it's okay to be a human woman

The big plot twist of Wonder Woman was

humans are awful sometimes.



  • You: Rowan Whitethorn
  • Me, an intellectual: Literal embodiment of hyper masculinity in male characters. This may not have been a problem save for the fact that all of the fae - and sometimes even human - males are romanticised in this way. When the females simply shake their heads and laugh it off, it becomes normalised. And it is definitely possible that some girl reading this might take it as gender norms; the man is the big strong one who can sleep around as many times as he wants, the woman must be loyal to her partner and submissive. If another man so much as LOOKS at her, he will immediately be torn to pieces. This leads readers to believe that it is OKAY for men to get angry, it's okay for them to be constantly on edge. You might argue that Aelin can stand up for herself, but she shouldn't have to. This hyper masculinity is also reinforced by the fact that Rowan never actually considered her a friend and wanted to pursue her romantically from the get-go. It reinforces the "can a boy and a girl really be friends" box that straight people like to put themselves in. You could also argue, however, that Aelin is friends with a lot of male characters, though, most of which she dated before. At one point, in Queen of Glass, Aelin even showed romantic interest in her cousin, so, again, she seems incapable of being just friends with any male due to the sheer amount of heteronormativity in these books which is reinforced by the hyper masculinity that can even be seen in the gentlest of male characters.
The Last Of Us - A Sirius Black Imagine *smut*

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A new Sirius x Reader imagine because, hey what would be my life without it? 

Warning: smut


(ps : by the way, I changed my theme so I could add a masterlist link on the mobile version, let me know if it doesn’t work ^^)

The coffee shop was going awfully quiet.
Y/N looked down at her notes. Studying medicine was almost a full time job. She needed a rest.
She looked at her left wrist, glancing at her watch. Had she been there all day? The shop was about to close down; she had maybe half an hour left. Her big exam was coming at the end of the week. She thought she could use the remaining time just to catch up with her reading.
She felt like it was never going to end.
But still, it was better than what she was used to do before. Helping people instead of hurting them was something to look forward for.
She yawned and got up.
‘Sorry, is it too late to ask for another coffee?’ she said to the kind barista in front of her.
He looked at the dark circles surrounding her eyes; it was as much as he felt sorry for her.
‘Not at all, there’s still some left. Are you not tired? It’s late…’
She smiled.
‘This is why I need another round’ she replied, laughing warmly.
'Seriously, I don’t know how you keep up. I see you every night here, looking at your notes… what are you studying, if I may ask?’
Y/N sighed.
'I want to be a doctor… so…’
The door opening behind interrupted her. She looked at the costumer. He looked a little bit lost, like he didn’t even know what he was doing there. He seemed to hold an helmet in his hands and his mid long dark hair were all over the place.
She turned around; the barista lent her a cup of warm coffee. She took out her purse.
'It’s on the house’ he said, smiling.
'Oh, thank you’ she replied, grateful.
'You’ll be saving lives in the future, no need to thank me!’
She laughed warmly.
Holding the cup, she sat back at her place, buried with all the handiworks and heavy notebooks. She was exhausted. Her attention was drawn to the young man with the helmet. He looked confused.
'Er… I’ll have a coffee, please.’
Y/N looked at him more carefully. He emanated some strange posture, a mix of elegance and recklessness. He had a style of his own but it looked almost like it was effortless. From him emanated something very special, she just couldn’t put her finger on it. He grabbed the cup and sat at the table in front of her. She blushed. He looked cute. No, cute wasn’t the word. The more she stared at him, the more she thought he looked handsome. His silver eyes were to die for; they were a colour she hadn’t been used to see. His face looked familiar thought, but it didn’t matter.
He sipped on the hot liquid and their eyes locked. Y/N immediately glanced down, trying to get back in her studies. But all the words were dancing before her eyes; she was saturated with it all. She could feel the young man’s gaze on her, which made her feel particularly warm.
She heard his chair creaks and a second later; he was standing in front of her.
'Mind if I sit?’ he said.
She looked at him, thinking he had the warmest voice.
'Not enough free seats?’ she replied, glancing at the empty coffee place.
He raised his shoulders.
'You look like you could use some company.’
'Do I?’ she said, smiling weakly.
He sat in front of her.
'What you’re up to?’
'Drowning myself into studies.’
She nodded.
'That’s amazing’ he replied, taking a sheet in his hands.
He looked like he tried to understand what was written on it. He put it down on the table, looking rather discouraged.
'Most people say that, but sometimes I wonder in what I got myself into…’
He smiled, showing a straight line of white teeth.
'I never met a doctor before.’
'Never been to a hospital?’ she asked, frowning her eyebrows.
He waved his hand to avoid the question.
'I’m Sirius, by the way.’
He rolled his eyes.
'Oh you mean, Sirius is your name?’ she said, putting the emphasis on the “I”. 'That’s not a very common name is it?’
'My parents are weird.’
She laughed.
'So are mine. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Sirius.’
He smiled warmly at her again. She felt her face flush with red.
'What are you doing at this hour of the night?’
He raised his shoulders, gulping at another sip of coffee.
'My best mate’s wife just gave birth, I was on my way home.’
'Really? Aw! Are they okay?’
'Yeah, they’re fine. It’s a boy, actually. His name’s Harry.’
'Beautiful’ she replied.
'I’m his godfather’ he said, looking blankly at his cup. Y/N could feel he felt really proud. When he said godfather, she saw how his eyes were sparkling.
'I want to do this, later. Helping women give birth. Its a powerful thing to do you know? Watching a woman bringing a new human being into this world, it’s so… beautiful.’
'Yeah. I never was baby crazy’ he said with a funny tone. 'But when I held the little lad in my arms, I felt like I would protect him at any cost. It was almost like… I don’t know, it was a strange feeling.’
'Wait until you get one of your own. You’ll feel this way a hundred per cent more.’
He laughed bark-likely.
'Well, I’m not there yet.’
Y/N pointed at her notes.
'Me neither.’
They heard the barista walk to their table.
'I’m sorry’ he said, looking embarrassed. 'I kind of have to throw you out, I’m closing the place down.’
'Oh, no worries’ replied Y/N, gathering her things up together. 'I’m leaving.’
She got up and Sirius followed her outside.
'It was nice to meet you’ she said, waving awkwardly at him.
'Do you live near?’ he asked, looking at the dark sky.
Sirius laughed.
'Okay, that sounded creepier than I wanted to. I’m just offering you a ride. I won’t stalk you, don’t worry. It’s late…’
Y/N looked all around. It was indeed pretty late. And she was so tired, she didn’t feel like walking.
'You’re driving a bike?’ she asked, pointing at the engine.
'I always carry an extra helmet.’
She laughed and stood next to him.
'Do you, um? In case you meet some random girl?’
He laughed.
'I’ll take the ride’ she added, feeling quite light.
What was life without a little risk, anyway?
Sirius started the motorbike. It growled loudly.
It was a hot summer day, still the cool wind made Y/N feel good. The moving motion and the freeing sensation made her feel like she was flying. It was waking her up a bit as they were heading towards her tiny flat, down the city. She felt more alive than she had felt in some time.
When they reached her doorstep, she was disappointed it didn’t last longer.
She gazed at Sirius, who was sitting on his bike, looking at her hungrily.
'Thank you’ she said, shyly. 'It was really nice of you.’
'Pleasure was all mine, Y/N.’
She turned her back. She closed her eyes, waiting to hear the sound of the growling motor again.
'Sirius?’ she shouted, turning to face him again.
He turned around.
'Do you want to come upstairs? Have some tea maybe?’
He looked at her in the eyes and bit his lip.
'You sure?’

Y/N nodded. She needed to focus on something else. How long had it been since she became intimate with somebody for the last time? She couldn’t recall.
With everything that had happened over the past year…
'Yeah, come on in.’
Sirius followed her inside.
When she turned the key into the lock, she swallowed.
'It’s no palace, but it’s home.’
They entered her flat. Like she had just stated, it wasn’t a big place. You couldn’t tell where the kitchen ended or where the living room started.
Y/N threw her keys on the coffee table and managed to free it.
‘Sorry for the mess, I have notes everywhere’ she said, embarrassed.
‘I don’t mind, really. You shouldn’t worry about it.’
She turned around and smiled to Sirius. He looked so irresistible.
Like if he had read in her mind, he stepped closer to her and stared into her eyes.
She felt so little out of a sudden. She looked down and scratched her neck.
‘I’m sorry, I’m not used to that…’
‘To what?’ replied Sirius, looking amused.
‘I never invited a stranger over, you know?’
He smiled, again, which made her heart pound faster.
‘Would you show me?’ she asked, clenching her grisp on his shirt.
He smacked his lips unto hers and grabbed her from the floor. She got lost in the kiss, sliding her fingers in his locks. Sirius pushed her gently on the small counter where he slowly put kisses on her collarbone. Y/N let out a moan, which he found extremely cute.
She pulled off his shirt and looked at his stomach. She slid a finger on his chest as she admired him.
He managed to unzip her jeans and in all honestly, she couldn’t wait for them to drop on the kitchen floor.
Y/N grabbed his neck and pulled him near her so she could kiss him deeply again. Someway, deep inside, it set down a fire in her stomach and she was unstoppable.
It only managed to get Sirius eager for her and she started to unbuckle his jeans as well. His belt fell on the floor with a loud toc as he growled into her mouth.
‘Fuck me’ she whispered in his ear, which set him on fire.
He ripped out her panties and took out his hard on from his underwear. There, on the counter, he penetrated her with such force she had a gulp of surprise.
‘Are you alright?’ he asked her.
She smiled.
She arched her hips so he could take her more and she moaned of pleasure, juice dripping of her sex as he moved back and forth into her.
Sirius pulled her shirt off and released her gorged breast, sucking on each of her nipples. Y/N scratched his back and he let out a loud growl.
‘Playing rough, are we?’ he said, with a smirk on his face.
He stopped moving into her, turned her body around so she could face the backlash and started to pound into her again, this time from behind.
Y/N let a big moan escape her mouth as she took his full length, not knowing what to do with herself anymore. Her legs were starting to shake with pleasure as Sirius moved into her. She was slowly feeling all of her senses at the same time.
Sirius stopped moving and bent, knees on the floor. He spread her wet cheeks and started to lick her hole, applying pressure on her clit, lapping slowly, tasting her juices.
‘Fuck!’ she shouted, feeling she was about to cum.
He got up again and slid back his cock into her.
‘Merlin, you look so damn pretty’ he said into her ear.
She flinched but tried to not think about it. Only her pleasure counted.
He rubbed gently her clit with his finger and with a loud moan she came hard on him. He followed her into the void of pleasure.
Both panting and sweating, they stared into their eyes.
She knew.
She got off the counter and put her clothes back on.
‘I’ll be back’ she said, running to her bedroom.
She closed the door behind her, feeling tears coming to her eyes. She had tried to leave this life. She had left everything to lead a normal existence. Somehow, her past always seemed to catch up with her. She could never put this behind her.
Y/N approached her night table. She opened the second drawer and grabbed something at the bottom of it.
‘Shit’ she mumbled to herself.
She hid it behind her back and got out of her room. Sirius was standing in the kitchen, replacing his hair correctly. He turned around and gave her a big smile.
Y/N pointed the object at his chest.
‘Who are you?’ she asked with a cold voice.
Sirius frowned his eyebrows.
‘Who are you?’ he answered, looking for his wand. He had left it in his coat.
‘I left everything to escape you people. I knew this was no coincidence. You were sent to spy on me, isn’t?’
‘What are you talking about? I didn’t know you were-‘
Y/N moved her hand, making her wand twitch.
‘Are you working for him?’
Sirius was shocked.
‘For who?’
‘You a Death Eater?’
‘What! No way! Hey, listen to me, I’m not-‘
He waved his hands in the air, feeling threatened.
‘If you’re going to kill me, at least tell me your full name’ he said, stepping back.
He was now standing in the living room.
‘It doesn’t matter. I got away from all this bullshit, I specifically told my brother I didn’t want to do anything with it. Go tell him he has to stop chasing me. I’m not with them anymore.’
‘I don’t know who your brother is, love, but I swear, I’m not a Death Eater. I’m not.’
Sirius looked at the little coffee table where she had tried to clean the papers away. He peeked at the sheet above where she had written her name with a delicate calligraphy at the top.. With fearful eyes, he glanced at Y/N again.
‘Y/N. You’re a Lestrange?’ he whispered in a low voice. ‘Tell me you’re not…’

The criticism that bugs me the most towards Zack Snyder’s Superman is that he doesn’t smile or that he spends too much time being sad. Recently in another post I talked a bit about how I interpreted this version of Superman to be a metaphor for depression so I’ll expand a bit of my thoughts on it here - but not by focusing solely on depression but rather on what it means to be human.

To get to the point, I think it’s disgusting when people make the complaint that Superman shouldn’t be sad and that he spends too much time doubting himself since he’s capable of so much more, because in a way the reactions by these critics mirror the way humanity shuns Superman in the DCEU for not being able to do everything expected of him, the way humanity in the real world disapproves of and/or alienates those struggling with depression or any mental illness in general, and the way the media attacks Zack Snyder as a person for simply making films that are different from their own tastes. It’s natural and justified for Superman to be in emotional distress, and in my opinion it would be insultingly unrealistic for him not to be.

It’s like telling someone struggling with trauma and depression “why can’t you just be happy?” or “just get over it! smile!” despite them going through or having gone through hell, despite them living in a world that prefers ignorance towards issues that need to be addressed, and despite them constantly being attacked by those who make them feel as if they’re a failure or a burden to the people around them.

Humanity in the DCEU views Superman as a devil and a god, as an enemy and a savior, and he knows that every decision he makes, even merely existing, will anger a lot of people. Humanity in real life idealizes Superman as a perfect hero who always finds the optimal solution to every problem, who smiles all the time, who isn’t allowed to show vulnerability or weakness. Zack Snyder utilizes these expectations to reveal that not even Superman is perfect, and in doing so he sheds light on the beauty of vulnerability and why it’s okay to surrender yourself to your emotions when it all becomes too overwhelming. That’s how you humanize a character like Superman.

“You look at Superman, and you wonder, what can he possibly have to worry about? What could possibly ever hurt him? But just because his skin is invulnerable, that doesn’t mean his heart is. And that’s how you hurt Superman. You break his heart.”

DC stories are mainly about finding the humanity within god-like beings. Wonder Woman, for example, beautifully portrays optimism and joy in a superhero film that explores the character’s humanity in its own grounded and special way, and many people are calling the film a breath of fresh air yet many are unable to do so without attacking the “dark and brooding” character of Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice’s Superman, because that character reminds them too much of the issues they’d prefer to stay silent on.

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If it's okay with you, may I ask the difference between the terms 'woman vs. female'? I'm not aware of the difference and would like very much to broaden my knowledge. Thank you!

“Female” as an adjective is mostly fine, what we’re talking about here is the use as a noun. Calling women “females” is generally dehumanizing and sounds like you’re referring to animals (which we gender by saying a “female dog” or a “male dog”) instead of actual human women. When students would use it in their papers, I always said it was inappropriate just on a formal level because it sounds like slang. Plus, the men who use this terminology always invariably continue their sentence with some kind of gross generalization/stereotyping of women, such as “All females are so sensitive,” or “Men, why would you allow a female to treat you like this.” These are nearly direct quotes from any MTV reality show. Like turn one on right now and some white boy with a neck tattoo will be mid sentence about females. So if you sound like a drunk 24 year old with a degree in exercise science from a party school, then you’re probably on the wrong side of history anyway. 


Maybe you’ve seen these?

Ohhh wow thank you so much for sending me these, @capped-n-jazzed!
I hadn’t seen them before >_<

so here it goes, a quick and rough translation!
pg 1: Niichan’s memories. some woman is telling a (probably) young Niichan to “quickly get rid of this (could it be his sperm? he’s holding onto something lolol), go home, quit being so shameless” and “become a proper human being”
> the shocking series gets to its closure, at last!

pg 2: Yui says he’s the only one in the whole world who can forgive and comprehend Niichan
Niichan says “bye bye, Yui” (probably in a small, faltering voice considering the speech bubble… omfg)

pg 3: now Niichan is at his parents’ house I presume? he asks if it’s okay having him back home
his mom (?) replies “what’re you saying? we’re paying high for treatment costs, so…”
and Niichan cuts her off, saying that he’s not ill, then asks her “what even is being normal?” he says he wants to become such a thing if that exists but he honestly doesn’t know.

pg 4: Niichan says he doesn’t know again.

okay how is that even the last chapter i need answers

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I am really sorry but I just don't understand how you can claim to have peaceful views and beliefs and still be supportive of abortion because it's a woman's choice. You're happy to speak for ducks, chooks, sheep, cows and a multitude of other animal rights but not allow the one human right that should not be argued about? The right of an unborn child to live. This just seems like a huge contradiction to me and for this reason I will be unfollowing you.

Hey pal. That’s okay, you have every right to follow and unfollow whomever you choose. I’m sad that you think this way and have to leave, but I wish you well! Just in case you have stuck around or are having a cheeky peek at my blog to see a response, I’ll answer your message anyway.

I rather enjoy (and agree with) the quote “I am made entirely out of contradictions, stitched together with good intentions”. I think that applies to all of us, really! For example, say 90% of the population eat meat. Most will identify as ‘a dog person’, ‘a  cat person’ or ‘an animal lover’ or at the very least be against cruelty towards animals. Simultaneously, those people - who may even have pets, support the RSPCA and think whaling is disgusting - will then go home and tuck into a cooked baby lamb or chicken. I care deeply about our environment, yet it conflicts with my equally deep love of travel and exploring which increases my global footprint. Maybe you support body positivity but secretly wish you could lose or gain weight. We all live the best that we can, not everything is black and white but rather on a spectrum, and I don’t think these two issues are on the same graphs. I am a feminist (as I believe all females are), and my views are shaped by that. I don’t believe a female should be forced to have a child and bring a human into this world if the situation isn’t right. I also don’t believe a female should be impregnated without her consent, forced to have the child, then have it taken away. To me, these principles actually go hand in hand more than they contradict one another.

I don’t think abortion and the slaughter/exploitation of animals are really comparable anyway. Abortion could be the consequence of rape, childhood/teen pregnancy as a result of poor sex education, or generally not being fit to raise another human being - the other is us choosing to exert our dominance over others and use them for our pleasure, entertainment or food when there is no reason for us to do so. 

You may speak up for that foetus, but who speaks for the woman? The person who has to endure 9 months of physical, financial and emotional stress, then another minimum of 18 years, possibly resulting in poor living conditions for both mother and child. I wouldn’t wish anyone to be born out of regret or obligation, that’s no life to live.

I believe that the decision to have or not have a child is one that can be made only by the parents, and the woman whose body is in question. Raising another human being is an enormous responsibility and should not be enforced when it’s not desired/possible. I don’t think other, unrelated people (usually men) should be allowed to dictate laws that will impact another’s life (and body) like that. The worlds population is already reaching astronomical numbers, so I don’t believe we should feel forced into bringing more people into this world if the potential parents don’t wish to do so. It could contribute even more to homelessness, children in orphanages and the already growing amount of people living in poverty. Furthermore, I feel that even if medical abortions were made illegal, women (or their partners) would still have the need for this option and be forced to take some sort of action themselves, which would be very dangerous and traumatic.

When it comes to this topic, I am pro-choice. Not pro-abortion, but pro-every-female-has-a-right-over-what-happens-to-her-body. This incudes all females, not just humans. I’m pro choice, and anti sticking-our-arms-or-’rape racks’-up-inside-female-cows-to-forcefully-impregnate-them-and-make-them-carry-a-child-before-tearing-it-away-to-be-killed..

Best wishes to you x

tumblr post: what does the term “Mary Sue” really mean?

me: very interesting question! to answer it, we need to look at the fan culture of the 60s, and in particular Star Trek and Man from UNCLE. As fanfiction in its modern definition predates the Internet and previously existed in fanzines, shipping in its modern form also-

tumblr post: it means a woman that gamer males are terrified of, that is, any woman that’s an actual human being rather than a-

me: ah it’s one of those posts okay

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Hey, quick question: what do you think Nerevar's policy was regarding the treatment of enemy noncombatants, especially children? I've been trying to develop a headcanon about Nerevar's policies based on research into ancient Mesopotamian cultures, and I'd appreciate your input.


Ok so… it’s a really interesting question :)

I do not think Nerevar had any special, personal policies regarding treatment of non-combatants or children. More like he went on by what was acceptable in his day and age. And here’s why.

If we go somewhat analogous to our world, then the legal distinction between non-combatant and combatant didn’t really exist until the standing army was established. Late Middle Ages, early Renaissance. It doesn’t mean it was okay to kill people indiscriminately, oh no. But if there is no clear distinction between a person engaged in military as a profession and those who aren’t, it’s sort of difficult to talk about any sort of legality here. (Any peasant with a pitchfork can be a combatant).

[I’m not talking about Roman Empire here; I specifically do not want to use anything related to Roman Empire when we talk about Chimer.]

Was there anything resembling a standing army in Resdayn? In Morrowind, the closest we get to it is Ordinators, Boyant Armigers, Almalexia’s Hands - all bound to a religious institution. Nothing else. If you take into account Nerevar’s role as a unifying force, you may surmise/headcanon that he tried to establish something of the sort in his times; after all, standing army and uniform taxation are the sure signs of centralization of power (that’s how the power of the nobles is reduced and is concentrated in the hands of a monarch). But how far did he really get? Was the legality of the question “who is a civilian” and “ who is a combatant” ever touched upon? I highly doubt it. 

So what I think happened is that there existed some sort of written - and unwritten - notion of the “just and fair war”. It’s very common to have such in most cultures, and each culture around the world has its own. But the core principles usually coincide, ever since the earliest recorded human history. It’s either “do not kill those who are not trying to kill you” or “do not kill women, children, elderly” or something of the sort. Now, I will specifically insist that it was absolutely okay to kill women in Chimer culture. If we are talking about a world where both women and men could rule, bear arms and act on equal terms, then killing a woman would not be anything special. So it will be reduced to “do not kill elderly and children”. The general principle I would assume existed way before Nerevar and Nerevar didn’t really add anything to it. 

Now did he always adhere to it? I would say no because what exists on paper and what ppl do are two different things. If the circumstance demanded it, he would neglect any and all principles of “just and fair war”. Also I headcanon that in Resdayn all possessions and population of a sacked city would be either enslaved or become servants for the Chimer. So that is also one way that the question of what to do with children be resolved. And lastly, children of nobility are valuable as hostages. But that is canonically so.  

Now, I cannot say I am very familiar with ancient Mesopotamian warfare - only some things here and there. So I would be interested to see what you discovered :) 

So I’ve been on Jim little over a month and already there’s so many of you, I’m just so blown away, especially since I was a little insecure with him initially. The Sherlock fandom has just been so damn welcoming and honestly you’re all just the sweetest bunch, I’m so glad I came back after all the years I spent away (I used to run a Sherlock blog five years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago honestly). 

I’m going to throw all the love under the cut, just because there’s likely going to be a lot of it and I don’t want to spam the dash.

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I have nothing against black women but you complaining about the lack of black female overwatch characters and making it out like blizzard are specifically not making a black woman is ridiculous. Overwatch has the most diverse and interesting cast I have ever seen but just because they don't have one specific they must be purposefully trying to oppress you. Also in overwatch Omnics are essentially the same as humans so Orisa could be classed as a black woman.

I LOVE how I talked about how black women are excluded from video games and the industry all around but everyone wants to whine because I criticized Overwatch.  Like, its okay to exclude us and hurl abuse at us when we *are* visible but lord forbid someone actually point it out, *that* is the problem here. 

Apparently you *do* have something against black women since you think its okay to erase us and then exaggerate our feelings just because you can’t handle a little bit of criticism.  I mean I’ve been gaming for decades but tell me how “ridiculous” it is that I have some criticism about a game that gets praised specifically for its diversity but seems to drop the ball with black women.  You think my impression of Blizzard comes from just playing Overwatch?  I’ve been gaming for over two decades.  Blizzard has *always* been “off” on portraying non-white people, unless they’re non-human stand ins.  That’s common knowledge and a common criticism directed at plenty of game devs, not just Blizzard.  No one’s picking on a successful game company XD, they’ll be fine.  People would put this off as just par for the course if it were a game that was known for being shoddy with its diversity, but Overwatch should have been better. 

No one even said “purposely trying to oppress”, I swear, you all read something that criticizes something you like and overpraised as the next “progressive fave” and you throw a fit and don’t bother reading, you just rush to come in and dismiss and argue with whatever marginalized person doesn’t worship your fave.  Sorry but despite what a lot of people on here will tell you, “everyone but black women” doesn’t count as “the most diverse and interesting cast”, it just counts as “its got some decent diversity but could stand for some improvement”.  Relax.  Grow up and learn to be critical of stuff you like or move on and let others voice their own without being offended. 

Also…you sure educated me on Orisa!  I *never* would have known that a member of a fictional race of robot-like beings, who is used to protect and serve others, can be a stand in for black women!  *ending sarcasm here* Orisa will NEVER be a black woman because she’s not a freaking human and she’s literally controlled by someone else…This is why you can’t just take non-humans and code them as black people because then people who already dehumanize us think that’s “accurate representation”.  Like, I know you all are used to making these asinine arguments *every time* a black woman says anything you don’t agree with, but this is getting kind of ridiculous.  Come on now.  

Its so funny how the “most progressive and diverse” games have the most racist fandoms XD this is like the Dragon Age fandom all over again. 

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This Dany speech. It sounds nice, but It still doesn't explain why Jon should bow in front of her. She had tough life & she's brave woman. Okay... Maybe she deserves her ancestral lands - Crownlands with KL and DS. But why would King chosen by it's own people, who lived his entire life in the North give power to her? It's like queen of UK would demand return of Ireland to the crown just because brits conquered the country & ruled there for few centuries.

The purpose of her speech is not about convincing Jon to kneel to her. She’s already stated what she wants before that and doesn’t need to repeat it. The speech is important because it humanizes her. She’s just met this stranger who doesn’t know her story (as she does not know his). To Jon, she probably will come off a pampered, arrogant monarch. By being blunt and forthright about
her past, she’s telling him that she’s suffered too and that her journey has been arduous and painful - something he may not expect. Another purpose for it is expressing her own self belief - she doesn’t pray to any gods and she’s not a slave to prophecy. She simply has faith in her birthright and destiny. She’s not asking him to believe or giving him a list of reasons to kneel, instead she is saying that he may not see her for what she is now, but he will eventually like many others.

Your last point kind of veers off topic but I’ve said this before: The North seceding has always been a protest against the current hegemony (Baratheon/Lannister). Joffrey declared war on the Starks by beheading Ned. Any attack on them is a threat to the North and that was the basis for Robb’s rallying cry as KiTN. Daenerys is not the malevolent force here, Cersei is. And need I remind you that is the SEVEN Kingdoms, not just Kings Landing, The Stormlands .etc and occasionally-whenever-they-feel-like-it The North. It’s been like that for over three hundred years and would still be that way if the current crown wasn’t hostile.

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You know I have a lot of complaints about Injustice and it's treatment of Clark. But what surprises me is how little outrage there is at the book whitewashing Harley Quinn despite her part in killing Jimmy, Lois and the nuking of Metropolis. I don't understand how that Bruce is fine with her on his team despite claiming that Lois was one of his friends.


so she….won’t fight Black Canary because she’s pregnant….but is okay…with killing a human woman with no superpower and her unborn child….and everyone…is okay with it….

someone who read Injustice pls tell me if she once apologise to Clark or even show remorse at what she did to Lois and the baby that doesn’t center around herself……

man just as I’m getting sick of that gifset going around about how she “dragged" Diana like lmao Diana should just punch her in the face 

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the "kara losing her entire world" thing is so ridiculous to get mad at. she's lost her boyfriend who she loved and who helped her 'be human' and lost balance in her life. if mag///gie died and a///lex said the same line, it would be fine. but bc mon-el is a cishet white male and kara is a woman, it's apparently bad for her to care about someone that much i just

honestly, i was going to mention this in that ask post, but i didnt want angry shippers on my tail. 

but yes to all of that. if al*x said that, it would probably be okay. but since its about Kara, it not okay. 

just like Kara developed a love life this season, so did al*x. And its not past the realm of reason for one of them to be devastated if they lost their significant other. 

and it was Kara that feel in love, it was her who had her heart-broken when Mon-El. So wanting to dissociate from the pain and be a hero full-time is reasonable! 

Anyways, I love being fat. And I love fat women. Me being fat is not “promoting obesity” and a number on the scale is not a reflection of my humanity, worth, or beauty.

I am a beautiful fat woman, and its my dream to crush the diet and weightloss industry under my 5 inch heels.

All fat women are beautiful, and its perfectly fine to be unhealthy and fat. It’s okay to have health issues and be fat.

And if you disagree let me know so I can block your fatphobic ass

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Hey uh I don't want this to come across rude but I just don't really understand how are you ace? Like you talk about wanting to 'bed women' and I thought ace was when you don't want sex? Have I got this wrong? I don't want this to come across as an attack I just want to understand I'm sorry you don't have to reply

No it’s okay! I make a lot of sex related jokes so it gets a bit confusing lmao but most of the time it is just for a punchline or a funny tag rather than being genuine. I am questioning at the moment just because I know that a lack of sexual interest can also be a result of compulsory heterosexuality which I have heaps of, so I’m still trying to figure that part out but I just keep the ace up there right now because I feel like it fits best :) 

"Erik/Raoul will never happen!"

So far the reasons behind this have been: Because Erik is totally incapable of love on any level. And Raoul is so straight that any queer headcanons about him are despicable affronts. Did I mention that Erik is unworthy of human affection from anyone, especially Raoul? And he’s not gay.

And even though this isn’t my main ship, I have just one thing to say in ErikxRaoul’s defense. Just one lil’ thing:

The Chinese didn’t give a crap.

  • Song At Midnight
  • The Phantom Lover (SoM remake)
  • The Phantom Lover (drama remake)

Christine is a man and Raoul is the woman. Raoul is in love with Erik’s character. In the last 2 remakes, they live happily ever after. BAM.

To the girl who feels like giving up, I see you!

I know you think no one notices but I do.

I see that there was once a spark in those hazel eyes of yours. They have seen so much pain. I can tell that so many stories hide behind those tired eyes.

I see that you are exhausted, and not in the I want to lay down and go to sleep kind of tired. The exhaustion of many hidden tears, and days full of anxiety and heart ache.

You’re tired from fighting to get through it all. You have fought so damn hard and I am so proud of you!

You have made it this far.You might not see the strong woman I see, but I promise you she is there within you.

You hold a lot back.You keep your mouth shut just to avoid conflict, but its okay to stand up for yourself once in a while.

Its okay to show emotion. It makes you human. You are allowed to feel as deeply as you want and express yourself as much as you want.

You try so hard to come off as a hard shell, but I see so much light with in you. It radiates from you even though you might try to dim it to protect yourself, I can still see it.

I know it is really hard right now to see the light at the end of this seemingly long tunnel, please believe me when I tell you it is there.

Nothing lasts forever, which means this difficult phase of life you are going through, it’ll end one day.

I truly hope that for you it’ll be soon because I know you have already endured so much.

You deserve to be happy. To be ecstatic. To feel on top of the world, To skip and jump and dance with joy. to feel it so deeply.

I know its time for something amazing to happen for you and I know with all my heart its coming.

Please just do me a favor, hang in there.

I know you feel drained from life and you feel lost and stuck. You don’t even know what you are doing anymore. I know you feel that way. I can see it.

Maybe its just that I read you well but I know…god I know how you are feeling and I hate seeing you like this.

I know the optimistic, happy woman you are is still inside you, shes just been weighted down over the years from all that weight shes been carrying.

I promise that weight will be lifted and everything will fall into place.

I promise you one day you will be able to look back and think wow I made it through all that.

Then you will see the strong woman I am seeing now. Hold on please a while longer.

—  April Lee