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In the middle of the night, at the end of a dream, at the beginning of an inner tumult that he was as of yet unaware of, Augustus Winters jerked awake, breathing heavily and covered in a sheen of sweat that made his long, obsidian hair cling to his face. He impatiently pushed it away, leaning his head back and taking measured breaths as he tried to calm himself.

How ridiculous.

They were only memories—memories he’d kept entombed within the deepest confines of his mind, but which had apparently been unearthed by the revelation of a single buried truth: You’re wrong, Gus. I did like you.

Augustus got up. The cool, wintry draft coming in through the cracks of the window felt soothing on his skin. He drew nearer, pressing his arm against the icy glass and closing his eyes.

Of course Isaac had liked him. It was what Augustus had always sworn to be true, but after what had happened he’d felt he had no choice but to admit he’d been wrong. That despite everything he’d felt and everything they’d shared he’d been horribly mistaken. But now? Now it was all reversing, returning to Gus’ original beliefs with a dizzying speed that left him feeling as though the ground beneath his feet was subtly tilting.


None of it should have mattered anymore and yet here he was, jolted awake and undeniably shaken by a wholly unchangeable past.

Geno and Tater!

(Just giving y’all an early look at some art that will be featured in my @swawesomesanta fic that I’ll be posting tomorrow!  Art courtesy of my amazing, wonderful and talented best friend @bahoreal)

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fake tv show - f.e.a.t.h.e.r.s (totally not a f.r.i.e.n.d.s rip off)

aka the marvel bird squad sitcom, starring hawkeye, the better hawkeye, the falcon, and mockingbird. pizza dog features heavily. clint still has no idea how these people got in his apartment.

(their battle plan is literally just “wing it”. nobody’s sure if the pun was intentional.)

anonymous asked:

home depot is now selling a tank meant to grow plants at the top and has a betta fish pictured in the bottom. i think its only three gallons - isnt that too small for a betta fish? i havent had any of them since i was a kid so i wouldn't know. i wanted to ask before i bought something like that

Yes, IMO. I agree with the European minimum of 10g for a betta fish - I think the US minimum is 2.5, with 5 preferred. But I think that’s too small. 

As far as the plant tank, I feel like there are issues with the concept, but I can’t remember for sure. I’ll tag this & then see if I can find where I read about them… it might’ve been something like the set up doesn’t work well enough to establish a true cycle or that it still needs water changed, but people won’t do it because they think the plants are good enough or something? 

You all seem pretty sold on your height headcanons, but please, consider this: Tiny Shiny Zanza and Actual Machine Goddess Meyneth