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Jung Jaehyun || yandere!au(ish?), thriller(???), smut (im sure about this one lol), cursing, some pretty dark shit is under that keep reading line

word count: 9k

T R I G G E R  W A R N I N G.

A/N: i usually make a sideblog for scenarios and imagines but i cant commit to writing often //sighs at exo and svt fic blogs// so i’d rather post it on my main tumblr than on my AFF account which is strictly for memberxmember only (author name is on the gif lmao i got too lazy to edit it to my tumblr url) so here’s some jaehyun smut for all his hoes, me included.

P.S. this is based off my dream the other night and i deadass almost had a panic attack from it

As a boyfriend, Jaehyun was… devoted.

It was a mutual decision; a decision he had voiced out first, but later on deeply regrets.

Jung Jaehyun meant well when he had asked to take a break from your relationship because the final months of university was harder than both of you thought. You simply had no time for each other, especially since you come from two very different courses.

It’s been almost 4 years since you two began dating, thanks to that one Gen Ed subject you miraculously shared together during freshman year. If he hadn’t been late and ended up sitting beside you, neither of you would have crossed paths again.

Jaehyun loves you, he was completely smitten that day you had accidentally swung your head to him a little too strongly and caused your hair to whiplash against his face when all he asked was for the professor’s name to put on his forms.

And you love him, ever since he had flashed his signature dimpled smile, chuckling away your apologies for having smacked his face with your hair.

From pair works in class that turned to study sessions at the library, that turned to spending breaks together at the quad, that turned to dinner dates at the nearest pizzeria, and by then all of your friends can tell that you and Jaehyun weren’t just friendly classmates anymore.

As a boyfriend, Jaehyun was… devoted. He doted you; he made sure he showed how much he loves you every second that he can. It was cute at first, until you got used to it. It had never been a bother or a burden, no matter how many times your friends would point out it was starting to be creepy. But you always shrugged them off, saying it’s simply how Jaehyun was.

First week

“You and Jae?” Ten repeats, “Are taking a break from each other?” He scoffs and nudges Doyoung, “Are you hearing this?”

“Wait, I must have something in my ears.” Doyoung sticks a finger into each ear and pretends to clean them, “Okay, can you repeat that again, (Y/N)?”

You roll your eyes at them and Yebin throws her used tissues at the boys, “Ignore them, (Y/N.) But I’m just as surprised as they are. Are you and Jaehyun really taking a break?”

“Taking a break, in our definition, is not expecting dates every other night, texting or calling during breaks, you know, the usual things we do. And if by some miracle, we bump into each other, we’d just, smile, I guess.”

“Oh thank fuck, no more kissing like you haven’t seen each other in years.” Doyoung groans, only to screech when Yebin kicks his shin under the table.

“I bet you won’t last halfway the semester. Give or take a month?” Ten shrugs his shoulders.

Doyoung snorts, “I bet you won’t last a week.”

“It was his idea and we both agreed to it. We’re graduating soon and we both promised to do our absolute best for the last semester, so we’re getting rid of distractions.”

Ten hums, “It’s just unlike him to suggest it.”

You pout at him, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

“He worships the ground you walk on.” Doyoung says in a tone like it was the most obvious thing that existed. “He worships you.”

“He’s just affectionate.” The bell rings, “And we’ll be late for class.” You stand up from your seat and they follow suit.

Third week

It took a while for you to get adjusted to the fact you’re on a break with Jaehyun. There were plenty of times you had to stop yourself from texting him to ask how he was or if he’s up to eat out together. When there was a knock on your apartment door, you had imagined it was him and not the food delivery you forgot about.

One fateful Friday, none of your subjects had given out homeworks to slave on during the weekend and Yebin had demanded for a mandatory and much needed girl’s night out at the new bar outside of campus. You were fine with the idea, until one of your friends, Minkyung, had took it upon herself to dress you up.

“No.” You automatically told her the second her hand reached for the last dress on the rack in your closet. It was probably the shortest dress you had owned. Despite its sweetheart neckline and flowy cloth, the A-line dress was cut off just above your thighs. It wasn’t the best dress to wear on windy days, to say the least. “That’s too short.”

“It’s cute and sexy!”

“But Jae–”

Minkyung cuts you off with a snap, “Last time I checked, you and Jaehyun are currently on break. Let your legs and ass breathe while they can. You’ve kept your best assets in pants or baggy shorts because Jaehyun doesn’t like it when guys ogle them.”

“Uhm, I don’t like being ogled by other guys, too.” You weakly shot back but she had already forced the dress on you and pushed you to the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for the three of you to get ready and hop into a cab that took you to the bar Yebin had not shut up about days prior from tonight. It was the typical bar set up, with booths surrounding the dance floor with 3 bartenders manning the bar and serving up cocktails one after the other.

Minkyung was fast enough to secure a booth for the three of you and you slip inside while Yebin ordered some drinks.

You realize that it’s been a long time since you were able to go out with them like this. You had always spent your free time with Jaehyun and although you missed him, this was a nice change, too.

Halfway through the night and six margaritas and 3 shots of tequila later, Minkyung and Yebin had coaxed you onto the dance floor. Intoxicated, you sway your body to the beat, laughing and singing along with your girls. You abruptly stop when a hand glides down from your waist to your hips.

“Excuse me, but I have a boyfriend.” You slurred a bit, but stood your ground to glare at the boy that felt you up.

“Really? Where is he then? Hm?”

You size him up quickly, he was shorter than Jaehyun but had Johnny’s built.

“It’s called a girl’s night out, jackass, so fuck off.” Yebin pulls you away but he grabs your arm and you cry in pain.

“I wasn’t talking to you, short stuff.” He hisses at Yebin, who responds with a harsh stomp on his foot.

Minkyung and Yebin whisks you away from him while he cusses at her.

“Are you okay? God, some guys are just jerks.” Minkyung snarls, pulling you into a hug.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry for spoiling our night out.” You reassured her.

“You didn’t spoil it, babe. That jackass did. Besides, we’ve had one too many to drink, we should head on home.” Yebin pulls out her phone and books an Uber for the three of you.

Hangovers are the worst. Usually, Jaehyun would have prepared you some painkillers and a decent breakfast, but today, you and your roommates ate cereal in front of the television with the volume down low.

“I feel like shit. Are we too old to enjoy getting wasted already? Shit!” Yebin cries, clutching her head with one hand while jamming a spoonful of soggy cornflakes into her mouth.

“Someone ask somebody to bring us painkillers. My head is killing me.” Minkyung whines, rubbing her temples.

You grab your phone and to text Doyoung, who instantly replied with his dismay of your state but will still bring over some painkillers.

The television suddenly sounds an alarm, making all three of you groan and cover your ears.

“Breaking News from Seoul Central University. Finance student, Kim Iljung, 22, was found beaten up outside a bar on the outskirts of the campus. The victim reported that he was ambushed from behind with a bat and was not able to see his assailant.”

“(Y/N), isn’t that the guy that felt you up?” Minkyung points out and you look at the ID photo the news report flashed.

“Oh shit, yeah. Oh my god.” You gasp as the reporter described the injuries the boy had sustained.

“Kim claims that he does not know who did this and the reason behind it. He is currently recovering in the campus hospital and is working with the campus police to catch his assailant.”

“Serves him right for molesting (Y/N)! Karma’s a bitch.” Yebin says, drinking the leftover milk from her bowl.

“Karma or not, it’s scary. To be randomly assaulted like that? What if one of us were in his place?” You visibly shuddered. “I mean, who could do something like that?”

Ninth week

You’ll be having your period soon.

You know this because on top of craving all sorts of food twentyfour-seven and experiencing drastic mood swings to your friend’s unfortunate luck, you had to deal with a need that Jaehyun knew all too well to handle. But you haven’t contacted him as part of the conditions of taking a break which only meant you had to take care of yourself.

It was half past midnight when you were sure your roommates were in deep sleep in their respective rooms that you decided to lock your room and raise the volume of the music you usually played at night just a tad louder in case you got a little too vocal.

You haven’t touched yourself in a long time. And even if you had, it was under the predatory gaze of your boyfriend.

Play with yourself. He’d command and you would automatically open your legs and obey.

Everything felt tentative and unsure while your hands ran up and down your naked body. Your mind conjured up scenarios of all the times you and Jaehyun had fooled around and finally, your hand made its way to your core. Sighing, you circle your clit with the tip of your forefinger and shudder at the sensation.

You bite down your lower lip when you attempt to slip your finger inside you. After a few pumps, you slip in a second finger and a moan escapes you accompanied by your boyfriend’s name.

Yes, baby, that’s it. You could practically hear him whisper the words.

“Shit.” You remembered the last time you and Jaehyun masturbated with each other. Much like how you were lying down on your bed with your legs spread out and fingers knuckle-deep inside you, you imagined Jaehyun seated at the chair by your study table, with his large hand wrapped around his cock. You whimpered when you remembered how his eyes watched your fingers disappear inside you.

“A-ah.” You softly cry when you pump faster and harder, trying to match the speed and force Jaehyun had always used on you, but ultimately failed. You plant your feet on the mattress and lift your hips up when you finally feel yourself find the pleasure you’ve been craving for. “Jae.” You whine as your other hand squeezed one of your boobs.

There was a low groan that echoed into the room and for a split second you thought you had imagined it, but it sounded all too real and all too close for it to be a fragment of your imagination. You shoot up from the bed, your hands grabbing the sheets to cover your body as your eyes dart to the window to see a shadow move across it.

Fear seizes your heart, but you had to confront it. As quickly as you can, you run to your window and open it. Your dorm was on the second floor and if there was someone who had seen you, he was fast enough to go down the fire escape. But you shake it off, hoping it was nothing but your imagination.

You close the window before you can catch a cold, not noticing the gooey, white substance splattered on the window pane.

Sixteenth week

Finals were next week and you were at your wits end. You were neck deep in stress and you were desperate to release it. You were in no mood to drink and the girls had their own finals to study for. As you walked home late at night from the library, you stop in front of the university gymnasium.

It had been a while since you’ve went swimming.

You quit the team when you learned that Jaehyun quit the basketball team to make time for you.

The pool would have long been closed by now, but that’s not gonna stop you from sneaking in. You jumped the fence after checking no one was around and made your way to the building where the pool was.

The janitors always kept a spare key inside the emergency fire hose and with that, you successfully entered the indoor swimming pool.

The pool lights were left on as usual and you drop your bags to the side, your clothing following them soon after.

With only your matching red underwear, you slowly slip into the pool, half-moaning and half-whining at the cold water enveloping your body. When your body adapted to the coldness, you dive down and swim close to the tiled floor. From under the water, you look up and panicked when a blurred black mass stood at the side of the pool, causing you to resurface.

“Jesus Christ!” You gasp when you realized who it was. “Jaehyun!” You scolded, “You scared me!”

“Sorry.” He chuckles, lowly, pulling out one of his earbuds from his ear and letting it fall out from the hoodie of his jacket.

“How did you even know I was here?”

“I was out for a jog when I saw you jump the fence.” Once he said that, you noticed he was wearing his usual running clothes. There were a few beads of sweat sliding down his face and his breath was a little ragged. He squats down and offers you a half smile, “If anything, I should be asking you why you’re sneaking into the pool after closing time.”

You bite your lip and swim towards him. “The past weeks have been hard on me and I need to destress. Won’t you help me, Jae?”

His eyes darkened despite the pool lights shining in them. “I don’t think that’s how taking breaks from a relationship works, (Y/N).”

“We’ve made it this far, Jae. Can’t we cheat this break thing?”

“(Y/N)” He warns.

“Please, Jae. For me?” You unconsciously bat your lashes at him and he sighs.

“I don’t have my swimming trunks.”

You giggle at him, “If you haven’t noticed, I’m in my underwear.”

He watches you a little bit more and you thought he was hesitating, so you reach up and unzip his jacket for him. “Do you need help or are you going to let me play by myself?”

That made him smirk and he rises from the ground, discarding his jacket and peeling his shirt away.

Your mouth went dry at the sight of seeing his body again and it made you almost guilty to feel so sexually deprived for the past months. He pushes his running shorts down and reveals his boxers.

Your teeth bite down on your lips again when he kicks his shoes off and smirks at you before diving head first into the water. You swim backwards, trying to tease him as he swims to you from underneath. He resurfaces right in front of you the second your back hits the side of the pool.

Jaehyun wipes away the excess water off his face while you wrap your arms around his shoulders.

“Hi.” You whisper, laughing when he flashes you a smile as you helped pushed his wet hair back.

“Hi.” He breathes, grabbing onto your thighs and guiding your legs around him. “So you needed to destress?”

You nod your head, sliding the hand that pushed his hair back down the side of his face. “How are you gonna help me?”

He pulls your hips closer and grinds his erection against your clothed sex, eliciting a silent gasp from you. “I can think of a few things.”

“C-care to show me?” You stuttered, unable to say anything else as Jaehyun continues to gyrate his hips into you.

For the first time in months, you kissed each other.

The open kiss was messy and sloppy, and it was desperate, needy, and hungry. You clawed his bare back, looking for support as you slid down his body. In response, he pushes you against the side of the pool, the corner biting into your back had hurt but you couldn’t care less. His tongue had invaded your mouth, stroking your own as one of his hands roughly grab your breasts, pushing above the water’s surface.

You throw your head back, resting it against the poolside as Jaehyun clumsily thumbs your hardened nipple and trails a sloppy kiss from your cheek, to your jaw, and stopped short on the side of your neck.

Just as you slowly lose yourself with Jaehyun’s actions, a high pitched whistle hurls you back to reality.

“Shame on you two, fucking in a public pool.” Deep laughter follows afterwards.

Your eyes snap to the entrance where a group of boys watched in amusement. Humiliated, you hide yourself using Jaehyun’s body who shielded you nonetheless.

“Do you mind?” He snaps at them, defensively putting his arms around you.

“Yeah, man, we do mind.” One of them hollers, “We wanted to swim in sperm-free water.”

You flinch when they laugh once more, “Jae, let’s just go.”

He doesn’t react immediately; dark eyes glaring straight to the space behind you. His breathing had slowed and became heavy.

“Jaehyun,” You cup his cheek and make him face you, “Baby, let’s just go.”

It takes him another second to react. He closes his eyes and kisses your forehead. “Okay.”

The guys didn’t pay attention to either of you anymore as they jumped into the far end of the pool. Jaehyun helped you get out of the pool and instinctively, he checked on the guys as he got out after you. Just as he expected, one of them was checking you out while you bent over to grab your things.

“Hey!” He shouts, “I’d appreciate it if you stopped checking my girlfriend out.”

“Can’t help it, man. No wonder you can’t keep your hands off of her.” You see him look at you once more in an overly appreciative manner that made you shudder. On the corner of your eye, you can see Jaehyun tense up and ball his fists. “Jaehyun, leave him alone. It’s not worth our time, come on.”

“Do her real good, man!”

It took all your strength to hold Jaehyun down before he can even properly react. “Baby, please, I just want to go home.” You almost begged him and he finally relented.

Snatching your clothing up, both of you head for the locker rooms to dress before leaving the premises.

“Let me walk you home.” Jaehyun pulled you to his side after seeing you shiver.

After a while, he quietly says, “I’m sorry about those dickheads.”

“It’s not your fault. Maybe it’s the universe saying we shouldn’t be cheating on taking a break.” You huddled closer to him. “But I really miss you, Jae.”

“I miss you, too.” He plants a kiss on the top of your head. “We have a week left. I think we can hold out until then.”

“Until then? Hold out, what exactly?” You tease, spinning on your heels as you arrive to the doorstep of your apartment.

He leans down and kisses the spot between your jaw and your ear. “What could have happened back in the pool and so much more in the privacy of our homes.” His whisper was deep and low, tickling your ear and making you pull away with a short laugh.

“I can’t wait, then.” You let him kiss you on your lips. “Get home safely, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry for not helping you destress.” Jaehyun slightly pouts at you and you smile at him.

“I had this time with you.” You shrugged your shoulders, “It helped.”

“You can always play with yourself again.” He chuckles under his breath. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” And with one last kiss, he walks away.

You turn around and reach for the door, but realization hits you before you can turn the knob.

Did Jaehyun say… ‘again’?

Seventeenth week

You were finally through with exams and all you had to do now was wait for graduation. Jaehyun still had one last exam to finish in the afternoon, as Ten told you, so you guys, along with your roommates and Doyoung, decided to go to the mall.

When everyone grew tired of window shopping, Doyoung had suggested to head over to the arcade. Yebin had challenged Ten to breaking the high score on the basketball games while Minkyung had devoted herself into getting the large minnie mouse tsum tsum in the claw machine.

“Let’s play air hockey like old times!” You pulled Doyoung by his arm.

“Right! So I can beat you, like old times.” He laughs and avoids being shoved by you.

“We’ll see about that.”

He swipes the arcade card into the air hockey machine and the puck pops out in front of you. You place the puck onto the table and grip the striker.

“Are you ready to lose?”

“I should be asking you tha–hey! That’s not fair!” He yells when you make your turn and the puck goes straight into the goal.

“Whoops.” You feigned innocence. “If you’re so great, my leading point shouldn’t be a bother.”

Grumbling to himself, Doyoung places the puck back into the table and swings as hard as he could, making it bounce everywhere before you could block it and send it back to him. He had struck it too hard and made it hit the sides that ultimately led it straight into his goal.

“What the hell!” He complains and glares at you as you laughed out loud.

“That’s two points for me!” You cheer, preparing to block his next shot.

As the game continued, you couldn’t help but laugh at all the nonsense complains Doyoung kept stuttering out. Tears even made it to your eyes when he had made an effort to put all his weight into blocking the puck but he had missed it and stumbled away from the table.

“Are you sure you’re as good at this game as you say you are?” You jeered, peeking up at him through your lashes, but your eyes catch sight of someone else. “Jae?”

Doyoung cheers when the puck slips past you while you were distracted.

You eyes flutter down when the puck plops out of the bank by your legs but you ignore it and look back behind Doyoung. Jaehyun wasn’t there anymore.

“What’s wrong?” He stops his mini celebration and turns around, trying to look for what you were staring at.

“I just… I thought I saw Jaehyun.”

He whips his head back at you with a confused expression. “He should be taking an exam right now.” He glances down at his wristwatch. “Well, if he was fast, he could be done, but it would still take him some time to get here.”

“Right. I was just seeing things.”

After a few more minutes at the arcade, you head over to a fastfood chain across the arcade.

“To console you on your loss in our neck-to-neck air hockey match, I’ll buy you ice cream.” Doyoung wraps an arm around your shoulders, “Sound good?”

“Add in some fries and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be okay about losing.”

He exaggerates a sigh, “My best friend, using me for free food.” He lightly pinches your shoulder, “You’re lucky I love you or else–”

It happened so fast that you could barely register it into your mind.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, huh? Keeping her warm for me?”

The voice didn’t register at first, but the face that owned it did.

“Dude, what the hell?!” Doyoung scrambles onto his feet with Ten’s help.

Jaehyun steps forward but you block him. “Jae, what is wrong with you?”

“What is wrong with  me? I finished my exam early and rushed here to see you, but I see him,” He juts his chin towards Doyoung, “With his arm around you.”

“What’s happening here?” A mall security guard approached your group.

“A misunderstanding, nothing we can’t handle ourselves. Sorry for the trouble.” You bow your head at him and grab Jaehyun’s arm. “Can we talk outside?”

He casts a glare at Doyoung before letting you pull him out. On the way to the exit, you recognized the same group of boys that chanced upon you and Jaehyun in the swimming pool from the previous week. You were ready to avoid their gazes, but they had seen you and immediately steered clear from you–and you didn’t fail to notice the fear in their expressions. Glancing up at Jaehyun, you could see the smug look on his face as he watches the group retreat.

You walk out into the parking lot and spin around to face him. “Do you want to explain yourself for what you did back there?”

Jaehyun frowns, “He had his arm around you.”

“I–Jae! He is Doyoung. Kim Doyoung. My best friend since pre-school. My best friend who is asexual. You know that!”

“He can’t be asexual forever. For all we know, he’s already got a crush on you!”

“Why are you being jealous of him? He’s my best friend and will always just be my best friend.”

“He just said he loves you!”

“And I love him back, as in, platonically, which I think is what he meant!” You groan in frustration. “You’re being ridiculous!”

Jaehyun scowls, “I’m being protective of my girlfriend!”

You suck in your lips and stare him down, “Your girlfriend that you’re technically on a break with.”

“What?” His body visibly tensed up.

“Maybe we should extend the break for a week or two.” You began to step back, but he follows you.

“What?” Jaehyun repeats, “Why?”

“Because, Jae,” You snap and he flinches at your tone, “I need time to get over what you just did inside to my best friend and you need time to contemplate over your actions and apologize to Doyoung.”

“(Y/N).” He whines.

“Jaehyun, please.” You cross your arms over your chest, defensively, and he stops in his tracks, looking at you with pleading eyes. You shake your head with regret and turn away, walking to the mall front.

He hadn’t followed you or tried to stop you, and you were thankful for that.

You take out your phone, book and Uber, and sent a text to Yebin, saying you’re heading home to rest, and then sent one to Doyoung, apologizing for Jaehyun’s actions and asked if he was okay.

Yebin replies with a kissy face emoji and a short message that she and Minkyung will bring home some dinner for you, to which you replied with a quick thank you.

Doyoung responds to your text a little while after, telling you that he’s fine; that nothing was broken or bleeding, and Jaehyun came back to check up on him and to apologize for punching him.

You close your phone as you see your Uber arriving and hop inside. Jaehyun had never reacted that way and it came as shock to you that he did. He was always that shy and nice kid that everyone was friends with. He was never assertive, but you knew it irked him when guys would so much give you excessive attention.

Seventeen weeks and three days

With classes over and practices for graduation rites starting in two weeks, you were left bored at home while Yebin and Minkyung had their exhibits and recitals to attend to. You woke up at noon and ate late lunch in front of the television, catching up on all the dramas you’ve missed for the sake of studying.

It pained you to watch some romantic scenes, if you were to be honest with yourself. It reminded you of Jaehyun and how he had acted a few days ago. You had asked Doyoung to tell you immediately once Jaehyun had apologized, but there was still no update on that issue.

You learned from Ten, since he’s been seeing Jaehyun’s roommate, Johnny, that Jaehyun was either cooped up in his room or spending his hours at the gym.

The news didn’t make you feel any different. You missed him so much, but your pride wouldn’t allow you to give in. He had to apologize and admit his mistakes.

You fell asleep in the middle of a drama and was woken up by your cellphone ringing. The caller ID read Unknown, but you answer it either way.

“Hello?” You yawned. The other line was silent. Thinking there was a problem with the signal, you stand up and walk closer to the window. “Hello?” You repeat. “Who is this?”

As the line continued to remain silent, you decided to hang up.

The call was unsettling, but you shake it off and gasp to see that it was half past 8 already. You trudged to the kitchen, taking out some left overs from the fridge and pop it into the microwave. While waiting for it to heat up, you scroll through your SNS; liking pictures, watching random videos. You see Taeyong’s new profile pic that showed his newly bleached hair and you give it a heart eyes emoji react.

The microwave beeps and you close your phone to eat your dinner in silence.

As you cleaned up after your meal, you’re overcome with the sense of someone watching you. There was a palpable tension in the air and you convince yourself to look behind you. You regret not turning the lights on in the living room, leaving the open space dark and barely illuminated by the kitchen lights.

Your imagination went haywire, thinking how possible it was for someone to stand in the darkest corner and possibly staring you down, mocking how you can’t see them. But your eyes adjust to the darkness and you can map out the tall lamp shade Yebin’s mother had gifted you guys the day you moved in.

You let out an awkward, shaky laugh. “It’s all in your mind, (Y/N).”

Your phone rings, ripping through the silence and effectively made the tiny hairs all over your body stand up. “Motherfuck.” You hiss, clutching your heart as you take your phone from the counter.

It was an unknown number again.

“Hello?” You answer, a little too aggravated.

There was static on the other side and thinking the cell service was bad from the kitchen, you move to window and peek up into the cloudy sky. “Hello? This better not be a prank phone call.”

Instead of the silence you expected, you hear slow, heavy breathing.

“Hello? Who is this?” The clouds move and the moon shines the ground below. Your eyes drop to the street below and your chest tightens.

On the sidewalk that leads to your apartment building, there was a man dressed in a black hoodie, ripped jeans, and a black face mask covering half his face. He was looking up at your building, you weren’t so sure since his hoodie had casted a shadow over his eyes. But what caught your attention was his hand, holding up a phone to his ear.

You see his chest heave and at the same time, an exhale comes from the other line of your phone.

You drop your phone and stumble backwards as a scream erupts from your throat. You hear your roommates concerned shouts from outside the hall as they scramble to open the front door.

By the time they reach you, you were on the floor, shaking uncontrollably and crying from what you had seen.

Seventeen weeks and four days

Your landlady came to visit you and told you she had asked the campus police for extra security every night. They had also tried to trace the unknown number, but didn’t get any leads and guessed it came from a burner phone. Nevertheless, they reassured you that they’ll continue to investigate your case.

Minkyung and Yebin had slept beside you last night to comfort you, but the thought of having a stalker still haunted you.

You were still jittery and with your mind playing tricks on you, you grab your phone and head out.

“Hey, I heard from Ten what happened. Are you okay?” Johnny asks as he opens the door for you.

“More or less? Uhm…” You look inside the room as you toed off your shoes.

“He’s taking a shower. He actually planned to go to you, but I guess you beat him to it.” Johnny cocks his head to the small bouquet of flowers on the side table. “I’m meeting Ten for an early dinner.”

“Bye.” You quietly say as you watch him close the door behind him.

With soft steps, you make your way to Jaehyun’s room. It was tidy as it always was. You can hear him singing as the shower turned on and it makes you smile.

As you move to sit on the bed to wait for him, your eyes catch the black face mask on his table. “Has he been sick?” You frown to yourself, walking over to it. Upon closer inspection, you find an old-school phone beneath it. You dismissed it as a toy when you try to open it and consequently failed to do so.

Your eyes travel to the picture frame beside it. It was you, of course. You were with him to help him choose the picture he’d have printed and framed. You pick it up only to put it down as fast as you could when your fingers came into something sticky.

“Ugh, Jung Jaehyun!” You hiss, stretching your hand as far away as possible. You were disgusted, to say the least, but a part of you is flattered to know your boyfriend jacks off to you instead of some porno video or magazine. You walk to his laundry basket and grab the first thing you could and wiped your hands on it.

You feel bad for using one of his black hoodies to clean your hands but he’d understand. As you returned the dirty laundry back into the pile, you noticed the light washed denim jeans inside. There was an unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see that they were tattered. It’s a coincidence, you convince yourself, a horrible coincidence.

You throw the jacket back into the basket and walked over to the other side of the room to sanitize your hands with the bottle of rubbing alcohol liked to keep there. Your emotions have suddenly turned a complete 180 degrees; when you stepped inside the apartment, you felt safe and secured. But after running into items that looked so out of place and had triggered your memories of the past events the last weeks, you were uneasy.

The sound of the shower turns off and you cast a glance at the bathroom door, catching your reflection on the full length mirror. You blink repeatedly, seeing (yet another) item that you did not know Jaehyun had owned.

Your heart began to speed up as you twist around to get a better look. You could hear your heart beating in your ears with every slow step you took towards the corner of the room. There, hidden behind an armchair, resting against the crevice where the adjacent walls met, was a metal baseball bat. You wanted to throw up as your mind connected the dots.

Jaehyun was always protective of you.


You gasp, turning around, putting a hand over your chest.

Jaehyun, dressed in a loose shirt and boxers with a towel haphazardly thrown over his head, looked as equally as surprised as you.

He couldn’t possibly have done it.

You choke on the onslaught of tears, running to him and burying your face into his chest.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay.” He automatically wraps his arms around you, smoothing your hair down. “You’re okay. I’m here. You’re safe with me.”

Jaehyun holds you tight, letting you cry out the remaining fear from the previous night, all the while placing kisses on your head and rubbing your back.

“Oh god,” You breathe in, smelling his strawberry-scented shower gel. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you, too.” He pulls away, tilting your face towards him. “How are you? Did you get any sleep? If I found out any sooner, I would have gone over to you.”

You shake your head, “I couldn’t sleep properly, even though Yebin and Minkyung stayed with me.”

“Have you eaten at least? Let me cook something for you to eat.”

“I-I… Don’t leave me here.” You hated yourself for sounding so weak.

Jaehyun offers you a soft smile, “No one’s going to hurt you while I’m around. But if you really don’t want to stay in my room, you can come with me to the kitchen.”

He leads you to the kitchen by the hand, his thumb running over your knuckles. He makes small talk with you, asking how your finals went, and you smile to yourself, seeing how he wanted to get your mind off last night.

You respond to his questions and watch him fry some eggs and slices of pork. It didn’t take too long for him to serve it to you with some reheated rice from this morning.

“Eat up, baby girl.”

“Baby girl?” You smirked, “Should I call you daddy, then?”

Jaehyun laughs, a blush still makes it way to the apples of his cheeks. “Be careful what you wish for.” He whispers into your ear, trying to sound seductive but ended up chuckling.

He watches you eat and from time to time, lets you feed him some.

“What are your plans after graduation?” He asks out of the blue.

You swallowed your food, “My plans?”

He nods, waiting for you to answer.

“Get a job?” You shrug, “I haven’t thought about that at all, actually.”

“How about moving into a new apartment?”

You pause for moment, “I don’t know if I can afford it, but my contract for my apartment right now ends two months after graduation so I should probably look into it.”

“Well,” Jaehyun massages his nape and avoids your gaze; a telltale sign he was nervous. He looked exactly the same when he first asked you out. “My parents graduation gift for me is my own apartment room in downtown Seoul. I was wondering if, you know, you’d want to move in with me.”

You stare at him, trying to process what he had just said. “Will your parents be okay with that? I mean, I thought you and Johnny would still be sharing an apartment.”

“He and Ten have their own plans, besides, I’m not sharing a bed with Johnny.” That makes you giggle and he lets out a short chuckle of his own, “And about my parents… they love you like their own daughter. They wouldn’t mind. I’m willing to bet they’re hoping for grandchildren in two years.”

“Woah there, big boy.” You laugh, “How about we take baby steps instead of hoping of seeing our baby take their first ones, huh?”

“Tell that to my parents.” He grumbles like a child and you reach up to pinch his cheeks.

“Anyways, I’d love to.”


“I’d love to move in with you.”

It takes a second for Jaehyun to grin at your answer, both cheeks displaying a dimple each. “Really?”

You giggle at his reaction, biting down on your lower lip while you nod. “Yes, really.”

He pulls you in for multiple kisses, making you laugh in between each one. The last one he planted stayed longer against your lips, igniting a heat below your belly. His tongue grazes your lips and you instantly grant him access into your mouth, moaning at the sensation of his tongue sliding against yours.

His hands snake onto your thighs, roughly massaging them before pulling you tight against his body. You cling onto him; mouths undetached as he hauls you up and takes you back to the bedroom.

As if you were a delicate piece of china, Jaehyun sets you down on his bed with utmost care. He pulls away from the kiss, leaving a string of saliva between your lips before it snaps as he straightens himself to remove his shirt.

“Oh, god.” You groan, “I can’t believe I lasted 4 months.” You palmed him over his boxers with one hand while the other travelled upwards, fingers dancing across the expanse of the hard muscles of his abdomen and chest. Before you can slip your hands into his shorts, he grabs both of your wrists.

“I still owe you a destresser.” Jaehyun reminds you with a matching smirk on his lips.

You let him undress you, watching his eyes dart to every newly exposed skin and grow darker with carnal lust to every drop of clothing article on the floor by his feet. When you’re finally stripped off of all your clothes and underwear, he gently pushes you back until you’re lying on the bed. With a light tap on your thighs, your legs part to make room for him.

He removes his boxers and kneels on the bed, one hand already stroking his hard member. He leans down and kisses you, “I’m going to show you how much I missed you.”

“Don’t hold back.” You challenged and he playfully scoffs at you.

“When have I ever held back?”

Before you could answer, a digit dips into your core. A shaky sigh escapes you as Jaehyun languidly moves his finger around.

“Show me how much you missed me first.” He quietly says, “Use my hand.”

Whimpering, you covered his hand with your own, grinding your clit into his palm. Your fingers tapped onto his middle finger and he got the message, inserting it along with his pointer finger. He dragged them against your inner walls that caused you to softly moan.

You lifted your hips, hoping to get some more leverage but Jaehyun flexes his middle finger and it brushes against your g-spot. You gasp, dropping your weight back down to the bed. From there, Jaehyun takes over.

With no warning, he pumps his fingers into you, curling them inside before pulling out. It felt amazing and your body was already starting to convulse. He continued his actions, going harder and faster, ignoring the signs of your oncoming orgasm.

You cry out, grabbing onto his wrist with both hands as your body violently shook.

Not wasting any time, Jaehyun takes whatever essence of your climax his fingers collected and smears it over his cock, giving it a few more pumps before he slides it in you.

Your moan may or may not have been too loud for the neighbors to hear, but you had no control over it. Despite being sensitive and still high from your orgasm, you try to spread your thighs further for him. One of your legs pinned his on the bed while you wrapped the other around his hips.

Jaehyun mumbles something about you being tight and how it feels amazing just before he begins to thrust, slow and deep. He leans over and kisses your neck, alternating between sucking and licking every patch of skin he can get his mouth on.

“I’m going to mark you so other guys wouldn’t think twice about hitting on you, okay?” He thrusts a little too hard, as if to punctuate his question, and you groan in response.

“Yes, yes,” You gasp, your hands finding purchase on his shoulders. “I’m yours.”

He makes almost an animalistic growl, hips moving more erratically with your words. “Say that again.”

“I’m yours.” You chant, almost like a prayer.

With every repetition of your invocation, Jaehyun snaps his hips into you, gaining more speed and power. It had you curling your toes and teetering over a cliff, ready to jump head first into ecstasy only he can deliver.

Your body thrashed against him as he gave you your second mind-blowing orgasm for the night. He helps you ride it out, keeping your hips still as he shallowly pushed into you. Unintentionally, you clenched around him and he moans at the sensation.

“Shit, that feels so good, baby.” He rasps, throwing his head back.

“Won’t you come?” You asked, pouting up at him as you catch your breath.

Slowing down his thrusts, he looks down at you. He studies how you were still shivering from your high, how his kisses on your necks have bloomed into a bouquet of purple flowers, how your breasts rose with every haggard breath. He takes one into his hand, softly palming it. “I’m getting there.”

“Is there anything you want me to do?” You watch his eyebrows scrunch up and his lips curl into a wicked grin.

He pulls out of you all of a sudden and crawls until his knees are on either side of your chest. “Open up.”

You part your lips and stick your tongue out a little.

Jaehyun groans at the lewd sight of you; taking his cock into his hand and pumping as fast as he can. He places the tip on your tongue when beads of pre-cum ooze out.

You lick it up immediately, coaxing him to ejaculate by running your tongue on the underside of his cock’s head.

A string of curses fall from Jaehyun’s lips as he finally found the final push he needed to come. White, hot liquid shoots into your mouth and amidst of you swallowing it, the remaining cum splashes onto your cupid’s bow, cheek, and chin. He cries out in anguish when you push yourself up to suck him dry with hollowed cheeks. As you fall back to bed, one last spurt escapes him and hits your brow.

Seeing it dribble down your eyelid, Jaehyun uses his thumb to swipe it off. Before he can clean his finger, you grab hold of his wrist and guide it to your mouth, collecting the salty substance with your tongue.

“Jesus christ, (Y/N).” Jaehyun exhales, feeling his cock twitch at the salacious scene.

“I just missed how you tasted.” You giggled, kissing his thumb. “Still delicious.”

He combs your sweat-slicked hair and chuckles, his ears turning red at the compliment, “Well, I’m sure you taste sweeter.”

You jut out your lower lip at him, “How would you know? You haven’t tasted me in months.”

“Oh?” His eyes glaze over once again, “Is that a challenge?”

“Baby,” You coo, “It’s an invitation.”

If his dimpled smile made you melt, a dimpled smirk made you melt in other places–places he was about to visit.

“Don’t mind if I do, then.” He trails a kiss from between your breasts down to your navel.

Your jaw drops when he arrives right at your core and does his magic.

You dip your head back down further on the bed, moaning at every flick of his tongue. You turn your head to the side and your eyes fall on the baseball bat from earlier. You had a clearer view of it this time.

You had a clearer view of the other end stained with dark red splatters.

Your blood ran cold and you froze up.

Jaehyun, realizing immediately that you had stopped responding to his actions, pulls away and looks at you. His gaze follows yours and once he spots what had grabbed your attention, he hovers above you and places a hand on either side of your head. “Look at me.” He commands.

“You couldn’t have…” You murmur, meeting his darkened eyes.

“He touched you.” He simply states, devoid of any emotion.

“Jaehyun!” You reprimand, but he cuts you off.

“He disrespected you, (Y/N). I wasn’t going to let that pass by!”

“How did you even know I was the bar? Were you following me?”

“I wanted to make sure you were safe!”

You push him off, scooting off the bed and picking out your clothes from the floor. This wasn’t something you wanted to discuss in the nude. “Well, I was! Yebin and Minkyung were there with me. We left before he could do anything else. You didn’t have to beat him up with a bat! Jesus christ! Jae! You’re wanted by campus police.”

“He got what he deserved, (Y/N).” He coolly shrugs his shoulders, grabbing his boxers and slipping them on while watching you dress.

“And what about those guys from the pool?” You suddenly remembered running into them the other day.

“I only meant to go after the one who couldn’t keep his eyes off you.” Jaehyun admits, “But his friends came looking for him, so I had to deal with them as well.”

“You took them by your–” You shut your eyes in frustration and disbelief. It felt like you didn’t even know the man in front of you. Shaking your head with a scoff, you avoid his piercing glare.

Another thought pops into your head, a scarier one that gave you goosebumps.

You look to the table and stare at the black face mask, “…w-were you the guy last night?”

“Yes. I was outside your window, too, when you masturbated.”

You gaped at him with horrified astonishment. “Why?” It took every fiber of your body not to start shaking from fear and disgust. “You scared me shitless!”

“That was the point.”

Your jaw drops, unable to formulate a proper response, nevertheless, Jaehyun continues.

“I had to scare you back to me.”


“I was losing you.” His voice finally breaks from the monotony and raises an octave higher. “You asked for an extension when I was at my limit. I missed you!”

“I was mad! You punched my best friend, Jaehyun! I had the right to be! And it didn’t mean you were losing me. I just needed time to cool down!” You pinch the bridge of your nose. Never, in the four years, you and Jaehyun have spent together did you argue like this. This was a completely different side to your boyfriend and all these revelations were giving you a headache. You needed time to process them. “I can’t do this.”

You make a move to leave but Jaehyun blocks your path.

“Can’t do what?” His voice had dropped and his eyes were practically black as the night. Taken aback from his demeanor, you were unable to respond to him, making him ask again in a raised voice. “Can’t do what, (Y/N)?!”

“Let me go, Jae. I need to go.”

“Go where? Who are you running of to, huh? Doyoung? Taeyong?”

“Why are you dragging Taeyong into this?”

Jaehyun scowls, “I saw you giving his picture a heart eyes react.”

“Oh my god!” You shout, “Do you hear yourself right now? So I liked his new photo because I thought his new hairstyle looked good. He’s our friend, remember? Jaehyun, please, let me leave.”

“And what? Extend our break even more? I don’t think so.” He reaches for your hand, but you move away. “(Y/N).”

“You’re honestly scaring me right now.” You back away until you feel the wall behind you. “Why are you acting like this?”

“Because I love you, (Y/N),” He steps forward, “Everything I do is for you. I have to protect you. If you could only see how other guys look at you, how they would undress you with their eyes–I, I can’t let them disrespect you like that. They need to know that you’re mine and I’m yours.”

“And if you really, really do love me, Jae,” Your eyes tear up, “You would let me leave.”

“No. W-why?” His eyebrows scrunched up in frustration “Do you want to break up?”

You swallow hard, “I’m really scared right now, Jaehyun. Just please give me time to think–”

“Answer me!” He yells, making you flinch in your spot. He traps you against the wall, “Are you thinking about breaking up with me?”

“I don’t feel safe with you right now.” You breathed. Your words were barely audible but they rang like sirens in Jaehyun’s ears.

He steps away from you, the emotions on his face have changed from hostile to defeated. His eyes are wet as they searched around the room for something, and they fell on the full length mirror attached to the bathroom door. Huffing, he takes two large steps towards it and swings as hard as he can.

You shrieked as his fist connected to the mirror, creating a large, cracked web onto it. You had expected him to stop, or at most react to the the pain of the blow, but he repeatedly punched the mirror, smashing chunks of the glass and sending them crashing to the floor.

“Jae, stop!” You yell, but it was as if he couldn’t hear you.

You found yourself grabbing his arms at the first sight of crimson staining the mirror. “Jaehyun!”

“Go away! I don’t want to hurt you,” He spares you a tormented glance. His cheeks were damp from tears already. “I can’t hurt you, so let me–”

He attempts to throw another punch, but you hold him back. Then both of you struggled with one another, until he nudges you away and faces you. “You hate me!” He cries.

You shake your head in denial, but he repeats himself.

“You hate me.”

“I never said that.” You squeaked, staring into his eyes.

“You wanted to break up.” Jaehyun grabs a fistful of his hair as he shuts his eyes.

“I never said that, either.” You quietly admonished, shakily reaching up to wipe his tears.

He had flinched away from your touch at first, snapping his eyes wide open like an injured beast being cornered, but the way you looked at him made him drop his defenses.

“I’m sorry.” He chokes out, sobbing like a little boy and your heart wrenches at the sight. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He repeats over and over until you pull him down, letting his head rest on the crook of your neck. “I can’t lose you, (Y/N). I can’t. I just wanted to protect you.”

“You’re not gonna lose me and you won’t.” You run one of your hands down his back while the other combed through his hair.

He pulls away, tears still flowing down his cheeks, “You’re not leaving me?”

You take in his expression; a mix of pain, anguish, confusion, guilt, and above all that, you see the expression that made you choose him and stay by his side: love.

“I mean, I have to go home sooner or later.” You cock your head, offering him an unsure smile in an endeavour to bring up his mood, and it sort of did. The briefest flash of his dimple with the curl of the corners of his lips told you that you had at least succeeded in making him laugh. “But I can spend the night if you want to.”

“I want you to.” He mumbles and you smile up at him.

“Then I’ll stay the night.” You pull him down until his forehead was touching yours. Playing with the short hairs on his nape, you whisper onto his lips, “I love you.”

A smile finally breaks out onto his face, lighting it up from the solemn mood “I love you, too.”

“Let’s get your hand cleaned up and wrapped, okay?” You kiss his cheek and lead him out the room, careful not to step on any glass shards.

The clock in the living room struck 12 and exhaustion seeped into your system. You were beginning to accept that there was something terribly wrong with your boyfriend’s psychological health. You should have ran away when you had the chance; you should have left when he, himself, told you to. But you remembered his eyes when he spared you a glance. Something in them switched like an on and off button when they were on you in comparison to when he had been punching the wall.

You look over your shoulder and up at Jaehyun, who sniffed as he inspected his bleeding knuckles.

Your friends have always told you how much he doted you.

Up until tonight, you had no idea just how devoted Jaehyun was to you.

Promise Me: Part 4 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Hey everyone! So sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for an update to this!! I know I’ve taken too long to finish this and I am so sorry! I really hope you guys aren’t too mad at me, but I really hope you enjoy this guys <3

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader, Platonic Phillipa Soo x Reader

Word Count: 5394 (the word most said was Anthony lol)

Warnings: Lots of cursing, a smidge of sex talk, embarrassing moments for reader lol

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7


The music was loud when you and Phillipa stepped into the venue where the party was being held.

“Let’s go look for Lin.” Phillipa shouted to you over the noise.

You nodded your head and followed her as she walked around looking for her cast mate. You watched as she greeted almost every person she walked past, and you occasionally said a hello to some people too. Phillipa stopped in front of one group of people. Lin stood in the middle of them, with his arm around his wife.

“Lin! Vanessa!” Phillipa shouted as she opened her arms out to Lin’s wife. She hugged Lin after, and then turned to you.

“This is my sister, Y/N.” Phillipa said.

Lin reached out a hand for you to shake, which you took (all while trying not to freak out, since you were meeting Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of your inspirations). Vanessa opened her arms out to give you a hug.

Phillipa began introducing the other people in the circle.

“This is Daveed, Oak, Anthony, Renee, Jasmine.”

Each person gave you a big smile and shook your hand. When you got to Anthony, the both of you looked at each other then awkwardly grabbed the other’s hand, shaking for a little too long. With an awkward chuckle, the both of you let go.

Everyone each gave you and Anthony a look at how weird the both of you had acted. Phillipa didn’t seem like she noticed anything. Lin and Vanessa both excused themselves, and walked around the venue.

“Where’s Leslie?”

“He’s with Nikki, over by the bar.” Daveed answered.

“Well, aren’t these the Schuyler sisters?” A man asked from behind you and Phillipa.

Renee, Phillipa and Jasmine all turned towards the man and answered with a yes.

“I’m a little bored of the music here; maybe we can get a wonderful song sung by these sisters?” The man said, holding a microphone up to them and pointing towards the stage.

Each girl laughed.

“We’d love to.” Renee answered.

The man began walking towards the stage to set them up and Phillipa turned to you.

“Stay with the guys, don’t get lost. Boys, watch out for her.” She pointed a finger to them then ran off to follow the other women.  

You turned to the guys and smiled.

“So you’re the girl Anthony’s always talking about?” Daveed asked.

Your smile faltered. “Uh…”

“Diggs, what the hell?” Anthony said, hitting him on the arm.

“I’m just asking a question.” Daveed said, raising his arms up as if to say I’m not sorry.

You smirked. “Always talking about me, huh?”

“Naw, I don’t talk about you, Daveed’s just always grabbing my phone and looking through my text messages and shit.” Anthony rambled nervously.

Oak laughed loudly and said, “Yeah, sure, we grab you phone and look through it, not you show us your texts.”

Anthony hit Oak on the arm too and looked at him angrily.

Both Daveed and Oak just laughed.

“All he ever does is show us your guy’s texts and ask if what you’re saying is flirty.” Daveed said.

You start laughing as Oak continues. “He’s constantly asking us what he should text back to you.”

“Oh,” Daveed interrupted. “And that one time he sent you a picture of his outfit, we were there, and we watched him take picture after picture, then ask us afterwards which one was the best one. I swear we looked through 100 photos.”

You were bent over as you laughed. “Oh that’s great.” You said.

You turned to look at Anthony and saw his face was completely red. You laid your arm on his shoulder. “Aw, its fine, baby.” You cooed, pinching his cheek.

He swatted your hand away but smiled. “I swear to you, none of that happened.”

“Yeah, I definitely believe you.” You said sarcastically.

“Moving on from Anthony’s embarrassing crush on you, how come we haven’t met you earlier? Phillipa’s been telling us all about her wonderful little sister, but we never had a face to match the description.” Oak asked.

“Oh, I spent a year backpacking through Europe after high school. I only got to the States a couple months ago, and spent most of that time with my parents before coming here.”

“Really? How was it?” Daveed asked.

“It was great. A lot of fun.”

“What was your favorite place?” Anthony asked, looking down at you where you were standing next to him.

You thought about if for a second. “Probably Italy or France. They had the best parties to go to there.”

“Ah, a party girl. A woman after my own heart.” Daveed said. Oak laughed and Anthony stayed silent. He was giving Daveed a warning look. Daveed only smirked, already planning on how to flirt with you and further antagonize Anthony.

“Ha, yeah. But it was really fun, even when I wasn’t partying. The food was phenomenal and the weather was beautiful everywhere I went. I’d recommend it if you guys weren’t so busy working.”

“Yup, that Broadway schedule’s crazy sometimes.” Daveed said. Oak and Anthony mumble agreements.

“You never wanted to get into theater or any entertainment?” Oak asked.

“Not really. I don’t like to do the performing thing. Being up on stage is scary.” You answered.

“She likes writing.” Anthony said. You turned to give him a dirty look. “What?” he asked. “You do.”

“What do you write?” Daveed asked.

“I don’t really wri-” You started before Anthony interrupted.

“She likes writing poems, songs, but she’s been writing a musical recently.”


“Its actually pretty good.” Anthony said as he continued to ignore your protests.

“Oh that’s so cool! What’s it about?” Oak asked.

“It’s about nothing and if Anthony says another word, I’ll kick his ass.”

“I’ll take it. Its about a small town girl who moves to New York looking for her mom.” Anthony said. You stomped on his foot and he shouted out in pain.

“Sounds cute.” Daveed said.

“It’s stupid I know, it’s a work in progress.” You stuttered.

“No, no. It’s not stupid. It’s good that you’re writing something. And if you need any help, I’m pretty sure Lin would be more than happy to help you.” Oak said.

“She’d like that; she’s, like, seriously in love with Lin.” And with that, you hit Anthony behind his head, making an audible thump.

“Jesus, what the fuck?” he shouted.

“You idiot, why would you say that?” You said, your face red with embarrassment.

“Its true,” he mumbled, rubbing his head.

Oak and Daveed both giggled at the exchange between you and Anthony.

“Y’all two are adorable.” Daveed said. “But yeah, Lin could help out, and if you need help with the music, I’d be happy to help too.”

“Oh that’d be awesome.” You said.

“She probably has a crush on you too.” Anthony mumbled. You stomped on his foot again.

“Don’t be annoying.” You warned. Anthony just smiles. You noticed Daveed and Oak are just giggling to themselves.

“How’d you react when you found out Pippa was going to be in Hamilton?” Oak asked when his laughter died down.

“I cried.” You said. “Mostly because I just got to Europe and I didn’t have any money to fly back to the States.”

“You want to go meet someone?” Daveed suddenly asked. He smiled at you.

“Uh, yeah sure I guess?” You said, glancing at Anthony. He only shrugged.

Daveed grabbed your arm and begun  to drag you away. You quickly turned to Anthony and reached out for him to grab your hand. He looked surprised for a second but his surprise turned into a smile and he gripped onto your hand. Daveed navigated the three of you across the venue. Daveed continuously looked around, as if he were looking for someone.

“Aha.” He said when he’d found who he was looking for. He tapped on a man’s shoulder and you gasped when you saw who it was.

Chris Jackson stood in front of you, smiling as he greeted Daveed and Anthony. You’d yet to meet Chris Jackson yet, despite the fact that you’d visited the Richard Rogers theater twice already.

“Chris, this is Y/N. She’s a big fan of In the Heights.” Anthony said. You gripped onto his hand harder and reached your other one to shake Chris’s hand.

“Hi, its so great to meet you. Benny is my favorite character in the show so its such an honor to meet you.” You stammer.

Chris smiles. “We’ve heard a lot about you, you know? Phillipa just wouldn’t bring you around.”

You chuckled nervously. “Ah, yeah. I’ve been getting that a lot.”

Chris nods his head. “Did you ever get to see the show live?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Nope. I was pretty young, so I didn’t get into In the Heights until it was too late.”

“Oh that sucks. Well maybe one day some of the cast can get together and perform something for you.”

You nodded your head enthusiastically. “That’d be so great.”

Chris smiled again, before he looks at something behind you. “Well, it looks like my beautiful wife is calling me for something. It was nice finally meeting you Y/N. See you both later.” He said, before walking away, giving Anthony a friendly pat on the shoulder before walking away.

You turned to Anthony. “You stayed.” You said.

Anthony’s brows furrowed. “Of course I did. Why would I leave?”

You shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know. Daveed did.”

A look passes Anthony’s face before he smiles again. The look passes by so quickly, you can’t help but think you made it up. “I’m not Daveed.” he mumbled.

“Yup.” You said, smiling at him. “Wanna go get me some alcohol?”

“Sorry, you’re too young.” He said, shrugging a shoulder.

“Don’t be a prude. Get me-”

“Y/N, I’ve been looking all over for you.” Phillipa said, walking up to you and Anthony. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Nothing.” You and Anthony answered at the same time. She looks between the two of you before dropping it.

“I want to finally introduce you to the girls.” She said. You nodded your head.

“Uh, yeah. Let’s go do that.”

Phillipa smiled before walking away, expecting you to follow.

You turned to Anthony. “Get me that alcohol now.”

“Jaz and Renee aren’t that bad.”

“I don’t doubt they’re not sweet. I would just prefer to stick with not having to keep up conversation with strangers.”

“You’ve been speaking with strangers all day.”

“Only Daveed, Oak and Chris. Three is my stranger quota. I don’t go over.”

“Well, you kinda have too.” Anthony laughed. “You’ll be fine. Those girls can ramble on and on about anything. You won’t have to do much talking.”

You nodded your head and hurried to meet up with Phillipa before she asks too many questions about why you’re suddenly buddy-buddy with Anthony.

Renee and Jasmine were sweet, just as Anthony said, but you still wished you were talking to Anthony, Daveed and Oak again.

Or maybe just Anthony. You could talk to Anthony for days without getting tired of him.

Renee and Jasmine are suddenly dragged away from yours and Phillipa’s conversation with them.

“I’m going to go get a drink. Want to come?” she asked.

You shook your head. “I think I kinda want to go look for Daveed, Oak and Anthony.”

Phillipa nodded her head. “Remember what I said about Anthony. I don’t want you getting hurt okay?”

“Yes, mom. I remember.”

Phillipa laughed at you and walked over to the bar. You found Anthony, Daveed and Oak not too far away from where Phillipa walked to. You walked up to them.


Daveed smiled at you. “Welcome back.”

Oak gave you a smile too. “We were just talking about what we wanted to do tomorrow. Wanna join?”

You looked to the other two men. “Yeah sure. If everyone else is cool with it.”

Anthony and Daveed nod as if they can’t believe you would ever say something like that.

“You’re always invited, Y/N.” Anthony said, giving a light punch to your shoulder.

Daveed takes out his phone. “Give me your number.”

“Excuse me?” Anthony sputtered out.

Daveed smirked before saying, “I was just going to add her to the group chat, man.”


You gave Daveed your number. He typed on his phone before your phone dings with a message.

You saw you were added to a chat named “BOYS WITH BIG CATS”

You giggled. “Boys with big cats?”

Daveed grinned. “Well it was originally something a lot more inappropriate, but when Renee saw it she almost slapped me in the face so I had to change it.”

You shook your head. “Well, I think you need to change it again if I’m in it now.”

“Oh no. You being added right now is your audition. You need to prove you’re entertaining enough to stay in the chat. If you’re not, we give you the boot.” Oak said.

“Am I seriously being discriminated against? Because I’m younger? Because I’m a woman?” You asked, faking your exasperation.

“Oh shut up, Y/N.” Anthony laughed. Everyone laughed along too.

The rest of the night was fun. You and the boys got a lot closer that night. The minute you and Phillipa announced that you were leaving to go back home, the boys started to spam the group chat with messages. Daveed would write things letter by letter, then would start over if Anthony or Oak interrupted the flow. Anthony sent in different lyrics of the song that was playing at the party. Oak just kept sending emojis that were related to whatever song Anthony was sending.

On the cab ride home, you giggled at the messages.

“What are you giggling at?” Phillipa asked with a smile.

“Daveed added me to some group chat with him, Ant and Oak, and they keep spamming it with stupid messages.”

Phillipa laughed and you showed her the messages until you reached home.

When you were ready to go to bed, you had to silence your phone because the boys kept sending too many messages.

“Ok im gonna go cause you guys keep sending too many damn messages.” you texted.

No don’t go!!” Anthony said.

Yeah your audition isnt over yet” Oak sent.

“Tbh dont care. You guys are sending too many messages lol”

Naw, youre just too lame to stay up with us cool kids” Anthony said.

“Good night”

“We decided at the party that we’re hanging out tomorrow at a diner that Oak found the other day, wanna come?” Daveed asked.

“Yeah sure, sounds cool”

We’re meeting up at noon” Oak said.

Daveed sent the address. “Dont be late, if you are, youre not our friend anymore

“Yeah yeah yeah, see you there. Good night”

The boys all texted good night and you tucked your phone under your pillow, a bad habit that made your phone overheat, but you still did it anyway.

The next morning, you woke up at 11. Phillipa was already awake.

“Morning. Glad you finally decided to join the living.”

“Phil, we got home at like 1 in the morning. I needed to sleep in or else I wouldn’t get a good night’s rest.”

Phillipa rolled her eyes. “I woke up early and I feel fine.”

“Yeah but you’re old. Old people like waking up early.”

“Shut up. I’m not old.” Phillipa laughed, throwing a pillow at your head.

You dodged it and stood up from the bed.

“I’m going out with Daveed, Anthony and Oak in about an hour.” You called to Phillipa as you walked to the bathroom to brush your teeth and take a shower.

“Alright cool. Where are you guys going?”

“Some diner.”

“What’s the address of this diner?”

“I don’t know. It’s in my phone somewhere.”

“Okay, when you get out I want it.”

“Sure mom.” You chuckled. You grabbed your toothbrush, put toothpaste on and began brushing.

A moment of silence passed. “How long are you going to be out?”

“I don’t know.” You said while you brushed the back of your teeth.

“They didn’t say how long you guys would be out? I’m gonna call them and ask.” she said. Through the doorway, you could see Phillipa grabbing her phone and unlocking it.

You spit the toothpaste out of your mouth. “Phill, I lived in Europe for an entire year. I’m pretty sure I can navigate through New York on my own, and especially with the boys, who would protect me.”

“That’s not the point, I want to make sure you’re safe. And Daveed and Oak are much older so they might go too fast for you. Maybe you shouldn’t go out with them. They’re way too old.”

“Phillipa, I’ll be fine. I promise. If anything happens, I’ll call you.” You said.

“Maybe I’ll go out with you guys, at least for an hour to make sure you-”

“Phillipa. I will be fine. We most likely won’t even make it out of the diner. We’ll be there, for god knows how long, and we won’t move. If it makes you feel any better, if they suggest going out to someplace else afterwards, I’ll tell them no and just come back home. Sound good?”

Still looking unconvinced, Phillipa nodded her head. “But I’ll walk you there, since it’s on the way to the little shopping plaza. And I will walk you back home, okay?”

You rolled your eyes, an action that, thankfully, didn’t catch Phillipa’s eyes. “Fine.”

When you guys finally left, Phillipa walked you to the diner. It was a 15 minute walk, and you got there only 5 minutes late.

When you opened the door to walk in, you noticed Phillipa was trying to follow you in.

“I’m good now Phil.” You said.

“I’m just gonna say hi to the boys.”

“As long as it’s that, and you’re not going to lecture them.”

“Yeah, I swear it’s that.”

Except it wasn’t that.

“You boys better not buy her any alcohol. You better make sure she’s safe, and she is not allowed to leave this diner, understand? You will stay here until I come, just to make sure she makes it home with me, and only me.” Phillipa said, waving a finger at Ant and Oak, since Daveed hadn’t arrived yet.

“Yes, sir.” Anthony said. Phillipa rolled her eyes, and walked away after saying goodbye.

“Jesus Christ.” You mumbled under your breath, as you sat down in the booth next to Anthony. “She’s a monster.”

“She’s just looking out for you.” Oak said, giving you a pat on the shoulder. “Be happy you have someone like that.”

“No, yeah. That’s fine. But she’s crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a tracker in my phone.” You said, staring suspiciously at your phone.

“You wanna order something to drink?” Oak asked, beginning to wave down a waiter.

“Yeah, can I just get some Coke, please?” You said to the waiter. He nodded then walked away to get your drink. He came back with your soda and Anthony and Oak’s refill.

“Where’s Daveed?” You asked.

“Had some last minute clipping. things to handle. He’s coming in a couple minutes.” Anthony said.

Ten minutes later, Daveed walked in. By that time, you, Ant and Oak were already having a conversation.

“Hey guys.” Daveed said to the boys. To you, he gave you a cheek kiss and sat down next to you.

Anthony gave a dirty look to Daveed, though you didn’t see it. When Daveed looked over and saw Anthony, he smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

“What?” Daveed mouthed.

Anthony only shook his head in response, and focused his attention back to the conversation.

“So did you bring your musical over Y/N?” Daveed asked, putting an arm around the back of your chair.

“I, uh, no. Why would I bring it?”

“We want to read it.” Oak said.

“Just talk to Ant, and he’ll tell you how shitty it is.” You said, pointing over at the him.

“Shitty? That thing is fucking brilliant.” Anthony said, sitting up taller in his chair, getting ready to praise your writing. “She’s only halfway done with it, but I can already tell it’s going to be a smash. The storyline is so good, and compelling, the way she writes about the girl being angry with her mom for leaving her but desperate to still know her anyway. And the music she has written for it is crazy good. The lyrics are mesmerizing and there are some raps in it too, good raps at that. And her voice is just… ” Anthony trailed off when he noticed you staring at him with you mouth wide open. “Yeah, no. The musical is okay I guess, yeah.”

“Ant…” You said, unsure of what to say.

“Well, now we have to listen to it!” Daveed said. “Just sing us one little line, please?” he asked, intertwining his fingers under his chin and giving you puppy dog eyes.

“Ah, no. I’m good. I don’t like singing in front of people.”

Each one of them nodded their heads, understanding.

“We’ll get a tune out of you one day.” Oak said. “If Ant shook it out of you, we will too.” He said, giving a wink.

You giggled.

The conversation was led into other topics, and it never faltered once.

“Y/N’s told me about some of her embarrassing stories.” Anthony said, after having admitted his own (a sex story, a different one from what you’ve heard before.) “They’re priceless.” Daveed and Oak looked at you expectantly.

“Oh no. Jesus, no.” You said, laughing.

“Come on, we all shared our own, Ant shared one that none of us really needed to hear, but he still did it. Now you need to.” Oak said.

“Ah. Fuck it, fine.” You said. “So I had a crush on this guy one time and my friend gave me his number, and I was really annoyed cause she kept insisting I text him. So I started typing out this really long and intense text, talking about how I’d been in love with him and what I really wanted to do with him and shit as a joke, and I accidentally sent it to him.”

“Oh no.” Daveed said. Suddenly all the boys burst out laughing, and you couldn’t help but join along with them. Even though at the time it was a tragic thing to happen, looking back at it now made you realize how stupidly funny it was.

The waiter came and took you guys’s orders (You and Ant ordered a burger and fries, Oak ordered pasta, and Daveed ordered steak.)

The conversation changed again.

“The professor was just a massive asshole. He’d announce a test like only two days before, and then give you a study guide that had nothing to do with what were were learning. The tests were like 10 questions each, so you couldn’t get more than 2 wrong because he didn’t consider a 70% a passing score. It was hell. College was horrible.” Oak said. He then looked at you. “That’s not to say not to go to college, definitely go to college. Education is important.” He finished.

You rolled your eyes. “Not going to college is in no way an option. Phillipa and my family would kill me. Well, mostly Phillipa but yeah.”

The waiter came around and gave you all your food. The conversation started up soon after the waiter left.

“No, no. Please explain when this crush started. This is gold.” Daveed laughed when the conversation shifted from when you all first started liking musicals to your crush on Lin.

“Shut up, don’t make fun of me.” You said, giving Daveed a hard punch on his shoulder.

“I’m going to throw you a bone, and give you his number.” Daveed said, taking out his phone and typing stuff into his phone.

A message came through “BOYS WITH BIG CATS”, and you opened your phone to read it.

Daveed had added Lin to the chat and wrote “Here, have fun Y/N.”

“What in the hell was I just added to?” Lin typed.

“Hey, Lin. Y/N is totally in love with you and would love for you to help her with her musical”

“Anthony, what the fuck?” You shouted out loud in horror. You started to push and hit Anthony, making him bump into Oak multiple times.

“What?” He shouted, trying to push you away from him. You sat back and stopped hitting him.

“Why,” you asked calmly. “The fuck. Would you say that?”

“Because I love embarrassing you.” Anthony responded.

“Oh wow. Yeah, no that’s a great excuse. No I completely understand now, thanks.” You said in a monotone voice.

Anthony smiled as wide as he could. “Sorry?”

You didn’t respond, and only took a couple of Anthony’s fries and shoved them into your mouth.

“Hey!” Ant shouted. “Don’t take my food!”

“Then don’t take my dignity!” You mumbled, your mouth too full of fries to speak clearly.

You and Anthony started having a little cat fight, giving light hits to the other’s body. Oak reached over and broke up the fight.

“We are in a public place. Stop fighting.”

You and Anthony sat back in your seats, having a stare off. Anthony quickly moved to your plate and took a big bite of your burger.

“No!” You shouted.

Daveed and Oak both looked around the diner, trying to make sure no one was staring at you all making so much noise.

“A fry is nothing like a burger! I can’t believe you just ate my food!”

“Well, I had to punish you for being bad.”

“There are other ways to punish a bad girl than by taking her meat away.” You said. You grabbed a fry, from you own plate this time, and ate it, unaware of the boys all giving you shocked looks.

When you saw their faces you said, “Get you mind out of the gutter guys. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Well, Anthony sure thought you meant it like that.” Daveed said. “I think he’s prepared to give you some meat now.” You didn’t hear that last comment.

“Jesus, if I knew hanging out with you guys was going to get dirty, I wouldn’t have come.” You shook your head. “Not come as in come. Come as in like arriving at this diner to hang out with you guys.”

“Yeah, we understood you that time Y/N.” Oak chuckled.

You looked back down at your phone to see that Lin had sent a message to the group chat during your fight with Ant.

“Oh hey Y/N! :) I would love to help you with your musical. I didn’t know you were writing one! Im busy today and tomorrow, but after that you can call me whenever you have time and I’ll help you with whatever you need :D”

You were giddy to learn that Lin was an emoji type of guy. You were actually texting Lin-Manuel Miranda, a man you’d been obsessed with for almost five years, about your musical. Life was too good.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks Lin!!” You texted. You looked back up at your phone to see the boys staring at you.

“See, that wasn’t so bad right?” Daveed asked.

“Shut up,” you laughed.

You and the boys spent another hour at the diner before Oak said he had to leave to meet his girlfriend before their date.

After that, Daveed left too. You and Anthony were the only ones left in the diner. You texted Phillipa to tell her that you were ready to go home.

Anthony yawned. “Jesus, I’m so tired.”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure being annoying can be very tiring.”

“Yeah it really is, but I’m pretty sure you understand.”

You nodded your head. “Oh, yeah I sure do.”

Anthony shook his head and laughed. “Today was fun.”

“Yeah, it really was. It’s nice to just sit down and chill.”

“Pippa say when she was coming?” Anthony asked.

“She’ll be here in like 30 minutes. She found some old friends and they went out to a bar, which is kinda far from here.”

“Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?”

“Trying to get rid of me?”

Anthony laughed. “No, never.”

“I’ll just text Philli and tell her you’re walking me.”

You texted Phillipa and she responded quickly. “Just Anthony? No Daveed or Oak?” she texted.

“Yes, Phillipa. Just Anthony. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

She agreed and you closed your phone.

“Let’s go.” You said, nodding your head towards the door. Daveed and Oak had already paid their part of the bill, and Anthony insisted on paying yours.

“Anthony, I have money.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m still paying for you.”

“Ant, let me pay you back.” You said as he stood up and already started heading for the door.

“No, don’t worry about it. It was literally just 20 bucks.”

“20 bucks that could go towards your very large and impressive comic book collection.”

“Don’t make fun of my comic book collection. I could very easily make fun of your collection of Smurf figurines.”

“I wasn’t making fun. I was just stating that those 20 dollars could have very well have gotten you a third copy of a Wolverine comic or a sixth copy of Batman Begins.”

“Only one comic is doubled. Stop exaggerating.” Anthony said, giving you a light push.

“I love exaggerating though.”

“I know you do. Its another very annoying thing you do that I love.”

You laughed. A breeze blew through, making you suddenly very cold. Cursing yourself for not bringing a thicker jacket, you hugged yourself.

“You cold?” Anthony asked. Before you could answer, Anthony wrapped his arm around your shoulder, bringing you into his embrace.

You instantly felt warmer and snuggled in closer to him.

“Better?” He asked.

“Much.” You said. You both stayed like that the rest of the way, only letting go when he opened the door to your apartment building.

You started rubbing your hands together when you both got in the elevator.

“Why the fuck is it colder in here then outside?”

“It’s always like this.” You answered. Anthony started rubbing his own hands together.

“You should get that fixed.”

“Yes Anthony. I’ll just fix the entire AC unit in this entire building by myself, with absolutely no knowledge of how to do that.”

“See, there’s a trooper.” Anthony clapped his hands. “I love how ready you are to solve problems.”

“Mhm. Why don’t you fix it then? Don’t you brag about how you’re perfect at everything? Here’s your chance to prove just that.”

“Oh no. I think I want to give you a chance to actually be good at something.”

“Mhm, sure.” You said, sarcasm dripping from your tone.

“Here’s something you could fix. How come the elevator hasn’t moved?”


Invel said that Zeref would be the one to defeat Acnologia and that Gray will kill E.N.D.

Eileen said the same thing on a previous chapter.

Don’t you think Zeref isn’t that ambitious to do evil things? I mean the guy’s not “that” evil considering how he looked at Mavis. He’s just lost…for 400+ years.

I think that some of his spriggans are manipulating him to do those craps. Like Invel and Eileen. I think August is the most loyal one as in he just wants the best for the emperor.

And to defeat Acnologia? I thought Zeref “made” Acnologia.

I don’t know how and when will Zeref get his senses back. Maybe the only way is to take out his magic and let him be the fairy heart instead (rather than Mavis). Those two are immortals right? That means they have infinite supply of magic. And maybe that way Natsu won’t die since Zeref “won’t” die as well.

I’m kinda afraid of Happy though. Right now, he’s the only one who knows that if Zeref dies, Natsu dies as well (aside from Zeref and Natsu). Will he make a huge sacrifice? Or will he eventually tell Lucy and she’ll make the huge sacrifice? (considering she has the celestial magic and we know nothing much about it) but “spirit world” = endless possibilities.

Right now, I think anything can happen.

Let’s talk more about Natsu and Gray’s fight…

The term “bros before hoes” simply isn’t in their bro code. Those two literally don’t care about dying because they thought that their gals died. Lol, it’s surprising to see HM-sensei to pull off a Romeo and Juliet move on Natsu and Lucy. “The thought of Lucy die…I don’t care anymore! I might as well just die!” and same goes for Gray, now I know why he did that Revival of Juvia move; it’s the only freaking way to stop Gray before he kills his best friend for good. I’m not sure that killing Natsu is possible (unless the book is destroyed).

Now…will Lucy and Happy get to Natsu and Gray safely OR will they encounter a spriggan? If Juvia got there first, Gray will stop and if Lucy got there first, Natsu will stop. Will they make it on time? I mean, there are spriggans out there…

What confuses me is that can’t Natsu sense Lucy’s presence? He has demonic/dragon ears and nose better maybe he’ll stop fighting Gray if her voice or scent is getting closer and closer to him.

Maybe he already sensed it but denied it immediately considering the “dead” Lucy he saw (and hugged kya~).

Anyhow, next chapter will be called “Trump Card” who might that be? I’m guessing it’s Rakheid Dragneel; he didn’t have a lot of panel before and Zeref even called him his secret weapon, didn’t he? But maybe it’s Fairy Tail’s trump card instead? Who or what might that be? Is it Lucy’s Capricorn star-dress? I’m starting to get the feeling that HM-sensei is saving it for something good since up until now, we don’t know Capricorn’s exact magic (I think it’s not that human subordination thing, it’s black magic, right? And it belonged to that crazy guy).

There are so many theories lol. I’m starting to get crazy here ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Don’t you think that Natsu has been E.N.D. this whole time and that Igneel/Zeref (or both) did some cool dragon magic to “seal” his demonic power? (his muffler may be an anti dark magic repellent?) Proven by the Zeref saying, “the E.N.D. you feared 400 years ago is no longer here” to Acnologia and the time Zeref almost killed Natsu back in Tenroujima.

So basically Natsu is E.N.D. in a weaker/human version but since he has grown stronger (from fighting most of the bad guys in FT) the “seal” is probably weakened while his demon side is trying to get out? My argument is that ever since he heard Zeref’s name, Natsu has been giving such a sharp look. Invel told Gray that all Zeref’s demons are “programmed” to kill him.

My argument is that back when Natsu, Lucy, and Happy were trying to restore back the guild, Natsu made a promise to Lucy that he will bring Gray back. I think while he’s trying to get to Zeref and confronted by Gray, his demon side is already compiling (that eye thing he did back in DiMaria’s S&M dungeon) all because he’s angry, confused, and sad.

Maybe there’s still a little sanity/humanity left on him but when Natsu remembered the part when Lucy died…he won’t stop because there’s no one left to guide him back. BTW, what he did to DiMaria is probably what angry boyfies would do when they see their gurls in such condition; look back to Gray/Jellal/or Gajeel, lol. It’s just that since that Natsu’s demon power had been resized, his “curse” started to take over, enabling him to move in DiMaria’s Age Seal. THEORY: Can Mira “take over” Natsu? She did that to Alegria and Seilah.

Anyhow, I think once Natsu sees that Lucy is alive, he will be the usual Natsu again.

LOL. I’ve been wondering and pondering about this! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Capricorn’s Magic Theory

I’ve been talking a lot about this. Heck, I talked about this in most of my posts.

The last time Lucy summoned him was during her training and they talked about that ‘One Magic’; which Layla and Lucy hypothesized it as ‘Love’.

I do believe HM-sensei will bring this up again once the FT reaches its climax. (I’m such a late NaLu shipper, lol. Didn’t realize it until the end of the Eclipse Arc.)

Anyway, just like the title, I wanna discuss more about Capricorn’s magic.

Here are my theories:

1. (Dear readers, you will laugh at this one) A magic goat butler. Think of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji but a humanoid goat version of him. Oh, and that he’s not evil and wants to eat his master.

I know my first assumption is just dumb. But the last time she summoned him, she asked him to train her. Lol.

2. Is it possible that Capricorn’s magic is actually the subordination magic? Maybe that’s why she chooses not to summon him? Unless for training (But will she summon him to tame E.N.D?).

3. I don’t think he’s the combat goat kind of spirit…we already have Taurus for that. When Lucy summoned Capricorn for the first time, during battle against Master Hades, he only hit him with his hand…and that’s it. Oh come on!

4. He’s able to use Loke’s Regulus, maybe Capricorn can use all the 12’s magic (like Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona) and maybe that’s why Lucy is able to use Aqua Metria. Btw, if you reread Lucy vs. Brandish and Lucy vs. Jackal, her bikini changed!! It might be because of the not so 100% full power since she didn’t have Aquarius’s key during her battle with Brandish (the Spirit King lent Aquarius’s magic to Lucy at that time).

5. Last resort? Like in case of a fire or something…?

6. Summoning the dead? Meh. If so, he would’ve reunite the mom and daughter already.

7. Some kind of powerful magic that’s draining Lucy’s life? To heal someone or revive them?

8. Time traveling? Like when Aquarius showed Lucy and Brandish the Star Memory (brings back the joy of reading Rave Master, by the way; to all FT readers who haven’t read this, I HIGHLY recommend you to read it! I know it’s an old manga and the drawing is sorta different but I guarantee that you will fall in love with Haru and Elie just as much as you love Natsu and Lucy!)

9. Tbh, I’m sorta out of ideas. And I just like the number 10 (my birthday month is October).

10. Make owner a spirit? That comes with a key? Or make someone a spirit?

What’s your theory? Do you think that I’m insane? Lol, feel free to comment & let’s be friends! ❤︎

Now, let’s talk about the star dress!

1. A princess gown. Makes her look like mommy Layla. Makes sense, they’ll have the princess and the butler vibe.

2. A school girl? Lucy looks so cute in a uniform.

3. A butler outfit. With a cute skirt!

I really hope that HM-sensei doesn’t show a lot of her boobs or let her wear a bikini and panties again in this star dress. I feel so sorry for Lucy for being just another fan service…she’s more than that! I honestly enjoy seeing her fights because her determination is just as strong as Natsu’s or Gray’s or Erza’s especially when it comes to her friends.

Even though she isn’t as tough as them at least, she fights with her brain. Cana wouldn’t have Fairy Glitter without her aid and even Loke and Gray stalked them to get to Mavis’ grave. The way she pushed herself to help her friends and she even sacrificed her first friend to rescue her current friends.

Anyhow…I think I’m out. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

forever and always {l.h}

A/N: wow so randomly last night i had the GREATEST (((worst))) idea of my entire life to write a one shot based off of the song ‘forever and always’ by parachute and i somehow managed to finish it even tho i literally murdered myself in the fukcnig PROCESS?!?! i’m not 100% on the ending bc i tried to make it meaningful but my brain is mush after writing this so lmao… i’m actually rly proud of this tho so ya this is me breaking my own heart and i hope u enjoy!! also, just a small ps: i’m a 17 yr old girl who has nvr gone to medical school, so i’m solely basing all i know off of greys anatomy (((lol)). i don’t even kno if “the surge” is a thing, but i made it one so ya :-) i advise listening 2 the song as u read maybe ??

words: approx. 5852

pairing: yn/luke 

Keep reading