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Everything Can Change (2/?)

Summary: Reader is pregnant and tells Dean who reacts differently then she expects. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Warnings: There isn’t much just Dean figuring out what to do

Word Count: 1K

A/N: This is part 2 and I’m so excited for this series! If you guys want to be tagged just let me know, and thanks for reading. *Italicized part is flashback*

Part 1

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May,15,2017 - 2 Months Pregnant 

“Dean. Please get that burger away from me.” You said trying to calm yourself and trying to restrain yourself from strangling Dean.

“Y/N, you sure this baby’s mine? Because I like, excuse me, love burgers and that means she’s gonna love burgers too,” Dean replied not even bothering to move.

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i love that during the last romance affinity dialogue Preston asks you if its okay with you dating him when your spouse recently died, it is very considerate and sweet and i cant believe people used that against him calling him pushy and all, but I HATE that the only “good” option to choose is saying you still love your spouse but you can love him too, like listen I generally hate the picket fence american life crap we have to play into at the beginning of the game anyway, but they could have made more neutral options like no they keep pushing that narrative giving you 0 choice not just at the beginning but all the way throughout the game, like no Preston is not my “second” choice, he is not the “other person” I can actively choose 1. not to have a spouse, 2. to hate my spouse 3. to hate my spouse out of valid reasons, so I HATE absolutely hate that the game STILL finds a way to shove your fridged spouse here even though this is like your romance with Preston, that final big thing if you go down the romance path, THAT scene, the Romance Scene, that one (in this case cute!) romance scene near the end of crappy movies, they really could have disclosed that at the beginning so it wont take away from the dialogue’s climax but you know what, it could have not been there in the first place

1. You told me you’d stay forever but I guess forever to you was only 8 months and I know that doesn’t seem very long but I can’t breathe without you.

2. I just want you to be happy but the moment I saw you smiling at her like you used to with me, I felt like someone had put a knife in my chest and twisted it.

3. Everything happens for a reason but you left without telling me why. Maybe it was because I laughed too loud or because I wouldn’t undress for you but you still told me you loved me anyway. I guess you were lying.

4. Some days I feel okay but then I remember when we stayed up all night talking about our biggest secrets and then I feel my world crashing down again. I hope you kept them to yourself because I did.

5. Its been a month & a half but I still catch myself waiting for you to call me even though I know you won’t because you’ve moved on.

—  I don’t want to be stuck on you anymore (via xxfilthyhellholexx)
He Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore Because Your Child is Sick (HAPPY)

He Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore Because Your Child is Sick

Part 2 Happy Ending


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“The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,“ she says. "But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship. The sire bond let us have a supernatural reason — and yes, albeit a controversial one — but a very bold way for Elena to finally feel comfortable acting on these feelings that she’s been struggling with now for a couple years. Without it she’d just have that confusion.” (x)

“The night I died, Matt was driving me back to him and yet I found my way back to you.” This is why I have to believe this is truly Elena’s messed up POV and not what are we supposed to believe as the truth. Or why maybe we can’t let the writers forget the sirebond existed. Any choice Elena made after she turned as being true and genuine is negated by the sirebond and was a magnified feeling through the sirebond otherwise, like JULIE HERSELF SAID, Elena would still be confused about how she feels about Damon.

On the sneak peek for AOS 3x05

-Anyone saying Jemma doesn’t have feelings for Fitz can just be quiet now. Seriously, she loves that man so freaking much. 😊

-Jemma talking to herself and being all scientific on her arrival was super adorable. A little scary because we know the experience was not fun for her later on, but it was still cute to see her taking pictures and being all science-y.

-Jemma comforting herself saying that Fitz will find her because they had to go to dinner. ITS OKAY IM FINE *ugly sobbing*

-He’s helping her cope even though he’s not really there, just like she helped him when she wasn’t there last season.

-Anyone just giggling because she has a really cute candid of Fitz on her phone? The picture looks like she took it during a group meeting or something and she just snuck in a photo because he just looked so cute <3 Seriously, can they get any more adorable??

-Jemma’s little “goodnight, Fitz”. I don’t know about you guys, but I really need her to say that in present day now…in entirely different circumstances….. 😇

-Just imagine how hard it must have been for her during this time. We found out in 3x04 that she eventually gave up hope, which just makes the sneak peek that much more sad. We’re going to see her eventually loose hope that Fitz would ever find her, and it will break all of our hearts.

-On the bright side, her admitting all of this to Fitz will probably bring them closer, barring any shocking twists. Which, given the show we all watch, is a distinct possibility. Still, there should be some incredible Fitzsimmons scenes next week!

-This may be a stretch, but anyone else think that Lash has something to do with the place Jemma was trapped in? It may be a little crazy, but I can’t shake the feeling that they’re somehow connected.

-We are all going to die next Tuesday. If we got this many feels from a clip that isn’t even 2 minutes long, we are all going to be sobbing next week </3

I won! - Jungkook fluff

Genre: Fluff

Words: 280

“HA! I WON!” You yelled, while jumping around in the living room. “Its just a game, take it easy.” Jungkook frowned. “Well why are you so mad then?” You asked with a grin on your face “Is it because you’re a bad loser?” He gave you a look that could kill. “Oh babyyy, you just have to accept that I’m better than you.”

He stood up from the sofa, and you knew that it was time to run. “NO NO NO! I’M SORRY! PLEASE DONT KILL ME!” You screamed/laughed, while running around the table.  You guys ran around in the whole house, you screaming, and him laughing the laugh you love the most.

“You know if I didn’t love you this much, you would be dead now!” He said while running after you. You froze “you love me…” You said quietly, and two seconds after Jungkook held you against the floor, laying on top of you. “Gotcha” he said with a smirk. “You said you loved me… Did you really mean that?” You asked. He had never said that before, and you were shocked but happy.

“Of course I love you! I love you so much!” Suddenly his expression chanced, and he sat up. You could see that he hadn’t thought about his answer, and were really embarrassed.

You were both quiet. “Baby?”

“Hmm?” he hummed, not even looking down at you, because of the embarrassment. “I love you too.”  He looked down at you. “Really?” He smiled “forever.” you whispered and dragged him down to a kiss.

The kiss ended and you looked at each other. “I still won though” You smirked at him. “Okay, you won… But its only because I love you.” He said and kissed you again.

- Admin Chestnut <3

So i know we have like 2 kookie scenarios… But… yea


“way t0 g0 karkat. y0u killed us all.”


“2eriiou2ly kk? ii fuckiing tru2ted you”

“:(( < karkitty… i just dont understand why you would do this to all of us”


“vAnTaS wHy CaNt YoU jUsT sToP tRyIn? It AiNt HeLpIn BrO :o(”

“D –> Lowb100d, I command you to cease e%isting. You’re a worthless mutant.”

“J-ESUS GLUB! Look, Karkat, I get t)(at you want to be WORT)( somefin, but face it! YOU'R–E A MUTANT! I’m sorry, but you can’t )(elp us.”

“kar wwhy do you evven stick around? youre clearly not wwanted.”

“Kaaaaaaaarkat! >::::) Why are you still here, mutant? Don’t you have shit to do? Like 8e slaughtered 8y the high8loods? I’d do it myself, 8ut I don’t want to get your 8RIGHT RED 8LOOD on me!!!!!!!!”



Please Do Not Worry

We Are Still Moirails And I Still Love You

Are You Alright”

“wow karkat, do not down yourself so much! you are totally cool with me. even though you are a loud shouty asshole :B”

“Karkat, I do not see why you are so often focusing on your faults. There’s nothing wrong with you. Being excluded from society due to something as simple as genetics is absurd, and you should not let it diminish the way you see yourself.”

“awwww karkat! its okay! just because youre loud and mean all the time doesnt mean we hate you! we all love you so so so much! <3”

“karkles shut the fuck up. we dont give a shit about your blood ok? those other fuckers aint shit compared to you, alright?”