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so i was rereading Doer of Good Deeds by Lomonaaeren and something about Harry glaring across the Great Hall at Pansy flirting with Draco and not knowing why he feels so irritated is strangely adorable

also feat Ron Weasley who is 1000% Done with this shit


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Season 5 intro.


I’m just curious about what will happen.

Forgiveness. Can you imagine?

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s, o, p, h, i, e for the alphabet thing ;^)

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@skellysim: their sims r so pretty n everything they do honestly wow save me

@sakurafruit: i literally want to marry all ur sims theyre so hot im dead

@simmyhymns: literally my icon my queen im yelling at this livestream holy shit


@oatspice: ur screens r so pretty is this even sims


@poolbrop @pathetic-plums @plasmafruit-tree @plushfish: all of ur sims r so goals i would die for them wow omg


@habsims: my main binch ily bb




@early-grape: that thing happened on ur stream but its ok i still luv u big fan big fan

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Send “#b” and I’ll shuffle my music player, and use my favorite line from the next song as a starter! / @pretendcr

     “Obedear the sky is low.” as the celestial body orbiting as eos’ watcher, she descended in flaxen glow. And my dear, she was wrathful. Tempted rage shrieked from bitten lips. Oh, the grey of mortal life / oh, the acid memory. Her eyes hath seen more as lantern in the night. Lifeless figure and old vessel of she, on ocean floor was its grave – and thou didst blight and disturb what rested!! Her brother, beloved one, betrayed and fell – and thou hast dared to slice him, make him foul and demonic!!

     So porcelain-white and cold hath skin become. No hot blood could further boil, only icy ichor, only mercury which granted her immortality – so UNLIKE thine. Accused, thou shalt witness what it meant to make the moon bloody red and plant a seed of dark within it. Not only would she pull the sea, but also the mire within thee. “Gather up it’s harm in gauze with grateful arms” and hers were as rough as rocky cliffs, like needles would they stitch and scratch thy callous visage. Dare to hold thy dagger and rise it against her once more, and feel thy teeth shatter, thine scourge dried out, and godless body torn. In eternity - for she shan’t cease to harm thy returning indignity.


Reckless Behaviour

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Summary: zayn gets in an accident on the night of the school dance, and wakes up in an unexpected place with an unexpected boy holding him captive.

(aka a stockholm syndrome + high school au where liam and zayn don’t like each other (or at least that’s what they think) and zayn’s best friend louis has a giant crush on the basketball captain who just happens to be liam’s best friend.)

Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Rating: Explicit
Words: 50K+

AN: inspired by a prompt, a song and an episode of cold case. very strong zouis friendship. read entire note on ao3.

also thank u lau @heszayn for editing shit for me for the art! i luv u. :)

so there are a ton of fics where e and r are together and then they fight and then don’t talk to each other for a while but then e tells him he loves him and it’s all fixed up and they’re okay

i want one where that doesn’t work

where enjolras says “i love you– please–” and even though grantaire is stunned and feels like his heart is going to beat out of his chest he knows that’s not enough so he says “so what? that’s not enough. you treat me like the waitstaff if you even remember i exist, you never care about anything i do, you’re always too busy to see me–” and he just tells enjolras all the ways it hasn’t been working and leaves

and enjolras is just completely blindsided because his revelation that he loved grantaire had made him so happy and he’d thought it would make grantaire happy too but it did exactly… not that.

so he and grantaire stay away from each other for a while, but then enjolras decides he wants to win grantaire back. so he brings him coffee, and shows up to his galleries, and buys grantaire the latest cd by r’s favourite band, and grantaire just says, “stop.

"you can’t do this. you can’t suddenly pretend that you’ve changed and if we get back together it’s all going to be fixed and you’re going to be attentive. that’s not what’s going to happen. you can’t win me back by buying me things i like and acting like that’s enough. it’s not enough. stop this.”

and enjolras feels absolutely awful and really sees that it’s too late and he had his chance and he blew it and now he’ll never have a chance to make it up to him again. he goes home and he mopes and is an absolute mess for days, and normally in fics like this that’s enough to make grantaire take him back but not here. he’s not going to take enjolras back because of pity.

they remain broken up for a while and life starts to slowly go on but eventually grantaire realises that even though he honest to god deserves better he loves enjolras too much to stay broken up forever so he goes over to his place one day and lays out a tentative plan: they get back together, but they start from the beginning. they go on a “first date” and enjolras won’t spend all his time at work and will go to things that grantaire wants him to go to because grantaire is always at enjolras’ things. they’ll be equal. enjolras will do his share of work in the relationship.

and enjolras agrees and they hold each other and cry and start their relationship over and !!!!! it’s not perfect but it’s damn near close

(i just want grantaire to have agency and for his love of enjolras to not be blindly unconditional, u feel)

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I really wasn't a big fan of sebstan before the winter soldier but then I saw him portraying that cold as fuck soldier and watched his interviews just to find out that he's actually a happy puppy and it turns out that now I love him as an actor and as a person too

I think people thought Seb was a bit of an asshole before. Probably cause he does look like a bit of a punk and he’s the biggest cutie pie ever but I don’t think at first sight that’s something you see, i think you just look at his like “sexy face” and you’re like “wow ok. douchebag” But, i mean thats what i’m guessing i mean when the covenant came out I watched it thinking that the actor was going to be a massive wank and then guess what he turned out to be cute lil bb seb. But with Winter Soldier people were probably like “ok, this character is pretty cool - maybe this guy won’t be that bad i’ll watch some interviews” and they were really pleasantly surprised. And i’m about 100048384% sure once everyone actually got to see what he’s actually like (LITERAL DORK TBH) they were completely won over. It’s nice to know that winter soldier was the thing that got more people to acknowledge that and now look at everyone. They’re all smitten.



And he is just such a GOOD GUY. Just a cute lil peanut. I don’t even think he could hurt a fly lets be honest. I’m just so happy for him :3 
I’m glad everyone’s giving him all the love and attention he deserves cause he really is just the biggest sweetheart and ugh sebby feels tbh.