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Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)

I kind of wanted Cas to snap at dean saying “you wanna talk about cosmic consequences?? How about: the DARKNESS. And the fact that YOU KILLED DEATH, DEAN, I don’t think you get to say anything about what I did.”

Please feel free to use liberally on twitter and tumblr.  Some people seem to forget that Sam and Dean love Cas.  Destiel aside, they both love Cas.  

Dean: A wise man once told me, ‘family don’t end in blood.’ But it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them family’s there; for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That’s family.

Daaamn Im so bitter I never experienced…like… Yknow… Relationship? Not even person having crush on me? If anyone ever showed interest in me it was just for having sex 😒

TFW Preference - When they’re sick


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It’s kind of amusing really. To see such a big hunk of a man be brought down by a tiny cold. You don’t even think you’ve ever seen Sam be sick before. He’s basically the epitome of a health nut sometimes, always waking up at ungodly hours to jog, eating rabbit food compared to Dean’s warrior food that is usually dessert and burgers. And never, ever would you have thought he’d be so clingy either.

He wants you to be by his side taking care of him all the time, watching movies as he catches up on rest, for you to spoon him the medicine and take his temperature. It’s nice and cuddly and all, but you could use a breath of fresh air and a few rays of sunshine yourself. The idea pops into your head and you abruptly turn off the TV.

“Hey! We were watching that,” Sam whines before he blows his pink, runny nose into a tissue.

“C’mon, put some shoes on and a jacket. We’re going outside for a bit,” you say as you slip into your own jacket and boots.

“I don’t wanna go outside,” he pouts as he throws himself back on the bed like dead weight.

“I’ll carry you if I have to, Sam. You know I can.”

A few minutes later, you manage to get Sam outside after taking a couple pills for body aches and such. You both sit at a small ledge where a small creek has formed to flow downhill somewhere. The sky is clear and the air flowing through your lungs feels clean. You turn to look at Sam who is still very close that you can feel the radiating heat of his fever ebb away. Color is returning to his face and Sam smiles just a little.

“Feel better, little big man?” you ask and softly rub his back. He nods and takes another deep breath. He really needed this.

“Much,” he mutters.

“Good, ‘cause you can get a little loopy when you’re sick, you know that?”


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You honestly don’t know what to do anymore. He won’t let you do anything. Just a moment ago he swatted your hand away from taking his temperature for what could have been the fiftieth time. It’s understandable though. He’s aching, tired, and grumpy that he was rendered to bed rest by a little cold instead of hunting out there with his brother.

You don’t give up though, you can be just as stubborn. You spend close to an hour in the kitchen making him “John’s famous kitchen sink stew with enough cayenne pepper to burn your lips off,” as Dean would say when he took care of you. It was the least you could do for him in return. On a tray is the bowl of soup, some saltine crackers, few utensils, his medicine, and a tall glass of water. You carry it to his bedroom where Dean is lying on his back, arms and legs spread open, the bedsheets on the floor and a fan on high.

“Oh, boy,” you groan as you step inside. “Dean, sit up. I made you food.”

“No, I don’t wanna eat. My stomach hurts,” he grunts. His voice is a little nasally and his mouth is gaping open like a fish out of water.

“And why do you think? Sit up, I’m not gonna ask again,” you command. Honestly, it’s like dealing with a child with him sometimes.

“Noo…,” he pouts. “Just let me die here. I’m too hot, too cold. I can’t breathe, everything hurts.”

“Dean Winchester! Sit up, eat this food and take this medicine or so help me God, I will stuff your face with it myself, you hear?” you threaten. Dean does as you say, albeit still whining and bitching under his breath the whole time. Eventually you take the tray away and check his temperature once more. It’s down significantly and close to normal than before. “How do you feel?” You ask.

“Better,” he chuckles. “Thanks for putting up with me.”


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“What is happening to me?” Cas rasped, blinking his stinging eyes up at you and moving to lay on his back.

“You have a fever, Cas,” you answer as you sit at his bedside. “You’re going to be okay, it’ll be over soon,” you add as you softly pat a cold wet rag over his forehead to bring his fever down and ease the headache. You frown when he shivers and winced.

It was so frightening and worrisome to see Cas in this state. He doesn’t have his grace and is open to all things infectious to human beings. He’s shivering, too hot to be under the covers, too cold and weak to step out of bed. His muscles ache and his head in pounding. He took the medication and gulped down the full glass of water you offered him after you made him eat at least a few spoonfuls of tomato rice soup, the recipe given to you from Dean, and explained to him his body’s immune system is doing everything it can to get back to normal.

“Close your eyes and rest, okay?”

His eyes were falling heavy and soon he fell into a deep sleep with his hands tucked under his head and a light blanket over his form. He was doing well, but then he woke up abruptly, the cause being a random coughing fit and now he was sweating profusely and trembling violently. You try to ease him down with soothing words but it’s not enough.

You see no other option and crawl into the small space beside him in the bed. Your arms pull him close into a hug to stop his shivers and provide warmth. It seems to do the trick judging by his even breaths and no other troubles through the night.

“I’ll take care of you, Cas. It’s okay. I’m here.”

A/N: For @meangreenlimabean. Sorry this took me forever to write or if there’s any mistakes, I’m still trying to get back on track after this semester’s finals. Many more preferences to come though! Also, read Cas’ part in this preference

Next time get behind me (Cassian Andor x Reader)

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Hope you Enjoy

“ (Y/N) GET BEHIND ME” , Cassian yelled from next to me. It was hard to hear with all the lasers firing. “ NO WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER” I screamed back, ducking as the stormtroopers start aiming for my head. “ Oww “ I hiss as the laser shot my shoulder and started bleeding badly.

Next thing I know Cassian rolls up next to me, still shooting might I add, and calls for backup. “ We are dying out here, we need back up”, Cassian said into the radio. For a while they didn’t answer and we assumed that they weren’t coming.
“ Cas we need to get out of here I don’t want for my boyfriend and I to die here “ I said to him, “ I agree Mi Amor bu–” he got cut off by me screaming.
“ UGHH “, I am in so much pain. But i was not going to tell Cassian that.

Without us realizing a stormtrooper snuck up on us and shot me in the thigh. My second wound is now bleeding profusely. Although it is the first wound that Cassian knowns about.

“ Alright that’s it, you messed with my girl “, Cas said as though he can take down all of them. Little did I know, his anger was so high he could take them down. Not even 5 minutes later, all the stormtroopers were dead and I am in Cassian’s arms running to our ship.

“ Shit Shit Shit “
“ Cas its okay, I’m okay it’s not even that bad”
“ NOT BAD, You are bleeding out and you are saying ITS NOT BAD “, by his actions i can tell he is freaking out.
“ Cas just help me wrap this up, I will be fine and when we get back to the base I’ll go to the med bay, okay? “, I try to compromise to help him calm down.
“ Yeah Yeah okay “, he replies calming down.

As he help me bandage myself, I can’t help but stare at him as he concentrates on helping me. When he is finished, I thank him.
“ I love you Mi Amor, but next time get behind me”, oh Cas way to ruin the moment.

quick update


You guys should know that I will be out of school by around July 20th, which means I will have more time to maintain the level of activity I used to maintain on this site. I will resume posting:

  • my own edits
  • “positivity” updates
  • character appreciation (I want to write one for Eileen, Mick, and the Banes twins, for starters)
  • and maybe even episode reviews during season 13

Also, July 27th is the paperback release date for Dawning Life, the second book in The Edinön Trilogy. You can read the digital version now. Burning Space, the final entry in the trilogy, should be finished by the end of June and published in September if I can keep up on my school work. I have a sideblog (@mitzicbooks) if you are interested in weekly writing updates and stunning nature photos.

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casbakespie  asked:

could i have a continuation of that fic where dean's attacked by vampires? whatever you have in mind for it (though i wouldn't mind myself some bamf!cas or vampire!dean, but i'll let you decide)

Continuation of “Set Upon,” a prior ficlet I posted. [AO3]

Everything hurts.

Why does everything hurt?

Blinking, Dean flinched as bright light hit his eyes, groaned at the resulting wave of pain that trailed through every limb. His arms, his legs, his neck, his torso, every single muscle from finger tip to cheek to his little toe was stiff and achy. 

“Dean!” Cas exclaimed, relieved. Turning his head, tweaking a painful spot in his neck, Dean finds Cas sitting beside the bed - right, yes, I’m in our bed, this is our bedroom - half out of his seat with an arm outstretched. Cas looks…Cas looks almost as bad as Dean feels. His face his bruised, his lips split, and there’s a smudge of blood on his neck and soaked into his shirt. Dean’s stomach turns. 

“Cas! Are you okay? What happened?” Dean asked, struggling to rise. Agony jolted down his spine and he collapsed back with a pitiful moan, hurting himself further as he writhed. Suddenly, Cas was above him, holding him down, holding him still.

“You’re okay,” Cas murmured, whispering reassurance against Dean’s ear. “You need to keep still - I know it hurts - but I’ll take care of you, I have taken care of you, so just relax - rest easy, let me…”

Cas kept talking, and Dean drifted. Something niggled at the back of his mind. Hadn’t he been worried a moment? Hadn’t he had reason to think that Cas was the one who wasn’t okay? He couldn’t remember, couldn’t place his disquiet, the only thing that seemed real was Cas’ weight above him, Cas’ hands strong on his shoulders, Cas’ crotch pressed against his in  a strangely intimate, strangely chaste motion of support, Cas’ legs threaded between his, Cas stubbled, bruised face rubbing against his.

Wait, bruised?

There’s no keeping a hold of the thought; Dean fell back asleep, lulled by Castiel’s smooth, gorgeous voice.

It was dark when Dean woke again to the soft sound of Cas’ gentle snores. Memories of pain kept him from moving abruptly; he lay still and listened to Cas, relieved that Cas was alright though he could think of no reason why Cas wouldn’t be alright.

But I’m sure he wasn’t. I’m sure he wasn’t.


Dean was kidding himself, pretending he was sure of anything. He hurt everywhere, but couldn’t remember why. He was stuck in bed, Cas asleep in a chair beside him, instead of being in a hospital as his injuries should have warranted. And Cas had pinned him down, said he’d take care of him, and that was enough, it was definitely enough.

It shouldn’t be enough.

Slowly, Dean shifted until he was sitting up. By the soft moonlight streaming through the bedroom window, he took in Castiel’s silhouette, the gorgeous planes and dips and ridges of his face. His relationship with Cas had always been a dream come true. Even when things appeared to go wrong, as when they’d argued not long after their wedding about where to live, things always seemed to come out right in the end. They’d settled in Chicago, of course, the better to help Cas pursue his career, the better for Dean to…

…well, it was better for Dean. Maybe his life wasn’t quite what he’d expected, but he was happy, and Castiel loved him, and he loved Castiel.

That was enough, right?

“Dean,” Cas rumbled, shifting. “You’re thinking so hard you woke me up.”

“Sorry,” murmured Dean. “Rest, Cas. You need it more than I did.”

“That is the silliest thing you’ve said…maybe ever,” said Cas thoughtfully. Rising, Castiel shimmied into bed beside Dean and ever-so-carefully wrapped an arm around Dean’s middle. Even the gentle touch made Dean flinch, but Cas’ touch was instantly soothing. The bright moon illuminated Castiel’s flawless face, made his pale skin seem to glow.

Not a bruise in sight. Why did I think…?

Shaking his head, shaking his worries away, Dean snuggled closer to his husband and let his concerns go.

Everything was fine.

…except…why does everything hurt?

It didn’t matter. Cas was there. Cas would take care of him.

Everything was fantastic.

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Season 13
Cas blinks his eyes and coughs. He’s choking on his own blood, it’s filling his lungs through the stab wound. Angel Cas is dead, but human Cas is still dying.
His grace is gone. Burned out when the angel blade pierced his skin, but the soul Metatron gave him is still hanging on.

Thrown Away - Jinyoung

We were introduced through friends and for the past 4 months, we’ve been in contact. There is a mutual interest we share towards one another and I don’t know if it’s the same for him, but I’m certainly drowning in what could be the start of something more. He’s perfect. Understanding and sweet. All the characteristics my mother always listed for me to look for. I’m willing to give it a chance if he’s willing to make it official.

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