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(1/2) (Sorry this is so long.) I've had an OC for about 3 and a half years. I've spent so much time developing her from an annoying self-insert to a character I love deeply. I made her as a coping mechanism when I was being bullied for my likes by people I called friends and a time where my best friend was very toxic. I hid my character from my family and most people I knew. She was like a state secret. It took me two years to post her online and now all I wonder is if that was a mistake.

(2/2) I’m so sensitive about her and afraid that people will use her as a way to make fun of me since this fandom doesn’t see OCs in a positive way. I want to be able to accept criticism and feel free with her, have the guts to try and get her name out there, but it’s so hard. Do you have any advice to help me open up with her?

don’t apologize!! it’s okay

oh boy oh boy… do i feel you, i still can’t bring myself to post my ocs here as you can see and mostly for the same reason :’) i’m so sorry about your horrible “friends”, i know how it feels, too. idk if i can help because i’m in a similar situation but i can try

firstly, lemme tell ya… fandom people disliking ocs isn’t criticism. it’s just plain ol’ unnecessary hate ? also, sorry to ask, but what fandom are you in? i can do some research for you and maybe it’s not that bad……? (fandoms Can be bad though i trust you) secondly, it all takes time, and doing stuff like this is hard alone. gettig confidence and getting in terms with your sensitivity is a complicated, long process that can’t be helped with one advice, unfortunately – you’ll need constant support to feel okay, and that’s fine. i’m sure your oc is great because you put your heart and soul into her. if you really want to, you can send an ask off anon so i can IM you through my blog and you can talk about your oc with me!  if i’m not the person you’d trust with this, which i understand, find at least an online friend with whom you could talk about your oc. just… trust me, not being alone helps a lot

and yeah, it takes courage to start sharing your stuff online and it’s okay if it takes time. unfortunately you’ll have to take some leaps of faith and hope for the best…


if you don’t like supernatural, you really don’t have to talk about it. you don’t have to scream passionately in the tags about how much you don’t like the show. you don’t have to make countless text posts complaining about how it’s still on the air. you don’t have to throw in your two cents about your interpretation of the characters, or the plot, or anything else. you can simply ignore everyone who loves it, the actors, and the show itself and have a great day.

I just finished reading The Cursed Child and my head is spinning. I won’t spoil anything but it’s really a lot better than any spoilers you’d heard before (I was sceptical before reading). There’s some serious Draco Malfoy redemption which I ADORED.

Also, Scorpius and Albus are so very very gay. Like oh my god is this the wizarding world’s version of Brokeback Mountain? For real?

All in all: a bit of a weird plot but really good


Imagine discovering that Woozi has a folder on his phone full of pictures and videos he’s taken of you.