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Do you use tumblr at school?

ya sometime :O altho its a dangerous game, my semi crush/a good pal saw i was using tumblr and asked me if i could follow her

this image perfectly displays how i felt in that situation

i just said id follow her at home since my 3G was weak and she said ‘’oh thats ok! ill follow you whats your username??”’ and i just said

‘‘i-i don’t…. remember?’‘

she just looked at me weirdly and stumbling over words i tried to explain its pretty long and i made the account 3 days ago and i forget hahahaHAHHAHHAH IM TELLING THE TRUTh I SWEAR

then i went back home and created an account, followed some basic aesthetic blogs (ykno the ones who reblog commercials) and followed her on that one lmao smooth julia

1k follower celebration

ok technically i hit 1,000 followers a little while ago but i wanted to wait for my other blog to hit its follower milestone so i can do headcanons all at once and ahh but anyway HERE WE ARE. thank you guys for following me, it means a lot that this blog blew up so quickly and i have you to thank for it

so to celebrate, I’ll be taking headcanon requests

i’m not going to put a limit on it for now, but I’ll probably close them when I get a little overwhelmed. this doesnt mean you can send in 5 or 6 requests. just like 1 or 2, so other people have a chance to send something in

and if your request just doesnt make for a good headcanon, i’ll answer it and apologize bc I’m not try to think up of headcanons for “Tuvok giving you a mind meld” pls no. remember; the more general the request, the easier it’ll be

and also, i still have links to old headcanons, so if i already did a request similar to yours, i’ll link it

so yeah, happy Thanksgiving everybody and thanks for being here

I just recreated my blog and I need more Swifties to follow. If you’re an active Taylor Swift blog reblog this post so we can all follow each other!!

If anyone sees this (and if you don’t mind) pls like/reblog or say in the comments if you’re a bts blog (doesn’t have to be 100% although i do follow very few multifandom blogs–you know who you are and you are very special).But since I’m 99% bts and Jin biased I’d like to follow more blogs too, and of course if you’re a content creator: gifs/edits/gfx/art i’d love to check out your blog!

It's ok to be fat and need to use mobility aids, like scooters or a wheelchair or a cane or anything else.

Fat disabled people are ok.

It’s ok to be fat and disabled.

It’s ok to use mobility aids as much or as little as works for you.

You are the boss of your own body. You have done nothing wrong. 

I support you. You are important. 

Making shitty jokes or being an asshole about fat people who need mobility scooters is wrong. 

Anyone who replies to this with something nasty about fat people who use mobility scooters will be blocked. 

I don’t care if you’ve followed this blog for three years. Immediately blocked. 

You are making people afraid to use the tools they need to be able to use, that exist to make life easier for them. That is NOT ok. You should be ashamed of your behavior. 

Go do better. 

Reblog If:

🐱 You’re a little
🐶 You’re a Daddy
🐵 You’re a Mommy
🐰 You’re a pet
🐷 You’re non-binary and/or in the cg/l community
🌸 You’re sfw, pastel, or kawaii
🐱 You’re a POC
🐶 You have your age on your blog
🐵 Its ok to message you or ask questions
🐰 You are actually willing to talk to me

So I can follow you 😊

advice for the signs
  • Capricorn: you work yourself waaay too hard.. take a break
  • Aquarius: you're too distant from your friends, let yourself trust !!
  • Pisces: stop thinking about love all the time
  • Aries: go somewhere peaceful and watch the sunset. it will help i promise
  • Taurus: if it was meant to happen it will so chillll
  • Gemini: you need to stop talking about it ok. people will get bored
  • Cancer: whatever they think it doesn't fucking matter, follow your heart
  • Leo: stop trying to please other people and start trying to please yourself
  • Virgo: you need to let people in or they won't understand
  • Libra: big decisions can't be ignored forever, you need to take some time to really think
  • Scorpio: it's time you told them how you feel before the time has passed
  • Sagittarius: maybe its time for a change? a new look for a new you
zodiac as mutuals
  • (check ur sun and rising)
  • aries: the mutual who posts memes about jacking off and doesnt tag their nsfw.
  • taurus: the mutual who has stuck with you for five or six different fandoms and is still sticking around. they're still posting whatever it is you originally became mutuals for.
  • gemini: the funnyman mutual. adds comments to all their reblogs (if it's not on the actual post, it's definitely in the tags.) will razz you by posting your discord chats on their blog.
  • cancer: the mutual who only posts depression memes and pictures of their favorite animal (99% it's cats, birds, or snakes.)
  • leo: friend mutual. always comments on your posts. ride or die. if you reblog their selfies, they will consistently reblog yours.
  • virgo: the mutual who has really specific tags for every fandom they're in. incidentally this is also the mutual who IMs you every time you make sad text posts to see if you're ok.
  • libra: the discourse mutual. they always give u a heart attack by reblogging some horrible ugly post but then you scroll down and they fucking decimated OP so it's ok.
  • scorpio: the mutual who's constantly remaking their blog when their follower count gets too high (bc they dont want more than 100 people reading their text posts at any given time)
  • sagittarius: the mutual who's always posting those "send me asks about [x]" memes. this is also the mutual most likely to send you anons or asks if you post about wanting that sort of thing.
  • capricorn: the mutual who doesn't interact with you at all but reblogs 90% of your content.
  • aquarius: the mutual who posts anything from existential philosophy to day drinking memes to positivity posts all in the span of five minutes.
  • pisces: the aesthetic mutual (but also memes). probably has one of those redirects when you visit the page that sends you to some tag that's like "mer" or "aes" or "pink" so u dont see their sadposts.

Do you guys ever wake up in the morning with an ocean of tears behind your eyes and all you want to do is cry for hours. Not because you’re sad or miserable; just because. For a reason unknown. Maybe it is because I’m depressed and miserable, I just don’t know what it feels like anymore to feel otherwise, besides, I’ve always had this condition. It is almost as if I have found peace in accepting my state of misery and loneliness. I’m just ranting here..

I hope you all are doing “ok”. I may just be a blogger but I genuinely care about all of you who follow me. You all sort of feel like family.. as if our condition creates a bond within us that keeps us together. Who knows the reason. Do we ever truly know anything for its actual reality? I don’t think so at least. After all, most truths seem to make sense when we are only speaking with ourselves..

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I love you all

- Promethean Dread 🥀💕

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I am 27 years old and know far much more about fandom than you. I am a practiced lawyer. I could end your pathetic life where it stands. I know you and her are planning something. I'll figure it out. For now my message stands here for all your potentially new followers: Beware the boy who runs this blog. Beware of the fact he will force his hate down your throat. Beware the grimmly dark beeste that hides behind its computer to plot. You strip at the BSD fandom. But I will not let it go.

Im fuc kign sobbing I dont evwn want to wait to gst on my compute r to answer rhis can we ple ase makerhis a new copypasta

ok anon


You are my only reason for living. Please don’t leave

i mix ppls personals and not-personals up so much idk who is who do you know how long i was following @preposterousness and @streetdogmillionaires for and I had no idea it was the same person?!

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do people you know irl know about sdm? how close does someone have to get to you to know? is it something you talk about openly or is it a guarded secret?

I guard the knowledge of SDM with my life, viciously defending its secrecy at all costs!

…ok, not really, but it’s more dramatic that way.

I’m always telling people about the blog while on photoshoots, if it seems like they’ll get a kick out of it… 

Pictured: exactly what a normal business photoshoot looks like, tropical tree-climbing and all.

…and giving them a limited-edition SDM button ‘cause I’m just that nice. 

So far, haven’t yet met a Durham local who’s already bumped into the blog, but with 65k followers out there… I guess it’s inevitable, huh?

If you see me somewhere (probably while carrying numerous cameras), come say hi and get a button! I’m all over the NC triangle, taking photos and spreading the Scooby love.


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im thinking i shouldnt follow you anymore. youre literally confused. overrated series, yet you have this blog dedicated to that series. doesnt make any sense. its basically like talking shit about your friend. your bread analogy wasnt good either as it made no sense..... idk, im sorry, i really liked your tumblr but its just lost its flare.

ok bye lol i literally dont care.

no offense, but we have 117,000 other followers so we really wouldn’t even notice.

harry potter IS overrated. i think it’s fantastic, and brilliant, and really well written…. and i think there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of better kids books out there that haven’t got nearly as much attention. that is what i mean by overrated. i can think of something as both overrated and really good, can’t i?

what about me running this blog means i can’t criticize JK Rowling for writing the books my blog is about?? am i suddenly… absolved from being able to critique her because i like something she did?

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Who is fandom famous in the IT fandom ? I'm still new here ☺😙

Awww that’s totally alright!!! Welcome sweet child!!!!☺️💕 *hugs*
Now I’m not necessarily sure if you mean which blogs are popular in the IT fandom in general, or just popular in the clown fucker community because I pretty much only follow clownfuckers :3

But if you are down to clown then to name a few blogs would be
@slushi , @wetpennywise , @princess-pennywise , @floating-catastrophe , @its-me-yo-boii , @itpennywrites , @tilltheweedstakeyou , @dick-me-down-sewer-clown , @filthygum , @slutforpennywise , @levanaart , @pennysthighs , @sheeit-pennywise , @teensiest , @ghost-oakes and @sewer-party ~❤️

They are all such sweet and amazing humans if you’re not already following them you should go do it!!

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i am a trans kid and frogs and toads are one of my special interests (im autistic) and theyre quite literally the only thing that can make me happy when everything is horrible. i found a terf blog about frogs and im really upset.. cant i have some froggy inspiration please? its ok if you dont want to or cant.

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that. If you want me to have their url so I can block them and not interact or reblog them by accident please let me know. I want this blog to be accessible to all fans of toads so long as they are kind.

Also, its not something that’s ever come up around here, but I myself am gay and want any and all LGBTQ+ followers of this blog to feel that they are safe and welcome. If there’s anything you need of me please let me know, and if there’s a specific species of frog you’d like to see I could queue up some posts for tomorrow just for you.