it's october 1st!!

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Here in Spain is today grandparent's day—

“My grandpa’s name was Gilles.

I didn’t see him very often. Only to eat and in the evening.

My grandpa was very old, but could still walk by himself. He had a very smooth and calming voice that was always so reassuring. He was the type of grandpa I could compare with the grandpa of a tale ; warm, caring, funny, and always there when you need him.

My grandpa worked really hard in his basement to keep me safe. Every day, he would abandon the light of the sun to keep me alive. My grandpa made a series of efforts unceasingly for my sake.

I think my grandpa was the best grandpa. I never would have swapped him with anybody else.

I’m sorry grandpa. I hope you said to mom that I love her up there.

Still - Happy Grandparents’ Day !”


aaaaand that’s the last print i’ve been able to slap together for the con! Apologies for the blatant watermark - I’ve had… some really bad prior experience where someone kept redrawing over my art… kind of the reason i virtually faded from the fandom… But despite it all, it’s nice to be able to draw these guys again. All the differences in character design really helped me as an artist! 

Nohr Retainer Halloween Headcanons

I woke up today with a heart full of creativity and love for halloween and goddamn it all if I won’t drag you all down with me kicking and screaming NO I DON’T care that we’re not even halfway through September

Laslow + Peri Laslow tries to coax some lovely ladies into accompanying him into a haunted house, thinking they’ll latch onto him when they’re scared. He failed to account for the fact he’s a pansy and once he actually lands a date for the haunted house, he abandons the plan altogether after the first go. Peri is banned from haunted houses due to her tendency to attack the actors. Partly because she’s terrified, partly because she treats it like an intense game of whack-a-mole. She spends her time making cute halloween themed pastries instead. An unsettling amount of red frosting is used.

Selena + Beruka - Selena, of course, wants to scare the crap out of everyone. The thing is she’s kind of bad at it. Her ghost stories are pretty cheesy and predictable. The only scary thing about her costume is how much time she put into it and what the end result was. She definitely tries to spook Beruka, but Beruka is impossible to spook. She unwittingly spooks Selena with her very intimate advice on how to create a realistic corpse prop.

Niles + Odin - Niles is pretty big on trick-or-treating. That is, he scouts out the houses that leave out big bowls of candy on the porch and rely on the honor system. Then takes huge handfuls of candy from the bowls and moves onto the next house. Odin is hyped up for this holiday. From the second its October 1st he is already talking about the Night of Unrelenting Darkness and the horrors which await. Puts the most thought and care into his costume.

Arthur + Effie Arthur is the good citizen who helps kids cross streets in the dark safely and hands out flashlights to anyone who may not have any. Repeatedly mistaken for a monster and/or kidnapper throughout the night. Keeps on trucking, though. Effie goes trick or treating with a ten gallon garbage bag and lets Elise pick out all the candy she wants out of it before she basically inhales the rest. Do not try to spook Effie. It won’t end well for you.

its a spookmasters favorite time of year!! 🕸


Daniel “Dannie/Dan” Hughes. A 1500 yr old huli jing (fox shapeshifter) and main protagonist turned antagonist from Insaneography.

Charismatic, intelligent, and manipulative. Dan’s a people person and can get along with nearly everyone, except a particular dragon.

He’s a fallen hero who helped maintain the world’s levels of chaos, swaying sides in major conflicts at the behest of a Muse. Trouble within their own ranks, his refusing to follow an order, and being denied the leadership position led to him killing their employer. The loss and feeling of betrayal spurred him on to create a group of his own, one to combat the former. 

Kicking OC October off with my favorite! :3