping me? You’re more… yanno.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* More what, Keith? I’m more what? *smirks*
Keith: This is your area of expertise, not mine. I only have you as my se—
Shiro: *covers Keith’s mouth* *whispers* DON’T SAY THAT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS!!! You’re so scandalous! I’ll help you, okay? Just don’t traumatize our children at the tender age of 11. *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: *looks back at them curiously* Yes?
Shiro: You’re doing great, sweetheart! *takes a seat beside Keith* *looks at his husband* Okay, now which part do you need— *notices Keith staring at him* What now?
Keith: You’re so wonderful, you know that? *smiles fondly* 
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Now who’s the cheese ball here? *bumps Keith* Now lemme see that. *takes the manuscript* 

[PART 02]

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(no the same anon) but ok so i just read the imagine on Harry talking to Ed about proposing omg could you write a TFLN and relate it sort of towards that like its hours before he is about to actually propose?? idk u write it how u want lol

I apologize for this because I’ve only written Ed once, about a year ago and I deleted that work, and I don’t feel like I ‘know’ Ed enough to really capture his personality, but with that being said, I tried. x

You can read the imagine based off this right here.

Harry. Ed.

Mate. I’m going to be sick.

I’m going to get down on one knee and projectile vomit all over her.

No you’re not.

She is going to say no, leave me, run off with some lawyer guy and have a dozen kids with him.

I should have just became a lawyer.

Think it’s too late for that?

Mate, just calm down. What did I tell you before?

She said she wants this, yeah?

Yeah, but maybe it’s too soon!

Or maybe the second I pop the question she’ll realize there’s more than just me out there and gets freaked out?

Like ‘I could spend the rest of my life with this donut hole, or see what else is out there?’

So do you think every time she was telling you she wants a future with you that she was lying?

No, but people change their minds.

Do you think if you don’t go through with this tonight that you’ll regret it?

Because I have a feeling you’ll wake up tomorrow and be like ‘Oh, I could have a fiancée right now, but I had to be a proper dickhead and not propose to my girlfriend out of fear she’ll say no.’

And I also have a feeling if she were to find out you didn’t go through with it, you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.
She’s one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I don’t want to sabotage that.

And marrying her would be even better, wouldn’t it?

Starting a family? Have a small little herd of kids running around?

She said she wants 3.

Then you’re wasting time and need to get a move on things, mate!

If she was having doubts, I don’t think she’d be at home with you right now wondering who the fuck you’re texting so much.
You have a couch for me if she says no?


These feelings are normal. You’re fine. Everything is going to be fine.

Send me cute pictures of the proposal to be jealous of after.

I asked Cal to be hiding somewhere.

Going to be awkward if he gets a rejection on camera.

I’m 30 seconds away from coming over and bitch slapping sense into your think brain.

I’m really fucking nervous, mate.

I don’t even have a speech prepared. I was hoping the right words come out in the moment. Always seems to work for people in movies.

Well you’ve been in one so maybe it’ll work out for you in favour.

I fucking hope so.

She’s almost done getting ready so I’m probably going to turn my phone off.

Just wish me luck, mate.

You don’t need any more luck. Got the girl of your dreams, did you?

She’s better than my dreams.

Atta mate x

Hey, Ed.

I’m engaged.

So Depression Month™ has been a real blast. 

i feel like out of all the ‘pearl is sad about rose’ eps, Mr greg couldve just happened on its own. like, we couldve skipped all others and just have pearl remark on how much she loved rose once in a while and only have it revealed in mr greg how much pent up emotions and resentment towards greg she has. then they bond over their memories of her and we move on?? idk

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emily omg i'm prob making a big deal out of nothing but i feel so bad for dan now :( like he probably feels like nobody cares about his content unless its him talking about his sexuality. like. maybe he just isnt ready for that maybe that experience w boys thing in isg seemed like a big deal to him and everyones just mad and disappointed at the video. idk i'm prob over reacting its just hes such a good boy and thinking of him being sad makes my heart hurt

dan will be fine, he’s a 25 year old man who knows how to deal with things and i doubt he’s going to take some negative comments from people on the internet to heart. i would actually be genuinely surprised if dan felt that way, even remotely. it’s no secret that dan has become very confident in himself and in the things he likes and in the things he believes in, so it’s quite a long shot to assume that he might feel as if no one cares about his content unless it addresses something personal like his sexuality. that assumption just isn’t right because so many people genuinely love the silly content he puts out like isg 

that being said, i honestly hope that nobody views dan’s content as a disappointment if it doesn’t regard his sexuality specifically, or anything else that people might have fantasies about for that matter. i highly doubt the experience with boys thing was a big deal to him because he makes offhand remarks like that quite frequently in videos nowadays, but if you’re watching dan solely because you feel entitled to take shots at his sexuality/relationship status and choose not to see him as anything more than a guessing game, you’re watching for a horrible reason. dan would never blatantly talk about his sexuality anyways, especially in a main channel video

i think, as these kind of things have become a common topic in the phandom recently, it’s important to remember that respectful discussion is always fine and good as long as you are not invading privacy, harassing anyone, or literally demanding anything personal from anyone


get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite bands ↠  arctic monkeys

“but i crumble completely when you cry… it seems like once again you’ve had to greet me with goodbye. i’m always just about to go and spoil the surprise; take my hands off of your eyes, too soon.” - 505

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Hi. I'm sorry to bother you, I know you guys are really busy and workign really hard on life stuff and WoY stuff but I had sort of an idea? Ah it might be sort of dumb, but I was wondering about what if we made a day where wander over yonder fans all sent disney xd (or some designated person there) a sock to show how much they care for the show (it'd be a nod to the epic quest of unfathomable difficulty episode). one sock per woy fan. idk I feel like its sort of silly but what do you think?

Hello Anon, please never think that an idea is dumb. All ideas are worth considering. Thanks for putting this forward. 

This idea reminds me of the packets of mustard and mayo that fans wanted to mail to Disney. I’m still unsure about how Disney would react to this sort of campaign strategy so I’ll post this to my blog to let the fans debate it.

Things to consider: 

Not everyone can afford to mail things to Disney.

Disney might see it as an annoyance.

Things like his have worked in the past for other shows.

Small mustard and mayo packets might work better.

A set day seems impractical as fans come from all over the world so a week might be better so mail has a longer window to arrive from places outside of the US.

Plain white socks could also be personalised with pens to have #savewoy written on them.

Share your thoughts in the comments or reblogs please!

i think i might come out as trans to my parents after like 2+ years of being in the closet