it's our cosplay!!


“Sometimes you end up with the person you least expect.” 

Allura - 2backleft

Keith - pedxing

Cell phone pics I liked from Sakuracon. Also known as ‘waiting for our turn during the Voltron photo shoot.’ There were soooo many good paladin armor cosplay, props, and overall cool people. (о´∀`о) Hopefully we can #formvoltron and have a full group next time we hang out. *-*

Hello friends of Tumblr!

We welcome you to come check out our Transformers Cosplay Facebook group!

There you can inquire for crafting tips, see photos of behind the scenes costume build process, as well as the constant “shinani-cons” our group gets up to! ;)

We look forward to seeing you at “Phoenix Comic Con” in a few days to debut our newest cosplay Soundwave (and Laserbeak!) ;)


“Through the open car door, Adam and Gansey exchanged the briefest of looks. Adam’s knitted eyebrows asked, Did you find anything? and Gansey’s widened eyes replied, You tell me.
Ronan slammed the car door — he slammed everything — before heading to the trunk. He said, “My dick brother wants us to meet him at Nino’s tonight. With
Ashley.” – The Raven Boys

Adam Parrish | Ronan Lynch

Characters, The Raven Cycle © Maggie Stiefvater

Because I’m an angel!

Lawless loves his angel-chan~ Ohhhh~ There must be an aaaangeeel playing with his heart!

Lawless of Greed -> Majin

Licht Jekylland Todoroki -> Me (Kayleigh

Servamp Cosplay is selfmade~ 

PS: There is more on our blog!


YES!! YES!! SWIMMING!! IN COSPLAY!! MY FAVORITE!!! and don’t come up all sassing me about waterproof grey paint, all skin is photoshoped.

in fact everything is photoshoped.

I’m not even in these photos. these photos do not exist.

squeaks does it again. 

My wonderful big sissy sister photographer!!!

Woooaaah! Thanks for liking our bsd cosplay progress! 😘

Chuuya: Lets celebrate it together with a glass of wine!

Dazai: … Saaa, Chuuya~ You know I prefer sake~

Chuuya: Yeah, so what? Never said I would share it with you, walking first-aid kit.

Dazai: …Ah, thats fine, thats fine… I will (lean back and watch yourself getting all drunk, embarasse yourself, get your ass kicked and) bring you to bed safely partner~


The weather was perfect, so we brought out little miss Ryuko Matoi for our first photoshoot of the year. >:) I bought her school jacket by happenstance to wear on my own time (cause it was COOL), we were tweaking a wig for her last year as well, and I had a skirt and shirt that worked perfectly– AND THEN our brother got us a Scissor blade for Christmas..! 

We basically (unknowingly) had an almost completed cosplay on our hands! We frolicked around the streets and Ariadne took tons of rad photos; we look forward to making several awesome photosets for you all real soon. 

- Marianne