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HC: Hanzo usually has trouble sleeping, and so when he and Mcree go to bed, Mcree stays up and gently strokes Hanzo's hair until he knows he has fallen asleep. Then, and only then, will he go to sleep himself, holding Hanzo close and giving him sleepy scruffy kisses. Hanzo usually wakes up still in Mcrees arms while the cowboy is snoring like a chainsaw, but to him it's the most beautiful thing in the world.

1000/10 headcanon accepted. 
and Hanzo often wakes McCree up with gentle morning kisses only to complain about his really bad breath after he wakes up (half joking of course because it’s totally worth it to feel him smile under his kiss)

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hey so its been a while

im in a really crappy mental place and like my entire life is drowned in discourse right now (specifically today) and its making me an anxious mess. so today i slept, avoided the discord app as much as possible, only spent like 20 minutes total on tumblr, and worked on this. its bad but i need proof that today was worth it so *jazz hands*

pluto is better than u = alya, space bro = nino, trappist = adrien, galaxy print = mari


pluto is better than u:
pour one out for vine


space bro: alya
i love you
but why do you never sleep
my dude

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How would you think Izuku's room would look like after the Yuuei concert?

After the Yuuei concert, Izuku sees Ochako home and then rushes home himself.  He gets inside then gets into pajamas.

Contacts out–  Glasses on!

And he grabs his lap top, sits on his bed, and goes on the biggest online shopping spree.

Yuuei everything. 

Or rather, Yuuei /mostly/. Majority of what Izuku buys is Katsuki related. Posters, cheering towels, clear files, and CD’s (he searched for the copies that had Katsuki’s photo card).

He knows he doesn’t really have the funds to be buying these things, but he justifies himself.

“I get paid in a few days. I’ll have all this money I’m spending, back!”

So he continues on. He scrolls through pages on end. He makes sure each item is checked with ‘express shipping’ before buying, because whats 10 more dollars added to the total amount? Its totally worth it– Its totally worth eating instsant noodles for the rest of the week. Worth being stressed out about bills and college loans– because in the end, who will have that rare, Katsuki wallscroll?

Izuku. Izuku will.

It only takes a week to a week and a half for most of his things to arrive. 

He used to not allow much of anyone inside his room before, but now its 100% off-limits.

The room is filled with everything.  The CD’s that are being displayed on his dresser, the posters are now covering the once bare wall,the random key chains , the cardboard life size standee (he totally didn’t get that off of a shady website), and its absolutely perfect.
Izuku wouldn’t have it any other way, because just seeing Katsuki’s handsome  grin on a poster hanging above his bed is bliss. God. He loves Katsuki.

severely underrated things from last night’s episode 

  • mabel finally gets a side plot that has nothing to do with a boy
  • and it was actually really good 
  • wendy is the true feminist icon
  • that gnome cop sting scene was actually the goddamn funniest thing i’ve ever seen 
  • that scene where mabel realizes she’s been played and rips the unicorn off her sweater like damn. the “your heroes aren’t infallible and are actually awful people who sometimes play with your emotions for fun” is unfortunately a very relatable thing for me and a lot of people with abusive parents and i’m really happy to see the lesson that you shouldn’t base your worth on what they think shown to kids because i know it really would’ve meant a lot to me when i was younger
  • “mabel’s sins”
  • when mabel clocked a unicorn in the face and came away with blood on her fist
  • “everyone wants sausage but no one wants to know how its made”   
  • that side plot was just totally not what i imagined it would be and for that i am glad 
  • grunkle stan only had 10 seconds of screen time but he used each one wisely
  • that whole “morality is relative” thing was sort of played for laughs at the end but that is such an important message. everyone has different morals and you’re not a bad person if you violate someone else’s ridiculously high expectations. perfection is unattainable, and you don’t need anyone’s validation. that is just so important to teach to young girls wow 
  • “if there was an owl in this bag he would be long dead”
  • finally an answer for why there was so much bill imagery in the shack 
  • one of dipper’s thoughts was “i miss Tyrone” and that absolutely breaks my heart. this boy really needs to open up to someone 
The signs as Kid Cuisine reviews
  • Awesome Aries: My kids love this meal. Well, all except the corn. I have one that won't eat the corn.
  • Totally Taurus: Great product, sometimes a little too hot though or soggy because of microwave.
  • Jammin' Gemini: My daughters favorite food is mac&cheese by far. My only wish (even when I was a kid myself eating Kid Cusine) is that the meals had more of a vegetable variety. Why only corn? Why not carrots or peas or maybe mashed potatoes or even green beans? I'd buy a months worth if there were more veggie variety. Even eat them with my daughter:)
  • Kickin' Cancer: 1.It's a graet food i have 10 kids
  • Let's Go Leo: My son loves the mac n cheese. Only problem was that some of the corn gets into the mac n cheese and that bothered my son other than that your meals are great !
  • So Very Virgo: These meals are disgusting and should not be fed to children. Look at the ingredients list. Do you understand half of that content? Probably not.
  • Lubbly Jubbly Libra: This is one of the only kid cuisines my child will eat, only because of the chicken nuggets AND the gummies. I wish they had another veggie other than corn for these meals, like carrots. Its the only veggie my child will touch latley! He wont touch corn.
  • Sassy Scorpio: Every time we are at the store they beg for this meal. They have begun to call it the penguin meal.
  • Sensational Sagittarius: I think these meals are good for those times when you're really in a rush but they really aren't all that nutricious. The ONLY veggie offered in kid cuisine is corn (the least nutricious) I'd love to see carrots, brocolli and cheese or really any other type of veggies. i also wish that there were more variety of the actual main entree as well....ex: mini tacos, brocolli mac n cheese, naked nuggets(unbreaded chicken nuggets.I really wish that as much time and effort that goes into making kid cuisines appealing to kids that the same amount of time and effort go into making the meals applealing for kids but also more nutricious and creative!!!!! There's a brand of kids frozen meals that has elmo mac n cheese with brocolli and carrots and they taste soooo much more fresher....i'd honestly rather spend the extra money and know it's not just junk that they're eating!!!!
  • Cool To Be Capricorn: I don't normally feed my son junk, but he loves bugs and it's ok for every once in a while.
  • Extreme Aquarius: I like your entrées however I wish you would utilize different vegetables other than corn. Have you ever considered frozen fruits and green vegetables?
  • Presto Pisces: Your product saved my life