it's only an octopus

In these trying times, please watch Oswald. It was one of my favourite shows as a kid and is just so pure and wholesome and relaxing to watch.

🌺Mommy looking for a little boy🌺

Physical Age:15
Little age: I am a switch but my little age is kinda bouncy(You don’t need to be a switch)
Preferred Role in Partner:🍼little🍼or pet
Gender and pronouns:Non binary fem/any pronouns
General Area You Live In:Missouri
Preferred Gender of Partner:Cis or trans male(fem or mas either is fine) or non binary
Interests:Music/play instruments I play (5)I like
writing and drawing(badly)
Polyamorous or Monogamous: Poly,I have a little boy but we are platonic.
Description of What You’re Looking for:I am looking for a long term relation ship(5+) months who I can love and care for(NON SEXUAL)Please be 14-17 years old
Ways to Contact You: my kik only please @cat_octopus if you dont have kik its fine to message me on my tumblr
Any Extra Information:I do have rules and am strict when I need to be. I dont mind a ‘clingy’ little because I am clingy myself and I will probably send you a lot of cute 🐱animal 🐶pictures and stupid jokes all day. Though I am pretty busy during marching season but I will give my little as much attention as possible.
✨(Please dont be afraid to message me if you are mentally ill, mute ect. Im nice and don’t judge)✨
🌺Thank you for reading have a nice day🌺

ender-bull-deactivated20170205  asked:

I was wondering about social behavior and intelligence in octopuses. My first question is, are there any species that exhibit social behavior. My second question is, have there been any hypothesis as to why the octopus has developed and increased amount of cognitive intelligence as apprised to other marine species?

There are a couple of species that show some social behavior. The one I know the most about is the Larger Pacific Striped Octopus. Here’s a link to a paper we wrote about them. They seem to live in groups, and I’ve been able to house them in pairs and trios. 

There’s also a group of a different species that lives in a unique place in Australia that exhibit some really interesting social behaviors, including a ‘Nosferatu display”—check out this link

The octopus seems to have developed its intelligence because so many animals, and people, find them delicious, and it essentially has only its brains for defense. 

This octopus is trying to eat ice cream—that’s kinda social. Though there was no ice cream in there, so we have to question their intelligence. 

GOT7 reaction to their crush being super sensitive

Anonymous said:

Annyeong blog master-nim ^^ got7 reaction when their crush is sensitive af just like my friend that cried when we got fresh seafood (we grilled live octopus) cause she felt pity for that octopus. thanks ^^

ahah your friend sounds adorable :P ill use the example of the octopus  ^_^ hope thats ok and that you like what I’ve done, sorry its a little rushed
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Tehehehe blog master-nim ^_^


he would stare at your adorableness, a little confused but he still thinks a little cute and a little cute is enough to make him melt, but at the end of the day its food, meant to be eaten.


absolutely smitten for you, he loves it, he’d smile/laugh which you’d find slightly embarrassing which he’d find even cuter. its a never ending circle of cuteness.


flat out staring at you like ‘wtf’ but secretly he’s thinking ‘cuuuuuute’ just look him trying to hide his smile.


he couldn’t hide how cute he found it, he’d be over the moon, he didn’t see what you saw, but he loves the way you look at life.


every seconds he’d keeps saying ‘so cute’ even when you went a little extreme he still loved it. he didn’t find it weird or confusing, its just the way you are and that was adorable.


he was surprised and was so all night, but he found it sweet, every time you got emotional he would get happy and giggly 


laughing all the way home, don’t get him wrong its cute and all, but its also funny, its only an octopus, its food.

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