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dunno if you're up for this (it's absolutely okay if you don't want to) but can you maybe write what happened to David between last episode and this episode? it'd be really cool to see you write it :-D

This is sort of more what happened behind the last episode… Hope its okay.

David sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed as he thought about the events of the past few days. Two nurses, more like prison guards, stood by the door, eyeing him suspiciously as though he might jump up and try and make a run for it.

He’d considered it, but he’d been stopped before.

His mind turned to Robyn and her baby. He barely registered what he’d done, and if it hadn’t been for the horrible price that came with it, he was certain he’d have forgotten it. But he’d put his best friend at risk, and her baby. God, that baby was so small… so fragile… and he’d ruined everything.

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Here’s David Tennant telling you that it’s all gonna be okay. WATCH THIS. It’ll make everything in your life better. ❤

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during rehearsal today, i was walking to get dinner with my bf. we were holding hands and one of the directors wedged himself between us and yelled “SAVE ROOM FOR JESUS”


Alec and Ellie + the lack of physical contact

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