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[ so since its munday and while i work on asks im gonna share shit about myself because i can and im not THAT boring okay.

i am benny, but people call me dams as a nickname. im 15, and i grew up in veracruz mexico. im a self taught artist. my birthday is dec 7. i am 2 spirited ! my family was very traditional[ church on sunday, you must have long hair, you cannot open your legs just the SLIGHTEST if you were wearing a dress or skirt or my abuela would kick you in the crotch, youd have to face being hit with a thin stick that was like a whip or a flip flop if you did something wrong, etc ], as i would sell street food like elotes, make home made brooms out of dry plants, and we raised our food and slaughtered them. i was also like. really poor lmao. what was even clean water am i right

we built our house, it was small, all cement, and we didnt have windows and doors so they were just. open gaps.

anyways, i am indigenous, native, and other mix ! i am a practicing witch, and i really want to go into native healing. once i go to mexico i plan on learning from my uncle and making petitions to some deities. anyways, my spirit animal is the black jaguar, and i am currently planning on building altars for it. i am scared of certain waters because of ahuizotl oops, and i love telling traditional stories to children, especially those involving my ancestors beliefs. i didnt have friends until i moved to the us because i was so busy exploring and spending time with animals ! except i had a bad habit of messing with tarantulas and scorpions. i love babysitting, and i also have 15 animals currently. :-) 

i have 6 piercings because im a fuckin baby [ by that i mean im too lazy to go anywhere dude if the piercers could come to me shit would get lit ] okok, a set of spiderbites, stretched standard lobes [ i wear hoops through the tunnels or just wear stone plugs ] and i have upper lobe piercings lmao.  i wear a lot of traditional jewelry and i always have my nails painted because im fucking shit. 

my dad thinks medicine is bullshit and herbs are the way to go, so i kinda. listen to him. im professionally diagnosed as mentally ill and i have a shitty immune system. i have adhd and clinical depression which is bluh, but i laugh at myself a lot because of it.

i fought snakes with a stick before because they would have startled my abuelas cattle.

i fell into water on accident trying to jump across to get onto another rock and i landed right next to a snake.

my uncle was said to have killed a donkey, ate the baby, and has attacked our teacher so we werent allowed to go home and eat. he also carried a machete around with him 24/7.

i know how to make dolls out of corn husks and plain material.

i promise im not as lame as i come off as im ]

Imagine your daughter giving Dean his birthday present

Daddy!Sam verse

You woke up with your daughter pushing open your bedroom door, fully awake just in time for her to jump onto the bed.

“Katie,” you laughed, and she grinned, crawling over you to Sam to wake him up.

“It’s Unca Dean’s birfday!” she giggled excitedly. “I wanna give ‘im his presen!”

“Sweetie, it’s 6am,” Sam groaned, sitting up and pulling her onto his lap. “Uncle Dean doesn’t want to wake up this early on his birthday.”

Your daughter was chewing on the inside of her cheek, and you narrowed your eyes at her.

“Have you already woken him up, Katie Cat?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“…Maybe?” she tried, smiling sweetly.

You shared a look with Sam before sighing and getting out of bed.

You reached into your nightstand to retrieve Dean’s gift.

“Come on then, little one,” you sighed, pulling your daughter up onto your hip and handing her the gift to hold.

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make me choose » Anonymous asked: Rogan or: Literati:  You know what I mean. I know you better than anyone. This isn’t you.  What are you doing? Living at your grandparents’ place, being in the DAR, no Yale…why did you drop out of Yale?!  This isn’t you. This, you going out with this jerk, with the Porsche. We made fun of guys like this.  This isn’t about him. Okay, screw him. What’s going on with you? This isn’t you, Rory. You know it isn’t. What’s going on?  Happy birthday, by the way. Wasn’t that a couple weeks ago, your birthday?


“Yours is the light by which my spirits are born;  you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.x

  • Sombra: okay dad is in his office.
  • Jesse: operation distraction GO
  • Gabriel: *working*
  • Gabriel: did you check the usual place
  • Jesse: I did its not there
  • Gabriel: * sigh*
  • Gabriel: *goes to Sombras room and looks under her bed*
  • Gabriel: There Jesse i found your h- *notices a gift box under the hat that reads 'for the best dad in the world' * Kids?
  • Sombra and Jesse: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! *hugs for Gabriel*
  • Gabriel: kids :')

(( @badlydrawnyuurikatsuki i want to borro him for a sec ok dont go berserk u pepe ))

@ask–viktor HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY MAN((yuuri pls share))
I hope you,and you,and all of your squad have blessed days coming on and happu days bc livin the dream!!!
youre still not old ok,u cool !!
i hope too your love life getting better and better..amirite
im jealous but!its okay jk lol
((And yuuri smh youre a sadist eh,with that “i need a better look” of this russian’s crying face lol))
but anyways! #doitforthelove !! ok
truthfully,innocence which has long passed your soul

I can’t put a simple caption because this photo speaks volumes.

yuris grown up so much im so proud

lmaooo yuri coming in to knock some sense into yuuri XD 

i kinda love how he just keeps calling yuuri pork cutlet bowl LOL its like a cute nickname even though he says it angrily XD im sure he means well though <3

LOL are you sure you didnt just want to make sure he was okay c:

awwww omg yuri youre growing up are you trying to comfort him cause victor isnt here lajsdlfla




hes so proud x3 ALSO this had me thinking could that have been why his grandpa couldnt make it earlier cause he was working on making these for yuri like awwww id like to think that at least <3

precious ohhh so precious children <3333




Imagine Falling For Rosalie

Rosalie Hale never expected she’d find love in a human. She’d never expected that she would have to struggle so much with the decision on whether or not to turn you.

Yet here you are bleeding in her arms.


“Rose it’s okay,” you say weakly. “It’s doesn’t hurt.”

“I wasn’t fast enough,” arose breathes out and pulls you into her arms. She tucks your head under her chin and cradled you in her lap.

The car came out of nowhere and slammed into you before anyone could do anything.

“Will you-will you be okay?” you stammer and Rose shakes her head.

“If you leave me I won’t be okay. Not ever,” Rosalie replies and takes your hand.


“(Y/N) what do I do? I don’t want to do you to a life like this but I can’t exist without you,” Rosalie cries. Her porcelain skin is covered with your blood but she doesn’t feel the allure of it.

“Rosalie it’s okay. I-I understand,” you choke out and manage to smile at her. Weakly you hold your wrist up and nod.

“It’s not,” she murmurs. “It’s not.”

“Let me be doomed with you,” you utter intently. “I don’t want you to live without me.”

Rosalie Hale stares at your wrist and inhales.

“I’m so sorry,” she mumbles and bites down.

The pain is enormous and it makes you scream.

The venom burns through you in pure agony.

Rosalie holds you until it stops and when you open your red eyes she grins.

You may be doomed but at least you are doomed together.


My father told me to “Always live truthfully”. And he also told me that “You have to live while staying truthful to your original intention”. “You have to go with what you first believed in, in order to have no regrets.” He also told me that “Even if you fail while living like that, it will all just be an experience, and if you succeed then it’ll be a memory.” 

♡ 160616, happy birthday baby angel ♡

January comes around as I’m sitting around the fire and I’m surrounded by people I love.
I make a vow.
Heres to loving myself better this year.

February comes with no warning.
It takes our best memories and puts them away in a place that’s almost unreachable. I learn to be okay without you.

March makes me brave.
I dedicate Saturday to remembrance and reach for all the things I have spent the last two years trying to forget.

April is beautiful in its upbringing.
I almost fall in love a second time.
I say almost because it doesn’t happen.
I try calling you after the fallout.
You don’t pick up the phone and I leave a voicemail in which I thank you for reminding me that after all this time, I am still better off without you.

May is your birthday month.
I’m sorry for not calling.
I didn’t forget.
I give you the gift of acceptance.
I’ve accepted our being apart.
Isn’t this what you always wanted?
Happy Birthday.
I wish you happiness and so much love your hands don’t know what to do with it.

June is full of new beginnings.
And I’m closer to becoming who I’ve always been meant to be.
Thank you for your contribution.
Thank you for teaching me about survival.

July is a month of freedom.
The sky is beautiful and fireworks don’t make me as sad anymore.
I’ve come to realize that love alone could never be what saves me.

August is kind in reminding me that I am here for a reason.
I restore my faith in God and blow out 18 candles on a birthday cake.
This is the year where I don’t ask for a miracle because it’s already been given.

September is the warmest I’ve ever been before.
And for the first time in a long time, I am happy.
Things fall into place.
I am healing.

October bring change.
The trees shed their leaves and grow comfortable in starting over.
I stop being afraid of forgetting the hurt.
I forgive me for the both of us.

November takes me to a place I must have forgotten about.
I’m not afraid anymore.
I cut my hair short and move to another city.
I fall in love again and at the same time learn how to sleep alone.
Here’s to learning how to love in the right way.

December tells me all things come to an end.
This is the end of giving you credit for something you didn’t create.
I learn that I owe everything I am to myself.

—  A year of learning / @thewordsyouneverunderstood
EXO reaction to their crush being quiet and clumsy

anonymous asked:  Do you do ot12 reactions? If so can you do a reaction their crush being really quiet and clumsy (just all around adorable) \^o^/. If you only do ot9 its okay! I love your blog.
a/n: And I love you! Honestly this is me. I can’t wear heels often because I trip a lot. 

Xiumin- “Are you okay? It must’ve hurt falling for me”

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Luhan- “Hey y/n, are you okay there? Here let me help you up”

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Kris- “Are you sure you’re okay? You fell pretty hard”

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Suho- “Never should’ve bought you heels for your birthday.”

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Lay- You fell and drag lay along too “I’m okay. I feel great breaking your fall”

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Baekhyun- “HAHHA YOU LOOK-” wait I want her to like me… “Are you okay? I totally wasn’t going to make fun of you for falling”

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Chen- Chen was going to help you up until suho got in the way and helped you up instead ‘Don’t expect to last long junmyeon hyung’

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Chanyeol- *you accidentally hit chanyeol in the face* “It’s alright! I’m alright!”

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D.O- “how cute can you get”

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Tao- Tao asked you out on a date 
“So… How’s the food”
“this is really good. you should try some”

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Kai- “You’re so cute when you clumsy”

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Sehun- “I’m taking you to the hospital. You hit the glass door pretty hard”

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Mermaid Melody Aesthetic - Princess Noel

{dedicated to Annekehappy birthday~!}

For the ruler of the Arctic Ocean, separated from her younger sister at birth. 
For the gentle and determined mermaid who sacrificed herself 
so that others might live. 


zelo for @choijnuhong

ok so you guys remember i recommend to you Old stories new discoveries by @the-mystical-wolf, right?

Which remind you, if a fic about the whole class of Miraculous watching the show.

So now it’s in Copycat and has the best scene ever im just so losing myself because of this scene:

Ladybug: Hm… [approaches Imposteur, face to face with him] You didn’t tell him about us, I hope…

“Okay, no, wait,” Nino managed to get the remote, pausing the episode. “Marinette, I know you asked to stop, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass.”

The class turned to look at him, confused. Nino chuckled.

“Alright, so, Ladybug is face to face to the akuma now, right?” he gained a collective nod. Rewinding only a few seconds, he paused again, showing the position the three were: Chat on the floor, Imposteur sitting on his stomach while Ladybug is crouched right in front of them. “So if Chat Noir is still lying there the whole time, when Ladybug moves closer…

“What exactly was his view the whole time?”

Nino looked around, and as understanding slowly settled onto his friends’ faces, he had to bite his lower lip to hold back a laugh.

It did not help that both Marinette and Adrien resembled two perfect tomatoes at the moment.






“My approach usually is just to look for the emotional truth in the story. You know, regardless of whether it’s a foster kid on the run from the army or about a boy who’s obsessed with Michael Jackson or some vampires living together in a flat in Wellington. I really believe that if you based your story in some sort of emotional authenticity then you’re gonna be okay.”

Happy birthday, Taika Waititi! (August 16th, 1975)

The Other One : Part 9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halloween Special Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

Part 10


You lean up against the door frame, blocking him from coming into your apartment.

“What are you doing here? I told y-“

“I know what you told me, but its two days before your birthday and I know that you wouldn’t stick to our tradition. I didn- Are you okay? You seem a bit flustered.” He leans in.

You wanted to confess right now how you had kissed Jinyoung.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired I just got back from work.”

He eyes your uniform down, you looked cute with your little apron and your hair in a ponytail.

“I didn’t know you changed jobs.” He lies, smiling down at you.

His smile plays with your heart strings, he looked so fluffy, his hair flopping over his forehead. His body drowning in his oversized hoodie.

“Yeah, I got fired from my other one. Apparently not turning up is not a good thing.” You joke, laughing.

He chuckles. You two chat for about 10 minutes, and for those ten minutes you forgot everything. It was as if you two met for the first time. But then you’re pulled out of that moment when your phone buzzed.

                                               ‘Can I leave now?’

“Thanks for the drinks.” You say, grabbing the bags and shutting the door in his face.

Was it bad that you wanted to forgive him? You wanted to tell him that you could forget about everything, even though you couldn’t. You wanted to lie and make everything better. But how could you? You had just kissed Jinyoung, he had cheated, and everything was a mess.

You sigh and set the bags on the table.

“You can come out now.” You say.

Jinyoung slinks out of the room.

“I don’t think we should see each other again.” You say, avoiding eye contact.

Jinyoung collects his shoes and coat and walks towards the door, before turning around.

“Just one date, and if you don’t feel anything for me, I’ll forget about this. And I’ll go back to being your friend.” He compromises.

You couldn’t just reject him, what if something was there? You know you would regret it if you missed such a moment. What if he was the one you were meant to be with?

“Okay, just one date.” You just wanted to try it. All those missed looks and longing touches, what if they actually meant something.

“Great, I’ll swing by at 7 on Friday. I wanna wine and dine you for your birthday.” He smiles widely.

“Um… I can’t do Friday, I’m going out with friends… well friend. Maybe Sunday, when I won’t be disgustingly drunk or hungover?” You suggest.

“Sunday is perfect. I’ll see you then.” He walks towards the door. Suddenly he stops.

“Sorry about today, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. And I don’t expect you to be over Jaebum, he was such a big of your life. And I hope to be the same, just without the infidelity.” He nods, before leaving, gently shutting the door behind him.

You walk into the bathroom, admiring the bath that you had just ran for yourself, it had been a rough day.

You strip out of your clothes, then take off your underwear. Unfortunately, nothing in your life, not even taking a bath, was easy. You trip and fall into the bath, banging your knee. It hurt so much, you might have broken it. You try and get up, but fail, as your body falls back into the bath, water comes flowing out of the sides. Even if you were to get out, you would just fall back into the bath again, slipping on the suds flooding the floor. You really want to get out of the bath, this wasn’t the relaxing soak you had been anticipating. Your eyes search the bathroom looking for something to assist you, and your eyes land on the house phone next to the toilet, you kinda thank the lord that you order pizza on the toilet last night. You reach over and pick up the phone. You didn’t know any number off head. Except one. You didn’t want to call him, but you also didn’t want to be stuck in the bath. You reluctantly dial the number. It rings twice before he picks up.

“Hello.” He says.

“I need your help.” You wince, as you watch your knee swell.

“Who is this?” He asks, you must have never given him your house phone number.

“Your ex-girlfriend.” You sigh.

He sits up in his bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, putting his shoes on.

“I’ve hurt myself and I’m stuck in the bathtub.” You admit, embarrassed.

You hear a stifled laugh.

“You know what? I’ll just embarrass myself and call the ambulance if you’re gonna laugh.”

“No! I’m on my way.” He says, grabbing his jacket and running out the apartment.

“I’ll see you soon.”

You sit in the bath for what feels like 2 days before your house phone rings.

“I’m outside.” He says.

“Come in then.” You say.

“I don’t your pin, you changed it.” He says, quietly.

“It’s the day we met, 040615.” You say, shyly.

It was easy to remember, and even though you were hurt it meant a lot to you.

“Okay.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell he was smiling. And the thought of him smiling made you smile through your pain.

You hear feet run into your apartment and a hand pushes the bathroom door open.

“Turn around and pass me my towel.” You scream.

“It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before, now just let me help you.” He says.

“That’s different, we are not together anymore, it’s inappropriate, let me just cover up first. Now pass me my towel.” You holler.

He chucks your towel over his shoulder, it makes a soft sound as it fall in the water.

“Well done. Now I can’t cover myself.” You say sarcastically.

He chuckles.

“If I shut my eyes, will you let me help you?” He asks.

“Okay, but keep your hands on my arms.” You say.

He walks towards the bathtub, slowly but surely. Almost falling over a couple of times because of the of the water soaked floor.

After a weary few minutes, he makes it over to you unscathed.

“Okay, I will put my arms out and you will pull me out, okay?”

He nods.

You reach your arms out as he blindly feels around. His strong hands wrap around your arms. Just as you’re about to stand, your wet arms slip from his grip and you fall back in bringing him down with you. You try and not panic as he lies against your naked body.

“Get off of me! “ You scream.

He smirks.

“Well it’s been a while.” He jokes.

“Get. Off. NOW!” You shout.

He gets out of the bath and wrings his top. You couldn’t help but stares as the material clung to his abs.

“You kno what?  We tried your way, and that didn’t work. Now we try my way.” He says, reaching out.

“Close your eyes.” You say.

He rolls his eyes and scoops you up, being mindful of your obviously swollen knee. As he walks out of the bathroom, with you in tow, you grab your towelling robe off of the door and wrap it around yourself.

He sets you down on the living couch.

“Thank you.” You say quietly.

“No problem.” He says, taking a seat on the opposite chair.

“I’ll get your clothes, I’m taking you the hospital.” He says, getting up.

“It’s fine, I’ll call someone else, just pass me my phone and you can go.” You tell him.

“No, I’ll stay.” He goes into your bedroom to look for clothes for you to wear.

You stare off into the distance, thinking about how deep his love for you must be. You were astonished at the speed he got to you in. How he heroically picked you up, how he made you feel safe. If you could rewind to the moment you left, would you have fixed everything?

Last Night’s Aftermath

Summary: Natsu wakes up with a massive headache and tries to comprehend what the hell happened last night.


Pairing: Nalu, hint of Gavy

Rated T (foul language)

Notes: Inspired by the movie “Hangover” and dedicated to @nalufever/DanceswithSeatbelts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE!!!! Hope you enjoy your gift ^^

(According to a court of law, I do NOT Own any rights to the Fairy Tail franchise…and sadly its true)


“Lucy do I have to wear the stupid suit?”

“Stop complaining!” The blonde called from the hotel’s restroom as she finished applying her lipstick. “And it’s not stupid!”

Seriously, she and the rest of their friends were getting ready in their rooms so why couldn’t he just-

“But I don’t like it!”

Lucy scrunched her nose in annoyance and glanced at herself in the mirror one last time before she flicked the lights off.  She entered the king size bedroom she was sharing with her boyfriend but all his complaining was made her wonder why she just didn’t share a room with the girls instead.

She stopped a few feet away to admire her lover’s form in the dark colored suit. Though the sleeves covered his arms and shoulders, his body still displayed that he was lean and strong.

As Natsu finished adjusting his shirt in front of the bedroom mirror, he caught Lucy staring at him through the reflection. He turned around and gave her a large puppy-eyed look.

She lightly blushed; though surprised she was caught, she still walked over to him. Once their toes touched, the male placed his large hands on her hips and pulled her towards him. In return, she planted her hands on his shoulders and gave him a quick look over.

“I don’t get why you’re complaining.” She commented. “You look great.”

“But I thought we were here to party!” The pinked haired adult whined louder.

“We’re celebrating our graduation, idiot. So we have to look nice.”

“But you always look nice.” He pointed out. This caused his girlfriend’s cheeks to flush in a rosy color. “So we really don’t need to get ready for anything!”

Instantly, Lucy’s bashful facial expression was replaced with one of annoyance. She lightly slapped his bicep. He merely yelped.

“How about a little deal? If you stop complaining about the suit,” His lover leaned in closer to his ear and whispered in a seductive manner, “I’ll give you a little reward when everyone goes to bed.”

“Hm…” Natsu stroked his chin and Lucy gave him an irritated look when he even had to ‘think’ about her proposal.

He sent her a giant smile. “Nah!”

The woman’s jaw dropped and before she could pull away for denying her, he crushed her against his chest. One hand slide to grope her ass and the other moved to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He lowered his face closer to hers and muttered, “I’d rather have that reward now.”    

She released loud squeal when he attacked her neck with kisses. The warm sensation caused Lucy’s eyes to close as her breathing become heavy and uneven. “N-Natsu, n-no…. everyone’s…. waiting.”

“So?” His voice was muffled, due to his mouth latched onto her skin. “They can wait…”

“Or we can watch.” A new voice interrupted them.

The two hastily pulled away as their turned their attention to Cana. The brunette leaned against the doorway with a wine bottle already in her hand and a teasing smirk on her face. “Aww…. I didn’t mean for you to stop.”

“Are they almost done?” Gray called before he made his appearance into their bedroom.

“We’re more ready than you are you prevy popsicle!”  

The black haired male glanced down and noticed that in less than a second he lost the shirt he had on when he entered the room.

“Shit! When did this happen!”

“I don’t know but mama likes!” Cana laughed.

As their friends exited to find his missing clothing, Lucy sighed and walked over to where her purse was resting. “Come on, let’s go before they grow more impatient.”

“I guess.” Natsu grumbled before he laced his fingers with hers. He followed along and declared, “But we’re not stopping at night!”


Rays of morning light illuminated the hotel’s penthouse; however, anyone passed out on the floor ignored it. Even the group of graduates failed to hear the main door open and close.

Natsu would have continued sleeping if something soft and purring wasn’t right by his face.

Groaning, the male opened his eyes and blinked at the gray feline that was staring at him. At first, the human lacked any facial expression. It was only when his felt his headache that he was able to react. He lifted himself up; his movement startled the cat and with a hand holding his throbbing head, he was able to scan the room.

What was once a luxury room envied by many was now a nightmare for any resident.

Just in the living room alone were about a dozen cats wandering or sleeping. Besides his friends on the floor were party cups and real swords. Some of the weapons were nailed into the walls. Bras hung together as if they were room decorations and scribbled on the wall were a variety of random words, written in pen and ketchup. Some of the furniture was flipped over, others were burned; their 50” inch televisions were split in half, and in the middle of the hallway was an ice cream cart.  

So many things wrong and yet Natsu couldn’t take any of it in.

Moaning a little louder, he buried his face into his hands as he tried to make sense of his situation.

‘Shit…. what happened? Where the fuck am I? Argh….’

He vaguely remembered that Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Levy, Cana, Lucy and himself were celebrating something and they went to Las Vegas and somehow they got a penthouse. He figured Lucy had something to do with it but he couldn’t really say.

The male sat for another minute, unaware that one of his roommates was in the restroom until he came out screaming.

Gray dashed out and accidentally kicked Gajeel, who was sleeping a few steps away from the bathroom door.



Gajeel and Natsu merely stared at him.

“Gray…” The redhead on the opposite room spoke; her voice hoarse and a dark aura surrounded her, clearly upset from being woken up. “If this is a prank-”

“I’m not fucking joking! Check it out yourself!”

“Let me see.” Gajeel shoved the shorter male to the side as he entered. In two seconds he was out. He slammed the restroom door shut and laughed.

“He’s not kidding. There’s a living panther in there!”

“Seriously?!” Despite his throbbing head, Natsu sprang up eagerly. “I’m gonna tell Lucy!”

The sun-kissed skinned graduate hopped over the swords and any trash as he made his way to the bedroom he and Lucy were supposed to be sharing.

Speaking of which, why wasn’t he sleeping next to her? He tried to recall the last time he saw her and only remembered a slight glimpse of last night.

They were in their room; he recalls they were giggling and there was a lot of making out. Were they even wearing clothes?

He looked down and saw he was shirtless but still had pants on. 

His head began to pound again. As he tried to force more of the memory to play, he found that he couldn’t. The last thing he remembered was getting intimate with Lucy before their door had been slammed open.


“Oh no….” Levy grumbled as she stared at the room. “The hotel is going to kill us.”

“Ghihihi. You just had to write on the walls.” Her boyfriend teased from the side.

The smaller adult gaped at him. “I would never-”

“Ah come on shrimp! Some of these words are in Latin and you know as much as I do that you’re the only who knows it!”

Levy blushed in response. The long-haired male looked around the room. “And what’s with all the fucking cats!”

Meanwhile, Erza was frozen to her seat as her gaze was fixed on her left hand. “A-a-a-th-th-there’s-a-a-a”

Cana, with a beer can in her hand, bounced next to the flushing redhead and glanced over her shoulder. “What’s got you so- WOAH!” The brunette laughed. “ERZA GOT HITCHED!!!”


Everyone in the room looked dumbfounded before they quickly looked at their own left hand to make sure there wasn’t a matching ring. Much to their relief, there wasn’t.

“I-this-” Her fiery temper took over; she grabbed a sword and waved it in the air. “I WILL SLAY THE BEAST WHO DARED TO BESMIRCH ME!”

As the oldest vowed to inflict numerous pain on the man who wed her without her permission, Gray ‘shoo’ed a cat off the couch and took the seat for himself.

He laid down, only for his head to crush a crumpled piece of paper. He pulled the note from underneath him and moved it in front of his eyes. He wasn’t in the mood to read but when his eyes skimmed the end of the paper, he couldn’t help but ask, “Who’s Juvia?”

No one responded as everyone was lost in their own minds, trying to recall the events from last night. Before they could try to force themselves to remember further, they heard heavy stomps going in their direction.

Natsu marched into the room; his eyes were blazing and a furious look overtook his normal goofy smile. He pointed at them and snarled.


here is my attempt to write smut

he climbs on to you as your back fell into the sofa. “w-what?” you said, blushing madly. you were supposed to be mad at him because he didn’t remember your birthday, even though you’ve reminded him days before. “i’m sorry baby i was so busy, why can’t you forgive me?” he pouted. his hands were at both sides of your head, and his face was inches away from you. “ugh whatever. i have to go now.” you tried to sit up, but then he pins you down by grabbing your hand and putting it on top of your head. you knew you couldn’t play “annoyed” anymore cause his face moved closer to you and he presses his lips onto yours. you squirm, trying to flip the situation here. all day today he had ignored you, work and work and work and he didnt even say a simple “happy birthday”, even though it would be fine despite the circumstances. you were so annoyed that when he asked you to come over, you had to remind him. and what’s even more annoying is that he made that secret shocked face and tried to play it cool and say “yeah i know, i was trying to say that to you at my apartment.” he was lying, obviously. so why did you even go to his apartment? you dont know why.
he broke the kiss for a while, moving his other hand to touch your cheek. before you could speak again, he took that opportunity to kiss you again, harder this time. his lips moved again yours and slowly, you realize you were kissing back. both of you kissed in sync, until he parted your mouth and you felt his tongue pass your lips. you fight for dominance, and now it became a game of two. it was hard, since it was your strong, controlling TC. he was a leader, a man held the class responsible and lead them to a better direction. with that much power, your body gives in and you let him do what he does. noticing the falter, he breaks the kiss and stares on to you longly. with not hesitation, he moves down to your neck and sucks harshly onto them. you yelped at the sudden pain, but became quickly accustomed to it. you tilted your head to give him better space and let out a small moan as his lips tickles your neck. your hands started making their way to his back and you held on to it, pushing him closer to you.
“ah, so you’re acknowledging me now” he smirked, “you really want me, don’t you?”
you looked away, not wanting to answer anything anymore. he’s still looking smug as ever.
noticing your temperance, he continued. he kisses your neck again, sucking more here and there, now reaching your collarbone. he unbuttons your shirt entirely and puts them away, now left with your bra. you wore one of your favorite bra, and to be honest you were expecting this to happen. TC was now moving his lips down to your breast where he now sucks the skin at. a few sigh escapes your mouth as they were a sensitive spot for you. for some reason, TC’s hands made it to your back and he unhooked your bra, taking them off. you came into consciousness and covered your breast, “h-hey!” but then he slowly pulled your hand away, “shh it’s okay, show me everything”
his eyes were dilated and his breath was deep. the way he said it sounded so hungry, your heart sped up. he moved your hands aside and kissed all over your chest as his hands trace the outline of your waist and hips. your face was hot and probably red, it was so out of this world that you can’t seem to control yourself. you were putty in his hands. he started to remove your skirt (or pants, whichever), and now you were bare naked with your underwear as your only clothing. “t-this isn’t fair…” you mumbled, expecting him not hear but apparently he did and somehow he did understand cause he sat up and unbuttoned his shirt. he did it so hurriedly that you thought “wow, he really does want me”
you were confused as he moved his face inches away from yours. he wasn’t kissing you, so what is he doing.
then you felt it.
his fingers crawled behind your underwear and he starts playing with you. you gasped, familiarizing this new feeling growing in you. you can feel your underwear getting wet as your breath becomes unsteady. you looked at him, and he looks at you, but all you see was hazy. he moved his head beside you where his lips hovered in your ear. “say my name” he groans. you bit back a moan, fighting to not easily give in to him. seeing as you werent doing it anytime soon, he clicked his tongue and stopped. you were disappointed and ashamed.
when he backs up, you thought it was over and you messed up, but then he unzipped his pants. you were nervous as you looked at the size. “don’t worry, just bear with it” he whispered, “it will get better”

he inserted as fast as blinking, and it did hurt at the start. you winced, starting to wonder why people even do this. he pushes deeper, and a new feeling arises. “it hurts!” you cry out, even though he doesn’t stop. “relax yourself, it won’t hurt when you get used to it.”
he continues to thrust and sure enough the pain ceases. he had a pace going on and your clenched hands were softening. the pace builded up a moan that comes out of your mouth, and soon enough he quickens his pace. the whole thing was constant, as he thrusts faster and faster, you were started to scream louder and louder. he then hits a spot that jolts you awake, arching your back.
“got you.” he growls.
he started to hit that spot over and over again that makes you cry and moans over and over again. “say my name, please Y/N!” he pants. “T-TC/N” you stuttered. you repeated his name again which faded through the pleasure sound you make. when you open your eyes, you saw stars, and everything smelled like sweat and him. you decided, right there, it was him. everything was him. it’s all you can think of; him, him, and only him. the fact alone makes you melt into his body, and you clawed onto his back to hold on to dear life. the constant pace was replaced as he leads you onto the climax. he thrusts into you deeper and hits the spot once again, making you scream. his pace grows faster and faster. you tighten yourself to him and you felt your body heating up.
“TC/N!” you cry out of pleasure.
He moaned as he released liquid that throbs inside you. your body grows limp and you shiver. he slows down, “happy birthday, Y/N”
this certainly was the best birthday gift ever.