it's ok to be insecure

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Could you do how bts would act around their crush?

Hey anon! Sure, here we go:

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Hi! I love your post of Keith things soo much. I was just wondering if you can expand on him being self-conscious about his temper and which episodes he shows this?

[/EDIT: I rewrote and restructred this answer a little, just so that it makes more sense & flows better. I also added another example, but the general message is the same.]

Hey there :D Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! And sure thing, he doesn’t really show it often, but I’ll explain why I think he feels self-conscious about his temper.

Before I start with the 3 scenes I want to talk about, let’s establish something first - that he knows he has a temper and knows that he needs to work on it. He shows awareness of that quite often, so I’ll just mention s1e1, the first time it becomes apparent. It’s on his mission to find Red. “Patience yields focus” makes an appearance, which something that he carries with himself all the way to season 2. He wouldn’t have done that if it didn’t mean anything to him. He definitely knows that it is something he has to work on.

Next - the self-conscious part. Let me make another thing clear:

Being self-conscious about something does not mean being insecure about it. That’s very important in regards to Keith’s character, who is absolutely self-confident in himself. What I have to prove is not that he is insecure about his temper but that he can be uncomfortably aware of it.

Moving on to the actual meta part. Surprisingly, the moments where Keith seems to feel guilty and/or self-conscious about his temper usually aren’t around Shiro. Maybe that’s because they know each other so well. Maybe it’s because Shiro has called him out on it often enough that he has gotten used to it. Maybe it’s because Shiro is pretty nice about calling him out, he usually just tells him to “work on it”. 

No, the moments where he shows being self-conscious the most are around Lance. There is that scene in the Balmera in s1e7 (I zoomed in on his expressions here):

“We can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho!”

Oops. That’s what his face is saying after being presented with a simple and better plan. Keith definitely feels guilty and self-conscious here for not thinking things through. There is not much explanation needed, it’s all in the facial expressions. 

Something like that happens again in s2e8. There are 2 scenes in this episode that I want to talk about. Firstly, Hunk and Allura voicing the thought that the Blade of Marmora base could be just a trap, followed by Hunk saying “maybe we shouldn’t go in there at all.” Keith absolutely blows up at him - and then there comes Lance: 

“Okay, geez, calm down!”

And Keith’s reaction?

Turning away. He actually calms down and turns away. He didn’t apologize, but the silence is heavy. He was definitely uncomfortably aware that he had just yelled at Hunk for next to no reason.

The next scene comes when Shiro picks Keith to accompany him into the base and Lance does not agree with this decision. “But Keith’s a hothead! He’s probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later and they’re not gonna be able to answer his questions because they’re gonna be dead!”

Keith’s reaction to that statement is what initially convinced me that he is self-conscious about his temper:

He looks away. His eyebrows raise. He feels like Lance is right about what he is saying and he definitely feels bad about it. It’s the definition of a “guilty as charged” face. And since we know that Keith shows pretty much every emotion he feels on his face, I think it’s safe to say that he feels self-conscious here.

Unfortunately, there is not much other material to go of. Shiro is kind of Keith’s safe spot (explained earlier) and none of the other paladins have ever confronted Keith about his temper. But Lance isn’t afraid of calling him out in the “hey, you are wrong about that" way - Shiro just tells him to be more patient and “work on it”. With Lance, there is no sugarcoating it. His reactions get especially powerful if you compare it to their usual behavior: Keith is not the type to get hyper aware of himself just because Lance said something unflattering about him. They are fighting far too often for that. And we know that his usual reaction is to just fight back or grimace heavily and stay quiet. Not this.

So, to summarize - Keith isn’t overly self-conscious about his temper, it’s mostly just a part of himself that he isn’t proud of. He usually just kind of deals with it, but when someone bluntly puts it in the spotlight and really makes him aware of what he is doing, his self-consciousness shines through. That does not make him any less self-confident.



me: people dont like me bc im annoying and boring and a bad friend and theyre just pitying me when i bother them

some of my friends: i like you and enjoy talking to you and like being your friend :)


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Hi! I hope you're doing well. I know you have a lot of requests, and you have your own life to run, so I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with us. Please rest well. I apologize for adding on to your requests, but could you elaborate more on Jimin's jealousy like how you did with Jungkook and Taehyung? If you can, that'd be great. If not, I understand as you are very busy. Thank you!

Hey! Thanks so much for being so considerate, you’re very nice. Really, what you’ve said was truly kind. <3 Thank you.

But oh boy, where do I even begin? Jimin could be jealous to the point of being possessive.

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i love this concept i love donghyuck so why the hell not amirite


- he’s soft!!! for you but will never admit it

- roasts you all the time because he’s shy to admit his feelings (even though you’re already together??? and it’s so painfully obvious how much he treasures you???)

- but whenever you need support or whenever you need aNYTHING he becomes a magician with words

- a lot of cute pet names!!! but also a lot of insulty pet names

- goes from ‘’bUBS DAILY REMINDER THAT I LOVE YOU!!!!!’’ to ‘’ew what a loser eww you’re so cheesy’’ in 0.1 seconds

- cuddles for days!!

- pranking the other members together, and then blaming it on someone else

- no one really believes him but you’re there to back him up so they all believe you (ah what an angel) since they have no idea that hyuck has corrupted you with his evil ways

- when they find out that you’re both in it, you run for your life



- treats u to sweets all the time

- really shy about hand-holding!! but somehow has no problem jumping you in the middle of nowhere, requesting cuddles??

- loves to roast you so you’d roast him back because he loves your victory face

- he talks about you to mark all the time

- ‘’hyung they’re literally perfect oh my g o d,, literally the cutest thing i have ever seen’’

- if you’re younger than him he wiLL CALL YOU ‘’kid’’ FOREVER

- if you’re older he will request 100% of your attention

- when he gets jealous its usually out of insecurity, he’s really scared to lose you ok!! but when you rant to him about how he makes you happy you can see his eyes light up

- ‘’ew you’re such a sap (y/n)’’, but then turns serious again, ‘’but no really, thank you. having you- in my life, it’s one of the best things ever’’.

- would jump off a bridge for you

- wouldn’t kill a spider for you though

- ‘’sorry bubs you’re on your own here’’

- says ‘’i hate you’’ a lot, but almost always follows it up by ‘’jk i actually love you lots?? suprise ikr??’’

- tries to be smooth

- tries  

- fails miserably

- bad pickup lines he learned from the idiots hyungs

- the dreamies spying on you two and ewwing at you all the time and he just

- ‘’they’re such kids’’ 

- ‘’hyuck they’re like a year or two younger than you’’

- ‘’shhhh’’

- loves complimenting you but is super shy about it and your heart flutters every time

- pretends to get jealous when you hang out with the dreamies a lot but is actually super happy to see the most important things in his life getting along

- is suprisingly very mature about most things

- goes 0 to 100 real quick

- ‘’why do i even like you eww’’ to ‘’i know we’re like 2 and a half, but you literally mean the world to me’’

- unpredictable

- he will spoil you with the smallest things

- but you both love it

- you praise him for everything he does

- he tries to act smug about it

- but irl he’s a giddy giggly mess you make him go insane

- in conclusion

- he will go to the moon and back for you

- loves and treasures you lots

- the purest relationship ever!!

lmao that was cringe but i rly wanted to write it so i hope yall enjoy:’) idk if ill make these into a thing??? u can send me suggestions i guess???

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Hello! I like the idea of link being a selective mute but I imagine when he's with sidon he sings a lullaby whenever the shark bf has a bad dream or just feels down. Like he would lie down ans place his head on link's lap while link would softly caress his head to reassure sidon that he's there for him. (I like to think of zelda's lullaby but you can choose what other lullaby link can sing or hum)

Excuse me while I scream into the sun


Link comforting Sidon is my jam, you don’t understand.

Just, you know that poor shark is super insecure and I bet he worries about being a good leader, or if he is good enough for his people, or wonders what would have happened if he had been Champion instead. Mipha could have lived and ruled over their people instead, I bet he feels like she would have been a better one. Link just humming or singing to Sidon, while he just tries to get a hold of himself because he is a Prince, soon to be King, he can’t just be crying on Link’s lap.

And Link gently reminding him between songs that its ok to feel insecure and scared, that it doesn’t make him weak or any less of an Heir. That he’s incredible, kind, and will be an amazing King.  

Just. Link supporting Sidon like all the times Sidon supported Link is that good shit. I love it.

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Heeey!! You don't know how much I've fallen in love with your blog! You write amazing and everything seems quite in character! I absolutely love it! So I have this scenario in my head where the straw hats meet up with the whitebeard pirates. I just got in my head that sanji would be absolutely enamoured with ace s/o (Not just the noodle dance but also his charming side) and ace would get jelous. Would you mind writing it? You don't have to if you don't want to.. or if it's stupid! I love you!

It’s ok if I request hcs for Ace feeling insecure because he thinks his s/o might like someone else? If you are not comfortable with it I understand so don’t worry ^^ thanks a lot in advance, your writting is simply amazing!

so I put those two together, hope nobody minds^^ Also thank you for thinking I keep the hcs in character, I’m glad  love u too <3

  • OH Ace is a jelly guy actually xDDDD
  • I think that scenario is possible considering Sanji’s persona and I don’t think Ace would fancy it all that much
  • Tho I think Ace mostly pretty chill and won’t even notice or take Sanji’s flirting attempts seriously 
  • but still can get jealous and pull his s/o from Sanji, until Sanji annoys him so much Ace punches him
  • or until he does get some sort of inferiority complex because he’s gotta admit Sanji is damn handsome and does the gentleman thing with ease
  • Everybody would tell Sanji to hold his horses and Ace’s eyes would angrily twitch when Snooj is around his precious s/o
  • And by the end the s/o ofc would say how much they love Ace and that everything is fine ahhaha <3

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Ok so, if requests are still open, how would McCree, Genji, and 76 react to their s/o who really doesn't make a big deal out of this 'being captured' situation, like their just extremely chill, and most likely thinks of them as like really clingy roommates? And their s/o is like a hella good artist so they just draw random stuff or something? Like the latest dank meme they found on the internet or something. Sorry if it's too descriptive, I'm hella insecure 👌🏻👌🏻👀👀

its ok babe i gotchu u3u hope u like this!


- Jesse’s happy he doesn’t have to worry about you trying to escape! The fact that you’re being nice and quiet gives him the hope that you’ll be the most perfect lil darlin’!

-He’s always watching you draw or trying to start up a conversation, trying to get to know you better, just overall very social and talkative. When he’s not out of the house he’s almost always with you. He may even want to cuddle up next to you while you sketch. The cowboy thinks it’s cute to see you all focused on something you like and does his best not to distract you. He’ll even crack a joke or two about how maybe you could try drawing something for him sometime (it’s not a joke though he really would like something from you)

-oh goodness, but thinking of him like a roommate? He thought you were behaving because you like him! He’s a little uh, hurt by the discovery that it’s because you… kind of just don’t care. McCree wants to see more emotion out of you, have you be affectionate towards him, love him. Apathy won’t cut it

-The cowboy has a bit of a tantrum and yanks a bunch of your privileges, like your sketchbook. He says you can have it back when you start being grateful for what he’s given you, and you start ‘giving a little back’


-He did a bit of surveillance on you before the two of you properly met, the ninja sometimes watching you draw as he lurked outside your window. Art is such a special, creative outlet; he’s glad you have such a soothing hobby, yet another metaphorical 'window’ where he can learn more about your inner thoughts and workings

-Genji knows there might be some bumps or two with the whole kidnapping you and all, so when you react… unresponsive, he gets a little concerned. On one hand he’s happy you’re cooperating, on the other… why are you so quiet? Are you planning something? Are you depressed?

-He lets himself indulge in your cooperativeness for a few days before asking you directly just what exactly is going through your mind. He’s upset that it’s because you’re just going with it, but won’t punish you. He’s not completely irrational.

-instead he’s constantly at your side, spending time with you, trying to cuddle with you, bringing you gifts, and prove that his affection for you is genuine. Genji has high hopes that he can get you to love him back, even if he has to show you his love by force

Soldier 76

-He sort of gets it, but not exactly in the right way. Jack chalks up his own assumptions for your behavior before so much as asking you himself. Is it because of stress that you’ve simply… disengaged? He’s had plenty of stress and trauma to understand something like that. You just need time to adjust, he tells himself. You’ll be fine

-He’s respectful of your space. If he isn’t sitting next to you, he’ll still be nearby, checking in on you and making sure you get enough to eat and drink when you draw, maybe even get you a radio to listen to music on while you work. He likes that you behave yourself

-But as the days pass and he watches you, it shakes his fantasy that you’ll just 'get over it’ amd warm up to him. This isn’t trauma; you just don’t care. You don’t love him. He’s just your free ride, is that it?

-And he’ll yell such at you, scolding you as if you’re taking advantage of him. Stop playing with his feelings! Can’t you see how much he loves you, damn it?! He’ll scowl, he’ll raise his voice, making sure you listen to his every word because he won’t repeat himself: cut the shit and quit being a brat. Now show him how sorry you are and give him a hug, kiss, anything; he just wants love from you

communismkills makes fun of overweight people posting selfies on twitter  & calls them unattractive then cries big white supremacists tears when people point how ugly she is herself  (no the two alt right bloggers with anime icons complimenting her don’t count as evidence of people finding her attractive) 

talk about being able to dish it but not take it LOL. we all know you make fun of fat people to compensate for your own insecurities (and god are those insecurities warranted) so its ok.

Its not ok..

Its not ok to tell me what parts of my body or appearance or behaviours are not in line with the cishet ideals of masculinity.

Its not ok to tell me that my binder doesnt work as well as you think it should.

Its not ok to tell me my bum is very feminine.

Its not ok to tell me that clothes I feel comfortable in arent fashionable, or stereotypically butch or that “its not what men wear”.

Its not ok to point out that my thighs are bigger than the average cis male.

Its not ok to tell me to lose weight to appear more masculine.

Its not ok to tell me that if I dont wear glasses I look more masculine.

Its not ok to ask to see my stp. Its my junk.

Its not ok to tell me that my sexuality will change once I go on testosterone.

Its not ok to make assumptions about childhood trauma and leave me feeling exposed.

Its not ok to tell me about things about myself that points me out as female that I wont be able to change without medically transitioning.

Its not ok to offer passing tips when I dont ask for them.

Its not ok to assume I need help being male.