it's only missing hannah

Red Streak [2.4]

Chapter 02: Babel
[Part 4 of 5. Revised July 2017]

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2157 CE

With little patience, Doctor Alvarez and his small team were ushered by rifle-butt from the surgical suite. Hannah watched them retreat, her eyes wide with desperation, hoping one of them would snap, fight back, cry out. Anything except abandon her to a turian captor in her weakened state. She couldn’t even run.

Once the last turian exited, pulling the wall of screens closed, Hannah and Regidonis were left completely unobserved. The moment they were alone, his hand loosened on her throat, just enough to allow a few breaths of air to flood into her aching lungs. Despite the reprieve, he didn’t release her. His gun stayed fixed beneath her jaw, growing warm against her skin.

“You need to respect a few things about your situation, newcomer,” he said, so close she could smell him, all metal and ozone. She saw little splinters of gold netted in the flashing silver of his eyes. “I am not the alien in this room.” His gun knocked against her chin. “That would be you.”

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