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the smh as a very potter musical quotes
  • jack: "hey pal...that's a pretty cool headband you got there..."
  • bitty: "cause usually i just kill people who try to get me to open up."
  • ransom: "rule number one: no boys. unless they're cute. rule number two: no alcohol. unless there's plenty to go around! and rule number three: no parties. unless umbridge is invited!!!"
  • holster: "it's just everytime i look at her i get pains in my chest, and i just know it's her fault, that bitch."
  • shitty: "oh shit! you guys are kids! i gotta watch my damn mouth around you little bastards."
  • lardo: "avada kedavra, DIE BITCH."
  • nursey: "alright, well i'm not surprised. c'mon lets go watch wizards of waverly place."
  • dex: "i love you all. except you draco i can't fucking stand you."
  • chowder: "bomb appétit...i mean bon appétit..."
  • (bonus)
  • parse: "i'm NOT dangerous, and i'm NOT homeless. anymore."

dxrandomxb  asked:

How can you tell if the bird is a crow vs another bird with black plumage? Like a grackel or some such? (i live in an area with a lot of similar looking birds)

hm! well, for me, the easiest way to tell them apart is by size.

we don’t have grackles where I am, but I assume they’re similar in size to blackbirds and starlings! i.e.: aboooout the size of your hand, give or take.

crows are much bigger! an American Crow is about the size of your forearm (16 - 20 inches).

(also, your ask didn’t mention ravens, but! they’re HUGE. a Common Raven can stand over two feet tall. i know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me. it’s a lot to take in when you see one up close)