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  • You: Rowan Whitethorn
  • Me, an intellectual: Literal embodiment of hyper masculinity in male characters. This may not have been a problem save for the fact that all of the fae - and sometimes even human - males are romanticised in this way. When the females simply shake their heads and laugh it off, it becomes normalised. And it is definitely possible that some girl reading this might take it as gender norms; the man is the big strong one who can sleep around as many times as he wants, the woman must be loyal to her partner and submissive. If another man so much as LOOKS at her, he will immediately be torn to pieces. This leads readers to believe that it is OKAY for men to get angry, it's okay for them to be constantly on edge. You might argue that Aelin can stand up for herself, but she shouldn't have to. This hyper masculinity is also reinforced by the fact that Rowan never actually considered her a friend and wanted to pursue her romantically from the get-go. It reinforces the "can a boy and a girl really be friends" box that straight people like to put themselves in. You could also argue, however, that Aelin is friends with a lot of male characters, though, most of which she dated before. At one point, in Queen of Glass, Aelin even showed romantic interest in her cousin, so, again, she seems incapable of being just friends with any male due to the sheer amount of heteronormativity in these books which is reinforced by the hyper masculinity that can even be seen in the gentlest of male characters.

So I’ve been on Jim little over a month and already there’s so many of you, I’m just so blown away, especially since I was a little insecure with him initially. The Sherlock fandom has just been so damn welcoming and honestly you’re all just the sweetest bunch, I’m so glad I came back after all the years I spent away (I used to run a Sherlock blog five years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago honestly). 

I’m going to throw all the love under the cut, just because there’s likely going to be a lot of it and I don’t want to spam the dash.

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tumblr post: what does the term “Mary Sue” really mean?

me: very interesting question! to answer it, we need to look at the fan culture of the 60s, and in particular Star Trek and Man from UNCLE. As fanfiction in its modern definition predates the Internet and previously existed in fanzines, shipping in its modern form also-

tumblr post: it means a woman that gamer males are terrified of, that is, any woman that’s an actual human being rather than a-

me: ah it’s one of those posts okay


Maybe you’ve seen these?

Ohhh wow thank you so much for sending me these, @capped-n-jazzed!
I hadn’t seen them before >_<

so here it goes, a quick and rough translation!
pg 1: Niichan’s memories. some woman is telling a (probably) young Niichan to “quickly get rid of this (could it be his sperm? he’s holding onto something lolol), go home, quit being so shameless” and “become a proper human being”
> the shocking series gets to its closure, at last!

pg 2: Yui says he’s the only one in the whole world who can forgive and comprehend Niichan
Niichan says “bye bye, Yui” (probably in a small, faltering voice considering the speech bubble… omfg)

pg 3: now Niichan is at his parents’ house I presume? he asks if it’s okay having him back home
his mom (?) replies “what’re you saying? we’re paying high for treatment costs, so…”
and Niichan cuts her off, saying that he’s not ill, then asks her “what even is being normal?” he says he wants to become such a thing if that exists but he honestly doesn’t know.

pg 4: Niichan says he doesn’t know again.

okay how is that even the last chapter i need answers

anonymous asked:

I am really sorry but I just don't understand how you can claim to have peaceful views and beliefs and still be supportive of abortion because it's a woman's choice. You're happy to speak for ducks, chooks, sheep, cows and a multitude of other animal rights but not allow the one human right that should not be argued about? The right of an unborn child to live. This just seems like a huge contradiction to me and for this reason I will be unfollowing you.

Hey pal. That’s okay, you have every right to follow and unfollow whomever you choose. I’m sad that you think this way and have to leave, but I wish you well! Just in case you have stuck around or are having a cheeky peek at my blog to see a response, I’ll answer your message anyway.

I rather enjoy (and agree with) the quote “I am made entirely out of contradictions, stitched together with good intentions”. I think that applies to all of us, really! For example, say 90% of the population eat meat. Most will identify as ‘a dog person’, ‘a  cat person’ or ‘an animal lover’ or at the very least be against cruelty towards animals. Simultaneously, those people - who may even have pets, support the RSPCA and think whaling is disgusting - will then go home and tuck into a cooked baby lamb or chicken. I care deeply about our environment, yet it conflicts with my equally deep love of travel and exploring which increases my global footprint. Maybe you support body positivity but secretly wish you could lose or gain weight. We all live the best that we can, not everything is black and white but rather on a spectrum, and I don’t think these two issues are on the same graphs. I am a feminist (as I believe all females are), and my views are shaped by that. I don’t believe a female should be forced to have a child and bring a human into this world if the situation isn’t right. I also don’t believe a female should be impregnated without her consent, forced to have the child, then have it taken away. To me, these principles actually go hand in hand more than they contradict one another.

I don’t think abortion and the slaughter/exploitation of animals are really comparable anyway. Abortion could be the consequence of rape, childhood/teen pregnancy as a result of poor sex education, or generally not being fit to raise another human being - the other is us choosing to exert our dominance over others and use them for our pleasure, entertainment or food when there is no reason for us to do so. 

You may speak up for that foetus, but who speaks for the woman? The person who has to endure 9 months of physical, financial and emotional stress, then another minimum of 18 years, possibly resulting in poor living conditions for both mother and child. I wouldn’t wish anyone to be born out of regret or obligation, that’s no life to live.

I believe that the decision to have or not have a child is one that can be made only by the parents, and the woman whose body is in question. Raising another human being is an enormous responsibility and should not be enforced when it’s not desired/possible. I don’t think other, unrelated people (usually men) should be allowed to dictate laws that will impact another’s life (and body) like that. The worlds population is already reaching astronomical numbers, so I don’t believe we should feel forced into bringing more people into this world if the potential parents don’t wish to do so. It could contribute even more to homelessness, children in orphanages and the already growing amount of people living in poverty. Furthermore, I feel that even if medical abortions were made illegal, women (or their partners) would still have the need for this option and be forced to take some sort of action themselves, which would be very dangerous and traumatic.

When it comes to this topic, I am pro-choice. Not pro-abortion, but pro-every-female-has-a-right-over-what-happens-to-her-body. This incudes all females, not just humans. I’m pro choice, and anti sticking-our-arms-or-’rape racks’-up-inside-female-cows-to-forcefully-impregnate-them-and-make-them-carry-a-child-before-tearing-it-away-to-be-killed..

Best wishes to you x

Im sorry if this bothers you but your blog seriously inspires me; I need help visualizing how this would pan out in my mind, and you’re the only one I feel comfortable enough to ask right now… May please I request Headcanons for a friendship between Tapu Bulu and an abused and scarred human woman? What if she had randomly appeared from our universe into the pokeverse looking for sanctuary?   Thank you for your time!

its not a bother at all, anything to try and help ya out! ^^

*Tapu Bulu is a generally lazy pokemon so for it to take an interest in a human (besides the island kahuna) was pretty rare. Tapu Bulu is also a direct pokemon so when it approaches you, it’ll try to let you know that it wishes to befriend you right away.

* Although Tapu Bulu isn’t an affectionate pokemon or very touchy-feely, it does make sure to keep you company and is always friendly towards you. It also tries to keep it’s temper at a down-low since it doesn’t want to scare you.

* Although Tapu Bulu can tell that you’re not from this universe, if you tell it that you’re just looking for a safe place to stay, it’ll still lend itself for helping you. As island guardian, it takes it’s duties quite seriously despite it’s lazy demeanor and will do as much as it can to help you.

Okay so Kim Kardashian photoshopping her face onto a picture of the Virgin Mary is, like, incomprehensibly stupid and unwise (mostly for the same reason Beyonce dressing as the Virgin Mary was stupid and unwise–egotism), but people, the Virgin Mary ain’t a goddess or anything. It’s not actually blasphemous.

Mary was just… a normal human woman, who God chose to carry Jesus in the womb. She wasn’t born without Original Sin, she wasn’t some sort of Perfect Human™. She was just a humble, innocent young girl, given an unspeakably glorious blessing, and that was it.

Calm. Down.

That Pink Haired Demon

this is the first multichaptered fic I’ve ever wrote, so pleeeease reply your opinions about it! Thank you and enjoy!


Pairing(s): Mainly NaLu, building Gajevy, mentions of Gruvia, Jerza, Fraxus, Stingue, AlBis and ElfEver.

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Chapter: one, two

multi chaptered nalu au ; you’re a demon that tried to possess me but when you realized what awful shape i’m in, you forgot your nefarious plans and now you’re trying to help me get my life together

Lucy Heartfilia was not the kind of girl who enjoyed playing horror games, especially those involving ghosts, demons and what not. In fact, she was against it. Against the terror, of course.

But how the hell did she end up here?

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Coherent Female Characters

My only requirement of any story is that it respect its own characters to behave as the human beings their backstories, personalities, and circumstances insist they are, and to react coherently to the context in which the story places them. 

In practice, that doesn’t mean a happy ending for them, or a character making a morally correct choice, or being likeable, or being treated respectfully, or even getting what they want. It doesn’t even require a character to be original, or interesting, or even anything too far removed from a basic stereotype. This requirement only asks storytellers to address issues their story raises and allow characters to react to those issues in a coherent way. 

Two things brought this basic requirement home to me: reviews of the film Passengers, and watching Elf with my mother. 

I have not seen Passengers, and given the spoilers I doubt I ever will. But it reminds me how frequently female characters are not given the benefit of coherent reactions and subsequent actions. Too often a story fulfills the desires of a male protagonist at the cost of any internal coherency in a female character. Why would an ambitious and adventurous woman whose choices in life led her to a career in journalism, suggesting a deep interest in experiencing and documenting human society in all its forms, accept never again being part of human history, never having another conversation with anyone other than this one guy she’s sleeping with? It’s possible to construct a character who would be okay with this scenario, but if you haven’t constructed her that way, you can’t expect an audience to accept her actions as coherent or okay.

Why would an intelligent, self-sufficient young woman who is knee-deep in the difficult realities of her life suddenly want to go on a date with a much older man wearing tights who behaves like a 7 year old? Is she tired of the real world and wants to retreat from it? A few moments of thought suggests that if she wants her life to be easier and have more innocence and magic in it, she would want a partner who can help her deal with its difficulties and rise above them, not someone who is unaware that they exist in the first place. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But when a story needs a romantic ending for an idiot man, female characters often have to be bent to accommodate.

Fight back, ladies. You deserve better.

To the girl who feels like giving up, I see you!

I know you think no one notices but I do.

I see that there was once a spark in those hazel eyes of yours. They have seen so much pain. I can tell that so many stories hide behind those tired eyes.

I see that you are exhausted, and not in the I want to lay down and go to sleep kind of tired. The exhaustion of many hidden tears, and days full of anxiety and heart ache.

You’re tired from fighting to get through it all. You have fought so damn hard and I am so proud of you!

You have made it this far.You might not see the strong woman I see, but I promise you she is there within you.

You hold a lot back.You keep your mouth shut just to avoid conflict, but its okay to stand up for yourself once in a while.

Its okay to show emotion. It makes you human. You are allowed to feel as deeply as you want and express yourself as much as you want.

You try so hard to come off as a hard shell, but I see so much light with in you. It radiates from you even though you might try to dim it to protect yourself, I can still see it.

I know it is really hard right now to see the light at the end of this seemingly long tunnel, please believe me when I tell you it is there.

Nothing lasts forever, which means this difficult phase of life you are going through, it’ll end one day.

I truly hope that for you it’ll be soon because I know you have already endured so much.

You deserve to be happy. To be ecstatic. To feel on top of the world, To skip and jump and dance with joy. to feel it so deeply.

I know its time for something amazing to happen for you and I know with all my heart its coming.

Please just do me a favor, hang in there.

I know you feel drained from life and you feel lost and stuck. You don’t even know what you are doing anymore. I know you feel that way. I can see it.

Maybe its just that I read you well but I know…god I know how you are feeling and I hate seeing you like this.

I know the optimistic, happy woman you are is still inside you, shes just been weighted down over the years from all that weight shes been carrying.

I promise that weight will be lifted and everything will fall into place.

I promise you one day you will be able to look back and think wow I made it through all that.

Then you will see the strong woman I am seeing now. Hold on please a while longer.

—  April Lee
"Erik/Raoul will never happen!"

So far the reasons behind this have been: Because Erik is totally incapable of love on any level. And Raoul is so straight that any queer headcanons about him are despicable affronts. Did I mention that Erik is unworthy of human affection from anyone, especially Raoul? And he’s not gay.

And even though this isn’t my main ship, I have just one thing to say in ErikxRaoul’s defense. Just one lil’ thing:

The Chinese didn’t give a crap.

  • Song At Midnight
  • The Phantom Lover (SoM remake)
  • The Phantom Lover (drama remake)

Christine is a man and Raoul is the woman. Raoul is in love with Erik’s character. In the last 2 remakes, they live happily ever after. BAM.

As a girl, if you truly believe you don’t need feminism, go ahead and drop all of the rights that you’ve gained because of feminism. You can never get a job again, because you don’t have the right, you can never vote again because you don’t have the right. Hell, you wouldn’t even be a free person without feminism.
So continue to sit around and whine that you don’t need feminism because you’re not a “man hater”, because you’re just hurting your own cause.

What’s the worst possible thing you can call a woman? Don’t hold back, now.
You’re probably thinking of words like slut, whore, bitch, cunt (I told you not to hold back!), skank.
Okay, now, what are the worst things you can call a guy? Fag, girl, bitch, pussy. I’ve even heard the term “mangina.”
Notice anything? The worst thing you can call a girl is a girl. The worst thing you can call a guy is a girl. Being a woman is the ultimate insult. Now tell me that’s not royally fucked up.
“You throw like a girl”
“you fight like a girl”
“You run like a girl”
“don’t be such a girl”

And sorry to burst your little bubble, but without women, you would not exist.

And why does anyone think it is okay to ask a woman if she “Is on her period” Just because she is annoyed or angry. Are you that freaking stupid? Humans are allowed to feel emotions so get off your high horse and accept the fact that you are an asshole.

Things feminism taught me:
- its OKAY for men to cry
- its okay for anyone to cry, we’ve all done it
- rape is never the victims fault
- men can be raped too
- sex means something different to everyone. No one has to have it and its not possible to have too much of it
- CORRECT feminism is equality for all genders
- feminism only has a ‘female’ root because it became widely popular when females were widely oppressed
- real feminists defend male rape victims, and ignore gender norms for every gender
- don’t fucking judge people for being happy and confident oh my god
- love your body its a temple, the size, shape, and composition of it does not matter
- be confident. Be full of yourself. You are a fucking cutiepie.

If you don’t agree with me, please don’t try to fight me on this, Just unfriend me and continue with your life.

(P.S. Don’t say “That’s so gay” when you dislike something or don’t agree with something. Of all the words you could have said, (like stupid, foolish, annoying, idiotic, weak, goofy, childish, pathetic, uncool, etc.) you choose gay? A word that mean homosexual? Well that doesn’t make any sense does it? So instead of being offensive how about you go buy yourself a dictionary and learn to be a better person

lastcapellan | here

That worked about as well as she expected. However, the following question caught Pixi off guard—humans knew about fairies, right? She wasn’t entirely sure what an alien was, and only had a slight inkling as to ‘mutant,’ but her curiosity was a powerful thing, almost completely overriding her need to escape. Besides, she reasoned internally, the human woman hasn’t screamed or tried to squish me…

“Um. I’m a pixie, actually…what’s an alien?”

Gotham {Sentence Starters}
  • "You know if it were up to me, this would be over quick, without all the fuss."
  • "Ever since then, you've been a royal pain in the ass!"
  • "Don't be self-righteous. Don't be arrogant."
  • "I love this city, and I see it going to hell. But I won't let it fall apart without a fight."
  • "You want to say that a little louder? Not everybody heard."
  • "Foolish arrogance led me astray. But I learned my lessons."
  • "You make a life of crime sound very noble."
  • "You're just a little sinner like the rest of us. I'm almost kind of sad about that."
  • "When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him."
  • "You seem like a nice guy, but this is not a city or a job for nice guys."
  • "There's nothing more dangerous than an honest man, huh?"
  • "You want me to keep quiet about all this?"
  • "So I've been thinking. You're still a douchebag."
  • "I figure I'm doomed anyhow. I might as well join the good guys."
  • "If you don't want to do this, there's no shame in it."
  • "Oh, yeah, we're gonna make the papers, all right."
  • "Fear doesn't need conquering. Fear tells you where the edge is. Fear is a good thing."
  • "You're like a human roller coaster, except you only go down."
  • "What are you doing? Are you doing okay?"
  • "So what is your play? I mean, you got one, right?"
  • "You understand why I might be skeptical, considering it's you telling me this."
  • "Get your things. I'm taking you someplace safe."
  • "You mean to tell me this whole time that you haven't suspected anything?"
  • "What motivated you? Why do you want this place so bad?"
  • "You know, you're turning into quite a beautiful woman."
  • "I am cool! Why would you tell me to stay cool? Why are you telling me what to do?"
  • "It's ruined! Why would you do that? Answer me!"

Request: Itzmedeanacelis asked “Can you do a Castiel fic, where the reader prays to cas to help her find for her love and Cas says he might not be that far, but shes too oblivious. Then Castiel tried, but couldn’t help her find her true love so he confesses his love.”

Summary: Based on the song ‘Blue’ by Beyonce. The reader is tired of being alone, just because she’s a hunter doesn’t mean she can’t find true love right? But…what she doesn’t know is that a certain angel has had his eye on her for quite a while. she’s just a bit too oblivious to see it.

Pairing: CastielxReader

Word count: 3,594 (Jesus fix it)

Warnings: Fluff? Cursing, Castiel being a pure sweetheart.

Author: @Jadangelofthelord

A/N: Holy crap. It took me over two weeks to write this and why? because im in highschool, JROTC, Honors classes, and i do MMA outside of school so its hard to really get time to write. aaaand since it was taking me so long i decided to lengthen this for you all. It was so much fun to write because i just…..UHG. Just please enjoy!

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‘Love is a serious mental illness.’


Romance movies sucked ass. They were just so……lovey dovey, and you hated it.

Not really.

You knew it was only because you could never have what they had. You’d never get that kiss in the rain or a magnificent profession of love. But a girl could dream right?

“Do we have to watch this?” You groaned as the couple kissed for the seventh time in the last ten minutes. Dean looked at you from his spot on the couch and scoffed “you’re the one who wanted to watch this.”

“Yeah, well now I don’t so can you turn it off?”

“Oh someone’s touchy today.” Dean mumbled before pulling out the DVD and putting in something with way too many buff men on the cover.

You rolled your eyes and pushed yourself from the couch. You walked towards the kitchen to get something to eat, maybe that’ll take your mind off love.

'How come hunters can’t have true love?’ You thought anyway 'we deserve it as much, no, even more than anyone!’

You opened a cabinet and stood on your toes to reach the popcorn. 'I wish I would find a true love.’

You opened it and walked to the microwave. Shoving the packet inside you sighed 'I wonder if Castiel can help me.’ You pondered that thought and then shook your head 'why would Castiel help me? I’m just-’

“Y/N.” A gruff voice made you sigh. You’d dealt with his surprises enough to not even bat an eye.

You turned to your angel, wait your angel? You shook that thought off and smiled “Hey Cas.”

He stood in the middle of the room as stiff as always. Trench coat and suit crisp as a summers eve, and eyes bluer than ever. “Did you call for me?”

You shook your head and then nodded “no, I mean yes? It was an accident, I was thinking an-”

“About me?” There was a ghost smile on his lips. “I’m honored.”

You let out a small laugh and he took a step towards you. “What can I help you with Princess?”

His use of your nick name made you bite your lip. After you met each other he caught you dancing along to your favorite Disney princess movie. You confessed that you were a Disney kid at heart and ever since then the name stuck to you.

“It’s nothing.” You shook your head and looked towards the microwave. One more minute.

“That’s not true.” He said before looking around “I remember when I found you crying in your bathroom.”

He walked towards you and you wrapped your arms around your waist “I stood outside the door talking to you for an hour before you finally told me what was wrong and you remember what I told you?”

“That you already knew.” You sighed, damn mind reading. He nodded and  now he was an arms length away from you.

“Because you called for me Y/N.” He looked at you and you felt your insides wiggle. It was a reaction your body got whenever Cas was close or looked at you a certain way. It was confusing. “You always call for me, and I’m always there.”

“Castiel this isn’t something you can help with.” You said lowly.

He stared at you for a second before looking away. He cursed under his breath, too low for you to hear.

“I’ll help you.”

Your eyebrows rose “what?”

“You’re true love.” He continued “I’ll help you find whomever it is.” He sounded so off about it. You wrung your hands “Castiel you don’t-”

“But I will.” He cut you off and stared you down. His eyes were so shiny, and so…….unhappy.

“Castiel what’s wrong?”

“I’ll be back tomorrow so we can start.”

Then he was gone. The timer of the microwave sounded off behind you making you jump. You took the hot bag from the microwave and made your way back to the Living room.

'I guess tomorrow I find love.’

'I sure hope so Y/N’

Dean walked into his room and face planted onto his bed. He let out a sigh of relief.



He flipped on to his back and sat up “hey Cas.”

Castiel ran a hand down his face “Y/N wants to find her true love.”

“Well that’s great.” Dean said crossing his arms over his chest “you can finally slide your angel ass in their and stop following her like a lost puppy.”

Castiel tilted his head and glared “I am much more than a puppy.”

Dean rolled his eyes “anyway, what’s the problem?”

“How am I supposed to find her ”true love“ when I love her?” Castiel said using air quotes “She doesn’t even love me back.”

Castiel scowled at the thought of someone else touching you. Kissing you. Loving you.

“You know, for an almost all knowing being, you’re pretty dense.” Dean said motioning for Cas to sit.

Castiel slowly sank on to the bed before Dean continued “Listen Cas, Y/N is a bit of an airhead at times.”

Cas opened his mouth to ask what that was before Dean stopped him “Everyone else here knows you have feelings for her, hell even Crowley knows. Y/N just needs a giant sign in the sky for her to even take a hint.”

“So I should write it in the sky?”

“No, you should show her how much you love her dude! Treat her nice and make her feel special.”

“I always do that Dean and she still doesn’t see it.” Castiel sighed. It was true, ever since he first met you he tried his best to show his feelings. He’d take you to your favorite restaurants, buy you gifts, and even watched all three toy stories with you on your period.

The only thing he hadn’t done was get to first base.

“Yeah she’s a bit ditsy in the love department.” Dean said nodding “just try harder, and actually tell her how you feel.”

Castiel looked at the floor for a moment, trying to conjure up his own plan. “Alright, I know what to do.”

“Awesome.” Dean rose his hand to high five the angel but he was already gone. Leaving Dean hanging.


“So tell me again how I’m supposed to find love here?” You said looking around the bustling amusement park.

People maneuvered themselves around you. Families laughing together, couples holding hands. All the excitement made you buzz.

“I’ve seen it happen in movies.” Castiel said moving out of the way for a woman pushing a stroller.

You watched as a couple kissed on a bench not to far from you. “Okay let’s try it.”

“Okay this was a bad idea.” You squeezed your eyes shut as the roller coaster jerked its way up the track. You peeked your eyes open and saw the upcoming drop.

Oh fuck…..

Castiel sat next to you with perfect posture looking around. “Seeing the world like this is a very subtle reminder of just how small humans are. I remember when my fa-”

His words were cut off when your cart went over the track and almost straight down. The gravity pulled on you and you screamed, not in pain but in excitement.

Twist and curves jerked you both around and you threw your arms in the air and give an excited 'WOOOOOO!’

Castiel smiled at you and soon reached his arms up as well. His smile could’ve outshone the sun.

When you pulled back into the loading dock you both burst into a fit of giggles. Your legs were a bit wobbly getting out of the cart so Castiel put a hand on your waist to steady you.

You both made your way toward the entrance of the ride, still feeling the movement of it within you.

“And when we hit the first drop I thought I was going to get pulled out of my seat!” You said smiling. Castiel nodded “I actually felt like I was flying again.”

You spent hours laughing together, riding rides, and he even won you four gigantic stuffed animals (one of which wore a trench coat).

Castiel made sure to keep his hand on your waist all through the night.

Day: 2

You woke up and smelled him. He was all around you and you felt safe. You wrapped yourself in him and inhaled, heaven.

You opened your eyes and looked around. You were alone in your room, in your bed. For some reason that unnerved you. You shifted and felt the cool fabric move with you, it’s sleeves  way too big for your hands.

You sat up and pulled the trench coat closer around you. He must’ve given it to you last night when you got cold.

You stood up and stretched. Even on your tippy toes the coat drug on the floor. You were in a pair of sleeping shorts and a t shirt.

The utter thought of Castiel having to take off your clothes sent a wave of heat to your core. That wasn’t right. He was an angel and your friend! Even imagining that he’d like you for more than a friend was a pleasure even heaven couldn’t give.

Your feet padded on the cold floor as you made your way to the kitchen. Castiels coat drug on the floor behind you like a cape.

“I’m positive it’s working.” Castiels voice drifted towards you “I can feel her soul reaching for my grace.”

You stopped. Who were they talking about?

“What the hell does that even mean?” Deans gruff voice cut in.

“It means that-” your foot slipped from your hiding place and now four eyes were in you.

“Hey boys.” You said trying to play it off “Am I interrupting something?”

Dean and Cas shared a look that said 'are you gonna tell her?’

'Hell no I’m not gonna tell her, you better not fucking tell her.’

Until Dean finally cleared his throat and stood up “Well have fun you crazy kids. Use protection, give consent, swallow.” And quick shuffled out o the room.

You looked at Castiel and noticed how he only had his white dress shirt on. Oh! Your mind reeled and you remembered that you were wearing his trench coat.

“Uh Cas?” You motioned to your body and he chuckled.

“You fell asleep on the way here last night and I didn’t want to wake you.”

He looked away from you “plus I thought you’d look really hot in my coat.”

You fought back a smile and simply nodded. “So what’s on the agenda today angel?”

“Get dressed.” He said leaning against the counter “I have a surprise for you.”

Hours. You’d been waiting for Castiels return for hours. After you ran to get dressed in your room you found a beautiful dress waiting for you. It had sleeves that stopped just at your elbow and hugged you in all the right places before fanning out around your hips.

It took you about two hours to get ready and when you went to meet Castiel, he was gone.


So you waited, and prayed prayed prayed. Until you simply gave up and threw a pair of sweatpants on under your dress.

You were still gonna wear it just in case.

It was 8:35 when you heard the unmistakable flutter of wings.

“Y/N are y- what’s wrong?”

You sat on the couch with your arms crossed over your chest, and you were pissed. You felt like a cartoon with steam rolling off its head. “You told me to get dressed 10 hours ago Castiel, and you want to know what’s wrong? You fucking left me here to look stupid and wait on you, you assho-”

You turned to look at him and your heart punched itself. He stood there in a crisp navy blue suit to match your dress and a huge array of white and red roses in hand. He looked at his feet and shoved a hand in his pocket “I don’t know everything about dates.” He mumbled lowly “I wanted to make it perfect, sometimes time slips away.”

He looked at you and licked his lips “….I’m sorry Y/N.”

A date? Castiel looked at you “only if you want to.”

You shimmied out of your sweatpants and stood up. He looked you over and smiled “is that a yes?”

“Well my hair and makeup are still in tact, plus…” You walked towards him “I’m pretty excited to see what an angel has in store for me.”

He reached for your hand and you prepared yourself to be zapped away. Instead you began walking to the garage.

You walked to Cas’s car and he opened the passenger side for you “I thought this would be more romantic.”

You nodded, where did this side of him come from?

He slid into the drivers side “it’s always been there Y/N.” He peeked over at you “for some reason you’ve just never seen it.”

He pulled out if the garage and into the night. After five minutes he silently reached over and intertwined his hand with yours.

“Castiel this is…..” You trailed off not knowing the proper word to describe what was in front of you. Castiel had driven another hour before pulling to (what you thought was) an abandoned field. You walked a little farther and suddenly a beautiful white gazebo materialized in front of you.

Small lanterns lined the inside giving it a warm glow. A table and two chairs sat inside and were arrayed with your favorite food. All in all, it was fucking fantastic.

“Does your silence mean you like it?” Castiel said rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.

You smirked “it’s amazing Cas.”

He guided you to the gazebo and sat you down before taking a seat opposite of you. Soon your favorite food materialized in front of you, and if you weren’t in love before you damn sure was now.

“So.” Castiel said leaning towards you “where do we start?”

You laughed as tears prickling your eyes. Castiel couldn’t hold back his either as his voice bellowed through the night.

Your laughter soon died down and you were there looking at each other. Just looking, and smiling.

'Sometimes these wall as seem to cave in on me. When I look in your eyes, I feel alive.’

“Why are you staring at me?” You asked shifting your eyes between Castiel, the food, and the gazebo.

“It’s the closest thing to heaven as of now.” He said without missing a beat. You laughed “that was so cheesy but cute so I’ll accept it.” He smiled and nodded “I only tell the truth.”

'Some days we say words that don’t mean a thing but when your holding me tight, I feel alive.’

You hadn’t even noticed the soft music playing around you. Your body swayed to the sweet words filling the gazebo and you smiled.

Castiel stood and held his hand out to you. You took it without hesitation and let him pull you to your feet. Hands found his shoulders and your waist and soon your chest were pressed together.

He pulled you even closer if that was possible and it felt like this is where you were meant to be.

'Make it last forever. Come on baby won’t you hold on to me? hold on to me. You and I together. Come on baby won’t you hold on to me? hold on to me.’

You were turning, swaying, gripping. Every note of the song seemed to carry you both on a whim. Your back bumped into the table and you both broke into grins.

“Would you rather take this to the grass” Castiel said nodding behind you. You turned around and the freshly cut green grass looked soft enough.

You nodded and took off your shoes before walking on to the lawn. He kicked off his shoes and followed closely behind you. The music turned up so it was loud enough for the both of you.

He gripped your waist when you turned back to you and pulled you back to his chest.

'Each day I feel so blessed to be looking at you. Cause when you open your eyes, I feel alive.’

Castiel picked you up and you let out a small yelp. He twirled you in the air and looked up at you as if you were the rarest of things. You both laughed as he put you back down, the corners of his eyes crinkling with amusement.

You spun away from him just letting the music fill you.

'My heart beats so damn quick when you say my name. When I’m holding you tight, I’m so  alive. Now let’s just live it up.’

He watched you sway to her words. The way your body moved was something he could watch forever.


His heart skipped when he heard you whisper his name. He blinked and you were moving your feet towards him. His grace was pushing out of him practically launching towards you.

His mouth was dry. So dry. And you looked so perfect. Everything was so perfect.

You were in front of him now and he could see your soul. It was so beautiful, so elegant and exciting and grand and rough and gentle. So you you you.

He needed you.

You needed him.

“Y/N.” His voice was deeper than before. You licked your lips “Castiel.”

His hands were on your waist now and yours were clasped behind his neck. Closer.

You smelled him and remembered this morning. How you woke up with his coat.

You remembered your birthday and how he was the first one there. You remembered last Wednesday when he carried you on his back around the grocery store because you stubbed your toe.

You remembered when he found you crying and all the sweet things he whispered and how he carried you to your bed and how he took off his shoes, his jackets, his tie and laid next to you. You remembered how you cried yourself to sleep one hot summer night because of how much you loved him. Because of how much you loved him. Because of how much you loved him.

'Make it last forever. Come one baby won’t you hold onto me? Hold onto me. You and I together. Come on baby won’t you hold onto me? Hold on to me.’

His hands roamed your back and you felt so different now. But somehow…..the same.

'We gotta hold on.’

Hands were on your cheeks now tilting you to look up at him. His lips were pink and puffy and his cheeks tinted.

Your hair was amiss from the dancing, as was his. He watched as you bit your lip anticipation, soft.

'I gotta hold on.’

All this was supposed to happen. You were supposed to be with Castiel. He was supposed to be yours.

Your hands pulled him closer.

'You’ve got to hold on. You’ve got a hold on, a hold on to me.’

Castiel was almost there. He wanted you to know how much he wanted needed you. He needed your touch, your smell, your everything.

It was addicting.

And now you were dancing again. Smiling at each other like fools because that’s exactly what you were. You both are dumb blind for one another and no one in heaven, earth, hell, or even purgatory could do a damned thing about it.

'We got to hold on. I gotta hold on. You’ve got to hold on. You’ve got a hold on to me.’

Fireflies were glowing past your head while the stars watched. You both were laughing and spinning and laughing and spinning spinning spinning.

Until you weren’t. His forehead rested against yours and your breathing tried to even itself. He watched as you took a deep breath and inhaled him. Crickets rung in your ears and you sighed content.

He leaned down and pressed a soft lingering kiss on your cheek. It was so sudden that you couldn’t help but jump.

'Make it last forever. Come on baby won’t you hold on to me? Hold on to me.’

He watched you. He watched you stand in your toes. He watched you bring your hand to his cheek. He leaned into your touch and closed his eyes. He didn’t watch you bring your lips to his, but he felt it.

He felt everything. Your lips moved together and he gripped your waist tighter. His tongue swiped your bottom lip an you opened your mouth to him.

Teeth, tongue, lips, everything was crashing together in a mess of love. It was sloppy and you both started laughing, too excited to even give one another a proper kiss.

'You and I together. Come on baby won’t you hold on to me? Hold on to me.’

He laughed “Is this how you pictured it?” Before leaning down and kissing you again.

“No.” You answered truthfully “but it’s better than anything I could.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled up so that he engulfed you in a hug. Your toes barely touched the soft grass.

“I love you.”


You don’t know who said it first but you both whispered it again. I love you.

His grace buzzed around your soul and he smiled. You felt it, you both felt it. This was meant to be. Castiel was always yours, you were just to stupid to ever see it.

It was all so…


So fucking sleep deprived
  • Me: I need to sleep. I have school tomorrow.
  • Brain: Yeah, you don't want to fail another exam.
  • Also me: I think Heart is right-
  • Me: ... Okay...
  • Brain: -_-
  • Heart: 😈 Let's do this.
  • End: They did not kiss.

Imagine waking up next to Dean

You rolled over, half asleep in attempt to get comfy again. You were surprised when your own body collided with another. You shot up, realising you had no idea who it was, your eyes growing wide when you found a snoring Dean. You pushed at his bare shoulder to try and wake him.

“Get up!” You were practically shaking him back and fore now as you shouted the words.

“Y/N what the hell?” His voice was groggy as he forced his eyes open, his hair all over the place.

“Why are you in my bed?!” Your voice came out in a panicked blur as you wondered if the rest of him was naked under the sheets.

“You don’t remember?” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he tried to tell if you were joking or not. You tired to think of what he was talking about but all you could focus on was the pounding in your head.

“Remember what?” His eyes widen in realisation and he suddenly became nervous. His tongue flicked out over his dry lips as he tried to think of the best way to tell you.

“We uh, we slept together.” You froze to the spot, staring blankly at him as his words caused you to have flash backs. You saw the bar you were at, the endless amount of alcohol you’d consumed, the table you danced on, Dean catching you as you fell off, you calling him your hero, the kiss, the drive back, then eventually the sex.

“Oh god.” You felt your chest tighten as you tried to take it all in, your eyes never looking back at Dean.

“Hey, it’s okay.” You jumped out of the bed when his hand found its way to your knee, all this was just weird for you.

“Its not okay Dean. It’s wrong, you’re my friend, friends don’t do that.” Your mind was reeling as various images continued to come back to you. Sure you found Dean attractive, you were only human, but you never wanted to act on that ever.

“Not what you were saying last night.” The words came out with a smirk, he chuckled as your jaw hit the floor.

“Get out! Get out! Get out!” You screamed like a mad woman, chucking his clothes at him as he skilfully caught them still laughing. However he did as he was told and left the room, but not without shooting a quick wink in your direction first.