it's okay if you call him doctor who


Hello guys, So I was in the Jungkook tag, and suddenly I stumbled upon this disgusting & pathetic blog,  in which Its sole purpose is to bully Jungkook and Hate on him, I understand if you dislike an idol, but seriously this is too much, Calling Jungkook ugly and a whore is just too much, and shows that you don’t know how to respect another human being, It’s just disgusting and uncalled for.

It’s really so petty to spend the last days of the year at hating on someone who doesn’t even know you exist, I seriously wish that this person who runs this blog goes and sees a doctor because this is SO NOT OKAY!

This somehow hurt my heart, But I understand that there some people who are just sick in the head and are taking their anger and issues on the wrong person, I hope whoever runs this blog matures from this or gets help because there’s clearly something wrong with them, meanwhile as a BTS fan we need to report and block disgusting stuff like this. Let’s put an END to this, Thank you.