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zaynsfreepalestinetweet recieved around 85 messages of love to Zayn (x). I read them all and traslated into key words and numbers. 

the other boy’s version: (x)

Reckless Behaviour

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Summary: zayn gets in an accident on the night of the school dance, and wakes up in an unexpected place with an unexpected boy holding him captive.

(aka a stockholm syndrome + high school au where liam and zayn don’t like each other (or at least that’s what they think) and zayn’s best friend louis has a giant crush on the basketball captain who just happens to be liam’s best friend.)

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Rating: Explicit
Words: 50K+

AN: inspired by a prompt, a song and an episode of cold case. very strong zouis friendship. read entire note on ao3.

also thank u lau @heszayn for editing shit for me for the art! i luv u. :)


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.

Where Demons Play

“What was that for?” Harry breathes, his body flattening against Zayn’s.

“S’in the mood earlier. Blood rush and all,” Zayn admits, pulling Harry down their staircase and crashing with him onto the couch. “Now tell me what you’ve got planned for later.”

“She’s staying for dinner. That’s it.”

“Harry,” Zayn says flatly, shifting so Harry can straddle his lap comfortably. “Is she joining us for dinner or is she dinner?”


In which Harry and Zayn are vampires. And Y/N goes from an unintended one night guest to a one night stand. (or 7K of self indulgent smut)

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i love it when i tell people i ship zayn malik and niall horan together and i say it’s real and they’re like “isn’t zayn with perrie”

“no, niall and zayn are together, zerrie isn’t real they’re just friends”

*shows picture of niall horan and zayn malik kissing, holding hands and any moment*

“oh my god you’re right”


My Bones Are Made Of You (lhrry)

Word count: 64,2k

Summary: When Harry decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves to a Summer Camp for two months, he’s sparkling with excitement, for it is the only choice he’s ever been able to make by himself. The last thing he expects to happen is for the world to become a golden boy with sapphire eyes, infinite eyelashes and glinting laughter, which, somehow, reveals completely different, absorbingly exquisite, shade of life. However, he did not expect a slightest possibility of the world ever ending either.



golden // zayn 

every single jigsaw piece
seems to be you complete

the choices we make 
change the path that we take
but i know, that somewhere out there
there’s a path that we choose
there’s a life that we share
there’s a love and it grows

I Finally Found You, My Missing Puzzle Piece // @tender-vadge

I want you to think of this like puzzle pieces, okay?” said a mother whose baby had just come to her, asking her what love meant.

“Puzzle pieces are meant to fit together perfectly, right?” she asked and Zayn nodded. “Well, every person in the world is shaped a certain way. Like a puzzle piece. And each and every person has another person who fits with them like a puzzle piece does. Because they’re shaped in a way that works with you. Puzzle pieces that fit together have things about each other that makes the other person happy. Like, your daddy always knows how to make me laugh. And I know how to cheer him up when he’s sad.

“You know the puzzle pieces in the center of the picture, with a lot of holes?” Zayn nodded again. “Well, some people are like that, too, and there are a lot of people who might be able to fit with them.”

alright i just want to write this quick post

i think everybody knows now, that Zayn Malik has left one direction

and i see almost everybody making fun of it

i understand, that a lot of “true cool rock-lovers” just have to do this

but ffs have some fucking respect for 1D fandom

i understand that it’s not full band break up like mcr

but imagine Pete Wentz leaving fall out boy or something like that

i bet you’d be sad

so please don’t be so fucking rude and have some goddamn respect

thank you

Midnight Memories Tracks (Hidden Vocals)

“1. Best Song Ever (Secret/ BG Vocals)

2. Story Of My Life (Lead Vocals)

3. Diana (Lead Vocal Mix)

4. Midnight Memories (Secret Harmonized Vocals)

5. You & I (Lead Vocal Mix and Secret BG Vocals)

6. Don’t Forget Where You Belong (Instrumental Stem)

7. Strong (Backing Vocals)

8. Happily (Lead Vocals)

9. Right Now (Zayn’s Main Vocal Stem)” (x)


That’s none of our business