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a birthday gift for @succulent-sam!! happy birthday, gabby!!! I hope you enjoy this little canon ‘verse happiness. <3

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“Do you always understand everything you feel?” Cas asked, one day.

He thought, obscurely, that Spring was the right time for a question like this; or at least this Spring was - a Spring that felt fresh and light and hazy, still dazed by the wonder of Winter’s passing. Dean, sitting in the car beside him, looked washed out by it - or rather, washed clean, Cas supposed he meant. Softened, in any case.

“How d’you mean?” Dean said. He turned to Cas, the bright sun shrinking out the darkness in his eyes - turning them green. Green like go-lights, green like mazes - no, gentler than both of those; green like the water-full leaves of succulent plants. Green like book covers, like peppermint-flavour candies.

“I mean… do you ever feel something that you can’t explain? Something… ineffable?”

Dean pressed his lips together. Cas wondered if he needed to explain the word ‘ineffable’.

“Nah?” he said. “I guess most of what I feel, I know what to call it. I don’t always like it, but at least I know what it is.”

Cas nodded seriously. Dean let the silence rest for a while as they cruised down the Spring-morning road.

“What about you?” he said eventually.

Cas lifted a shoulder.

“I… have a thousand words for how things feel,” he said, “and a thousand things to feel within me. But I… I cannot make them match.”

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can i just talk for a minute about how Lucas was willing to go headfirst into the upside down just to bring Will back ? as soon as it was revealed to him that Will was trapped in this cold, dark space he had to find out how to get him out. and once Eleven, or Mike, or even Dustin didn’t seem to have the same drive he just decided to go on by himself. no matter what it took, no matter if he’d get caught, his priority, his mission was to find his friend and get him back. and honestly, he didn’t even understand what he was getting himself into. he hadn’t seen the demogorgon before so he had like no idea how high the stakes were. he just knew his friend was in trouble, and that they had to get them out. and he geared up for battle and marched himself over there to do it himself. because he couldn’t go on and possibly let Will die because they all were taking their sweet time with it. like just realizing he was willing to walk into another dimension solely based on the fact that his friend needed him says a lot about his character. and honestly people think that he’s selfish, or rude, but this is a kid with clear allegiances, who has a tight circle around him and if you’re in the circle he’ll do anything for you, he’ll die for you, but if you’re out of the circle he just can’t focus on your troubles ?? and while that’s a hard position to take, it’s very realistic imo and very mature tbh and I don’t feel like he should be vilified for it. another thing is, is that he actually realized he was wrong and sincerely apologized for it like– that’s so mature and aware of his actions and I just want this kid to be appreciated and loved and respected and yeah.

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I commissioned my good friend @ticcytx for some Sia/Silas and now I’m laying on the floor weeping and rolling in my trash feelings <3

I’m in love <3

Thank you so much Ticcy!! ;u; <3 <3 <3

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Hey! How are you? It seems like you have forgotten about me. Just to refresh ur memory. Validate me 😫😉😉

Sarahhhhh I love youuuuuu I’m just a jerk who never talks to anybody unless I have to

If you want, I can be clingy (;

@fetusinfetu replied to your post “@fetusinfetu replied to your post: there is a…”

YES WTF I remember we started following each other in 2010 ??? How has so many years passed honestly

i think so?? maybe late 2009?? SO LONG 

and for years i was quietly like “omg ur my fav ur so cool i luv u” except i told u this. but u were my fav mutual even before we were Friends :’)

its been so long!!!!! 

(also lmfao i was going through my inbox the other day deleting messages and found a selfie of u/”a relative” (idk if you specified? i think it was a girl? you covered her face w a sticker) from like 2012… i gotta clean out my inbox more…. u were still cute tho dont worry)

               Put on the crown & those knee-high boots that make your legs look
               so good, grab the cold coffee & your shattered sword– - it’s time to
               remind those fucking losers why you were born to conquer them all.

              ⊰ disney-certified (trust me on this) fanmix about prince hans::
                                                                               << listen here >> // << download >> ⊱

         witness - mindless self indulgence;;  primadonna - marina & the diamonds;;
         hot mess - cobra starship;;  99 problems - hugo;;  look at me now - karmin;;
         eros and apollo - studio killers;;  bubblegum bitch - marina & the diamonds;;
         come on a cone - nicki minaj;;   i don’t care - fall out boy;;  everybody loves
- one republic;;   backstabber - ke$ha;;   all men are pigs - studio killers;;    
         i love it - icona pop;;     gives you hell - all american rejects;;     you’re gonna
         go far, kid
- offspring;;       scumbody told me - arctic monkeys vs. the killers;;  
         toxic - britney spears;;       judas - lady gaga;;        heads will roll - yeah yeah
;;  i am your leader - nicki minaj;;

                                    you’re the only constant presence in my life
                                    (you && the faceless nightmare following us)
                   proxyshipping fanmix [ christmas gift for kralied ]

                                            [ LISTEN HERE ] // [ ART CREDIT ]

           01. the one that got away - civil wars    Ⓧ  02. king rat - modest
 Ⓧ  03. cells - the servant  Ⓧ  04. dead boy  -  bleached 
        Ⓧ  05. take me to hospital - the faint  Ⓧ  06. crows - the gothic
 Ⓧ 07. sleep awake - mother mother Ⓧ 08. spiderhead
        - cage the elephant
 Ⓧ 09. medisin - the classic crime Ⓧ 10. no
        one to nothing - mother mother  
  Ⓧ   11. human - civil twilight 
        12. life like weeds - modest mouse  Ⓧ  13. doppelganger - the
        antlers //
{ download }