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Could you do a drabble where one of your characters is feverish and wants their hair stroked?

“It’s s-s-so cold Cain,” Jesse pulled his red fleecy blanket closer in around his chest, but Cain tried to pry it gently away from him. 

“It’s not Jesse,” Cain struggled to pull it away; he’d opened the big window in Jesse’s room, trying to tempt some cold air in, but Jesse still appeared to be melting. “You’re not well so you feel cold…” 

Mmmnn, no…” Jesse shook his head slightly, grimacing as he did so. “’t’s jus’ cold…” His words were slurring slightly; his pale face had bright pink dots on his cheeks, his eyes bright with fever and his fringe was sticking to his forehead. 

“Hopefully the paracetamol will kick in soon and your temperature will come down a little bit,” Cain muttered. He was worried, at what point did he call for help? Jesse seemed really lethargic and his temperature only seemed to be going up. Cain brushed the hair away from Jesse’s damp forehead, and as he did so Jesse closed his eyes, giving a little moan. “Are you alright?” 

“Can… do that again,” he mumbled, sounding sleepy. 

“What? This?” Cain asked, brushing the sides of Jesse’s hair. 

Mmhmm… ‘t’s nice…” He gave a little squirm, nestling down into his covers. “I like it when you play with my hair…” He breathed the words so quietly that Cain struggled to hear them. 

But he carried on, stroking his fingers through Jesse’s hair, and listening and Jesse’s breathing became long, and slow, and deep.., 

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❝Varian!❞ Rapunzel exclaimed happily when she saw the “wizard.” Her grin slowly faded, however, when he seemed to have forgotten who she was. She couldn’t help but feel just a pinch of hurt. After all, they had spent a lot of time together trying to figure out why her hair came back. 

But the dazed look on his face made her hurt turn to a bit of concern. ❝It’s me…Rapunzel, remember? Are you…okay?❞ she asked, raising an eyebrow at him and leaning her face closer to him. 

AU where Louis has come to America to do a bunch of nature shit and he’s in Colorado and wants to go on a hike. And he gets to this park and he doesn’t know where the trailhead is, so he’s about to go up to the ranger and ask except this tall, dark haired man gets there first and asks his exact question. So Louis listens in and finds out about the trail. And the ranger is like “oh do you have a question too, sir?” And Louis says “nope, it was the same as his!” So they are both awkwardly walking toward the same secluded trailhead together, about five feet apart. When they get to the start of the trail they both stand there uncomfortably until Louis finally says “well, we can do this together… Or I can walk about a hundred yards behind you, like a creeper! Your choice!” And Harry, as Louis finds out his name is, laughs very hard and invites Louis to accompany him for the entire 12 mile hike. By the time they finish, Harry has already found a huge-trunked tree to back Louis up against so he can kiss him. And it’s love. Forever.

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     Rapunzel squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head before opening them again. And yet, the creature was still there looking…irritated? She blinked a few times. She wasn’t asleep, she wasn’t dreaming, she didn’t FEEL like she was going crazy…

     Maybe he was friendly? ❝ Who…who are you? ❞ she asked softly.

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