it's only blue

klance week day 1: red/blue

Dance AU where Lance and Keith have two totally different dance styles. Lance dances like water, fluid and smooth—Keith like fire, dynamic and intense. But when they dance together, it’s something entirely new.

Holster: Very Nearly Blind

I’ve seen a few headcanon lists recently that mention various people (Bitty, Ransom) remembering to pack Holster’s extra laptop charger so he can always watch Netflix, which is a lovely way to care for our favorite grumpy blond giant, but y’all, HIS GLASSES. That’s what we need to be concerned with here.

  • Ransom just keeps Holster’s extra glasses in his toiletries kit, along with an emergency pair of contacts and contact solution.
  • When Holster last got his prescription updated, Bitty was given charge of his pair of now slightly-outdated glasses, for DIRE emergencies. Because seriously, Holster cannot see the lines on the palm of his own hand until it’s about an inch in front of his nose.
  • The alarm clock next to Holster’s bed in the attic has glowing red numbers 5 inches high so he can actually have a fighting chance of seeing what time it is before he finds his glasses in the morning.
  • At some point, Holster forgets to order more contacts in time for them to be delivered before he’s going to run out, so he digs in the back of his dresser and pulls out a box of colored contacts he had gotten as a free sampler with a previous order.
  • For a week, he has eyes that are extra-blue, green, brown, and yes, purple.
    • Holster spends the entire day secretly reveling in the chance to pretend to be a character in a fantasy novel.
    • Ransom spends the whole week being subtly weirded out because Holster is not right.

Me: I don’t understand why people just can’t respect other peoples opinions. It’s not that hard and everyone is entitled to their own.
Someone: Lee Min Ho is the greatest actor ever.

AU where whatever happened to the Chilton parents happened real early and Kane was like “I can tabula rasa the kid into whatever I want” and Julie could really use a responsible, model-Deluxian older brother to calm her rebellious ass down so…….

Julie and Mike are adopted siblings, is what I’m saying

Also bowlcut mike

Another Avengers Academy portrait. I’m really trying to narrow down my style, rather than worry about making them realistic like previous portraits. 

Marvel portrait #10. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

yellow submarine explained
  • yellow submarine: poor military strategy
  • only a northern song: george pretends to be a nihilist for like 3 minutes 24 seconds but he doesn't play any wrong chords on his blue jay way i mean organ no matter what he tells you
  • all together now: cute children's song about counting, abc's, sailing, deforestation, jump rope, narcissism, communism, colors, and sex
  • hey bulldog: john and paul's doggy style recording session but they only have 10 children
  • it's all too much: are the beatles going oof over and over at the beginning wtf is that
  • all you need is love: do they have to pay france personally every time they put this on an album
  • pepperland: i wonder if a beatle played that guitar during
  • that specific doo doo doo dooo, dooo dooo dooo dooo part
  • sea of time: trippy.............i guess
  • sea of holes: the albert hall,
  • sea of monsters: bye bye ringo >:)
  • march of the meanies: horns, horns horns hooorns, hoorns, horns horns hoooorns
  • pepperland laid waste: *paul mccartney voice* ZAP, ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP
  • yellow submarine in pepperland: do u rly like the yellow submarine melody, my friend, my pal, my friend, my