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I'm so hyped for V's route, but I noticed something in the picture of the coming soon thing. On the right side of V's face, his hair spikes out... V's hair doesn't do that, his is nice, flat and smooth. But you know who's hair does spike out... SAERAN! So does that mean we get two? If it does end up being V and Saeran. Or maybe it's a story of how Saeran feels guilt over killing V. Or maybe I'm reading too into it and it's just a V route. Who knows :)



DOES V ???

HAVE A  ? ?? ? ?? ??

ROUTE? ??? ??!! !

dead leaves will always be my fave bts song. just the amount of lines jin has???? like he even has the first verse??? & yoongis husky rapping and the fact he produced that song himself?? & how easily jungkooks and jimins voices flow into one another and their smooth harmonies &namjoons gasp and “woohoo” and how u can visually see him rap his part & how tae’s low vocals fit so well in this song….and i cant forget abt hobs iconic rap verse and how its the perfect transition to the climax of the song where the beats all escalate perfectly with vocal lines high notes and then the music fades and all u can hear is the piano and just tae whispering never never fall and then it ends and u feel almost empty but like mellow at the same time????? god i love dead leaves

life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.
Vice Versa // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: Since I’m already up in your requests, may I request a Jaehyun scenario. Maybe about him meeting you for the first time at a coffee shop then it winds up being yall’s meeting place.

words: 1605

category: fluff + drabble (?)

author note: since its jaehyuns birthday and also Valentine’s Day I thought I would write this first! it’s really simple but also kinda cheesy and idk how I feel about it haha. please enjoy it anyway and look forward to more requests being written soon!!

- destinee

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request (x) by @tieddown-withbattleshipchains

summary: You begin to find sweet gifts and cute letters left around your apartment, but you don’t know who they’re from… until you catch him red-handed.

wc: 1668

note: idk how i feel abt this & its prob riddled with errors [ps. i’m looking for a betareader ;)] also check that↓ out

Aly’s 600 Follower Writing Challenge

tw: mentions of Hydra and other enemies, second-hand embarrassment(?), sneaking around (intrusion?), and some cute blushing Buck

They started showing up on June 5th. You don’t know why, or how (seriously, you were pretty sure you’d locked your door when you left that morning) but when you got over the creepy aspect, you began to look forward to the little gifts that would show up.

The first ‘gift’ that showed up scared you a bit. When you walked into your quarters after a tiring day of dealing with press and saw the little chocolate and note card you were positive it was one of three things.

1) Tony being an ass and playing some kind of prank,

2) Hydra (or some other enemy) had broken in and was taunting you, or

3) Nat was feeling sweet today and left you a gift.

Tony had been on a week long mission since Monday (it was only Wednesday), so he wouldn’t have bothered to set this up. The compound is pretty much the most secure building on this planet (other than Damage Control’s warehouse) so that rules out anyone getting in undetected, or bothering to only to leave a candy. There is no way Nat was feeling sweet enough today, not after the asskicking you gave her in training this morning. So, you’re stuck.

With no clue why the candy is there, you kick your door shut and venture over to read the note.

Good job with the press today, I’m sure you did amazing. You always are, and so sweet too; sweeter than this cherry chocolate. Enjoy the rest of your evening by relaxing and destressing, and don’t let those reporters get the best of ya.

The sweet little message is written in beautiful penmanship, and signed with an adorable little smiley-face drawn by a heart. Your lips quirk up as warmth spreads through you at the kind and charming words. But, while they’re sweet, you can’t help but be a little put-off by the thought of someone coming into your room while you were away and leaving this intimate note and a candy (to which you were compared, which shows attention) without saying who they are. Your brows furrow as you place the note back down on the end-table, leaving the chocolate next to it to be safe, before going about your night.

It was two weeks before you received another gift. This time it was a small bouquet of your favorite flowers, bundled up neatly and left on your nightstand next to another note card signed with the same smiley-face. Your brows furrow and you look around, already knowing that you won’t see anyone, but trying anyway. Coming up empty, as expected, you lift the flowers to your face and sniff, inhaling the delicate aroma. Once again feeling a little odd about finding such a romantic gift in your room, you place them on the kitchenette counter and wander into your bathroom to put away your mission gear and shower.

After cleaning up, you finally break and place the bouquet in a vase and fill it with water to display on your windowsill. You smile slightly when you step back to take in the sight. The colors of the petals nearly glow in the sunlight, and you can’t resist snapping a picture for instagram. You caption it and post, watching the hundreds of like immediately flood in (the Avengers are very popular on instagram).

After that, the gifts continue to pour in; from flowers to little stuffed animals to personal care packages, each one incredibly thoughtful and topped with a note card. Whether signed with only a smiley-face, or joined by a cute paragraph, you began to look forward to hearing from this person. Their kindness and charming way began to win you over, despite your initial feelings of being intruded upon.

When you told the girls, Nat had simply rolled her eyes and laughed while Wanda gushed. “You have a secret admirer! That is so cute! I wonder who it is!?” Pepper, having walked into the conversation, had snickered and shared a look with Nat. You’d brushed it off, thinking they were on a different topic, and listened as Wanda named names and considered the possibility of it being them.

That’s where you are now, sitting on the couch listening to Wanda (for the third time that week) update you on her list’s status. After you received your fifth gift (a gorgeous smelling bathbomb and set of little candle) Wanda had started writing down the traits of each team mate that could be a tell for who-dun-it. You sigh, gaze drifting from Wanda’s list over to where Steve and Bucky sit, talking. You tune Wanda out and get lost in a daydream of the handsome soldier, watching as his blue eyes crinkle when he laughs, the brown strands of his hair falling from the bun at the nape of his neck. You rest your chin on the palm of your hand, imagining loosening his hair from the tie and running your fingers through it, feeling the silky waves between your fingers before fisting your hand and tugg–

“Hey! Earth to [Y/N]!” Wanda snaps her fingers in your face, drawing you out of your head. You flush upon realizing that Bucky is looking at you amusedly and you snap upright, turning to glare at Wanda.

“What?” You hiss, embarrassed as you rub your cheeks in an attempt to make them less hot. Wanda snickers and flicks her hair off her shoulder.

“You were staring,” she says simply and you open your mouth to vehemently deny her implications when Steve cuts you off.

“Wanda,” he interrupts, sending you a knowing glance (the one that reeks of Captain America) and placing his massive hand on her shoulder, “Vision told me he was looking for you, something about a movie tonight?” Steve nudges Wanda, not very subtly, and she beams, nodding. “I’ll take you to him.” As Steve passes, he gives Bucky a firm pat on the shoulder and you grimace at being left alone with the assassin. Not because you don’t enjoy spending time with Bucky, but because you enjoy it too much.

You give Bucky an awkward smile, which he reciprocates, before hiking a thumb toward the elevator and saying, “I should probably go train.”

“Oh, yeah, of course, go ahead,” you stutter out, flushing as Bucky sends you a smile and leaves, ever so calm and collected: the complete opposite of you. As the doors close and Bucky sends you a wave with his metal arm, you realize you’d been staring again, and blush heavier, turning to bury your face in your hands when he disappears. “Oh, fuck me.”

After your awkward encounter with Bucky, you’d decided it was time for a night out with Nat. Since she and Clint had moved out of the compound together, you’d been slacking on your weekly Nat-Nights. Lucky for you, Clint had just left on a brief mission with Wanda, leaving you free to get drunk and watch terrible Rom-Coms with Natasha.

“I’m heading out, Steve!” You holler from your doorway, leaving without waiting for Steve’s reply. He’s busy watching the newest Game of Thrones episodes with Bucky and Sam, so it’s likely he didn’t really process your shout. You sling your duffel bag over your shoulder and head to the garage.

Bucky glances over his shoulder towards the elevator, watching the number get smaller as you leave, waiting for the best time to do his thing. When the display reads B1 Bucky throws himself over the back of the couch and he rushes to his room. Steve and Sam watch him speed off and share a knowing look, Sam scoffing and rolling his eyes as they return their attention to the GOT marathon.

With the proper supplies in hand, Bucky sneaks his way to your door and tests the knob. Finding it unlocked (as you’d taken to leaving it since the gifts started coming) he steps inside, closing the door behind himself carefully. He’s standing at the kitchenette counter, arranging the presents when the door creaks open. Bucky freezes, wide eyes darting up to see you standing there, mouth agape.

“U-uh, wha-ho-why-what?” You stutter out, duffel bag landing on the floor with a thud. Bucky puts his hands up defensively.

“I can explain,” he says, shuffling in place awkwardly.

You let out a disbelieving laugh. “You’re my secret admirer?” Never did you believe that James Buchanan Barnes could possibly be the one leaving you trinkets. The man you’ve had a crush on for months.

Bucky sighs. “I- Well, yeah.” He blushes a vibrant, the heat creeping up his neck. “I mean, I guess so? But, I mean, only if you like them, ‘cause if not then you’ve got the wrong guy. But- um, uh, yeah, I’ve been leaving you stuff… “ His face paints itself a deeper scarlet. “I’ve had a crush on you for a while and Steve said I should tell you, but Sam joked that I should leave you chocolate on your pillow like a hotel, and I thought it was stupid but then I got the idea to leave you presents, so Steve helped me ‘cause I’m not as good as I was back in the day, and I really like you–”

You cut him off by firmly pressing your lips against his, silencing any further rambling. His mouth is soft on yours and you smile, feeling heat on your cheeks. You pull back when you don’t feel Bucky respond. A frown settles itself on your face when you meet Bucky staring at you wide-eyed.

“I-I’m sorry, I thought…” You sigh in embarrassment and turn to leave, but Bucky’s hand grips your arm gently and pulls you back to him, allowing his hands to drift down your sides and settle on your hips.

His cocky grin is back, full blown when he says, “So, you like-like me?” You snort and flick his chest with an eyeroll at his words.

“Obviously, you doofus,” you whisper as his lips once again press against yours, feather soft.

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I watched Owari no Seraph recently and please send help I can’t stop crying over these boys

Inspired by this amazing edit

I’ve Got You (part 6)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Future Smut (??)

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Warning(s): Smut next chapter;))))))

A/N Lol you guys def showed you wanted this

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14,Part 15, Part 16,Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20,

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mamihlapinatapei w/ eggsy!!

eggsy unwin + mamihlapinatapei - the look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

a/n; idk how i feel about this validate me

tags; @alexsunmners  @mvximoff @rax-writes @paperclipmac @mutantlaura

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Being apart of the Kingsman, of course, has its perks and Eggsy’s favorite is by far is the fact that he gets to travel for free. His passport has seemingly pages upon pages of stamps, which reminds him of how fortunate he is for being apart of something greater than he’ll ever be.

He’s thinking of this now as he’s leaning over the balcony of a hotel, champagne in hand, somewhere in the heart of Athens; with a beautiful girl next to him.

Ever since the two of you met, there’s always been an underlying sense of something a little more than friendship. Between the overnight missions, undercover work, and just being around each other; you’ve grown incredibly fond of the boy from Westminister, as he has to you. Just being around you is Eggsy’s balm; You calms him, in a sense. You just get him like no one else has. Maybe it’s because you understand what it’s like to be raised in a broken home, maybe it’s because you know what it’s like to be undervalued and tossed to the side. Despite what it might be, Eggsy is not blind to the fact that what he feels for you is something barely short of nirvana, and it feels like a thousand fireworks and falling into the unknown.

He turns to look at you now, watching the lights of the city illuminate your face, making you practically glow in the dark of the night. Your hair is tied up in a messy bun and you’re wearing a sundress, the heat of the Greek air even being apparent at night. As you discuss the beauty of the city, Eggsy can’t seem to focus because all he can seem to think is how beautiful you are.

You’ve known you’ve loved him for a while, you suppose. You never really believed in destiny or fate or anything of that sort. It always seemed childish and unrealistic, with the life you lived before the Kingsman. But Eggsy– Eggsy changed that for you.

There’s a momentary lull after you finish talking of visiting Athena’s Temple, a natural, easy silence falling between the two of you. You can feel him looking at you, and you’re wondering if this may be the moment that changes things for the two of you, that you’ll surpass the friendship; and become the lovers you’re destined to be. You turn to face Eggsy and he’s closer than you had originally thought, and your breath catches in your throat because he’s looking at you like you surpass the city of beauty.

You subconsciously move a little closer to him, shoulders now touching and you swear you can feel him melt into your touch. His fingers brush across the tops of your knuckles against the railing, and your gaze drops to where his fingers reside. Your cheeks heat in response, and you flicker your eyes forward as you turn your hand upwards, placing his soft hand in yours. You feign nonchalance as you study the city once more, and say,

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

And without taking his eyes off of you, he says,


Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction writers I have sewing info to help you!!!

Miraculous ladybug fanfiction writers!!!! Hello! I absolutely LOVE reading fanfic for this show, I honestly have read 10x more fanfic than I have watched the show, I just love the characters and the wonderful stories you all create! One reason i love the show is because i am a fellow fashion designer student and I thought I would make a post to help out you wonderful writers who want some more fashion terminology or insight or whatever! Also if I say something wrong or if any other people want to add feel free to add and correct me I just want to contribute to this wonderful adorable fandom, I have only written one fanfiction before (danny phantom) and writing is super hard and i just wanna give some insight about being a design student!

- poking yourself with pins very true, happens all the frickin time, I have bled on things i’ve been making and have mini heart attacks

- college AU’s spending hours in the sewing lab and getting pizza and eating off of the pattern paper before a huge project is due 

- MOOD BOARDS!! making a board and using hella photoshop and illustrator, putting pictures to make a board of what inspires the outfit/line of clothing you are making 

- creating flat patterns on illustrator is something we have to do, it has the details of the sewing and stuff you gotta do

- I have read your saliva gets out your own blood so i literally started licking a light pink skirt i was making to get out the blood, which i didn’t even realize I was bleeding until the red splotch appeared

- I personally however have not cut myself with scissors while cutting fabric, you usually are laying a pattern on the material and will not have a hand close enough to the scissors to cut yourself, now Marinette is clumsy so if she tripped and fell and hit her scissors it that could happen but her cutting herself with scissors while cutting material is not something I have personally encountered

- when I make pattern for things i sit at my sewing table staring at a piece of paper trying to work out the math for different measurements, like how many inches do i need to make 10 pleats into a 26 inch waist skirt? how long of a hem do I need?

- before I went to college I would use wrapping paper for pattern paper when making my own patterns

- instead of using the word “mannequin” for what she is working on maybe use “dress form” both can work but this is just a me thing? idk

- another form of design is draping fabric directly onto the dress form and using pins to figure out the design you want

- forgetting you shoved a pencil in your bun and your parents looking at you funny, it happens

- spending WAY TOO FUCKING LONG in the fabric store, time moves differently there, you just stare and it can be really irritating to find the exact fabric you want to match the image in your head

- sewing for a few hours and forgetting to eat

- finding threads literally ALL OVER YOUR OUTFIT, if i don’t have at least 3 different threads on me did i really do anything?

- threads covering the floor bc you just throw them when you cut them

- dropping a sewing needle and doing a wide eye stare until you can locate the very slim sliver of metal before you stab your foot bc you should wear shoes but you don’t, (I have stabbed my foot with the non-sharp side of a needle, not fun)

- seam ripping, sewing one thing realizing you did it wrong and sitting there with a seam ripper for 10-20 minutes undoing what you did

- machine malfunctions: the bobbin (bottom thread) not matching up with the top thread and the stitches look all loopy on one side and you want to fucking throw your machine out the gosh darn window

- ironing fabric

- spending hours just pinning and minimal actual sewing, so many pins

- it has been X amount of days since stabbed with a pin (probably 0)

- everyone asking hey i need a button/hem/shoe/shirt fixed can you do it?(yes, i fixed the threading for a shoe some guy on my floor asked, honestly i did so much they knew me as the girl to go to if you needed something fixed sewing wise or anything arts and crafts related)

- also cosplays just today I was asked if i could make a shirt for my friend’s mom’s friend’s daughter

- i once drove to the fabric store to pick up more fabric and thought i don’t need to bring a swatch i know what color it is, it was ever ever so slightly off and i would have hated it so i had to drive back return it and get the right one (yes i brought a swatch that time)

- the smallest details bugging you: some stitches look a little wavy, the thread got tangled a little on the hand stitching, snipping the fabric a little too close to the seam, it’s the small things no one else sees that kills you

- cutting out fabric wrong and just getting frustrated and taking a deep breath, buying more and doing it right

- sitting down to work one day on a project, fucking up once, and just saying “nope, nope, i’m not even, i’m done for the day” , or after a long day and making a mistake and being like ok that’s enough i’ll fix it tomorrow

- almost knocking over the dressform and seeing your life flash before your eyes bc those are like upwards of $100

- SOMETHING REALLY CUTE: Last year i fixed two buttons and a sleeve of a shirt for this guy on my floor and i later learned he ripped off the buttons just so i could sew them back on and he could see me and talk to me (it was adorable but we didn’t work as a couple but still friends) but i figure maybe some chat or adrian would do bc he I had no idea i was just like how is this skinny boy popping buttons off his shorts??? (idk why but if you use this could you credit me? It’s a personal thing kinda and I also I just wanna know so i can read it and be like omg so cute)

- also one of my friends sometimes comes over and sits on the couch and we just talk and she watches me as I sew, its very nice and i feel like alya would totally sit and be on the Ladyblog and her and Marinette would just chat while she sews

I could probably think of a billion more but that’s all for now, if anyone has any questions or wants help or anything please let me know! I love sewing and miraculous ladybug but most of all is the beautiful stories you all create <3

(also if this does help you or you use stuff from this please lmk i would love to read your stories!)

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after that kidnaping post I feel like I need some family comedy in my life. idk I could totally see keith being the person that could read smut with a straight face(as long as it's not directed towards him it's all cool). So one day keith is editing this sex scene and writing constructive criticism for the author and shiro reads it over his shoulder and is scandalize(your reading that at the family table?!) and keith just shrugs and says: how do you think I found out i'm ace?

I am laughing so hard because this is just hilarious! LMAO THANK YOU. This is a great prompt and I hope not to disappoint XD

[The Voltron Family] The three kids were in the kitchen trying to bake cookies with Hunk leading them considering he was 11 now and Lance was 10 and Pidge was 9. Keith was in the breakfast table, monitoring them making sure not to make too much mess on a Saturday morning—all while working on a new author he was handling. It was a bit different from his usual ones, which were young adult novels, but Keith was open to new things—this manuscript being aimed at 18 and above. 

Basically it had smut. The manuscript was thick, and currently he was reading the sex scene and he couldn’t help but criticize it. Not only the writing, but the way the sex was happening between two guys. Keith kept knitting his eyebrows in frustration as he scribbled using his red pen on the sides for notes.

Better think this one through. I don’t believe it could stretch that much. Take this from me, I know. 

This is just honestly too unsanitary. Revise. 

I’m not kink shaming but, this is absolutely impossible to do. Revise or think of another kink. 

Hunk: Daddy Keith, how many cups of sugar again?
Keith: *looks up* Just one cup, baby. *smiles*

Keith went back to reading with a straight face while his kids laughed at how Lance couldn’t get to crack an egg right. 

Keith: Make sure to wash your hands, Lance. And Pidge, pick up that wooden spoon and wash it if you’re going to use it again. *goes back to reading*

Shiro joined them in the kitchen all fresh and clean after his workout. He saw Keith sitting on the stool by the breakfast table, reading while looking so bored but he’d bend down to write a thing or two. The kids spotted him and signaled them to hush it as he walked over behind Keith to wrap his arms around Keith’s tummy and resting his chin on Keith’s shoulder.

Shiro: Good morning, red bean. *kisses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: *hums in acknowledgement* *nuzzles his cheek on Shiro’s* *continues to concentrate reading* 
Shiro: *smiles* *hugs Keith tighter*

Shiro’s eyes wandered on the manuscript Keith was reading and it started out great and then suddenly he read the sex scenes and he detached himself from Keith, looking absolutely scandalized.

Shiro: *taps Keith* *whispers* YOU’RE READING THAT IN THE FAMILY TABLE?!!! *looks at the kids pointedly* WITH THE KIDS IN THE KITCHEN?! 
Keith: *turns around to look at Shiro* *raises eyebrow* You say that as if I’m reading smut to the kids out loud.
Shiro: *blushes* But Keith! That’s so… *whispers* obscene.
Keith: It is. *sighs*
Shiro: How can you read that with such a straight face?!
Keith: *snorts* How’d you think I found out I’m ace? 
Shiro: *gapes* You read por—
Keith: *chuckles* I tried things to see if something’s wrong with me, babe. This… *points at the manuscript* just doesn’t affect me. Or anything sexual for that matter to be honest. Then I accepted myself, I just don’t, yknow?
Shiro: *smiles* And that’s fine, Keith. *hugs* I love you just the way you are.
Keith: *smiles* You cheese ball. *turns back to the paper* Also, this is honestly frustrating. Check this out. This guy thinks he could stretch like a friggin gymnast! No one can be that flexible without proper training and—
Shiro: *rests his chin on Keith’s shoulder* Hmmmm *reads* Oh my god. That’s gross. *points at a scene* How are people this— that is unsafe.
Keith: That’s what I said. *sighs* Mind helping me? You’re more… yanno.
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* More what, Keith? I’m more what? *smirks*
Keith: This is your area of expertise, not mine. I only have you as my se—
Shiro: *covers Keith’s mouth* *whispers* DON’T SAY THAT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS!!! You’re so scandalous! I’ll help you, okay? Just don’t traumatize our children at the tender age of 11. *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: *looks back at them curiously* Yes?
Shiro: You’re doing great, sweetheart! *takes a seat beside Keith* *looks at his husband* Okay, now which part do you need— *notices Keith staring at him* What now?
Keith: You’re so wonderful, you know that? *smiles fondly* 
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Now who’s the cheese ball here? *bumps Keith* Now lemme see that. *takes the manuscript* 

[PART 02]