it's on netflix instant right now

friends. Romans. countrymen. I come to you today breaking my frantic pre-move semi-hiatus from this website to speak to you about an important matter. the MOST important matter I have ever discussed. you see, a show has just been added to Netflix Instant.

I’m speaking, of course, about

if you’ve already seen Galavant: good. excellent. a+++++, gold star, employee of the month, 10293842/10 for your good taste. in fact, why don’t you rewatch Galavant right now, seeing as it’s now easily available on Netflix Instant?? what a great time you’ll have rewatching this gem of a show!!!

if you’ve not yet seen Galavant: it’s on Netflix Instant RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND oh my god what are you DOING, you can start watching it RIGHT NOW, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AT THIS VERY MOMENT AND ALL THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!! SEIZE YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you’ve never seen Galavant and you have no idea what it is: it’s basically an American take on the medieval musical comedy ala Spamalot/Monty Python and the Holy Grail! there is music! dancing!! jokes mocking Disney!!! jokes mocking American involvement in the war in Iraq!!! jokes mocking its own cancellation!!! YES, GALAVANT JOKES ABOUT ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE, AND ALSO A MAN SINGS A LOVE SONG TO A PLASTIC IGUANA AS HE SKIPS THROUGH A FIELD OF FLOWERS WHILE THE CAMERA IS VEILED IN SOFT SHOUJO LIGHTING!!!!!!! does this sound like something you would enjoy? of course it does because I have yet to meet someone who isn’t intrigued by the plastic iguana.. I think that scene is possibly one the greatest ever aired on television. I love it and I’ll love it until the day I die. 

here is the opening number for a lil taste of the great things to come in the show, and if you like what you see here’s even more incentives: a poc princess! Weird Al gueststarring as a monk! a lady knight! music and lyrics by Alan Menken! the greatest evil queen in Disney history! a hysterical running joke about a wizard running a wedding planning business as a side venture! I literally can’t explain the last one that much because it’s intimately related to the plot but just trust me!!!

and the most important fact of all: if it does well on Netflix, they might step in where ABC has failed and pick up the show for a 3rd season, which I desperately need because I won the shipping game in the show so hard I was literally skipping down the street at one point. that’s true. ask @spockishot.

CONCLUSION: i love you. i miss blogging. moving across the country is very hard and tiring. please watch Galavant. xoxo mj

shows on netflix for the signs to binge

aries : orange is the new black

ok first of all this show is everything and perfect for all the signs, but it really flows well with aries.

taurus : gossip girl 

taurus is the lovable lazy sign which makes it perfect to binge watch young blake lively go on in her posh life in new york.

gemini : scream 

this is  a fun guilty pleasure show, but easy to get into with okay acting and addictive plot twists.

cancer : stranger things

i am a cancer, and this is my absolute favorite show on netflix right now, all the feels.

leo : pretty little liars

this show is perfect for leo and is packed with personality and interesting characters.

virgo : parks and recreation

the warm hearted awkward humor is perfect for virgo, along any person that enjoys a good laugh.

libra : new girl 

this show is lovable, funny,and adorable just like a libra. perfect for an instant good mood.

scorpio : american horror story 

all my scorpio friends love this show, but i also love this show for its darkness and character

sagittarius : unbreakable

this show instantly makes you happy, great for a silly sagittarius

capricorn : the hills

lmao my roommate who is a capricorn was obsessed with this and greys anatomy

aquarius : portlandia 

this is a weird ass show, but i love it so much. reminds me of all my aquarius friends haha

pisces : the office

super cute and i love it so much, fucking hilarious just like  a pisces.