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I haven’t seen one of these yet so I decided to make one!! Feel free to use! Please don’t reblog if you’re a cg/l or dd/lg blog

Now I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you… [x]

Throne of Glass characters as Hamilton lyrics
  • Aelin: I probably shouldn't brag but dag I amaze and astonish
  • Rowan: When I fight I make the other side panicky
  • Nehemia: I will lay down my life if it sets us free
  • Aedion: No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical brilliance
  • Lysandra: I never had a group of friends before I promise that I'll make y'all proud
  • Dorian: Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • Manon: Turn around, bend over I'll show you where my shoe fits
  • Elide: He looked at me like I was stupid I'm not stupid
  • Asterin: If they dont reach a peace that's alright, time to get some pistols and a doctor on site
  • Nesryn: I joined a rebellion cause I know it's my chance to socially advance
  • Fenrys: Give me a position show me where the ammunition is!
  • Rolfe: Boom goes the cannon watch the blood and the shit spray
  • Erawan: They say the price of my war's not a price that they're willing to pay
  • Maeve: I'm never gonna stop until I make em drop and burn em up and scatter their remains
  • Chaol: So what'd I miss?

You’re Not Alone, Clarke~*✲゚*✧~*✧ (faded version)


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here’s this week’s bujo spread! i had forgotten what minimal stress and a drama-free week felt like, march is so kind to me

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They’re not what Zevran was expecting.

The plan isn’t ruined, per se, but he was rather counting on them to be slightly less suspicious. Grey Wardens are heroes of legend, and people routinely called heroes are supposed to be giving and trusting. This lot clearly isn’t. The elf - Dalish, if he’s seeing correctly - and Qunari are just short of openly disdainful, trading eyerolls when they think no one can see. At least, he clearly sees the elf roll her eyes; the Qunari is on the far side and perhaps more mannerly than Zevran gives him credit for.

Perhaps only the human is a Grey Warden then. He certainly seems eager to assist the woman Zevran’s hired. His information is scare and outdated; it’s entirely possible the others could be tagalongs. That would be more fitting. Champions sometimes amass a following, and outlaw heroes have their own appeal. And if the Grey Warden is this blindly trusting, well, he certainly needs them.

That rather complicates things for him though. The two suspicious ones are scanning the horizon, shoulders tight, clearly expecting something. The massive dog - and Zevran’s not sure if he’s a Grey Warden or not, this being Ferelden - is scenting the air. They’re not going to make it to the wagon.

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jigglejaggle  asked:

Can you do the one where lance get hit and blue starts freezing up and he gets frostbite? It's to long to post the whole in the ask Lol-- and since it's ok to ask more, i might ask for another... I'm sorry i just like the way you writeÕ_Õ

Yeah. I like that one too. And it’s no big deal. Honestly I’m so happy you like my Prompts so much. Feel free to ask away as many as you like.


Lance was still dealing with the after affects of the last mission they went on. Blue was malfunctioning, and there was honestly no problem with any part of her. Her controls and armor were all fixed, but somehow she still was “broken”. The insides of Blue’s cockpit was freezing cold. The controls even colder against Lance’s warm hands.

He had to spend hours training I the freezing cold of Blue’s cock pit. Some days his fingers only turned a light blue from lack of warmth and blood flow. The longest mission they had gone on was wrecking Lance’s hands. As he fought his fingers turned numb and he wasn’t sure how he continued to pilot Blue and fight.

He guessed it was the adrenaline and the wish to not let down his team. His brain always supplied with him useless depressive thoughts and they only made him work himself to the brink of danger and exhaustion. His hands were slowly turning more and more of a dark color during he current mission. It had been hours.

They were stuck fighting for hours on hours. Finally. Thank the stars it was over finally. Lance was shiver and his cheeks and nose were a bright pink and his hands and fingers were an unnatural purple and blue color. He had been able to hide the pain they gave him so far. It they had never gotten this bad.

As he got out of Blue he sighed in thankfulness to the warmth of the castle. Thankfully his hands were covered with gloves but they were still freezing cold. Cold enough to burn a little bit of prolonged touch ensued. The team high fives and as Shiro gave Lance a high five Lance winced in pain.

He shuddered as a burning feeling ran from his finger tips up his arms slowly. He could barely move his fingers and they were numb with cold and he held them close to his body as he smiled with team. Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance’s actions and quietly huffed. “What’s wrong wth your hands Lance?” Shiro asked suddenly.

Lance’s eyes widened and he pulled them closer into his chest. “It’s nothing..” he mumbled and looked away. Without another word Shiro closed the distance between them and grabbed Lance’s wrist and yanked off the glove. Lance winced and looked away at the terrified gasps of the team

His hand was a dark purple and almost black. At his finger tips. “Lance..” Hunk let out in worry as he looked at Lance’s hands. “How long..”

“About a week or two…” Lance replied. “It wasn’t that bad until now. We usually only trained for about an hour and a half and nothing happened but the hours of this mission, I guess, took a toll on them. Blue has been malfunctioning and is freezing cold inside. Everything is fixed about her but she’s freezing cold inside…” he mumbled in defeat.

The team was silent, unable to believe they hadn’t noticed at all. Especially since they trained every day about three times before eating. They just didn’t know what to say as Lance was ushered to go get healing before his hands were completely done for. The team was silent, guilt laying over them like a weighted blanket. Had they really been that blind to never see until now how Lance flinched at the high fives and how burning come his hands had been..?

the “i’m getting ready for a party” playlist
  1.  “big fun” - heathers
  2. “halloween” - be more chill

that’s it. just those two on repeat. feel free to throw a “michael in the bathroom” in there as well if you only know one person at said party.

Hey there!

Guess what?

Next month (June) is Scoliosis Awareness Month!!!

I want to spread awareness!!!!!
What I wanted to do was a 30 day Scoliosis Awareness “challenge” (i lack a better word)

For every day in the month of June, people can post one or more things that are related to scoliosis and raise awareness for it.

That includes (but is certainly not limited to!):
- drawings
- writing (stories, poetry)
- dances
- music
- your personal story with scoliosis (whether you have it or someone close to you does!)
Hell, id even be interested in seeing makeup stuff


Being someone who has scoliosis (though it is mild), id love to know that more people know what it is.

If you participate, tag me in what you did! I’d love to see it!!!!! And if you could boost this, that would be amazing and lovely. (However, I do NOT want this to become one of those posts where people guilt you into reblogging)

If you have any questions about this “challenge”, feel free to message me. Unfortunately, there is no prize at the end of this other than my undying affection.

Thank you! That’s all. Love ya!

Yeah, I’ll just….pay four bucks to watch Camp Camp.

Because there’s nowhere I can watch it for free.


anonymous asked:

I work an average min wage job which most the staff are college kids w/ a few highschoolers. I'm one of the only ones w/ a car, & don't mind giving rides, but if Im giving rides to you more than twice a week continuously I require gas money. I had a coworker get angry at me for this & say "aren't we friends, cant you just do it for free? It's just a ride?" Well friendship doesn't fill my gas tank, & gas is fuckin expensive. I don't mind every once in a/w but not every day unless I get gas money

aesthetics: sanctuary (a klonnie au)

“Still, I see your face and wonder
Were You once an outcast, too?”

Alan Menken/ Stephen Schwartz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, God Help the Outcasts

Once a refuge for any and all, Notre-Dame de Paris has fallen under the control of tyrants and witch hunters. Adopted by a traveling band of witches after her parents’ execution and now making her living as a street dancer, Bonnie Bennett dreams of a day when all can walk free beneath the spires of Notre-Dame. Imprisoned for centuries in the dungeons below, hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson gave up any hope for freedom long ago, until one night he hears a voice lifted in song, a young witch’s prayer for her people, for all supernatural kind. 

hatsunemikufan108  asked:

( feel free to ignore me if im bugging you ) Do you still make jewelry? If you do, how much would a small pendant cost? As in like.. The gem on Farz's pendant, just smaller. It's 1000% okay if this is a no, I'm just curious since i admire your jewelry :3c

You mean like thisss?

[ smug chortling ]

Nah, I don’t make jewellery any more though. I just assembled this one myself after buying the pendant online. 

All my paints and clay and shit are all boxed up and put away -flips hair- that chapter of my life is over.


here’s a couple more

there’ll prob be more tomorrow/throughout the week/next weekend

Cold Cape Cod Clams, ‘Gainst Their Wish Do It

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day Eight// AU + Free Choice: Unwilling and unable to face everyone on her own when it comes time to attend Auggie and Ava’s wedding, Riley Matthews hires a solution in Lucas Friar. Loosely based on The Wedding Date.

Notes: Obviously, this is an AU and it takes place in the future. The characters are adults. While I’m not someone who will ever write smut, and I don’t plan on getting particularly graphic with language or even implications, the vary nature of this story is a bit more adult than what I’ve written previously. I’d place the rating somewhere around a PG-13/14.

Also, this is essentially the first installment to what has started developing into a multi-chapter fic. So this starts a lot of threads and leaves them dangling by the time you reach the end. But you will get answers eventually.


The invitation comes on a Wednesday and Riley immediately considers throwing it in the trash and pretending she never got it.

It’s not that she hasn’t known it would be coming–Auggie had told her about the engagement weeks ago and asked her to be what he called his ‘Best Sister’–but receiving the invitation makes it real. Auggie and Ava are getting married, they’re holding the wedding in Cape Cod, and Riley is expected to join them and the family for a week of wedding festivities at the end of the summer. Riley could just about throw up at the thought. It’s really the sort of scenario she’s been trying (semi-successfully) to avoid since high school graduation nearly eleven years ago, and if the invitation were from anyone else she probably would crumple it up and pretend it got lost or RSVP with an easy lie about not being able to get the vacation time at work, but this is for Auggie.

The only acceptable reason for Riley not to attend would be massive injury and/or death.

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Since taking in the whelpling, Bular had made sure to reach the safety of shadows long before the sun threatened to pour it’s harmful light over the surface.
On his own he was more than happy to wrong the night for as much time as it could give; now that was not the case. He was skilled enough that he could manage even if, by some off-chance, he did get caught out on the surface by the time the blazing sun has arrived, but the whelpling understandably, would not fair well, thus a large buffer between the rising sun, and their forms were needed. Younglings were unpredictable after all until they have reached an age where danger was a concept you can oppose upon them it was best to keep them from it at all costs.

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Back From Hiatus

Hello! I know it’s been a very very long time, and most of you probably have forgotten all about me, lol. I’m sorry that I left so suddenly, but I needed a break to figure some things out. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am back and will be posting again! My art style has changed since I was last posting here, but i hope you all still enjoy it. 

Also, I am going to be giving out free character sketches today :) Just send me an ask with a character request. I’ll post again shortly with more info on how to request one as well as some examples of what my current art style is like (although it’s been so long, I’m not sure how many people will actually see it, lol)

I’ve missed you all so much!