it's one of those nights with photoshop

anonymous asked:

To me it was always suspicious. Was someone sitting behind the fence during the night hours and waiting on Harry to arrive? How did that person know when Harry was supposed to visit MM? So, now its clear. That night visit never happened. Jess the photoshopper. I am positive its her job.

Yes anon at the time the only one who would of known is MM that Harry was coming to her house and would of been either Jess or MA who lived next door to her to take those pics. Well it looks like Harry but still it is unclear if it is and now you can see that Photoshop has been used to alter the lighting. 

These pics could of easily been taken in daylight hours and altered to make it look like it’s night and they have pixelated as you See Harry’s face and bag.I am still stunned to where that utility post in front of Harry has gone because in those images they are right there and in the real pics on google and the pic which was taken last November with the SUV the second pole with the writing isn’t there and when I looked on google maps the pole is located further down towards the middle of the alley.

Have a great day anon.