it's okay these don't make sense

Also when I say this is an LGBT+ friendly blog, that definitely includes trans women and trans men and every trans person under the sun and in the universe and nonbinary folks who don’t call themselves trans.

And also aces and aros regardless of romantic/sexual orientation (respectively). And this definitely includes bi/pan/poly/questioning people.

On Ke$ha’s hit 2010 song, Blah Blah Blah, she says “zip your lip like a padlock”. I never even questioned this 7 years ago but I’ve been thinking about it lately. It makes no sense. Padlocks don’t zip. 

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

  • Friend: Why don't you like Teen Wolf anymore?
  • Me: inconsistent writing, multiple new characters with zero characterization added every season, underutilization of characters who actually have a backstory, seemingly important story lines that are all of sudden forgotten, poor or no plot building, unexplained story developments, the baiting of relationships that are never going to happen, lack of emotional connection to characters, overuse of slo-mo for scenes that aren't even dramatic, forced relationships, beloved characters disappearing (some without any reason given), the use of the writing philosophy 'It's okay if it doesn't make sense - we'll just say it's because it's supernatural.'
zodiac horror story (part 1)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • virgo: this forest is scary as shit.
  • aquarius: your face is scary as shit.
  • capricorn: lmao.
  • pisces: why couldn't we just have a sleepover at sagi's house or something?
  • sagittarius: WHY THE FUCK AT MY HOUSE?!?
  • scorpio: because that's boring. i want some action, and there's no action at sagi's house.
  • cancer: true.
  • sagittarius: WHO SAID THAT?!
  • aries: yeah! this will be fun guys! let's just party and shit, i don't know. we'll have a great time here!
  • taurus: yeah! i brought tons of food and stuff.
  • gemini: wouldn't it be fun if there was like a killer here or something lol.
  • capricorn: the fuck.
  • cancer: yeah.. really fun.
  • leo: GUYS.
  • virgo: what.
  • leo: let's make a snapchat. *snapchats*
  • libra: *acts like a hoe*
  • leo: libra, you look on poiinnttt.
  • libra: i know, thanks. YOU TOO BAE.
  • capricorn: fucking kill me already.
  • *3 hours later*
  • taurus: *sings a campfire song*
  • everyone: *sings with taurus*
  • pisces: GUYS!!!!!
  • cancer: oh my god aries calm the fuck down.
  • aquarius: what, pisces?
  • pisces: did y'all hear that?
  • scorpio: what? capricorn's terrible singing? lmao.
  • capricorn: ...
  • pisces: no, i heard a loud noise in the bushes over there..
  • sagittarius: probably your mom. LET'S SING AGAIN.
  • everyone except pisces: *sings*
  • pisces: *sigh*
  • *couple of minutes later*
  • virgo: guys, where is gemini?
  • aquarius: probably taking a shit or something.
  • sagittarius: GEMINI?! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU.
  • scorpio: she's probably dead.
  • libra: how can she be dead if she's alive?
  • capricorn: what? the fuck?
  • cancer: no one understands you libra.
  • libra: why not?
  • taurus: because you don't make sense.
  • libra: oooh..
  • leo: she'll be fineee. let's not worry too much.
  • sagittarius: so.. cancer and scorpio, i heard you guys were in a relationship.. *winky face*
  • scorpio: yeah, we fucked.
  • cancer: ..
  • virgo: OKAY. TMI
  • sagittarius: what about you, virgo? i heard that you and taurus were a thing?
  • taurus: wha.
  • aquarius: sagi, no one gives a shit.
  • sagittarius: WELL I DO. I THINK THAT IT'S CUTE.
  • pisces: same lol.
  • *loud bang*
  • cancer: *jumps on scorpio*
  • libra: look! it's gemini!
  • leo: where the fuck were you?
  • gemini: taking a shit. hehe.
  • libra: oh my god! did he kill you?
  • scorpio: *slaps libra*
  • pisces: *screams*
  • and that was the end of part 1.. what will happen next? stay tuned for the next part, coming soon.
  • (i hope that y'all like this dumb thing. hehe)

okay so here’s every single moment they make physical contact in chronological order

ford touches his shoulder for around half a second

then fiddleford grabs hold of his shoulders for about 4.8 seconds

ford is shown cradling fidddleford for 3.5 seconds

then they hug for another 4.8 seconds

which is a total of 13.6 seconds of contact throughout the entire series

here’s every moment they were onscreen together

  • Cinder: Actually Mercury, it's always been my wish to watch you die.
  • Mercury: Oh, right.
  • Cinder: Yep. Every night after you both would retire to your bunks, I would climb up to the top of the base and just wait. Hoping I would see a shooting star. So that I could wish for your violent, and unbearably painful demise.
  • Mercury: Okay, you can stop now.
  • Cinder: I even had a little jingle to go along with it.
  • Mercury: Please don't.
  • Cinder: -singing- "I just wish that Mercury was dead!"
  • Mercury: I hate you.
  • -Emerald also starts singing-
  • Cinder: -singing- "Put a bullet-"
  • -Cinder stops, Emerald continues singing-
  • Emerald: -singing- "Put a bullet through his head!"
  • Mercury: What the-? Emerald how do you know that song?!
  • Emerald: Oh, it's been in my dreams for years! Now it all makes sense! Oh thank God!
  • Mercury: What?!
  • Emerald: I thought I was crazy when I woke up with that rifle in my hands!
  • Cinder: Heheheh, well ain't that the power of music!
  • Mercury: Emerald! Why didn't you tell me about this?!
  • Emerald: Oh, shut up. It wasn't even loaded.
book of mormon-actual song titles
  • Hello!: If You Don't Believe In God You're Going To Die Alone
  • Two by Two: Congratulations! You Are Not Being Sent to Orlando
  • You and Me but Mostly Me: I'm Better Than You- That's What The Universe Says ft. Elder Price
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai: Our Life Sucks and So Does God
  • Turn It Off: Depressed? Compress.
  • I Am Here For You: Cunningham Just Wants A Friend
  • All-American Prophet: Wildly Inaccurate, Yes. But also a Bundle of Fun.
  • Sal Tlay Ka Siti: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Up
  • Man Up: Gotta Be Like Jesus; Now Flex!
  • Making Things Up Again: It's Okay to Lie, It's Right In Theory.
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: Think Committing Crimes Is Bad?! Local Mormon Proves Hundreds Wrong.
  • I Believe: Even if Things Don't Make Sense They're Still Correct.
  • Baptize Me: Mormons' Excuse For Sex
  • I Am Africa: We are Africa, Not African.
  • Joseph Smith American Moses: This Girl Gets Her Hopes Shattered but At Least They Tried
  • Tomorrow Is A Latter Day: Ignore Your Impending Existentialism Because At Least We Have God
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Grundy and Cheryl are so suspicious but that's way too obvious and plus Cheryl loved her brother so it's probably Hiram but that wouldn't make sense because we haven't even met him yet and he's supposed to be in the next season so maybe it's Hal but I don't know if he has the guts for it and FP wouldn't do it because that would break his sons heart and he's not a monster so okay probably Mama and Papa Blossom but no because Jason was going to take over the business and they didn't want Cheryl to do killing him would make no sense but wait Betty had multiple personality disorder(?) so she did it except no she didn't because she keeps digging up evidence that helps the case so it's Jughead but he couldn't have done it because he's a sweet angel who gives 0 fucks (that's not enough fucks to kill someone, you see) so it's Veroni-- lol no nvm there's no way plus she was in New York-- so it's Archie except no it fucking isn't that boy can barely get through his parents finalizing a divorce he for sure could not kill someone so it's Kevin except don't you fucking CW I am not playing if you FUCKING DARE I WILL-- so it's Joaquin except I WILL FUCKING CUT A BITCH-- so it's Smithers except that's too cliché and he has no screen time so it's Moose but why(?) so it's Reggie but why(?) so it's Ethel but why(?) so it's Chuck but they were friends so it's Fred-- AHAHA lol nvm so it's Alice except no she had enough solace with just sending Polly to the sisters so it's Polly but no it's not she loved Jason so it's Jason(suicide) but no he was going to start a family with Polly so it's Hermione but no she was in New York with Veronica so it's one the pussycats but why(?) so it's... so... it must be... *wail of defeat* WHO👏 KILLED👏 JASON👏 BLOSSOM👏 IT'S👏 DRIVING👏 ME👏 MAD👏

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It's not just a cold. And it's not an influence from Cheryl or something because it changed way too quickly. It's drugs. I know people don't like to talk too much about it but it's clearly drugs. When he speaks on a normal speed you don't notice do much. But many times he's slurring or he's super erratic speaking much more rapid. Also people say he's being candid in interviews but he isn't making any sense. He's always contradicting himself. I just hope he'll be okay

I agree with you. Let’s cross our fingers and hope so. I am not gonna sit here and worry my self about it cause there’s nothing I can do, hopefully his team know what they are doing.

  • Booster Gold: I'm gonna go back in time and save Ted!
  • Rip Hunter: Ya but no. You're not allowed
  • Booster: And why not?
  • Rip: You can't change the past
  • Booster: Okay, but me being in the past already changed the future so screw you
  • Rip: Actually you were always in this time. You travelling to the past happens in every possible timeline. You were meant to be here
  • Booster: Alright, so why am I not in any history books or ever mentioned?
  • Rip: Because no one likes you and nobody cares about you
  • Booster: Okay, that makes sense
  • Rip: *internally* It's because you did a damn good job at what you were meant to do dad, I love you please don't be so hard on yourself. You're important and the world doesn't deserve you and I'm very proud to be your son.
  • Rip: Damn straight it makes sense now go save Hal Jordan as a baby even though he hates you and will never respect you

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Bendy's personality is so intriguing. I don't know if it's intentional but he reminds me of a child. Not in a bad way, but in the way that children can be very cruel sometimes without the ability to understand that their actions aren't okay and not being able to really regret. He draws his 'mom' and his 'sister' and draws himself even bigger than he really is XD He's cute and you do so well on his character, he is very far from stagnant even if he only has one facial expression. I love your blog

[ Heh heh thank you! I suppose being child-like makes sense; most ‘toons tend to be (gotta stay relatable to the target audience).

But I assure you he is 100% aware of his cruelties. ]

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Hi Joan. Let me say, I think you're really cool and it's nice to know that there's some non binary visibility out there. I just wanted to ask, is it okay if it's hard to explain why I choose to identify as non binary? I'm amab but identify as a demiguy. I identify partially as male, but I really feel some part not. I don't hate the idea of masculinity, but there's a part of me that wants to be able to better express myself and my gender identity. Thanks for hearing me out, and have a good day.

Yeah, that’s fine. It doesn’t make sense to demand an explanation when someone is gay– you just get it– you should be able to identify however you’re going to without having to explain yourself (I mean, people are also allowed to explain their identities if they want to, but nobody should HAVE to… unless you identify as a nazi or some shit, but there’s no real explanation that would excuse that– you’re just a shithead).

Sorry, I have trouble answering questions concisely.

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Dudebro your humor is so funny like it doesn't make sense but it's still good, the one time you were takin about how you and your girlfriend has been together a while and the tag was "dab on em boi" and I think about that every day like how was that tag so perfectly accurate I don't understand it but I love your humor and your art also congrats on having a girlfriend I wish I had one okay love ya bye💞💞

what the fuck this is actually the sweetest thing im mcdying

INTP Troubleshooting #?
  • Ne: you all need to shut up and calm down.
  • Ti, Si: But no one understands us! They are all dumb! Why don't they see what we see?!
  • Ne: oh for... Come here, Ti. Si, you stay put!
  • Si: okay...
  • Ne: Look at X from this angle. Does that make sense to you? How about this information? How about that?
  • Ti: But I don't like "that" ...
  • Ne: Why not?
  • Ti: Because...
  • Fe: Because that made me feel pain last time! I'm not looking at that!
  • Ne: I knew you were behind this. Okay, Fe. It's okay to feel hurt. But you can't hide things from Ti because you think it'll hurt. Ti can handle it, okay? Just tell me next time.
  • Fe: okay... well, here. I've been keeping this... it's "that."
  • Ne: Thank you. Here, Ti! Your missing piece. *Throws that to Ti*
  • Ti: ... OMG! I was wrong! This changes everything! Everything makes sense!
  • Ne: You're freaking welcome, you drama queens...
  • PSA: don't neglect Ne.
  • "Wow, the new King Arthur movie is a Fresh take on a boring, overrated old legend! It is so Gritty and Realsitic and the characters aren't Boring Goody Two-Shoes Knights in Shining Armor, which is TOTALLY unheard of, automatically making it So Original!"
  • T.H. White: Lancelot is bisexual and in love with both Guenevere and Arthur, also he's ugly as a monkey and has sadistic tendencies he's deeply ashamed of, and his whole motivation for becoming the Best Knight Ever is that he's been wallowing in self-loathing ever since he was a child. Both Mordred and Agravaine have an incestuous obessession with their mother, mainly born out of Morgause's emotional manipulation and abuse. Also, Mordred is an albino with some big Issues, but also a charimastic political leader, a nationalistic Scostman and the trend-setter of Camelot. Merlin literally defies the rules of temporal progression by existing, and his relationship with Nimue isn't al that bad. Kay exists, and so do Sir Ector and Sir Pellinore and Palamedes and the Questing Beast. It's raining anti-totalitarian political allegories and social discourse, Hallelujah!
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley: Morgana is a sympathetic (Wiccan-)Celtic priestess, and she didn't actually plan to have Arthur's kid. Morgana is Mordred's mom but Morgause still exists and she's the one who raises him. Arthurian women are important and deserve POVs.
  • Phyllis Ann Karr: There is a sad lack of Kay sass. To fix this, Kay investigates a murder mystery with Mordred in order to save Guenevere and sasses people while he's at it.
  • The Librarians: What if Galahad was immortal and lived in a modern setting as a middle aged guy fighting against supernatural threats and preventing the Apocalypse-or-something-like-that-at-least with his younger colleagues all the time?
  • Once Upon a Time: Okay but what if MORALLY AMBIGUOUS ARTHUR
  • Fate/Stay Night: Okay but what if GENDERBEND ARTHUR IN MODERN SETTING
  • Camelot 3000: Okay but what if REINCARNATED GENDERBEND IN SPACE
  • Mordred, Bastard Son: What if gay
  • The Knights of Camelot series: Seconds that^
  • Merlin - L'enchanteur désenchanté: Vivian dropped out of magic high school when a Viking got her pregnant, but then she finds love again with Merlin, who's supposed to teach Lancelot how to find the Graal. Morgana helps Vortigern fight Arthur because she's still bitter Arthur likes Guenevere better than her. Lancelot gets briefly turned into a girl. Nothing makes sense but it's okay, kind of.
  • ... and these are just the first ones I could think of off the top of my head tbh
Ghost Quartet Characters as History of the World, I Guess Quotes
  • <p> <b>Rose:</b> that's bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that's a scam. fuck the church. here's 95 reasons why<p/><b>Pearl:</b>  it's sad. i'm sad. i miss you.<p/><b>The Astronomer:</b> i think there's a universe now. what's it made of? quarks and stuff.<p/><b>The Bear:</b> get the hell out of here. will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants? okay, thanks, bye<p/><b>Soldier:</b> actually, never. and also now. nothing is nowhere. when? never. makes sense, right? like i said, it didn't happen. nothing was never anywhere.<p/><b>The Miller:</b> coming soon to a dank river valley near you.<p/><b>The Fiddler:</b> "wait!" said christopher columbus, probably smoking crack.<p/><b>Roxie:</b> the mayans have figured out the stars<p/><b>Starchild:</b> star is born. it's a star<p/><b>Lady Usher:</b> don't worry about rome, it won't fall.<p/><b>Edgar Usher:</b> this guy, who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we're all dying.<p/><b>Fool:</b> no thanks. can't walk yet. plus there's no food so i don't  care<p/><b>Dunyazad:</b> the middle east is getting more complicated. maybe because it's in the middle of the east.<p/><b>Scheherazad:</b> you could make a religion out of this, and maybe conquer the world as well.<p/><b>Shah Zaman:</b> “wow that guy's rich” said everybody<p/><b>Monk:</b> "let's overthrow the palace and cut all their heads off!" said robespierre, cutting everybody's heads off until someone eventually got mad and cut his head off.<p/><b>The Photographer:</b> phone call! surprise! it's in your pocket! wanna learn everything? surprise! it's on the computer! now your phone's a computer, which is in your pocket!<p/><b>The Victim:</b> hi, im gandhi, and if britain doesn't get the hell out of india, i'm going to starve myself in public.<p/><b>The Driver:</b> wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?<p/><b>The Pusher:</b> whoops, someone just attacked america. i bet they'll remember that.<p/><b>Brittain:</b> now you can eat sunshine<p/><b>Gelsey:</b> japan is so addicted to art that the military might have to take over the government.<p/><b>Dave:</b> you could make a religio-no don’t<p/><b>Brent:</b> hello? yes, it's the 1920's calling. let's get to a car and drive to a party and listen to jazz on the radio and go to the movies.<p/></p>

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So um... I was wondering if... Okay so do you think it's weird to like it when people give you nicknames? Like one of my friends has started to call me kitty and... I don't know, I like it, but... You know. It's nice though, it makes you feel special and actually worth something to someone

“There is a reason that I call my followers lovelies.”

Dark responded in a low voice, the sound of it dripping against his tongue smoothly, coaxing to the ears.

“It generates a sense of purpose, it induces a desire to belong and causes for purpose and devotion to intensify. It creates a sense of ownership, and that something is owed in return to the pleasure that being appreciated gives. It provides a win-win scenario on both accounts, with the fact that it gains me more affections, and it gives my lovelies the needs they crave that they didn’t know they needed before.”

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hi okay this is coming from a jew, and i really don't mean to be abrasive or anything! but you referred to pewdiepie or whatever??? as a nazi and he has said a few antisemetic jokes (not sure about the teansphobic video? if he did that's disgusting) but you should refrain from throwing the word nazi around because when it is used for anyone that is slightly problematic, it decreases the weight of the label. you know? it makes it seem to be a lighter term- when it's something so heavy

yeah this makes sense, i apologize on behalf of the mods that referred to him as such

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I was reading the supposed leaked spoilers, and i think it makes sense for Clake to die, i obviously don't want her to, but if they're going for the exact same conclusion again where she pulls a lever and closes the ark and a lot of people have to die or be sacrificed i think it's crucial for the storytelling that she sacrifices herself with them, because otherwise this show is the same again and again, idk how the show could survive without her though, it's gone downhill as it is

Okay, well, I wasn’t going to really write the theories I have about s4, but I'm bored this Sunday afternoon, so here is what I think COULD happen (if you read previous theory blurbs I have written…it basically is a continuation of that.) Of course, take all what I’m saying with a grain of salt and this is what I see “could happen” with some of the things i have seen and if I was writing the story and trying to salvage it. 

Also, I think the script leaks are hella misleading if you look at them closely. It says, “As she steadies herself on the desk, consciousness fading, we get our first look at her face: IT’S COVERED IN LESIONS, a mask of puss and death. We’ve seen this horrific look before: IN ABBY’s VISION. She stands there for another moment, fighting, fighting, before collapsing in a heap. Unconscious. Or worse. No sign of life. Dying on a dying planet.”  It just says that Clarke has collapsed to the ground and is dying.  However, there are six acts in television and it is possible that she is able to survive by being saved by someone that finds her in the lab. Because, like you said, I don’t see them even THINKing about getting a season 5 without Clarke. Jason has said before that this is basically Clarke’s story and unless Eliza asked to leave the show, killing her off would REALLY make zero sense. However, I had the same thought about them not killing Lexa off and they did so….yeah. But yeah I agree that Clarke’s story should end with her sacrificing herself to save her people. 

I think it might end with there being Mountain Men, Grounders, and people living in space again at the end of the season. I believe we will have people living in the bunker that is on Becca’s Island (i think it is a bunker), Nightbloods will be able to survive the increased radiation levels and will be ‘the grounders’, and then the 6-7 people we see in the leaked script will be the ones living in space and possibly they will find out that they aren’t the only ones in space. 

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