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Bullying was a big part of my life, especially on weight and size, so I made Starlight carry this back story which creates her semi-bad phase of getting in trouble for probably fighting back, as I did. One thing I wish I had was a Trixie to help me through those times. Startrix are childhood friends and they promised to be together forever. *pokemon music starts playing* OH GOD THAT’LL BE THEIR SONG FUCK IT

If you couldn’t already tell, Startrix will be the angsty couple of this college au

I wasn’t ready for 2000 yet, but its here!!!!

I wanted to finish the animatic before I got 2000, but there were a few hiccups along the way (I lost motivation to finish it for a little while, Then I lost inspiration for the original song i was going to use) but everything has been running smoothly and it should be finished by Tuesday!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! ;v; (I don’t want to repeat all my sappy garbage from all my other milestone posts, but still those things!! You guys are the best)

AU idea where the walls between your neighbor’s and your apartments are thick enough excePT FOR THE WALL THAT IS BETWEEN YOUR BATHROOMS AND honestly this is your fault bc you started it when you were blasting broadway showtunes during your evening shower and singing along pretty loudly but now theyre taking their revenge by blasting their shitty rap music at too-fucking-early-o'clock before they go off to work and this is just one of those AU ideas (like coffeshops) that sound cute and hilarious in fic BUT IRL YOU JUST WANT TO MURDER YOUR NEIGHBORS

Tales to Tell (Jumin x MC)

Late into the night you and Jumin read from his many books.

Word Count: 581

The new AU will begin tomorrow, I hope you’re all excited for it! I’ll be posting its storyline one day and a regular non-story-oriented prompt the next for those who may not like the more angsty plot points. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!


You lay against Jumin as you both sat in bed, only a small light illuminating the two of you as you read the stories. 

Your head rested upon the crook of his neck listening to his calm voice as he held you close, a small grin tugging at his lips. 

The stories were gentle and calming, an odd lulling you closer and closer within the words of the tale. 

His words were drenched in a rhythm as he raised his fingertips to weave through your hair. 

The imagination from within the story wafted in your mind, reeling you into a promise of tranquil dreams.

So much so, that your husband noticed. 

Jumin glanced to you, tipping his forehead against your own. “Love, are you tired…?”

“No, no way I’m super awake…” You murmured, yawning weakly. “I’ve never been more energized.” 

“There’s nothing wrong with you being tired.” He kissed your nose sweetly, grinning. “I’d much rather you get your sleep then force yourself to stay up, you know that.” 

“But you love these stories…” 

“And I love you, even more, my dear,” He closed the book, setting it upon the nightstand. “We can just finish it another time.” 

“Are you sure?” You frowned as he turned off the light, his fame defined in the faint moonlight that spilled in through the window.

“Positive.” He hummed, both of you sinking into the mattress. “I’ll even tell a story now, so you don’t feel guilty.” 

You nodded, letting out a content sigh as you took his hand, squeezing it fondly. 

“Alright,” He said, his tone lightening. “There was once a horribly cold and shut off man, who hid himself from the rest of the world, out of fear of being hurt by those around him.” 

You furrowed your brow, looking to find a hint of sorrow from the memories.

“He never thought he’d truly have anyone by his side until purely by accident, he met someone. They were kind and understanding, never rushing to judgments and always happy to help.” 

“And quicker than he could blink…he was absolutely and utterly in love with them. So when they first met…he was a bit overprotective and perhaps frantic…”

You stifled your laughter.

“But even throughout all the difficulties the wonderful, amazing person stayed and promised to stay. The man had never had that before in his entire life…” 

“What did he never have specifically?”

“Someone who genuinely loved him…who wouldn’t hurt him. Someone who would stay.” 

“Is the person still staying today?”

“Yes, they’re happily married, each day only causing the man to fall more in love with their turtledove.” He raised your hand and pressed a kiss between your knuckles before settling in for sleep.

You turned to gaze up at him one last time to find him almost in awe, speaking to you once more before falling off to sleep.

And his words were an endearing warmhearted ending of the final tale of the night.

For they were an undeniable truth.

“We have our happy ending darling, and it’s forever ours.” 

you know what i can’t stop thinking about??? when andrew took neil’s hand off the beanbag and placed it on his chest when he still wasn’t ready for that

and neil, my beautiful asshole child, knows that andrew isn’t ready, knows how important an actual "yes” is to him aND fuck i just?? someone else might have just taken that as a “yea cool i’m letting you touch me so go ahead touch me” but it’s not like that and like neil says “he wasn’t sure which one of them andrew was trying to convince” i mean sh i t that makes my heart hurt ?? was andrew trying to convince himself he was ok with neil touching him so soon was he trying to convince neil he was ok with it when he clearly wasn’t for neil’s sake i don’t??

but then– “i won’t be like them i won’t let you let me be” neil lets andrew know he knows it’s still too soon and he will respect andrew’s boundaries until a clear yes is said and i am just….really emo….

My favorite DMMD fic is that NoiAo fic where Aoba and Noiz both play Animal Crossing and they start talking because Noiz’s unicorn moves to Aoba’s village and he wants him back. It’s good and pure and I love these awkward dorks so much…

Never Let Me Go [a bagginshield mix]

Christina Perri - Arms || Poets of the Fall - Cradled In Love || Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go || Hurts - Somebody To Die For || Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon || Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most || Plumb - In My Arms || Florence + The Machine - Leave My Body || Avril Lavigne feat. Chad Kroeger - Let Me Go || The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug OST - Courage and Wisdom || Shannon La Brie - Calls Me Home || Skillet - Don’t Wake Me

cozymochi  asked:

4. How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?

omg, I just counted them up and there are like 9.  Whether I’m going to go any further with those is another question.  

The Heir is the new one that’s already started with the first chapter posted.  It’s a gochi story in an early 1900s a/u inspired by Downton Abbey.  The story will very much be its own story, though there’ll be recognizable DA similarities in it.  It should be fun and romantic, maybe with some drama, but nothing too angsty.

Stuff I’d like to see more of in the Sciles Tag:

  • Scott-centric prompts - There’s a sciles prompts blog, but almost all the prompts are Stiles-centric. How’re we supposed to be inspired with no Scott prompts?
  • Art, Edits, and Gifs that celebrate Scott’s skin and physical characteristics (yes, his jawline and alpha eyes but also his plush lips and DIMPLES!!! and moles and beautiful nose and thick thighs and dat ass and… you get the idea) as much as Stiles’ gets celebrated
  • We have some, but I’d love to see more fic with pining!Scott, fic from Scott’s POV, fic with Stiles caring for sick!Scott, fic that centers around Scott’s canonical depression and post-traumatic stress, fic that values Scott and Stiles’ relationships with the girls, fic that celebrates Scott’s love for animals, and fic that celebrates Scott’s teaching skills (seriously there’s so little teacher!Scott or mentor!Scott he’s SO GOOD AT IT)
  • More Something!Scott! Hedgewitch!Scott was a really fun AU for the scerek fandom to play with. I know seriousshit88 loves empath!Scott. I’d love to see maybe Fey!Scott or Dryad!Scott or Druid!Scott or even a fanon power switch - werewolf!Stiles and werefox!Scott could be fun! There’s nothing that says Scott always has to be a wolf!
  • More soft floral bro everything. I’M SORRY I JUST REALLY LIKE IT OKAY. But like along with that, no “no homo” since a) both Scott and Stiles are bi so that’s silly, and b) it’s hurtful. Don’t do that. Unless you’re planning to follow it up with “Full Bi”, “No Homo” has no place in the sciles tag. 
  • More AU ideas! Canon is terrible right now! We know that! Post your fun / angsty / silly / awesome alternate universe ideas in the tag! I want to read those and be excited about us all collectively reading that fic even if you know you can’t / won’t write it (see again bullet point one)
  • More weddings. Not sorry. 
  • More Scott and Stiles making one another happy and working through problems together and being treated as equals by one another and by fandom

The tag has been a really stress-inducing place basically since the fandom of the year competition (with its floods of people who don’t actually ship sciles invading our space) and has only gotten more awful with the events of 5A. We have a probably terrible hiatus in front of us, so let’s take our tag back, sciles fans, and make it even better than before! 

Rumbelle Fluffapalooza 2014!

It’s the time of year again! On February 12th Rumbelle will turn 2!

To celebrate this very special event we’re having another Fluffapalooza. One perfect day without angsty tears or death, Happy Ends guaranteed with a high possibility for kittens, balloons, snuggle-sex and ice cream!

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