it's on netflix and i recommend it highly!


So this twitter account is gold and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out (plus, they hilariously misspell “feminism” in a different way in every post, I love it)

(It’s a mock anti-feminism account, it can be really amusing and hit serious issues:

“Nobody calls him that…”
Spoilerish review sorta.

MST3K: S11 E01 Reptilicus

The Beginning! (Oh No the movie is starting again!!): We jump right into the story of why our new test subject, Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray) is selected. It’s a quick moving scene introducing Dr. Kings Forrester (Felicia Day) and TV’s son of TV’s Frank (Patton Oswalt). All three of these characters are respectably charming and welcome to the MST3K canon. Also a cameo from Wil Weaton! (Is it just me but does It feel like that inner circle of nerds made this show ;)) It’s a nice start accented with all the neat miniatures/stop motion. There’s a new Doorway sequence that makes sense with living quarters and work rooms. It has a very Möbius/ Nostromos /Alien feeling! The Skeleton Crew gives a neat musical flair to everything and their design is a great throw back to old sci-fi movies with monsters with helmets and skulls. Costumes are on point with wonderful colors and design. The “commercial breaks” make me feel like it’s a real tv show. Very nice and authentic touch! Also the return of invention exchange and letters gives us that original format of Joel and early Mile episodes.

Host segments & Music: I felt like the host segments were to few to give us enough of who our cast is. Regardless they are fun! The musical number, “Every Country Has a Monster”, is catchy and fun. Certainly in the same vain as the Godzilla Genealogy Bop. I’m eager to see if there are more musical numbers, especially since we have so many musical things going on in the show! Did I hear the Canada song at some point?!? Yes I did! Also, “Mighty Science Theater” (the outro music) is soooo lovely.

New Voices: I think Hampton Yount does a great new Crow. He’s a nice mix of Trace and Bill and easy to figure out when he’s talking. Now Tom Servo (Baron Vaughn) and Jonah sound so similar to each other I have yet to figure out who is who sometimes. I’m sure with more views and as the show continues they will become more distinct to the ear. Did I mention Gypsy (Rebecca Hanson)! I agree with Joel’s need to update her. Giving her a real female voice and more mobility seems right and respectful vs. her almost dense male voice, and cumbersome original self. I will always love original Gypsy, but I’m totally digging new her.

Jokes: I was wondering if they were going to do this, but they did! They brought back old classic MST3K running jokes. Yay! If you’ve ever watched/listened to MST3K throughout you know they repeat jokes, their own lexicon if you will. But no fear, new updated jokes are here too. (Can you count how many Kickstarter jokes there is..?) I am concerned that they blow through the jokes a little too fast and not let them land naturally. It seems forced. Though on second viewing (aka having it on in the background) the jokes land better and starts feeling more like MST3K. If you’ve never seen MST3K, that’s okay, there’s tons of jokes to get but if you’re a long time fan you’re are treated well.

Movie: ugh. Not enough Repliticus!!! He really is the star of the movie and so badly shot too!!! Who doesn’t love a badly made monster? Yeah, this is the regular cheese MST3K is known for. Nice to have the original widescreen as the new format the show gives us. Joel said he always wanted to have the movies like this so you can have all the opportunities for jokes. Not much else to say about this other than; Petersen. :p

Final Thoughts: A good start. Feels a little forced at times, but the ingredients are here to make some real magic in the future. It’s not bad by any stretch, and so far earns its 11th season cred. I’m excited to see more host segments and how these characters are going to grow. It looks like that they doing a continuing story like the Mike episodes used to have (least that seems to be the set up) all while keeping that Joel charm. I highly recommend checking out the new MST3K this April 14th on Netflix when not only will the first episode be available but the whole season!!! Watch like crazy (if you like it) - Netflix will possibly renew it if it has lots of love.

Outro Card: YUP.

Fic Idea- Death in Paradise AU

Well it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these, but since I’ve been laid up in bed all day with a migrane, I had some time on my hands.

This AU is based on BBC’s Death in Paradise, which I highly recommend watching if you have Netflix. 

For this AU, I suggest you picture Hux in a posh suit, standing on a sandy beach next to Kylo/Ben, his muscly glory in a tank top and board shorts. The image made me giggle.

Detective Inspector Armitage Hux is well known as one of the most brilliant officers in the First Order Constabulary, the most elite branch of investigative service within the Empire. Stationed in bleak and rainy Arkanis, Hux has every technological convenience (not to mention a culture that prides itself on its decorum) he could possibly desire. Sure, his social life is limited to his cat and dodging phonecalls from his family, but he prefers it that way.

But after the murder of another First Order DI, Hux finds himself traveling from his Arkanis home to D’Qar, an island that had been part of the New Republic before being colonized by the Empire thirty years prior, in order to lead the investigation to solve his fellow DI’s murder.

With its brilliant sunshine, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters, D’Qar is nothing like Hux’s beloved Arkanis. And with his crisp suits, posh accent, and fair (if not pasty) complexion, Hux couldn’t stand out further.

Culture shock continues to rattle Hux as he meets the team he’s meant to lead at D’Qar Police Station. Between the laid-back and cocky Poe Dameron, the hard-working but naive Finn Storm, and a station with no criminal database, no forensic labs, and no damn air conditioning, Hux is feeling the heat (and that has nothing to do with wearing his suit in the tropics).

But the worst part is Hux’s new partner, D’Qar native Detective Ben Solo. Solo is loud, social, passionate, lax about rules, arrogant, and worst of all, he’s too handsome for his own good.

The stuffy Arkanis detective is forced to live in his own personal hell: a sunny tropical paradise where the natives are all about living life to the fullest and even murder can’t dampen the spirit of D’Qar. It’s only a matter of time before Hux’s ice heart melts, but the only question is if it will be the sun that does the deed, or the steamy Ben Solo.

i highly recommend the cartoon Wakfu! its a french animated series about an Eliatrope, a race to have been thought extinct, and his five friends going on an adventure to save the World of Twelve, their home. Yugo is slowly learning of his past and what it means to be an Eliatrope in the new world. When Nox arrives with his monstrous contraptions and minions, everyone believes the world will be destroyed.

seasons 1 and 2 can be found on netflix (with an english dub if you prefer that over french w/ english subtitles) along with the three episode special Wakfu: The Quest for the Six Eliatrope Dofus! i just learned theyre doing a season three right now and literally about to cry over it, its so emotional and heart wrenching and so good!!

Its funny how 5 years ago Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Introduced these, what I thought, Lame at the time heroes, and now they’ve blown up.

Avengers EMH was a show that used to play on Disney XD from 2010-2012

Sadly It got cancelled and replaced with some New BS but its still a good show that I highly recommend and its all on Netflix. It introduced tons of characters who have now become Mainstream thanks to the movies. 

When they first introduced Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

All I thought was, who the Hell is this Robin/Redhood Rip off. Pan to 3 years later. He’s become a Badass and something fangirls drool over

When they first introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Space Avengers as they put it

All I kept thinking is why does their leader have Master Chief’s voice (fun fact Steve Downes played Peter quill) and who the hell does this Tree think he is trying to fight the Hulk. 3 years later. Its being called the New Star Wars and people can’t stop quoting “I am groot" 

and When they first showed Ultron 

All I thought was, How the hell is Machine going to fight Thor and the Hulk, then they explained it and showed his abilities and now I’m hyped for his appearance in Avengers 2 

Rewatching the series again right now to see if any minor character might have their own movie again. and hopefully Ant Man will have a scene like this haha

Just watched The Little Prince and honestly nothing could've prepared me for just how beautiful and absolutely breathtaking it was. It's a masterpiece that I know I'll be watching over and over again. Few movies have taken me on such an emotional journey and left me feeling like I've learned so much. Highly recommend this if you've not seen it already.

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Hey all! I was wondering if any of you were going to watch Dear White People? If so I'd love to hear your thoughts. It's so so good! I highly recommend. :)

This is a legit question: is the Netflix show the movie that was released a couple of years just cut up into sections (with stuff added)? Because it looks exactly the same as a movie I saw whenever it was on amazon or however I found it online.

I’m not sure if I’ll watch it. If it is the movie, I remember feeling lukewarm on it, although I honestly don’t remember it super-well.
Thursday night!

Make sure your homework is done. Get some delicious food and cuddle with your favorite stuffie! You can make it through this rough week. There’s this one show on Netflix I would highly recommend! LoliRock! Its about this teenage girl who has magical singing powers!

Make sure your little has love and attention they need. Make sure you all have a filling and hearty dinner tonight. You guys deserve it. I would recommend Its always sunny in Philidelpia for you guys on netflix. Its one of my favorite shows right now. Also make sure your little is following their nightly routine.

Good night everyone and enjoy the time you guys have together!!!

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that clip of the two british people kissing over hot cocoa, was that their first kiss? if so congrats but if not still congrats that's hella cute

*australian people and it was their second kiss and riiiiight????
i’m glad you think so too.
also, the show’s called the doctor blake mysteries, it’s a crime drama and it’s amazing and i highly recommend it.

if i’m less active on here it’s just because i’ve been binge watching timeless (i could rant all day about that show, it’s on netflix and i highly recommend. lyatt is a great slow burn ship and i’ve cried way too many times over the characters already) but i’m onto the finale now. fskfjsf. but yes don’t worry i’m not dead or anything i’m just crying over wyatt logan lmao. 

i also have a few gifsets that are in the works, and more icons i haven’t posted. :) 

Ok I don’t know why Tumblr isn’t totally obsessed with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, glamorous badass lady detective in 1920’s Melbourne who loves jazz, alcohol, and casual sex, advocates for birth control, and is a huge ally to the women of the show, including but not limited to her badass queer lady doctor bestie, her sweet devoutly Catholic maid who’s afraid of the telephone, and her former street kid foster ward. She’s awesome and is continually advocating for women and girls while solving mysteries and looking fabulous and being the all-around Queen. The POC representation needs work and more consistency, and though there is a queer character who is a mainstay on the show more queer characters would obvs be better, but it’s continually full of awesome and diverse female characters, which is pretty freaking sweet. If you go for a jazz-age period drama murder show powered by cheekbones and sass, I highly highly recommend.

hi guys! a few days ago the full series of young justice was added to Netflix, and I, along with many people, have been a die hard fan ever since the release. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it because it has a very diverse cast as well as an intriguing plot and characters you can’t help but fall in love with. It abruptly ended after its second season, leaving it off with a big cliffhanger. This truly was a masterpiece in cartoons and superhero tv and had a lot of great representation, so i strongly recommend it to anyone.So in hopes of making another season please watch or rematch the full series on netflix, or buy merch or spread the word or whatever you want to do.  thank you!

If any of you have yet to watch the documentary Blackfish (its on Netflix; its about a killer whale named Tilikum) I highly recommend it because it really opens your eyes about how fucked up the SeaWorld industry is and how narrow minded and how money hungry people are and it actually makes me sick to my stomach to think that I went to a whale show at SeaWorld and I actually liked it, because this movie completely changed my opinion on this kind of thing and its really sad and heartbreaking to know that it will probably go on for many more years until people get their heads out of their ass and realize that animals are not made to be in captivity.