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I can’t believe i just wrote 2k words holy shit. hope you like it @freckledbastard !! i’m the sabolu anon hullo õvõ

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idk how i feel about my name at this point? like im not sure if its The Name For Me but whenever i think of using other ones in its place i feel weird. and when people call me ‘vinny’ it reminds me of people who laugh at me for being trans cus they kept using it mockingly. so only call me that if we r close maybe? otherwise u can call me vin/vince/vincent

ROTFLMAO I was lurking in no man’s land and saw someone whining about how Camille has been treated with far more respect by Klaus than Caroline, and yet mean KCers are still claiming theirs is the superior ship.

Didn’t Klaus compel Cami to be his secretary so he could dictate his weepy memoirs to someone? And bite her? And try and force her to transition into a vampire even though she made it clear that wasn’t what she wanted? So, slavery, physical assault, and taking away someone’s agency = respect?

Stan Logic, copyright 2016. 

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I also have a crush on a straight girl and shes really beautiful and in one of my classes but she doesnt know im bi even though that wouldnt make a difference but her bestfriend is bi

My crush 200% knows I’m gay I make it pretty obvious.. from time to time I’ll like read wayyyyy too much into stuff she does and I know I’m reaching but I can’t heLP IT

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blurb: how Liam is handling that y/n is asexual

You’d told him, you’d finally told him. Your chest was tight, and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. You longed for him to say something. His face was still. Like he was thinking, processing, soaking in what you’d just told him. He took a deep breath before he said, “Ok.” “Ok? That’s it? Just ‘ok?’” “What am I supposed to say love? That I’m mad, or I want to break up? I said ‘ok’ because that’s all I can think of to say. I still love you, that’s not changed. I’m not gonna break up with you. I’m gonna go one day at a time, which is what I’ve done in all my past relationships.” You sighed in relief. “C’mere.” he said and he pulled you to him. “Now I do have some questions. One of which is very important ok?” He looked down at you, and you looked up into those big brown eyes you adore. Your heart was racing again. “Are you ok with me cuddling the life out of you? Cuz that’s what I’m about to do right now.” He giggled and didn’t give you time to answer. He threw you over his shoulder and took you into the bedroom and tossed you down on the bed. “I’m gonna cuddle you like there’s no tomorrow.” He pulled you in close and held you tight. “Love? You’re trembling. Are you alright?” he asked feeling you shaking a little in his arms. “I’m just worried eventually you’ll get tired of me and leave.” He sighed at your response. “Babe, I don’t know what to tell you, all I know is that I love you regardless. I’m afraid you’re quite stuck with me, babe. Right now I just want to hold you. Right now I’m more than content with that.” “What if later you’re not??” “It’s not later now is it? This is now.” He squeezed you tight. No, he didn’t have all the answers, this was new to him. He had questions, and he wondered what would happen in the future, just like he had with any relationship. But he knew he loved you no matter what. And no matter what, he was going to continue to love you.


Ok SU Theory Time

I say first that I’m probably wrong but anyway we’re in hiatus we need something to talk about 

Ok so we all know that Yellow Diamond is the one in charge when it comes to the Cluster and the destiny of Earth, right? She “wants her Cluster”, so she is probably very involved in its creation. 

BUT, consider this: 

After It Could Have Been Great, we started speculating that the Earth could have been a colony owned by Blue Diamond. That, because of the planet on her hand in this picture (that looks a bit like the Earth) and also because the Cloud Arena over the Earth in The Answer was hers. 

Then, why is Yellow Diamond in charge of the destiny of a Blue Diamond’s colony? Of course, Earth is free because the Crystal Gems won the war, but still, it SHOULD HAVE BEEN Blue Diamond’s colony, so why isn’t she doing anything? Why doesn’t she care? Why does Yellow Diamond care so much? Why is “her Cluster” inside a free planet/supposed to be Blue Diamond’s colony? 

The only reason I can find is that Blue Diamond and all of her court have been defeated during the war. Or, in alternative (because Peridot seems to know her, even if she may only have heard about her), her court has been destroyed and she is left with few gems by her side, and does not care anymore. 

A part of this theory could be supported by Lapis, who we see in the court of Blue Diamond in the Answer…

…and that of course is trapped in the mirror for whatever reason. AND SHE IS CRACKED.

And this brings me to the reason I am scared of my own theory: 



Thank you for all of these happy years! Let’s keep walking together in the future. We will always support you no matter what you do.

When they ask you the question “who would you like to be in Free!” and you want to reply

“Makoto’s wife”

But your love for Makoto is as big as Makoharu so you have to choose….


…being the cat

hi everyone im a lesbian and i just want to explicitly say that its ok and great to be attracted to girls. like, ive seen a lot of positivity posts about being wlw and what it means to be wlw and all the great shit about loving women but like, personally, those broad positivity posts never do anything for me.

when i say that i want to explicitly say that its ok to be attracted to girls, i dont just mean the general idea of being attracted to girls. as a lesbian as well as a trans woman, i suffer from horrible, gut-wrenching disgust, fear, and guilt about the kind of attraction i feel towards girls. this is in no small part due to the fact that, understandably, not many wlw are broadcasting their nitty gritty sexual fantasies on tumblr, so i have no way of normalizing and accepting my own nitty gritty sexual fantasies (because, personally, i develop my own feelings and personality largely from outside influence). i and im sure many others have a sense of shame that defines and outlines our sexuality, and i think we really need to have an open conversation about it.

dont get me wrong, im not trying to get people to say their deep sexual shit, thats fucked up and weird. im also not trying to say that wlw have a weird relationship with of our sexuality exclusively because of the lack of open discussion and camaraderie in the struggle of how pretty girls are. many wlw have incredibly complicated relationships with their sexuality largely due to trauma and abuse, and i think we need to keep those women at the front of our minds when talking about the sexualness of sexuality.

but i think a lot of people would benefit from some safe, open discussions and pronouncements of our sexuality, me included ! i recently had a fucking liberating conversation with a friend about how safe we feel about calling girls “hot”. weve both been exposed to huge quantities of discourse about how wlw arent predatory, and we understand that intellectually. but we still cant get past that seed of terror in our hearts and minds. we need to move to unproblematize the ways wlw perceive women, and we need to actively distinguish those methods of perception from that of men that love women.

if any of yall are confused how this would work out in practice, heres what i plan on doing. i plan on considering my language, and how i externalize and express my attraction to someone. i plan on critically looking at the words and phrases i use in an attempt to mitigate and defer whatever predatoriness people might perceive (like saying “im gay” instead of “shes hot”). i plan on unapologetically letting myself wallow in how pretty a girls face is, or how nice her butt is.

so, personally, im resolving to give up on dancing around the subject. im not going to abstain from using strong words when describing a girl, and im not going to forbid myself from experiencing attraction to a girl. im allowed to think a girl is hot. im allowed to love boobs. who the fuck doesnt like boobs. boobs are objectively the best. anyways, im not going to let my fear of my own voice as a wlw and as a trans woman suffocate my attraction to and love for women. im allowed to want to kiss a girl. im allowed to look at a girls butt.

and you are too. 


went to hot topic the other day~

no one recognized my shirt except one guy who got a book from me at work. he asked me if i was “jewish captain america”

i said sure

also. marvel ur welcome for the new comic idea. i recomend jewish captain america be named steve rodgerstein. i will play him in the movie