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Let’s start the anti self-deprecation movement
  • Don’t tolerate it in yourself: ask “why am I feeling the need to undercut myself right now? Because I’m feeling overbearing? Then maybe cool it a bit. Because I want some love? Then show some or open up to someone about what I’m struggling with!” 
  • Don’t tolerate it in others: tell people in a very simple way: “hey, don’t talk about yourself that way” or “Seems like something’s going on: I’m here!” 

The world is DYING to put you down, particularly if you are from a vulnerable demographic, whether it’s because of your gender, sexuality, mental health, or WHATEVER. 

Don’t you dare help it. 

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Hey, I was wondering, whats The Adventure Zone? Also, where can i find it to watch/read/listen to it? Your art of it I've been seeing makes it look really cool!

aa taz is super cool!! it’s a d&d podcast by the mcelroy brothers + their dad and it’s amazing lol the characters are great and the story’s great i just love everything about it

u can listen to it here!

We bicker until the sun goes down and then we sit in silence. We wait for each other to interrupt the quiet with a fist, to puncture the thick air, to be the first to break. We are stubborn but we are in love so it doesn’t matter who gives up first at the end of the day. We are each other’s punching bags but we are also each other’s safety nets. This is how I know. This is how I know we are capable of so much. This is how I know we are right for each other and good for each other. I am mad at you but I am in love with you, I tell you, and you understand. You don’t question it. You’re mad too, and that’s okay. That’s okay. 

( spoilers for FFXV and Kingsglaive )

In Kingsglaive, Ravus comments that he isn’t there for the crystal at all - rather, he wants the Ring of Lucii since ( as a part of the oracle bloodline ) he feels he is worthy of the power. Of course, he is rejected and his arm gets burned off. Essentially, this entire scene shows his pride and reason for living get destroyed as well as a physical piece of himself. Needless to say, that’s traumatic. 

Fast forward to FFXV when he speaks with Luna in Altissia. She pulls out the ring and immediately Ravus looks away before eventually turning his back to her and refusing to touch the ring. Now, I do think this is partly because he feels it is Luna’s duty to do that even though he does not like it. By now he has accepted that he is not worthy of the ring, but he’s not positive Noctis is either. Either way, I also believe he refuses because he doesn’t want to see the ring much less touch it ( as stated above, this thing destroyed his main goal in life as well as took a physical piece of him. he wants nothing to do with it ).

Not to mention his distrust of Noctis. Remember “Here stands the chosen king, feeble and foolish”? Noctis’s battle with Leviathan doesn’t make him trust him anymore ( it actually makes him dislike him even more because he blames Noctis ( and himself ) for Luna’s death )

It isn’t until right before his death that Ravus truly accepts Noctis as his king. Why?

I think the fact that a point is made to show the Ring of Lucii on Noctis’s hand because it explains Ravus’s sudden loyalty. He doesn’t hand over the sword until after he’s seen the ring. The ring, which destroyed his pride, his sense of purpose, and his arm, is now on somebody’s hand. They are worthy of the ring. Of course this makes him jealous and angry ( because what do you mean this punk ass brat gets the power and I don’t? ) but he’s also relieved. Luna isn’t wrong. She didn’t die for nothing, and she was right about Noctis. And that relief is what’s in his voice when he hands over the sword. He’s relieved that Noctis is worthy of the ring and can make it worth Luna’s ( and his ) sacrifice. 

*muffled steppenwolf playing in the distance*

based on this, which made me squeak so loud i scared my chicken

art theft in the phandom

This morning I woke up to several panicked messages from friends letting me know that somebody had tweeted a drawing of mine, claimed that it was their own, and that Phil had ‘liked’ this stolen artwork on twitter:

This person not only had the gall to upload it and suggest that they’d made it, but they also criticised the way I had drawn his face and then accepted compliments from other people, as seen in this screenshot:

This drawing means a lot to me. Ready Player One has been my favourite novel for four years now, and I was thrilled when Phil first mentioned it in one of his liveshows. It’s not a particularly well-known book, and it made me so happy to hear that Phil also enjoyed it.

I spent nine hours on that drawing. Nine hours hunched over that damn graphics tablet with a cramping hand and shoulders. I constantly redrew the pose even though I suck at anatomy because I wanted it to be perfect. I worked right into the early hours of the morning because I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited. I knew that Phil would enjoy this drawing.

The only other time I’ve been noticed by Dan or Phil was in 2015, when I tweeted another artwork at Phil. He ‘liked’ it and I almost had a heart attack.  It was an incredible feeling and I wanted to feel that again.
Everybody here knows how difficult it is to be noticed by Dan and Phil. Most people never get it. I was certain that this artwork would be recognised, and I was correct. It just wasn’t in the way that I wanted it to be.

The art thief deleted the tweet after being called out (they haven’t apologised or answered any of my messages yet), and I’ve posted my drawing again in an attempt to have it rightfully credited to me. Despite my best efforts, I doubt that Phil will see it again, or, if he does, I don’t know whether he’ll act. The pride and accomplishment that I felt after completing this drawing has been marred by this shitty, talentless person with low self-esteem and weak ethics. And what happened to me isn’t an isolated incident.

Take, for example, @phantheraglama and @maddox-rider’s constant struggle with people who repost their art. Or when @arctoids and @incaseyouart discovered that their work was traced and used in Dan’s The Urge video. I was there when @pinofs found themselves in a situation similar to mine, when Dan liked a tweet from someone who traced their drawing. 

It’s not limited to ‘art’ artists either. Some of my friends, @phansdick, @insanityplaysfics and @crescendohowell have their incredible phanfiction reposted constantly. @moaninghowell, @themostfuniveverhad and @moonlitdan’s edits have been stolen and posted, too. And this isn’t everyone. These are only the people I’m aware of, and the ones who are lucky enough to have had their plight seen by others. There are many, many other artists who don’t have enough followers to be noticed, or who never get the recognition they deserve because the thief has more followers than they do, and anything they say is overshadowed by that.

After scouring through copyright and code of conduct laws for various social media, I’ve learnt that unfortunately there is nothing you can really do except report the problem and hope that staff are able to delete the offending post. Since most phan artists don’t actually legally buy a copyright, we are completely reliant on the decency of others to prevent art theft from occurring. Most of the phandom is great and works to support artists, but unfortunately, the bad eclipses the good. The ‘good’ majority is irrelevant when there are ‘bad’ people out there, doing bad things.

So how do you stop this from happening? You can’t. There are, however, ways to make it harder for people to actually steal your art, a lesson I wish I had taken to heart before this happened.

1. Put your watermark in a noticeable place and make it your username, not your actual name. Write it somewhere that has a distinctive pattern or colours that are hard to replicate so that nobody can brush over it easily.

2. Specify in your caption what you’d like done with your art. Every artist is different – some are okay with people reposting their art with credit, others aren’t. Make sure you tell people what you want, as many people repost things with the good intention of getting it more recognition. 

3. If all else (including nicely messaging them) fails, report the shit out of the person.

And to anyone who has ever stolen art, know this: Your way of getting recognised by Dan and Phil is crap. Any reblog, like, note or compliment that you get is OURS. None of that goodness is directed to you. You have done nothing but shit on the hard work and achievements of other people. You’re the scum of the phandom.

I think that Vic, from @incaseyouart, phrased it really well: It takes many years to develop a fine skill such as drawing, because to learn is to develop your style by referencing other artists and material. Tracing and reposting someone’s image, and other forms of art theft, are cheap ways of reproducing art. It is plagiarism of great effort. Not only does it steal from the original artist’s feelings of accomplishment and pride over their creation, it also discourages proper skill development. Do not repost, create. Do not steal, learn.

I hope that we can start up a discussion about art theft again. I really don’t want anyone else to go through this stressful and disheartening experience.

Update: The person has apologised and seems to regret what they’ve done. Phil also liked my post on Twitter again! Thanks to everyone who helped, and Phil for seeing the issue and fixing it :) Even though this was a win for me, unfortunately art theft is still a huge issue. Let’s not forget that.

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt

a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety

Pidge is Jewish.

If fandom can somehow unite in agreeing that Keith is lactose intolerant and gay, that Hunk has two moms, then we can make it so popular for Pidge to be Jewish that it’s just assumed as common knowledge.

Bex is Jewish, I’m Jewish, I really need at least one of the Paladins to be Jewish.

The news is terrifying me and I can’t even read any article fully and I just really need support for this headcanon. It’s important to me. No more Pidge in ugly christmas sweaters, she’s Jewish.