it's our president!

you know what I’m fucking sick to death of politicians and pundits saying we as a nation are too divided and need to work together. that everyone is sad when their side loses, and tomorrow we have to pull together. that it is our responsibility to be more open-minded to those with whom we disagree.

it’s a nice thought, but when one side advocates for the violent oppression of the other, reaching across the aisle is meaningless. when one side fears the other because they’re different and one side fears the other because they don’t want to be killed, there is a bigger problem.

so here’s a different message: you don’t have to be kind to people who want you dead. you don’t have to pull together with those who hate you. you are not responsible for the government’s inability to function. when someone hates your entire being, the bedrock of what you are and what you stand for, when someone is so frightened of your inner light they want to snuff you out you do not have to be kind to them.

warmth & light to you all 


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco

“It’s 2040.  Our president is a plant!”
-Jillian Holtzmann, Ghostbusters (2016)

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I believe there is a time in every Graphic Designer’s life where they sit back, look at what they’re working on, and think to themselves, Is this REALLY what I got my degree for?  This was not that moment for me, because I don’t have a degree, but there was definitely a sitting-back-and-wondering-what-the-hell-I’m-doing moment.  I just spent the better part of an hour designing a campaign sign for a plant


30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie: day nine ~ a girl power/feminist moment

I shake my head. “It’s tragic that it took M E for all of you to learn that girls can be feminine and smart.” Had I known this, I think I would’ve broken into Faust and taped portraits of women who’ve inspired me all over their hallways. Coco Chanel among them. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm not American and I don't understand why Americans are roasting Trump for his typo on this tweet, could you explain please?

omg hahahaha yea its basically like, hes our president and hes supposed to treat the presidential twitter account with dignity and coherence and intelligence right? but he just uses it to say things that sound like a five year complaining and throwing a tantrum. and this tweet said something like “despite the constant negative press covfefe” and that was it? covfefe isnt even a goddamn word its literally gibberish! and it was up there FOREVER with no explanation and then our actual vice president tried to defend the fucking tweet and make it seem like the word was some highly classified secret word that only some people know, but its! literally! not a word! and i am left wondering if this is actually real life, and if our country can sink any lower (probably tbh, but i dont wanna jinx it)