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for your ask meme: rogue one and tfa (what did you expect from me)

send me a tv show/book/fandom and i’ll say the top 5 things i’d change about it


  1. Fewer white people – like I’m not going to be ~too radical~ here by recasting any of the main cast, but even stuff like, why are all the Rebel officers SO WHITE??? And BRITISH? It’s….weird. Even if they were going for a WWII, Keep Calm and Carry On, The Last Good War thing evoked with them, it was still very, very jarring. It made Rogue One, with its predominantly POC main cast, feel whiter than TFA. So ok, you had to have Jyn (you didn’t “have to”, obviously – she should not have been another white brunette but fine), Mon, and Galen, and the Ghost of Peter Cushing. Everyone else in this movie? Should not have been a white person. Hamilton-cast this thing! You’re making a movie about people fighting against brutal oppression! Casting white people muddles that message.
  2. Someone Please Help Bodhi – at least don’t have him die alone, and so suddenly. Like in that last moment before the explosion have him holding someone’s hand or just have him giving an “okay. we did what we could” nod to someone. Corporal Tonc.
  3. Let Chirrut and Baze Kiss – self explanatory
  4. I Thought This Was a Team? – look this movie was sold to me as a heist movie with inherent squad shenanigans. THERE WERE NO SHENANIGANS. At least not with the whole team. LET THEM BE A SQUAD. For at least a week or something before they all die. I don’t even object to the fact that they all died! I mean – I understand and appreciate why other people do, and in the broader, meta narrative of “why do all the brown people die” it’s questionable, but in this particular film, with what it’s trying to say (the importance of fighting so that others can reach the mountain top, even if you don’t), I understand it. JUST LET THEM COALESCE AS A GROUP, FIRST. Otherwise it’s harder for me to care.
  5. Stop The Flickery Elevator Bullshit – look I’m petty but I have no remaining patience for Jyn/Cassian and this was the most egregious moment of it. I don’t mind the embrace on the beach – they’re about to die and of course you reach out to whoever you can, in that moment. But the music swelling and the flickery light and the big moony eyes? CUT IT. OUT. GONE. 


  1. “How Poe Got Off Jakku” scene (stupid reckless-ass chase scene depicted in the novelization would be way better than the thousands of ‘he blew some guys’ speculations in fandom, lbr, plus we’d get more of Poe generally and his characterization, etc, etc)
  2. This scene and just, generally speaking (lol), more of Leia being The General.
  3. Fewer callbacky things like ‘I was just trying to help’/’when did that ever work – and don’t say the Death Star’ – I found it creaky and unnecessary dialogue, didn’t need it. 
  4. Just generally speaking less Han – Harrison Ford is generally fine but….idk I found his acting in TFA to be not great? He was good in the scenes with Carrie, but otherwise, nah. 
  5. Cutting the line about Finn being in sanitation – I think it was there as a joke/to emphasis the fact that he hadn’t really been in the position to access the shields or whatever, but the uphill climb it then took for the fandom to acknowledge that he was, y’know, top of his class, with his only real flaw as a cadet being that he was too empathetic, was so unnecessary and exhausting. So yeah either cutting that line or making it clear that he was on sanitation either as a punishment (likely) or as part of the usual training rotation all troopers went through, something. 


  1. People need to stop. Just – in general.
  2. In particular: stop saying people are white when they’re not. Stop saying people are white-passing when they’re not. If you’re told someone that you thought was white is not, accept it, apologize, and move on, especially if they’re not part of your community. It’s not your place to say.
  3. Stop playing oppression olympics – different groups experience racism in different ways. To say one character of color is treated better or worse than another character of color by fandom is unhelpful. It’s especially bad when you, the person saying so, is white, and numerous POC are telling you to hold up and listen, and you continue not to.
  4. Shipping a brown person with a white person is not the pinnacle of progressivism. Brown people do not need to be rewarded with a white blond/brunette love interest as a show of how good a person they are, especially when your brown person/white person ship is a blatant case of ‘pair the spare’ and the characters don’t even meet in canon.
  5. Speaking of progressivism and pinnacles of: it’s not dependent on what you ship. You’re not a gay rights hero because you ship slash; you’re not a civil rights leader because you ship a black character with a white one. There are serious, real world issues facing all of us, in all of our communities, that have to do with racism and homophobia and antisemitism, and all sorts of other prejudices. What we talk about in fandom spaces are reflections of that, certainly – when we ‘call someone out’ for using racist tropes or being sexist in their treatment of female characters or fetishizing gay relationships, we’re confronting prejudices with real world ramifications. And sometimes we’re doing it to change minds, and sometimes we’re doing it out of frustration, personal and otherwise. Both of which are, to my mind, valid – but I also think we should, as a group, be more circumspect about what we’re doing, and why. Because if we’re just ranting on to score points, or assuage our white/straight/able-bodied/cis-gendered guilt instead of taking active steps to confront our own prejudices, for instance, or of listening to people in those communities we’re ostensibly ‘defending’….Well, at that point we run the risk of making it more about us than them, and the challenges they’re facing. So, y’know – thoughtfulness, empathy, and a willingness to listen go a long way, in my experience.
  6. But basically just stop. All of you. Silencio, por favor.
Proud (Draco Malfoy x reader)

Hello dears,

I wanted to dedicate this to @secretlittledelights who has been strong and made me so proud after telling me that she hadn’t self-harmed herself in anyway IN 18 MONTHS!  

I am so happy for you, love. Stay amazing!

Request (by @secretlittledelights): you are very talented!! Idk if you would take anoyher request from me but today is my 18 months not starving, purging, or self harming in anyway. and i was wodering if you could make me a draco one where hes proud of your accomplishment cuz he remembered how you used to be? if its being too greedy thats fine im ok :)

(trigger warning; mentions and refers to mental disorders)

Y/N pov

You stared at your reflection. You felt so happy about yourself. There was no self-hatred anymore. You actually felt beautiful. You had been eating normally for over a year now - and knowing that made you smile even on the inside.
A soft tears rolled down your cheek as you turned away from the mirror in your room. Just as you were about to wipe those tears of joy from your cheeks, you got startled by a voice. 

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ok ok ive gotten a lot of asks about the KS post so im gonna put it all here

one of u made a point like “KS doesn’t romanticize abusive relationships” but the fandom DOES. the fandom does and it makes me super duper uncomfortable !!!

if uve read like a chapter and didnt like it then yeah its fine to still follow me i just dont want KS fans following me yfeel

and yes that anon was probably a fujoshi (?)

you know i remember when a friend who liked to joke around a lot would call me shortie and poke fun when i fell or did something stupid and i was fine but he made a comment about my eyes one day and i got so upset because my physical features are my largest weakness but i quietly went up to him and told him that he could say anything but things about my physical appearance were off limits because then i’d end up crying for days… and he apologized and said he now realized where his limits with me should be. if i hadn’t told him he wouldn’t have known because i was ok with everything else, and its interesting that as a normal person invisible to society its so easy to fix things but as a celebrity you get death threats and it never leaves your record ;-( hes such a wonderful guy and he just didn’t know where my limits were and after a few confrontations he finally got a good picture of what he could joke about with me. if you want them to be treated like a human within the industry then its time you treated them like a regular human as well when they make mistakes ;; 


“There is a reason I didn’t retire, because I figured deep down, I wanted to go out on my own terms. A huge part of it is just coming back here, enjoying the tournament one last time and sort of conquering what happened. I spent a lot of time on the court today telling myself that I’m going to be OK, everything’s going to be OK. You’re going to be fine.”

Today Mardy Fish played his last match as a professional tennis player, having made a comeback after major heart and anxiety problems which left him dealing with panic attacks every 15-30 minutes and even being unable to leave his house for 3 months. But he knew it wasn’t over for him and he’s fought hard to come back and inspire hundreds of people along the way. Thank you for your great spirit and I wish you good luck with everything Mardy!


HI hello ok i made this film for a final project in my film class and its about a nb teen and how their relationship w their dog helps them to get through the day and stuff and it would really mean a lot to me if u guys watched it and spread it around before I show my class 

someone used the quote hayley made about her & taylor being closer as an example that paramore won’t be around longer???? that literally makes no sense??? considering all the shit jeremy has been starting with lawsuits I’m pretty sure hayley & taylor are gonna be just fine doing the band together 

then they brought up the post from the ex VERSA bassist and how he was barely paid and whatnot and it’s like ok thats literally one band on FBR so if you look at the rest and hell even fob who were signed for a little they’re doing just fine and also we’ve all seen jeremy’s house and car and studio so idk how they can be like “read this before you call jeremy greedy”

like b*tch imma call jeremy greedy cause he is like damn maybe if he contributed to composing more then he’d have earned as much as hayley and taylor lmao