it's one of my favourite ships but oh well

crustybagelbites  asked:

do you have any genyatta fic recs? what are your favs?

Oh i have so many but I’ll dig up those that I remember 


Module: PΣRSΘNΛ - its incomplete but I enjoy the writing and its about temporary human zenyatta 

Sugar Crystal Sisyphus - ice cream parlour human au sweet and fluffy

curse.exe - Frog Prince fusion very cute!!!

Wearing the Pants in the Relationship - genji took zenyatta’s pants

Dawn (or Thereabouts)- very well thought out banter and characterisation between the two of them really one of my favourites 

Broth -shimada bros centric and genji cooks ramen also theres a bunch of other ships it fills me with warm happy feels

pass into the gay - zenyatta gets distracted while sparring oho

The Good Stuff (nsfw)

the master can be a student sometimes, too - zenyatta relives some lessons from genji hoho 

and every fic from Balenae I’ll rec Teaching Moments and Blue Pink Silver Gold but do check out their other works as well they’re all so good

one of my favourite moments was when i told my friend about the naruto ending, and how nh became canon, and his first reaction was, “that was obvious”, and i ask him why, and he said, “well, hinata’s always loved him,” and i said, “but naruto never loved her,” and i could see his eyes lightening up before he takes a moment and says “…oh yeah.”



“Ha! Fine you shall never hear me speak it then.”
“Okay… So maybe I do find you ten times more attractive now than I already do. Happy?”
“Slightly. I could teach you it if you like? You’re picking up German pretty well compared to most people.”
“Well I’ll have you know, I’m not like most people.”
“Oh that I know!”
“I am curious though… Do you like the film? It was my grandfather’s favourite too, I think it’s one of the reasons I like it so much. You know, its hopeful and heart breaking all at the same time. Like life in many ways… and I’m totally rambling again… Sorry—“
“—don’t be. I like you telling me why you like things. It makes you all the more interesting.”

For those of you who still don't get it:

Imagine there’s this group of people who are obsessive about lasagne. The lasagne fandom. Like… it’s a nice meal, and you get why people like it. Not really your thing, but whatever. And that little group of dorks who are constantly babbling on about how amazing lasagne is are so adorable. They’re always swapping recipes and you get pictures of their meals, or fliers about how amazing lasagne is on lampposts outside, but it doesn’t really bother you.

Now imagine there’s this other group of people who are obsessive about spaghetti. It’s different to lasagne, and again - it’s not really your thing, but whatever. Only… you can’t escape it. You go on the internet, and literally everywhere, there’s somebody rambling about how amazing spaghetti is and putting recipes in your inbox and even when you go outside - every restaurant or cafe you go to, there’s somebody talking about spaghetti. And when restaurants don’t have it, heck sometimes even when you don’t have it in your own personal kitchen, people start getting pissy because you don’t have their favourite kind of food; they start arguing that you’re being hateful and it’s not fair of you to deny them their favourite food.

That’s what it’s like when you don’t ship a really popular ship. It’s not the characters or the relationship that bothers me. Heck, most of the time it’s not the actual people who ship it, or the things they do that bothers me. It’s the sheer scale of it.

Because when there’s this group of people obsessing over something and making headcanons and fanfics it’s fine, it’s cute, it’s great - even if you don’t ship it yourself. It exists, and you can be without it or away from it if you want to. But when there’s a fandom so huge that you just can’t get the fuck away from it, it becomes a nightmare.

And to be honest, if everywhere I went, there was somebody talking about spaghetti; if people shoved recipes and fliers about it through my door; if every restaurant and cafe for 100 miles served a dozen different types of spaghetti and maybe one or two other kinds of food, it would very quickly become my least favourite meal of all time.