it's one of the most beautiful things i've ever read!

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(1/2) Hey! I just read all of Always Human in one day and I'm absolutely floored by its beauty! I love your style, the colours and how vibrant the art is, I love how the characters developed and how healthy the relationships were, I love how diverse queer representation beside the main characters wasn't thrown under the bus, and I think the sentence 'when I see you, the universe comes into focus' is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Thank you so much for the world you built.

(2/2) But besides making me feel warm and fuzzy, AH also raised a lot of questions for me that I haven’t seen answered in the ask tag. 1. A basic wage was mentioned- does this mean there is no more poverty at all? Are mods accessible for everybody who hasn’t got Egan’s? 2. Is it possible for Trans people to transition permanently with mods? 3. Why exactly are there new colonies in outer space? The climate seemed to be fine and the cities wasn’t to crowded - is it just human curiosity?

(3/3) 4. Is Austen named after Jane Austen? 5. She mentioned being in therapy - how is mental illness handled in the society? Is there still some sort of stigma, are there mods for it? 6. The talk like a pirate day is still a thing - does the flying spaghetti monster still have believers? 7. Clearly the gay and lesbian kingdom of the coral sea islands isn’t at war with Australia anymore, but does it still exist? The Real Questions™ Thanks for answering all that stuff, have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much anon, you’re too kind to me ;_____;
I’m really happy you liked Always Human, this is such a nice ask *blushes*

Sticking the answers under a cut :)

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The preview into your mind that you allow your audience to see has me intrigued. I'm sorry for any girl who never let you love her. I know I don't know you, but from what I know from your work, you have one of the most beautiful souls I've ever witnessed.

this is honestly one of the sweetest things i’ve ever read. i really hope you or anyone else who listens to flatsound aren’t actively pushing blame onto girls you don’t even know personally, though. it’s okay to hate someone for lying, or for cheating, or for any kind of betrayal, but in the end you can’t ever hate someone for not wanting to be with you. i know its a depressing stigma, but the truth is some people just don’t want to invest in a relationship with someone who struggles with any sort of mental illness, and that’s fine.

with that aside, thank you so much for saying this to me. it really did light up my night.