it's officially the 24th here!

Its officially midnight here and therefore, officially November 24th. A day that I always dread because it is a painful reminder that this beautiful light, is no longer with us, at least physically.

But he is still here, eternally. We may not have his physical body on this earth but he will live on. Because that was the power of his beauty, his strength, his charisma, his generosity, so on and so forth. He left such an imprint on the earth that he will NEVER truly leave.

Still, I think of the pain his loved ones have endured not having him here, no longer seeing his smile and bright eyes every day, no longer hearing his voice in person. As painful as this day is for me, I am sure it is more painful for them than I can imagine, and they are in my thoughts.

As sad as the recent passing of his mother was, I think we should all take a little comfort in the fact that she is reunited with her baby, and he with his mother.

As devastating as this day is, and was 25 years ago, we have to try not to despair and instead, rejoice for such a full life lived in just 45 years.

To quote his mother: “No mother wants to see her son die, but, at the same time, he has done more for the world in his short life than many people could do in 100 years.”

She is right. I am eternally grateful for him. He doesn’t know how much he changed my life, how much he saved me. But he did. I often wonder what the world did to deserve him.

It is a sad day to remember, but we have to celebrate him and be happy and grateful that we were graced with him despite not being worthy of him and everything he brought to us and astonished us with.

Sometimes the light out lives the star.

Remembering Freddie

September 5th, 1946- November 24th, 1991