it's only 10$ and totally worth it

severely underrated things from last night’s episode 

  • mabel finally gets a side plot that has nothing to do with a boy
  • and it was actually really good 
  • wendy is the true feminist icon
  • that gnome cop sting scene was actually the goddamn funniest thing i’ve ever seen 
  • that scene where mabel realizes she’s been played and rips the unicorn off her sweater like damn. the “your heroes aren’t infallible and are actually awful people who sometimes play with your emotions for fun” is unfortunately a very relatable thing for me and a lot of people with abusive parents and i’m really happy to see the lesson that you shouldn’t base your worth on what they think shown to kids because i know it really would’ve meant a lot to me when i was younger
  • “mabel’s sins”
  • when mabel clocked a unicorn in the face and came away with blood on her fist
  • “everyone wants sausage but no one wants to know how its made”   
  • that side plot was just totally not what i imagined it would be and for that i am glad 
  • grunkle stan only had 10 seconds of screen time but he used each one wisely
  • that whole “morality is relative” thing was sort of played for laughs at the end but that is such an important message. everyone has different morals and you’re not a bad person if you violate someone else’s ridiculously high expectations. perfection is unattainable, and you don’t need anyone’s validation. that is just so important to teach to young girls wow 
  • “if there was an owl in this bag he would be long dead”
  • finally an answer for why there was so much bill imagery in the shack 
  • one of dipper’s thoughts was “i miss Tyrone” and that absolutely breaks my heart. this boy really needs to open up to someone